Devin Clark Fails Lie Detector Test

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax
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Devin Clark Fails Lie Detector Test

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Wed May 26, 2010 9:12 pm

I don't remember the exact content of the Devin Clark thread, but it should be noted that the loyal 'manimator' as I believe he called himself has been rewarded with a show on Comedy Central. The show is called Ugly Americans and the premise is that the city of New York is populated by movie monsters who act like normal people. I have seen an episode and it isn't bad but it gave me a really sick feeling. When I discovered today who was behind it I was kind of amused and shocked that the sick feeling came through before I knew about it ... despite the fact that I might normally like the show. He is one of the lead creatives on it. Here is an interview with him where he talks about the apparent blessing of getting a nice Comedy Central gig ... ... -americans

Since Devin was accused on 911movement of being one of the amateur video takers of an airplane, it does make sense that he might be rewarded for his fakery now with a nice shiny show all his own. They even gave him writers and drawers. I wonder if they all know they are working for a war criminal?

Devin apparently worked for a company called Augenblick founded in 1999.
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Does anyone remember the content of the original Devin Clark thread? Bill Desowitz is apparently the interviewer and he "is senior editor of AWN & VFXWorld" so I wonder if Devin Clark is another invented entity with a realistic face, covered by CEOs or if he is just protected.

Oh, and just for the search engines Devin Clark Devin Clark Devin Clark Ugly Americans Ugly Americans Animation World Network :P

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