Discussing the most relevant "sequels" or "reminders" of 9/11. The so-called "War On Terror" is a global scam finalized to manipulate this world's population with crass fear-mongering tactics designed to scare you shitless.
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idschmyd @ Oct 14 2010, 04:40 PM wrote: Sorry if I've overlooked a previous observation, I usally read you Mr.V.

Looks like some attempt at blurring the saw-blade gash in the 'yellow poles' shot in Simon's post above (image immediately below the circular saw example).
Not at all dear chap! No apology required!

"What on earth was used to literally blow up this bus. It looks like it exploded from pressure - not explosives......"

7 Jul 2005 , 17:02 PM

A good thread despite it's dubious credentials...

http://letsrollforums.com/terrorist-att ... ght=london


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It's a social game...



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Hey, who left the lights on? :P

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Unread post by antipodean » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:27 am

It's interesting that despite all the people walking around at the time & people living close by, there are virtually no photos of the bombed out bus.

http://cms.met.police.uk/news/major_ope ... for_images

Here's an overview picture, for Simon's photo posted above. At the right of the 2 "find the errors" photos, the photo on the right features a yellow pedestrian crossing globe, missing from the photo on the left.


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Unread post by SmokingGunII » Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:24 pm

Hi Antipodean

I have addressed that anomoly in the other thread - it's behind the black roadsign, just as it is in the overview photo.

I found that same overview photograph today and it is enlightening to my eyes as I can't seem to see any blood on the upper deck. In fact, one can guess that this is taken fairly close to the "event", yet there are no bodies or body parts present either.

We are led to believe that 13 people met their deaths on this bus and 80 (reduced from an initial 110) people were injured.

Maybe they were all dragged into the BMA building before the emergency services arrived. :P

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Unread post by SmokingGunII » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:45 pm

Further to my post above, there are many photos at this site, including another similar angle to the others above. This time, the beacon is visible behind the black sign.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/antarcticl ... 18957@N00/

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brianv 4 Oct 9 2010, 10:03 PM wrote: I was wondering why "Esther Hyman" joined up today! Did she know you were gonna post here tim?


I direct your attention to the bloctchy skin on both images.

Hi Esther here's a screen shot of Miriam's profile on Friends Reunited.


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Unread post by antipodean » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:10 pm

Interestingly the only other person from the bus with a 'Friends Reunited' account is Neetu Jain who also attended UCL a few years before Miriam.


Both Miriam & Neetu are of Middle Eastern extraction, both feature similar post 7/7 stories, of a close relative exploring a spiritual path in understanding young mislead muslims. & both boarded the bus at Euston.



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Unread post by timothymurphy » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:57 pm

The Zero-ic Firefighters

An ingredient of the 7/7 formula was to keep the emergency services at a distance.
In contrast to New York’s heroic fire-fighters, London’s were late if they came at all?

Why didn’t they come? Why didn’t they help us?
“They” are the emergency services. The firefighters, paramedics and police who were nowhere to be seen in the aftermath of the bomb. Trapped in choking darkness, passengers tore their clothes to make bandages for the injured or held the dying in their arms.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ ... saved.html

This gave the limelight to civilian / off-duty heroes
(and to plenty of scope for good, old-fashioned British complaining.)

Off-duty heroes:

Sean Baran ? American paramedic,
Elizabeth Kenworthy ? off-duty policewoman
Paul Dadge ? former fireman
Dr Geraldine Quaghebeur ? off-duty doctor
James Underdown ?retired paramedic (one of first rescuers at bus bomb got MBE for role)
John Boyle ? off-duty underground driver

Former fire-fighter Paul Dadge taking the limelight:
(he's the one helping the "masked woman")

On duty Zeros:

7/7 fireman: I lay awake wondering if I could have done more

http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/ ... ne-more.do

7/7 inquest: victims 'died in agony' while emergency services delayed

Emotionally harrowing day as 7/7 inquest hears how fears of more explosions and safety protocols delayed rescuers

http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/oct/1 ... y-services

-Were genuine emergency services prevented from reaching the 7/7 ground zeros?

-Does this reflected shame have the same function as the reflected glory for the fire-fighters of New York?

Whether it is glory or shame is not important.

The important thing is that there is a reflected *something*

This can give fire-fighters a sense that something really happened, whether it did or not:
those colleagues bestowing that shame or glory, must really exist because they have the power to reflect that status to them.

interesting witness called at 7/7 inquest

http://7julyinquests.independent.gov.uk ... 2010pm.htm


Q. Can you describe for us, please, what you saw?

8 A. Well, I mean, it's -- it was more -- I saw more the sort
9 of people from 19 to 13, and there were people on the
10 floor as well. I saw somebody on the floor with --
11 I noticed one of their legs, a portion of their legs was
12 missing. I saw people with really bad burns on --
13 between 13 and 19. That was all -- it was -- there was
14 a lot of twisted metal, and it was difficult -- it was
15 like a big mass of limbs poking out from between, you
16 know, bars that had been bent down, you know, or, you
17 know, forced across the carriage, and, yes, I mean,
18 there were bodies on the floor.
19 There was a woman that asked me for help just before
20 I got out, just as we were sort of approaching the
21 doors, and she was standing on a guy that was -- I think
22 was dead, and she was -- one of her feet was on his
23 throat, and she was holding herself up by a bar that had
24 sort of bent down, and there was something wrong with
25 her leg, it was -- there was lots of blood...

His profession?

Horror film maker?.

not to mention being accused of taking part in an attack involving pop star Will young’s identical twin brother?
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... -chef.html


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Re: 7/7

Unread post by MartinL » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:24 am

Speaking of 7/7 Heroes!
A HERO fireman honoured for rescuing 7/7 bomb victims has been jailed over a £100million cocaine ring.
Simon Ford won a London Fire Brigade Gold Award for pulling people to safety from the bus blown up in Tavistock Square in 2005.

But he has been jailed for 14 years after admitting being a key player in an underworld network that flooded south-east England with drugs.

His case can be reported for the first time after the final member of the 35-strong gang was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court yesterday.

A total of 33 criminals have been jailed for more than 200 years for drugs, money-laundering and firearms offences.

The ringleaders netted more than £100m in cash via a run-down cab firm in Paddington, central London.

Royal Oak Taxis received huge shipments of cocaine and laundered money for crooks who swapped bags of up to £500,000 for smaller notes.

Boss Eyad Iktilat, 47, lived a footballer’s lifestyle with several homes and a fleet of luxury cars, including a Bentley Continental and a Ferrari.

Iktilat was also a director of Euro Foreign Exchange, where £100m was laundered. He was jailed for 30 years.

Ford, 41, was one of 22 people arrested when more than 500 cops raided homes across London and the Home Counties in February 2008. The operation was the largest conducted by British police and followed 10 months of surveillance and bugging.

Ford was caught at his flat in Chertsey as he divided 100 kilos of cocaine, worth £5.5m, for delivery to couriers at service stations around the M25.

During the raid dozens of phone calls were made to three pay-as-you-go mobiles as underworld contacts tried to find out why Ford was late.

Det Supt Steve Richardson, head of Scotland Yard’s Special Intelligence Section, said the operation had dealt a “huge blow” to the drugs industry.

He said: “These criminals had been living the lives of wealthy businessmen. The lives they are now leading could not be more different.”

The network, which included convicted murderers, was linked to up to 10 gangs and had interests in Colombia, Spain, Israel, India and Dubai.

Illegal immigrant Anwar Laraba, 39, of St John’s Wood, north London, was the final member to be sentenced.

He was jailed for four years and eight months yesterday after admitting conspiracy to supply cannabis.( HUH? WTF? :o )

It was the last in a series of 16 linked hearings that formed the biggest drugs case ever handled in London.

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Re: 7/7

Unread post by antipodean » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:15 pm

I've been surfing the J7 site for the latest into the coroners inquests over the 7/7 bombings.
http://z13.invisionfree.com/julyseventh ... st=0&#last

Can't help thinking that the Bus bombing was some sort of ad hoc set up covering up an earlier cock up.
Surely the bus bombing's death toll would have been known within hours of the blast along with the victims being identified.
Yet 4 days later Miriam Hyman's where abouts is still unknown.
http://www.somethingjewish.co.uk/articl ... miriam.htm

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/th ... 98277.html

J7 in their submission to the inquest, questions why most of the victims caught the no.30 bus when they worked at Old street, & should have caught the no. 205 bus, which is the only other bus diverted, and appears to end up being in front the no. 30 bus.

Most people link the Tavistok Square bus bombing as being deliberately co-ordinated to the Tavistock Institute, when in actual fact the Tavistock Institute is a few Ks away in Tabernacle street. Which the no. 205 bus would have almost driven past.


Then as mentioned in previous posts, 2 bus victims Miriam Hyman & Neetu Jain were graduates from UCL, along with another victim connected to UCL a current employee.
•Gladys Wundowa, a UCL staff member, also required a number 205 bus to travel to a meeting. Mr Wundowa had no idea where his wife was at this time, and it later transpired that she had "emerged from the wreckage but died 25 minutes later from her injuries, being attended to on the pavement by paramedics"15. UCL announced the death of Ms Wundowa on July 11th, two days before the Identity Commission named her, and later retracted this statement16.

In the confusion, University College London pre-empted any official statement and confirmed that one of its employees was among those killed, prompting widespread media coverage - only to retract its statement later in the day. Emmanuel Wundowa told the Guardian yesterday that the first he heard that his wife Gladys, a cleaner, had been identified as among the dead was on television.

"The police have not identified my wife," he said. "What the heck is going on? The BBC and Sky News are saying that Gladys is dead but no one has told me that. It's not what the police told me, they have not identified her. "I have been sitting down here and nobody is telling me anything. If they have got some information that is of benefit to me, why don't they pass it on to me? We are in pieces here. We are still waiting for news of Gladys. People are going on air and telling the whole world that she is dead and she hasn't even been identified."
Later University College corrected its earlier release and apologised. "Mrs Gladys Wundowa, a cleaner at UCL since 1989, is confirmed missing," it said. "UCL very much regrets having been the inadvertent cause of reports earlier regarding Mrs
12Missing: the workers who never came home - This Britain, UK - The Independent - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/th ... 98145.html
13Desperate Search For Missing Worker | Home | Sky News - http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Sky-Ne ... 6413382620
14J7: The London Bombings Dossier, by David Minahan - Index 07 - Moorgate Station - http://www.julyseventh.co.uk/J7-london- ... ion.html#7
15BBC NEWS | UK | 'Trying not to harbour hatred' - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5130044.stm
16Families feel pain of name delay | UK news | The Guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2005/jul/1 ... .politics1

Wundowa ... This misunderstanding came about as a result of mistaken belief here at UCL that the family had been notified by the police."

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Re: 7/7

Unread post by fred » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:16 am

MartinL, It sounds like they use the same actor whenever there's something big in Britain. He's a big hero on 7/7 in the biggest terrorist attack, and then after everyone has forgotten his face he's a drug dealer in Britain's biggest drug bust.

I suspect that the same trusted actors turn up again and again anytime there's some kind of planned media event.

Very interesting find.

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Re: 7/7

Unread post by brianv » Fri May 06, 2011 10:52 am

Hey look over there! Where? Here? No there!
7/7 inquest: coroner clears MI5 and emergency services The 7/7 coroner cleared MI5 and the emergency services of responsibility for the deaths of the 52 victims of the bombings, as she delivered unlawful killing verdicts.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ ... vices.html


http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/blog/2011/ ... e-coverage


edit/ Oh and just to add: "Interested Parties" only in the Court Room if you don't mind!

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Re: 7/7

Unread post by brianv » Sat May 21, 2011 6:36 pm

For those of you following the "7/7" hoax..... and my posting this link is not an endorsement of any kind, just to keep youze up to speed.