Do disasters draw attention in big cities?

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Do disasters draw attention in big cities?

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:39 pm

Do disasters draw attention in big cities? In some cases, not much, according to this video. I'm not saying this is real or anything, but let's compare it to Western-style "terror" events.

Although a bus has apparently exploded and burst into flames, traffic continues on smoothly, bikers, buses and cars all move on time - apparently missing no beats as they rush to their various destinations; and one man early on just plugs his ears and walks away.

full link:

A little different, I'd say, from the mayhem, panic and balls-to-the-wall mania that supposedly happens during fiery urban explosions. If this resembled one of the fake terrorist hoaxes of recent years, we might be seeing a lot more flashing lights, awe-struck, crying individuals and perhaps someone waving around like a lunatic or spitting their story out like a performance artist. Instead, people seem to be behaving kind of normally ... maybe how people really behave when something mildly interesting but not life-changing happens.

Calm. Nonplussed. Probably obedient to the slightest show of authority.

So what exactly are terror events allegedly supposed to do to our psyche again? "Mess us up"? "Destroy the economy"?


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