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If NASA faked the moon landings, does the agency have any credibility at all? Was the Space Shuttle program also a hoax? Is the International Space Station another one? Do not dismiss these hypotheses offhand. Check out our wider NASA research and make up your own mind about it all.

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Postby patrix on June 9th, 2017, 5:18 pm

Dear Hoi

Sure, I will try to break that down when it's fresh in my mind. When I thanks to a friend, found SC and CF a couple of months ago I was suspicious. I’d been roaming various places like Reddit r/conspiracy trying to understand 9/11 but when I found SC I started to see how big a thing disinformation and shills really are. I gradually realized that every single one “conspiracy profile” was peddling lies to various degrees and that people on forums led me to the wrong conclusions (knowingly or unknowingly). And since this was the case, I was cautious about bad info on CF also. And that satellites could be a hoax was something I never had considered. Then I got more suspicious when you Hoi invited me to participate in that discussion. So I kind of gave my take on it without looking that much into the arguments made in the thread and arrogantly assumed you had gotten this wrong either intentionally or not.

My stance at the time was you can’t fake GPS and SatTV so rockets must be able to propel satellites into orbit. And I’ve been in that corner until recently. And if I wanted confirmation I could just go to Heiwas site or look at Paul Clarks video :) But then I started to think about the ludicrous speeds required for orbit and how much force a rocket must be able to generate to reach those speeds. And how effective can a rocket really be in vacuum? So I went back to CF and read some posts where Simon had his funny water jet example. And then it dawned on me – this is actually not about Newton physics since it’s energy and not mass that is involved. If you have a device loaded with lead bullets and fire them, your thing would move in the opposite direction. But if you have something equipped with a powerful laser in the rear nothing will happen when you light it up. And the concept of a rocket engine is that it is the energy in the fuel when it expands into gas that results in motion. But if that gas don’t have anything to push against, the result would be similar to lighting up that laser. You release energy, but that energy has no way to convert into motion. I laugh a bit now when I see how Simon and the other fine researchers here patiently try to get this message through. And even if rockets did work in vacuum (which I now highly doubt) I still think there would be no way to pack the amount of energy needed to get something up to a speed of 30 000 kph (assuming that is what is needed to reach orbit). And from there I listened to Simon on fakelologist radio and saw that Skywave and all the other things clicks together perfectly.

I did listen to the episodes on satellites at Clues Chronicle before this but they did not really sway me. I guess we heavily indoctrinated need to be spoon fed the basics first and those episodes felt a bit more for the already convinced. One idea is to make a summary thread on the case against satellites and try to hammer down these basic things that make them so questionable. I would also be happy to talk about it on a show and try to explain how I went from a firm believer to a doubter of satellites. And there are of course more things than I had time to mention here. My mind is the result of a lifelong indoctrination :). I remember for example reading a book about a Swedish inventor called Håkan Lans that invented a traffic information system based on GPS in the nineties. Looking more closely at that guy today makes me suspect he is an invented persona.

And again, THANK YOU Hoi, Simon and all the rest of you for doing this. I know how frustrating and ungrateful it can be to try to raise awareness around these issues and you are clearly on the highest floor of this so to speak and have been doing it for several years.
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