MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax

MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

Postby simonshack on March 12th, 2012, 4:00 pm



Dear Cluesforum members,

The "No More Games" website (of former Chief Economist for the Dept of Labor during George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds) appears to be the most 'cutting-edge' shill operation set up to discredit/hijack our work (not that this will sound as news to our sharpest members). Let me expound why I believe it is important for us all to be fully aware of this. I hope to have shown, over the years, a certain restraint in denouncing the many shill activities gravitating around the September Clues research - preferring to spend my time refining the same. However, I believe the old Chinese maxim "know thy enemy" is always a valid reminder for anyone engaged in intricate battles such as ours.

Most of you will be familiar with this Morgan Reynolds character; he was - and still remains - the one and only "authoritative" personnage gaining access to mainstream TV (FOX NEWS) hinting at the "TV FAKERY" paradigm. Now, my September Clues documentary was released one year later - but I sense that the perps were expecting that someone would expose the 9/11 video hoax - and decided to put someone (like Morgan Reynolds) on top of it, in order to control it.

For those not familiar with (former Bush employee) Morgan Reynolds' unique 2006 FOX interview, here it is:

full link:

On his website, Morgan complains of not having been contacted ever since by the TV networks - while claiming he's "always ready for a debate". Ever since at least 2006, he has teamed up with Judy Wood to file "qui tam" complaints and whatnot. Morgan evidently vouches for the WTC collapses seen on TV as being REAL AND LEGIT IMAGERY!

Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)
(A focus of the Star Wars Program)

by Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds
(originally posted: October 17, 2006) ... Beam1.html

Now, even though his "No More" website (with about 90 daily visitors) remains still today a quite marginal, mostly irrelevant piece of the phony 9/11 "Truth Movement" , it has provided 'fodder for ridicule of TV FAKERY' to the "bigger lads" making up the very same, phony 9/11 "Truth Movement", such as "9/ (averaging 5000 daily visitors): ... nistration

Strangely enough, if you search the No More Games website, you won't find ANY links to - or mention of - either Cluesforum (averaging 8000 daily visitors) or This is strange indeed, since this Morgan Reynolds character poses as a strong proponent of "no-planes", that is, that the airplanes seen on TV were CGI inserted into the TV broadcasts. On the other hand, however, he strongly (and rather acrimoniously) dismisses anyone forwarding the plain, logical notion that also the rest of the TV broadcasts were "made-in-Hollywood" CGI composites.

Read it to believe it! (look for Morgan Reynolds' nasty replies to "onebornfree"): ... he-towers/

At one stage, the cocky Morgan Reynolds ventures to accuse "onebornfree" and myself to be in the "evidence destruction business": :lol:
"Maybe I’m wrong but you and Simon are in the evidence and reasoning destruction biz." ... -theories/

Wow. So Morgan actually mentions "Simon" there! :D

Open letter to Morgan Reynolds:
Hey, Morgan - why have I NEVER heard from you? - in almost half a decade? Is it just a coincidence that your new "NO MORE GAMES" website has a very similar color scheme as mine? Are you perhaps trying to associate yourself with my Cluesforum / websites in a subliminal way - so that people think we are on the same ship? Please join Cluesforum sometime, Morgan - and let us now what you're up to. Thanks!

CLUESFORUM and NO MORE GAMES color schemes compared:

As you will easily notice, the NO MORE GAMES website feeds the endless and mind-numbing, circular disquisitions about "just how the Twin Towers (and WTC7) were demolished", in the same vein as Richard Gage's much better-funded "A&E for 9/11Truth" gatekeeping circus. Since most brain-equipped people have now come to terms with the fake images of the crashing airplanes, their role is now to uphold at least the all-important "authenticity" of the WTC collapse images. And - of course (God forbid!) - NO MENTION is to be found on either of those "truther sites" about the ultimate taboo ...the 9/11 VICSIMS! Their act resembles that of a besieged medieval castle, sacrificing their front lines in the desperate attempt to gain another buffer of time to reorganize their defense lines - and allow their Masters to live out their wretched lives.

I must say that I have grown rather accustomed to the many blatant 9/11 "truthers" gatekeeping games - but this particularly insidious "NO MORE GAMES" website needs to be exposed for what it is: it is the CSO (Central Shill Operation) set up to discredit September Clues and Cluesforum - by seemingly supporting/espousing our solid findings (to the casual onlooker) while its ultimate goal is to hijack and ridicule them.

"NO MORE GAMES"... indeed! :P

And if you need more proof of the Morgan Reynolds/Judy Wood/Ace Baker connivence, here goes:
And with Nico Haupt, The Webfairy, Jim Fetzer - it's all ONE and the same crew for chrissakes! ... 0#p2365280
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Re: MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

Postby hoi.polloi on March 12th, 2012, 8:24 pm

Let's redesign our logo, Simon. If he changes it again, to resemble ours, we'll have more proof of what he's (already for me, clearly) up to.
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Re: MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

Postby Makkonen on March 12th, 2012, 8:45 pm

One of the most interesting "side benefits" of thoroughly outing these professional, publicly well known operatives is that the argument about the sheer magnitude of the 9/11 operation (and thus its staggering financial backing) becomes stronger and stronger and harder to ignore for anybody. This has resulted, and will constantly result in a positive feedback cycle, hastening the emergence of a critical mass of people no longer tolerating the 9/11 fraud.
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Re: MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

Postby simonshack on March 12th, 2012, 10:33 pm

hoi.polloi wrote:Let's redesign our logo, Simon. If he changes it again, to resemble ours, we'll have more proof of what he's (already for me, clearly) up to.

Oh well, let's just keep our original logo for now - so that people will see how "NO MORE GAMES" copied it.
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Re: MORGAN REYNOLDS - "No More Games"...indeed

Postby MrSinclair on March 13th, 2012, 3:08 am

This guy does a real disservice exactly according to plan in poisoning the well for the real work being done here. Some years ago I looked into the No Planes idea only I made the mistake of listening to Morgan Reynolds. I just found him largely nonsensical and unconvincing and this tainted my interest in looking further into media fakery. I'm very glad to have found Clues Forum last year and I am quite certain he is a shill performing a very specific task of hijacking the No Planes view.
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