Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:58 am

(Remember, the names in the vicsim lists that are bolded are the deleted ones I've restored in this report ...)

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3579 —————— WTC ——————————————— Vander ————————————————————— Hector Tamayo
3580 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————— Carl Allen Peralta
3581 —————— WTC ——————————————— ABM Industries ——————————————— Benilda Pascua Domingo
3582 —————— WTC1-94 ———————————— Marsh —————————————————————— Cesar A. Alviar
3583 —————— WTC ——————————————— none ————————————————————— Rufino Conrado F. (Roy) Santos III

In this set, the deleted, pictureless sim Benilda Pascua Domingo may have led us to a South American (perhaps Spanish?) arena.
See any obvious ways they’ve disguised traveling, morphing areas? I have given a couple hints.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:19 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3597 —————— WTC ——————————————— Royston ————————————————— Charles Gregory John
3598 —————— WTC1-101 ———————————— none —————————————————— Sarah Khan
3599 —————— WTC1-103 ———————————— none —————————————————— Amarnauth Lachhman
3600 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh —————————————————— Shevonne Mentis
3602 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh —————————————————— Amenia Rasool
3603 —————— WTC ——————————————— FTI ———————————————————— Sita Nermalla Sewnarine
3607 —————— WTC ——————————————— ABM industries ————————————— Vanavah Thompson
Here he is, folks, Vanavah, the native of Guyana humming those Reggae tunes he loved so well ... sorry about the picture, by the way, it's been 12 years and we can't find a better one ...
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:38 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3630 —————— WTC ——————————————— Aon ————————————————————— Frank John Niestadt Jr.
3631 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————— Raul Hernandez
3632 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————— Ssu-Hui (Vanessa) Wen
3633 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————— Michael P. Lunden
3634 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————— Daniel Patrick Trant

Although this is not a group of exact doppelgangers, it is intriguing to notice that each vicsim seems to have a visually morphed partner about 1 to 10 names away. And each sim-skipping pattern – each matching set – seems to cycle through a measured mixture of sim types, such that occasional repetition of types was unavoidable. e.g.; first a Latino name, then an Oriental name, then an Anglo L name with a syllable like “Lum” seen together repeatedly. If this area of research interests you, look for repetition in the memorials or check out the related section in the Vicsim Report.
(Anyone else see a bit of 9/11 actor Tom Hanks in some of these?)
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:39 pm

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3663 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Israel Pabon
3664 —————— WTC1-(101-105) ———————— Forte ————————————————————— Lukasz T. Milewski
3665 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Maxima Jean-Pierre
3666 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Brandon J. Powell
3667 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Tony Pratt
3668 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Joyce Smith
3670 —————— WTC ——————————————— Forte ————————————————————— Azael Ismael Vasquez
3671 —————— WTC1 ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Kevin L. Bowser

What can we make of a sim, who — outside of being deleted — doesn’t seem to have been listed on the Fredog site, nor is capable of being photographed? Do we have any idea of Pratt from its surroundings?
[See Simon's work on "Lukasz T. Milewski"/Rudkowski to understand the actor who spawned him — and probably "Vasquez"]

Perhaps they had a difficult time coordinating the elaborate stories that would be used to explain certain patterns of arrangement … and when they decided something didn’t belong, no matter how helpfully it might have “randomized” their obvious patterns, they were forced to delete it out of plain, stupid fear. After all, we must conclude that the idea of a logic to their mistakes is speculative; in most cases it seems they had nothing that we could call true “reasoning” but a great deal of slothful idiocy.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3973 —————— WTC2 —————————————— Aon ————————————————————— Peter Feidelberg
3974 —————— WTC1-97 ———————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Kiran Reddy Gopu
3975 —————— WTC ——————————————— Risk Waters ————————————————— Sarah (Prothero) Redheffer
3976 —————— WTC ——————————————— none —————————————————————Robert J. Baierwalter
3977 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— William J. Dimmling
This is a very interesting crowd. One problem with Baierwalter’s expression is that it could not, in the strictest sense, be called “human.” Another issue is Sarah (Prothero) Redheffer, whose name is organized at the Risk Waters memorial: Sarah Prothero (Redheffer). Kiran Reddy is our infamous vicsim commenting on other vicsim’s tribute pages. Meanwhile, Peter and William seem to be pseudo-doppelgangers flanking the group with bespectacled, middle-aged grins. An amazing troupe.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4003 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Hamidou S. Larry
4004 —————— WTC ——————————————— none  ————————————————————— Klaus Sprockamp
4005 —————— WTC ——————————————— Risk Waters ————————————————— Oliver Bennett
4006 —————— WTC ——————————————— Risk Waters ————————————————— Angelo Amaranto
4007 —————— WTC1-106 ——————————— Risk Waters —————————————————— Paul Bristow
4008 —————— WTC ——————————————— Risk Waters ————————————————— Neil James Cudmore

CNN seems to have a hard time remembering British middle names (Oh, well, all the same anyway!):

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4016 —————— WTC —————————————— Risk Waters —————————————————— Karlie Barbara Rogers
4017 —————— WTC —————————————— Risk Waters —————————————————— Simon James Turner
4018 —————— WTC —————————————— Risk Waters —————————————————— Celeste Torres Victoria
4019 —————— WTC —————————————— Risk Waters ————————————————— Melanie Louise DeVere
4021 —————— WTC1-104 —————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— Daniel Ilkanayev
4022 —————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— Atsushi Shiratori

Ahh, okay. I see. Gray and grainy. Bring it!
Are you understanding their terrible cover-up of their own bad morphing program?

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4164 —————— WTC —————————— "Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft" [WTC?] ——————— John Ernst (Jack) Eichler
4165 —————— WTC —————————————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————— Sushil Solanki
4166 —————— WTC —————————————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————— Gregory Richards
4167 —————— WTC —————————————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————— Carlos Samaniego
4168 —————— WTC2-90 ——————————— FTI ——————————————————————— Jane Eileen Josiah
4169 —————— WTC —————————————— FTI ——————————————————————— Michele B. Lanza

Every other morph just happens to have a grainy blurry filter applied. I wonder why.
Notice any shared face parts, even amongst the blurry?
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:14 pm

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4225 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Daniel Hal Crisman
4226 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Palmina Delli Gatti
4227 —————— WTC1-100 ——————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Patricia F. DiChiaro
4228 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Charles Dominguez
4229 —————— WTC1-97 ———————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Daphne F. Elder
4230 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Christopher S. Epps
4231 —————— WTC1-96 ———————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Cesar Garcia

This area’s notable for short alpha chains strewn throughout in various orders (DEF, IHGFEDC, CDEFG). Might this be a consequence of smashing alphabets together to get names – the occasional intersection of several at once? Or should we count it as one of the numerous other dances in the Vicsim shuffle?

DA DI DA DAA… LO LE LA LOOO… I’m starting to feel like this cartoon was made by Disney. Say, isn’t Edwin Catmull of Pixar-Disney fame known for working with Boeing and Steve Jobs and … well, never mind. Just a “playful” thought. (Is that inappropriate? Just trying to get with the mood of the completely bonkers and ridonkulous memorial.) Gatti certainly has “playful” colors happening; looks like a bizarre light map of Elder.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4235 —————— WTC1-97 ———————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Bernard Mascarenhas
4236 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Jonathan C. Randall
4237 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh, no age, no residence ——————— Chapelle Sarker
4238 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Lisa Marie Terry
Bernard has Jon's eyes and Lisa's Mascara, but soft! Just how many pairs of eyes does this quartet have for you? Is it only two pairs — one for Chapelle and the other for the other three, with irises moved and significantly altered on the outlines?


INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4264 —————— WTC2-92 ———————————— PE Stone ——————————————————— Charles Peter Lucania
4265 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Nancy Yuen Ngo
4268 —————— WTC ——————————————— WotW ————————————————————— Victor Daniel Barbosa
4269 —————— WTC2-93 ———————————— none ————————————————————— Ingeborg Astrid Desiree Lariby
4272 —————— WTC ——————————————— Res:Lebanon ————————————————— Boutros al-Hashim
4273 —————— WTC ——————————————— cantor fitzgerald —————————————— Jude Elias Safi
4274 —————— WTC ——————————————— First Commercial Bank —————————— Ching H. Wang
4277 —————— WTC1-103 ———————————— cantor fitzgerald —————————————— Sandra Patricia Campbell
4278 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Gina Sztejnberg
4279 —————— WTC ——————————————— Marsh ————————————————————— Shakila Yasmin

Looks like someone's been breaking the pattern (shuffling sims out of their creation centers?) and leaving some gaps. But with an unknown residence (though definitely aged 59?) Ching Wang shares the honor of those vicsims deleted from a resultantly diverse set of names. (Truly, a set with innately diverse Ingeborg Astrid Desiree Lariby)

A set nearing the end … a set that seems to stutter and spurt to remain whole …
Military employers may be tempted at this point to slap CNN in the face, shake them by the shoulders and/or yell, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, MAGGOT! YOU CALL YOURSELF A PROPAGANDA SERVICE?! DROP, AND GIVE ME TWENTY!”
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:47 pm

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4305 ————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— John G. Farrell
4306 ————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— Michael Edward Gould
4307 ————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— Anthony Hawkins
4308 ————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— James P. Hopper
4309 ————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————————— Aleksandr Valeryerich Ivantsov

[Anthony Hopkins, much?]

Anthony and Aleksandr have no pictures. You think this gang’ll tell us what they did with the vicsims? (I don’t think Gould is willing to tell us anything.)
gould no.JPG
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:25 am

And of course, there's a Black ghetto. It wouldn't be America if there wasn't a semi-ignored area, with poor upkeep, where a bunch of Black vicsims are forced to reside. So wrong, but so telling. One even needs an excuse to be in such a fancy tower. You see, he was minding his own business just making a delivery and the white man's shit with some Arab gang still got him. Black dude can't win. Especially if there's an ALL AL ELL meme running through his name.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ———————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4332 —————— WTC ———————————————— marsh ———————————————————— Ernest James
4333 —————— WTC1 (making delivery) ———— none ———————————————————— Vaswald George Hall
4334 —————— WTC ———————————————— MorganStan ———————————————— Nolbert Salomon
4335 —————— WTC ———————————————— IQ —————————————————————— Courtney Wainsworth Walcott
4336 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————————— Rochelle Monique Snell
4337 —————— WTC ———————————————— BP Air Conditioning ——————————— Felix (Bobby) Calixte
4344 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————————— Lyudmila Ksido
I think we can guess which ethnicity Felix would be if they had retained enough gall to give him a picture. And those 6 missing files …?

Well, let’s just pretend they were all morphs of Lyudmila Ksido (4344):

Well maybe not all, but …

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4402 —————— WTC ————————————— carpenter ———————————————— Mauricio Gonzalez
4403 —————— WTC ————————————— carpenter ———————————————— John Frank Rizzo
4404 —————— WTC ————————————— contractor ———————————————— Erick Sanchez
4405 —————— WTC ————————————— wallpaper ———————————————— Norbert P. Szurkowski
4406 —————— WTC —————————————— none —————————————————— Theodoros Pigis

The odorous pig is the person who made this name.
No sign of Theodoros Pigis, Norbert P. Szurkowski or Kluksingh Peck Chikhinton.
Maybe their families got lost on the way from New Mule-Farmington, NJ?*

*Okay, I made up Kluksingh Peck Chikhinton and New Mule-Farmington, NJ, but did you have to pause and think about it? I suggest you give the same thoughts to this ridiculous list of 9/11 vicsims.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:05 am

Vicsim Overture — Though I suppose we can’t say it’s over until Baierwalter guffaws, this is for unconvinced people who think that somebody from the full end of the list (4461 to 4491) had to have be left untouched by the simulation, or had to have real families with real lives accurately portrayed by the CNN memorial. Let this be presented to doubters that the CNN Memorial is a LIE from start to finish, regardless of any population of elements from reality and is NOT ADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE OR AN ASSUMPTION OF REAL DEATHS.

With a record 11 deleted (making a total 17 unused) files, and 1 … last … sim plane passenger … just … b-a-r-e-l-y squeezed in there … the end of the CNN Vicsim tapeworm is surely as butt-ugly as one might imagine a rushed commission by brokers to be.

Here it is, starting with a gut-wrenching murder-in-your-hometown:

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4461 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Gavkharoy Mukhometovna Kamardinova
4462 —————— WTC ———————————————— IRS —————————————————— Dave Bernard (aka “David W. Bernard”)
4463 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 31, all else unknown ————— Jose Espinal
4464 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 38, unknown work —————— Michael J. Berkeley
4465 —————— WTC-WotW ———————————— none ———————————————— Christine Sheila McNulty
4466 —————— WTC ———————————————— NYFD ————————————————— Richard Dennis Allen
4467 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Thomas E. Hynes
4468 —————— WTCx-81 ————————————— none ————————————————— Liam Joseph Colhoun
4469 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Takashi Ogawa
4470 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Sanae Mori
4471 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Thomas Tong
4472 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Nickie L. Lindo
4473 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald —————————— Lukas (Luke) Rambousek
4474 —————— WTC ———————————————— MorganStan ————————————— Albert Joseph
4475 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 33, no work —————————— Francisco Alberto Liriano
4476 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Robert Eddie Murphy Jr.
4477 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 54, NY Tax Dept. ——————— William Valcarcel
4478 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 60, no job? ——————————— Evelyn C. McKinnedy
4479 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————— Joni Cesta
4480 —————— WTC —————————— Proven Electrical Contracting Inc. —————— Anthony Segarra
4481 —————— WTC ———————————————— FTI —————————————————— Kleber Rolando Molina
4484 —————— AA11 ———————————————— Morgan Stanley ————————————— Titus Davidson
4485 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 77, no job ——————————— Stanley L. Temple
4489 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 37, all else unknown ————— Jaselliny McNish
4491 —————— WTC ———————————————— age 42, unknown work —————— Ayodeji Awe

Gotta a lotta NYS NES NIS SIN CIN SIGN(?) going on in this majorly ravaged group. Then there's Robert Downey Eddie Murphy! Jr. There's a Morgan Stanley bank as a Temple of worship (77 years old) and a whole heck of a lot of unknowns about these folks. I wonder if they never got to the 6,000 figure of vicsims because they just ran out of steam?

Let’s look at the sims in descending order, listed (when there is a pic) from left to right below:
Yes, only 10 out of 25 of the dwindling vicsims stuck to the tail end have made it out with pictures. And …
Need we compare more? Must you have their names? You’re welcome to do the study. You have absolutely no reason, duty or “patriotic” tax to believe anything the media says. You have justification to discuss with your friends and family how today’s modern movie and economic technology is being used to produce a simulation of reality — successfully draining energy from local communities to feed truly monstrous scams.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:32 am


The Vicsim Report and this follow-up Pull It! have shown ample evidence of tampering and artificial construction methods for the memorial as a whole — and while not consistent with one preconceived off-the-shelf system purchasable at Best Buy, is consistent with a single production team and does indicate that the memorial project commissioned by CNN and New York Times (and credited to Funny Garbage among other names) is the very birth place of the majority of the vicsims, and it was done in somewhat of a hurry to artificially fluff up the very limited number of willing actors and participants. As for those actors, participants, celebrities and political names which were scrambled in, and which retroactively grow in population in today's media we can see their clear involvement in the media and political structure, the clear trepidation and difficulty in their expansions of the simulation, and their dependence on the media companies which give them their careers and their paychecks. (That much can be presumed unless you want to assume people like Ron Paul, Jason Alexander, Steve Buscemi and others are unpaid celebrities.)

As for Internet-only names and personalities, well, it's the Internet!

Hence, as you don’t take "just anyone’s" word, don’t take "just anyone’s" media.

The CNN Memorial is not admissible as evidence of deaths, just as the live news broadcasts on 9/11 are not admissible as evidence of plane crashes or building collapses. ALL EVENTS ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 MUST BE ASSESSED FROM OUTSIDE THE FALSE EVIDENCE.

For instance, the first admissible evidence of the building collapses are that the buildings were historically there, and now have been destroyed. That is number one. How, Why and even the minute details of When are much larger questions that should be explored. Whether responsible government inquiry is possible or whether it must be built from grassroots interest is not yet clear. It seems sometimes when we pressure our representatives, they take heed. But it also seems the tools to create pressure groups delves once more into the tools of mass human manipulation and dishonest spirit.

Some people errantly think that because a lie exists, it must be at least partially true. Yet most everyone can agree on one simple truth: the city block has been changed from what it was in 2000 to what it is now. So, why must we rely on distortions of this truth in order to define what happened?

Would you assume a child who declares they did not steal a cookie from the cookie jar has told the truth when they give any sort of long-winded complex explanation for why the cookie is gone? They could tell an enormous fantastic fairy tale unrelated to the cookie. They could incorporate enemies, friends, allies or space aliens. For years and years, they could build up this story to avoid the truth. They may have even partially thought up a lot of this story as they were planning to take the cookie in the first place.

But the cookie is still missing, and you know they don't have the gall to convince you that you are the one that did it.

Do you recognize and appreciate why the lie exists — or do you need still further evidence that a deeper betrayal has won out than one which unites you — the cookie owner and the cookie stealer — against a common fictional enemy?

Where concentration of corporate media ownership is so apparent; where celebrity attention and public adoration are clearly much more important values to the media's privately contracted employees than honesty or integrity; where fear brings people to run to those privately contracted employees for answers and authority; where people have the sense that their freedom to access information must begin with the media's privately contracted employees which frame the questions; where the media's constant feed of quiet, creeping, spine-tingling, ghost story-like disturbances continue to produce a current of fear in the public which continues to draw them back to the media's privately contracted employees; we must change our awareness of what's happening to avoid being exploited.

From now on, do yourself, your friends, family, loved ones, and your community a big favor.

Don't run to the privately contracted employees of the media for your first source of information — not for their abusive behavior, not for their creativity on coming up with the next stories (which, mind you, actually probably do not originate from the lower rung employees), and not even for entertainment.

Do not turn to Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper or CNN or NBC or John Stewart of Comedy Central, or Rachel Maddow. These are information products represented by human names, corporate names and spokespersons.

The truth is not a free and open commodity for everyone. That is clear enough, now. It should be clear for you too, that there are many interests which have, historically and presently, always worked to steal, possess, control and hold the truth in their own keeping — even the truths that you discover for yourself and offer to them, though they are not your family or even your trusted neighbors but some distant lord, some high-paid servant of a militant corporate force. (Or perhaps, merely their own families. My key question throughout any interaction with another person is: how big do they consider their family? Is it a family of "one", more, everyone? All of life?)

Instead, in this complex and exhausting age, you must listen to all the information coming from every direction, filter the media through several passes of your own filtering mechanism and sort out what information can be gained from what these psychopaths in charge of television are saying without saying it.

It is clear they have a hard time being direct with us.

So, learn about the source, trace it as far back as you can, be certain you haven’t lost the trail. Look up WHOIS information, look up IP addresses, become aware of all the ways information can be faked and misleading. Familiarize yourself with how computers work. All media — print, video, audio and digital — is primarily produced on computers now. Just learn it once. You don't need to learn it over and over. You'll get the idea once you understand that all media has lost its privilege of being admissible evidence of anything except a technology and producer of the media – even if that producer is, itself, a computer.

When you encounter people who defend the media’s portrayal of 9/11, take their name, their contact information, their business information; their community information; note and test that information; try to meet them in person; try to interview them in person; ask how they came by this information; ask yourself if that information is trustworthy. How many layers of protection and simulation is someone using, and why?

If someone is providing you with baloney, assess your trust of that person, assess the nature of your enticement to believe them, assess the number of people following this person, and assess how you met them or encountered this information. Were you seeking it? Did people know you were seeking it?

Who knew? Who provided you with a convenient answer? Who regularly provides you with such answers?

We — the human race — must re-train ourselves to hold a valuable level of uncertainty with all people telling stories from outside our local communities — especially stories which try to frame our immediate, local community on the world stage. In other words, we want people in the flesh before our eyes, not mountains of pictures, text, voices and little boxes full of microchips representing “friends”. There is no need to be trained in the psychopathy of the television producers. You can hold ideas at arm's length generously, let people know you are doing it politely, practice arguments very self-collected, calm, reasonable, offer these liars subtle opportunities to tell you the truth. My parents say arguments can be healthy in a community because it brings things out in the open.

The largest liars often “reveal” the largest lies. We have especially seen this with politicians, with digital entities like Snowden and Anonymous, and other topsy turvy dramas. The fact that you have even allowed your attention to be drawn to this site should most certainly make me and this site very suspect in your mind. So, please consider doing YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THIS (and any) SUBJECT. PLEASE, don’t take my word or Simon's word and don’t take our research as “proof” of anything, just as you shouldn’t take any media as “proof” that anything happened except some baseless media getting produced for any motives possible under the sun!

The real imbalance of power stemming from an infestation of sims might reveal itself much later, which is why we should skill-share in this regard now. Everyone has the inherent right to their chosen distance from the reach of artificial or guided intelligence programs and simulations. The world is big enough to sequester simulations to areas of willful participants. The whole world should not have to face traitorous non-human interactions of a self-styled intelligencia culture without their knowledge. That is a psychotic and demented vision akin to mass-drugging the populace without their consent, which some military-minded academics devised. We have every right to throw off a vision which has been forcefully imposed on people and to take considerate actions to ensure everyone is aware of the threshold of the simulation, and everyone has a right to make these choices for themselves: conscious agreements to join and conscious decisions to refrain from any relationships and any connections to the simulated worlds of their own chosing.

My sincerest hope is that this research helps people find strength within themselves, that it helps communities find peace from the ugly systems of propaganda (and patterns stemming from it) and that it is not used in any way to justify violence or hate speech. I hope that it inspires people not to fear but to a refreshing personal journey of awareness that can be shared with everyone's favorite people — mothers, fathers, friends and loved ones.

Open your eyes, clean your ears and listen to the world around you. I think you will find it is not as the media portrays it, and the most powerful tool that can help you see the world in new ways is your own mind as it interacts with all the wonderful stories, ideas, and people this world has to offer — and if perhaps you appreciate some of them more than they appreciate you, that might not be a bad thing. And maybe one day, together, we can inspire the recalcitrant personalities in the media to awaken to this beauty, and make the world a more tolerable place to share together.

For me (and I appreciate that this may only be for me) the rascals who did this are not separate from my family. They are just lying cookie stealers, and most everyone likes cookies after all!

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

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I have now unlocked the topic for critiques. I just wanted to have all my ducks in a row, first. Thanks.

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