Richard A. Muller (Berkeley) - scientific advisor for hoaxes

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax
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Richard A. Muller (Berkeley) - scientific advisor for hoaxes

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:29 am

guivre discovered in the dinosaur thread an interesting personality. (
guivre wrote:
hoi.polloi wrote: Speaking of divine sparks, what made you write about Nemesis, guivre? It's a brilliant connection you made. Remind us again of what this particular excerpt you linked to (which brings us to Richard A. Muller's site) has to do with the dinosaur issue? You're saying Muller's connected to the same Alvarez who claims the terrible lizards bit the dust due to an enormous ass-terror-oid collision?
This is the official link between Muller, Luis and Walter Alvarez, from a general review of the book, Nemesis: ... esis02.htm
Muller's idea for Nemesis came to him 1983. Luis Alvarez, then an emeritus professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley, and his son Walter had recently put forth the theory that a giant impact had wiped out the dinosaurs. (This idea, like so many others that are now widely accepted, met with staunch criticism when it was introduced because it, too, was not mainstream).

Around the same time, two other researchers had suggested yet another controversial idea, that mass extinctions occurred at regular intervals -- every 26 million years or so. Scientists immediately folded the ideas into a new and breathtaking possibility: Impacts by space rocks were causing massive global species destruction every 26 million years.

Luis Alvarez was Richard Muller's mentor, and he suggested that Muller try to debunk the periodicity argument. Pondering this, Muller dreamed up the fanciful companion to the Sun as a possible cause, and with Berkeley's Piet Hut and Marc Davis of Princeton, worked out the details.

Muller gave the object the name of the Greek goddess of retribution -- fitting for a killer star that roamed stealthily beyond the solar system flicking comets at dinosaurs.

In the end, the idea looked surprisingly plausible to Muller and his colleagues, and the results of their work were ultimately published in the journal Nature in 1984. Muller then wrote a book about Nemesis, and he has pursued the companion star, while also doing other research, ever since.
The premise of the companion star is not currently accepted mainstream science now, but the iridium theory is.

From the Smithstonian, this is a run down of what is accepted as the dinosaur's extinction event: ... why_2.html
Alvarez Hypothesis: Origin and Evidence
In the late 1970's geologist Walter Alvarez, and his father, Nobel-prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez, identified an unusual clay layer at the K/T boundary in Italy. This clay contained an unusually high concentration of the rare-earth element iridium ­ 30 times the level typically found in the Earth's crust. Why was the discovery of iridium so important? Although iridium is rare in the crust, it is abundant in many meteorites and asteroids as well as the Earth's core. With this evidence, Alvarez hypothesized that an asteroid must have struck the Earth right at the K/T boundary. Further investigation has revealed that this iridium-rich layer of clay occurs at more than 100 sites around the world, providing evidence that this was truly a worldwide event.

It was estimated that to produce the amount of iridium in the clay layer, the impact object would have been 10 km in diameter. Further evidence of an impact was discovered in the form of small grains of impact-shocked quartz and beads of impact glass (tektites) within the clay layer. Shocked quartz is formed by high-pressure shock waves, and is found at nuclear bomb sites and in meteor craters. Tektites are formed from the condensation of vaporized meteorite particles. Although shocked quartz has been found in K/T layers worldwide, tektites decrease in size with increasing distance from the impact site until they are altogether absent.

These pieces, along with high levels of iridium, provide evidence for an extraterrestrial impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Thus, the end of the dinosaurs’ reign may have been caused by an asteroid, not by sea level change or volcanism. Initially this theory was highly controversial, but today an extraterrestrial impact is considered to be a key factor in the K/T extinction event.

One of the main objections to the Alvarez theory was the absence of a 65-million-year-old crater anywhere on the Earth’s surface. Surely such an enormous asteroid impact would have left a sizable crater behind. In 1991, geologists discovered evidence for a huge crater at Chicxulub (pronounced CHIK-shoo-loob), on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Although the crater had long since been buried by hundreds of meters of sediment, surveys of magnetic and gravitational fields revealed its circular structure. In addition, recent sensitive topographic mapping has shown a low mound that represents part of the crater’s rim. At 180 km across, and dated to 65 mya, the crater is of the right size and age to have been caused by a 10 km asteroid hitting Earth at the end of the Cretaceous Period.
(Personally, I read a lot of science/medical books and journals, pop and otherwise, at the start of my art career I had planned to go into scientific illustration. Yes, I felt duped after reading Physics for Future Presidents because of the 9/11 material and having already been familiar with September Clues at that point. It did make me wonder how much I could trust other scientific theories among other things.)

His name is Richard A. Muller. He has a .gov address, being part of the U.S. Energy Department and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and he claims to have determined more complete stories of:

- The "dinosaur" history (fossil records, statistics and "what killed the dinosaurs" i.e.; giant asteroid strike)
- Outer space physics (NASA, cosmos, et al)
- The "terrorist attack" of 9/11 (both in support of al Qaeda being responsible and the "bin Laden is already dead in 2002!" cover story)
- Nuclear physics (nuclear reactors, bombs and associated politics)
- Global warming (the latest science on ice ages and so on)

He claims to have an interest in photography and magic. He claims his new book covers "... analysis of Fukushima, the Gulf Oil Spill, Global Warming ..." and its title is Energy for Future Presidents arrogantly pre-empting, apparently, any new science that will come about in four years. (Or are we being told in a sly way that he decides the science that will be uncovered in the next four years?) He even posts about the suspiciously PsyOp-like Lost TV series and his attendance at a Paul McCartney concert (?!) which would be read by anyone familiar with 'Faul McCartney' theories as a nod to the game he's playing.

Disturbingly, under his 'free time' section, he simply writes (claiming no particular involvement): " helps nations prepare for Copenhagen, work towards energy security, and it helps companies sort out the confusion about global warming and energy."

Is there any suspected or confirmed modern hoax this man hasn't touched and/or written for in some way? I'm surprised he hasn't talked about his mother's death in a Nazi concentration camp.

He also seems to want to paint a great hero figure like Jesus as someone ... well, kind of like himself. In a historical novel about Jesus he authored, it is revealed that Jesus desperately used magic tricks and deceptions to "get people" to accept the "truth" of his revelations! Not a terribly original idea but in context with Mr. Muller's own life of lies and deceptions, it's kind of sad. Surely, we're all little heroes of our own micro-dramas, and he can be admired for being so honest about his um ... dishonesty. But this guy is almost a parody of the types of people we've speculated as being behind the hoaxes.

We have his contact information, but ...
To contact me
send email to

or snailmail to:

Richard A. Muller
Dept of Physics
390 LeConte Hall
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720-7300

Or call me during the day at:
(510) 486-7430
I'm trying to think of where to even begin with someone like this.

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Re: Richard A. Muller (Berkeley) - scientific advisor for ho

Unread post by anonjedi2 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:12 pm


My suggestion would be not even bother, you won't get a response. I'm very familiar with Richard A. Muller in the context of CAGW debate and his BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature) study which is the latest "go-to" proof for warmists. The study was funded by the Koch Brothers which is why everyone points to it as proof of anything. Meanwhile, people have no idea that the oil companies are in bed with the greenies to push the scam from both directions under the disguise that they're not playing on the same team.

In my book, Muller just another corrupt scientist and fraud the likes of Michael Mann, James Hansen, Phil Jones and the rest of the climate charlatans.

It was clear from interviews and the way the entire study was set up that the authors had already made up their mind. Once you are testing your theory/hypothesis with this type of confirmation bias, it will always lead you to the "truth" you are looking for. In other words, none of the people on Muller's team of scientists, researchers, students, etc. are trying to disprove anything. They are specifically going overboard to prove that they are right and throwing out a key portion of the scientific method which is eliminating all other possibilities. Here's a simple quote from Muller from Feb, 2011 before the study. As you can see, his own words betray his bias. Muller was arrested at Berkeley over 40 years ago, fitting that he works there now. You can take the scientist out of the activist but can you take the activist out of the scientist? I don't think so.
“We are bringing the spirit of science back to a subject that has become too argumentative and too contentious,” Muller says, over a cup of tea. “We are an independent, non-political, non-partisan group. We will gather the data, do the analysis, present the results and make all of it available. There will be no spin, whatever we find.” Why does Muller feel compelled to shake up the world of climate change? “We are doing this because it is the most important project in the world today. Nothing else comes close,” he says. ... change-war
Keep in mind the media portrayed this man as a "former skeptic" who changed his mind after the study. This is of course, rubbish as he never was anything close to a skeptic. Muller has been telling us that global warming is the most serious problem the world has ever faced. Yet the media calls him a "denier"? :rolleyes: ... global.htm
October 8, 2008 Grist Q & A with Richard A. Muller:
Q: ) Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?

(A:) Oh yes. [Laughs.] In fact, back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power. What I wrote them in my letter of resignation was that, if you oppose nuclear power, the U.S. will become much more heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and that this is a pollutant to the atmosphere that is very likely to lead to global warming.
Of course the BEST study has all sorts of problems with it which have been exposed by diligent scientists online and elsewhere. One of the main issues in the BEST study is that Muller only used land surface temperatures and ignored ocean temps which make up 70% of the earth. The selective thermometer placements and choices resulted in higher temperatures mostly due to UHI, not carbon dioxide. There are other problems with the study, if anyone wants more info, I'm happy to post some examples.

Here's a great example of Muller brainwashing college students and lying about details of events (such as Climategate). Anyone who watches this video with a critical eye should be able to see what this man is doing. After Michael Mann's "hide the decline/hockey stick" scandal, some scientists wanted to distance themselves from Mann's work which is what he's doing here but still upholding the Global Warming scam to his students who believe every single word that comes out of his mouth. He's taking the ball from the "bad scientists" who were exposed in the Climate Gate e-mails and running with it, in order to get everyone back on track with global warming "facts".

full link:
December 17, 2003
Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate. ... warming/2/
Muller should not be taken seriously. He is a fraudster, a stooge and a corrupt scientist with a political agenda to push.

Here's the full PBS Newshour interview with Anthony Watts, Richard Muller, Judith Curry and others. Watts runs the blog, which is an excellent resource for anyone interested in these matters. ... 09-17.html

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