My study of "AMATEURS part1" (Google Earth Map included)

Updates & comments about the movie that exposed the 9/11 scam
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My study of "AMATEURS part1" (Google Earth Map included)

Unread post by insidejob » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:06 pm

First of all, I would like to personally thank simonshack and the team for bringing this excellent technical insight into the attacks. I have not been able to keep myself from reviewing the videos over and over again since I learned of their existence a couple of days ago.

I decided to focus my attention on Devin Clark's video which features a "dancing building" when superimposed with CNN's official video footage. I fired up Google Earth and created some polygons and markers to see if the buildings would match up.


Sure enough, the "dancing building" does line up perfectly with the line that stems from the right-most part of One Penn Plaza to the core of the North Tower. I was immediately convinced that there is something very wrong when judged against CNN's official footage.

I was able to pinpoint Clark's office location at approximately 315ft (96m) from the ground, based on the building's total height:
The skyscraper was designed by Kahn & Jacobs and completed in 1972. It reaches 750 feet (229 m) with 57 floors.

Based on Clark's testimony, his office sits on the 24th floor, so a simple calculation gave me the approximate altitude, which is marked by the 2 red lines coming from the building.

I also placed a marker right on top of the "dancing building", which is split cleanly in half by the right-most red line.

Of course this is far from scientific evidence, and I hope that you can verify my findings by opening up this KMZ file and seeing for yourselves. If you find any discrepancies I'll be sure to correct them and post an updated version of the file up here.

The best way to navigate through the markers is to double-click on the KMZ file and then click on "Play Tour", which is located at the bottom of the "Places" panel inside Google Earth. You can also of course navigate manually if you so wish.

I hope this small contribution can help in some way. Thanks again for such a valuable resource.

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Re: My study of "AMATEURS part1" (Google Earth Map included)

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:22 am

It looks like they are using 3D software to produce the Devin Clark and the CNN videos to me.

I am not sure if anything is 'wrong' perspective-wise but it sure doesn't look like real video. It looks like a video game perspective. The question is - where is the CNN footage supposed to have been shot from in their simulation of Manhattan?

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