The invention of AIDS

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by MrSinclair » Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:16 am

An excellent post with a lot of unfamiliar but very interesting information.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Gygès » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:36 am


So, I said I ve found a interesting article : THE HIDDEN AGENDA BEHIND HIV by Bryan J. Ellison.
I know Bryan Ellison was associated with PH Duesberg, since they wrote an article together ( I heard Duesberg
was quite controversial (or maybe suspicious), anyway, this article should really be known :

Quotes :

About "induced-fear" plan :

"But perhaps this is the point. A 1989 report by the National Research Council more explicitly revealed the hidden agenda. Originally sponsored by the Rockefeller and Russel Sage Foundations and then funded by the Public Health Service, AIDS: Sexual Behavior and Intravenous Drug Use laid out a plan for social engineering on a massive scale-using AIDS as the excuse."

"The devastating effect of an epidemic on a community can evoke strong political and social responses." the committee
duly noted. "An epidemic necessitates the rapid mobilization of the community to counter the spread of illness and death" (p.373).

"The power of such a method to force changes in cultural values is based on careful manipulation of fear. Ideally, health promotion messages should heighten an individual's perceptions of threat and his or her capacity to respond to that threat, thus modulating the level of fear ... What is not yet known is how to introduce fear in the right way in a particular message intended for a particular audience. Acquiring that knowledge will quire planned variations of AIDS education programs that are carefully executed and then carefully evaluated," stated the committee
coolly (pp. 267-8).

I think it can't be clearer.... !

"As an officer of the Centers for Disease Control, Donald Francis had in 1984 drafted the CDC's proposed AIDS strategy. In his 1992 retirement speech at the agency's Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. Francis voiced the ambitions held by many of his fellow officers in describing "the opportunity that the HIV epidemic provides for public health" (JAMA, 9-16-92). He stated in no uncertain terms the radical nature of the plan:

"The cloistered caution of the past needs to be discarded.The climate and culture must be open ones where old ideas are challenged. Those who desire the status quo should seek employment elsewhere. The American HN prevention program should be the place where the best and the brightest come, where the action is, where history is being made. This is the epidemic of the century. and every qualified person should want to
have a piece of the action."

"A sophisticated $2 billion-per-year operation, the CDC employs a staff of thousands who see themselves as having an activist mandate. They view epidemics as opportunities for control and for imposing lifestyle changes on the population."

"The CDC has actually engineered a number of false alarms or misdirected campaigns over the past four decades, neutralizing scientific dissent and calmer voices when necessary. AIDS,though not the first example, has now become the most successful epidemic by far. Two powerful weapons in the agency's arsenal, both unknown to the public at large. have made this possible: a semi-secret wing of the CDC known as the Epidemic intelligence Service (EIS), and a quiet "partnership" program with private organizations."

About drug use and immunodeficiency :

"The original AIDS cases were all found in homosexual men in the "fast track" lifestyle--those having hundreds or thousands of sexual contacts and using enormous amounts of hard drugs to make such promiscuous activity possible. For the CDC, the trick was to make the illness seem contagious; a simple drug-induced epidemic among homosexuals would hardly have frightened the public. nor have allowed the CDC to accomplish its radical public health agenda."

"Next was to explain the syndrome; to the CDC, this meant trying to find an infectious agent This would be no simple task, since essentially all of the first fifty cases admitted to heavy use of poppers. a drug preferred by homosexuals as a means of facilitating anal intercourse. Even if this toxic drug presented itself as the obvious explanation, the CDC investigators had no intention of letting the evidence interfere. According to historian Elizabeth Etheridge, "While many of the patients were routine users of amyl nitrites or 'poppers,' no one in the KSOI task force believed the disease was a toxicological problem" (Sentinel for Health. 1992. p. 326)

Note that Dr E. De Harven also confirmed in one the interviews in french (the third one) that the use of "Poppers" has certainly been at the root of the first immunodeficiency problems, especially in the homosexual community. He also underlined that these "Amyl Nitrites" seem to be very dangerous substances.

The article concludes :

"Most people do not yet realize that the entire campaign has been orchestrated mostly by a single agency of the Federal government, rather than being a spontaneous decision by independent experts and activists. As intended. the CDC has been able to mobilize the scientists, the medical institutions, political bodies, the news media, and a bewildering array of AIDS organizations behind its hidden agenda. All such groups will lose their credibility once the public discovers the real source of the campaign, and honest skepticism will spread faster than AIDS itself."
(Source-article :

Apparently, "honest skepticism" hasn't spread very fast.....


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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Mercurial » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:14 am

Great digging - thanks so much for this.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Haze » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:33 pm

I think aids initially shows that there were some " problems " in homosexual/drugged environment cause it was born there.
But by saying that aids can contaminate everyone, we ignore this fact and in some way, legitimize these practices ( which are definitely not healthy ).

Imagine if the government says : AIDS is a homosexual and drugged disease ...

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:47 pm

Or imagine the government doesn't say AIDS is a disease at all, because apparently it isn't.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Haze » Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:15 pm

Yeah AIDS may not exist at all, true !
But my message is coherent, because aids hides the health problems of some homosexual practices ( poppers, ... ).

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:03 pm

Does it really anymore? It used to, maybe.

Nowadays, they teach children from a young age that anyone can get it. When I was a child, they taught me in second grade the following bizarre tract:

"You can't get it from holding hands with or kissing someone with AIDS! You can't get it from a mosquito bite! You can't get it from sharing a drink with someone who has AIDS!"

And yet they also reminded us repeatedly that if there is a cut on the lip of the person with AIDS you are kissing, you might actually contract AIDS. So it was a fearmongering tool of some kind, but it wasn't until much later from art history, where the gay struggle has a bigger voice than conventional schooling, that I heard how AIDS was initially appearing in the gay community.

In retrospect, how sad that they try to nurture in such a young population a fear of kissing -- a fear of love. Oh, "Education" in America. You so cah-razy.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Mercurial » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:40 pm

Girls and boys were banned from holding hands or sharing an umbrella in my school - I'm not kidding!

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by lux » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:14 am

... and just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sack ...
First cases of 'incurable' antibiotic resistant gonorrhea found in North America

The long feared nightmare of U.S. public health officials has come to pass with the news anti-biotic resistant Gonorrhea has been detected in North American patients.

A study released today by the Journal of the American Medical Association announced ... [blah blah blah]
More BS here.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Farcevalue » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:43 am

lux wrote:... and just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sack ...
First cases of 'incurable' antibiotic resistant gonorrhea found in North America

The long feared nightmare of U.S. public health officials has come to pass with the news anti-biotic resistant Gonorrhea has been detected in North American patients.

A study released today by the Journal of the American Medical Association announced ... [blah blah blah]
More BS here.
The juxtaposition of the titillating "Femail" column on the right with the over-sized pictures of scary cells and giant condoms, is.... I don't even know where to start.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by allegoricalfact » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:41 am

Freethinking and freedom in our sexuality and creativity are what 'the powers that be' at this time, fear most, isn't it ? Music was the first target, almost all of the 'Music revolution' were assassinated or silenced one way or another.

With 'sexual freedom' we become more comfortable and more creative and far less likely to go along with any 'never ending War' agendas. We become more spiritual in the true sense of the word ( that 'sense' not being of the Dogma/religio/politico ).

I had three very good friends who died, were murdered, by AIDs. I loved them. To think of them all being poisoned slowly and painfully will haunt me forever. The first two were away, one in New York the other in Germany but the one here, sometimes I think if the AZT hadn't killed him, fear might have done. To see a fun loving, happy, wild young thing turn into such a sad sad man. We lost the whole of the first generation of a new age of enlightenment, it was crushed.

All the inquisitions we have ever known in History were brutal, this one now is as all else at this time, insidious, but it is just the same. It is crushing the Spirit of Man in order to control ( God knows why anyone would want to control a lifeless thing ?)

I did a lot of research into AIDs at one time, all buried in a long dead computer now but as well as some super links and findings already in this thread.

It does seem that it was through the Hepatitus B research/experiments that AIDs killed joy in more than one generation.

And it went to Africa two or three years later .............could it poss have been in the vaccines ? Nah of course not !

The Whale site is good on vaccines and such like :) Not all links are useful but it is often a good place to start.

And now look at how sex is portrayed .... and Oh, what is to become of our young ones ? :(

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by Seneca » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:06 pm

I want to revive this topic a bit because for me the questions that started this topic were not pursued enough.
nonhocapito wrote: The conspiracy theory

The conspiracy theory regarding the AIDS hoax revolves essentially around the research of professor Peter Duesberg ( and his book Inventing the AIDS Virus, published in 1996. The book makes for a compelling read, still today, and makes a strong case for the HI virus to have been linked arbitrarily to the symptoms of AIDS, that would in reality be caused by a combination of lifestyle choices and not by the virus itself, who would be an innocuous passenger of the human body.
In other words, there never was any risk of direct infection from this illness, and, as Duisberg argues, the highest ranks of the medical community and government have always known this but kept it a secret, to make careers and more importantly rake billions out of unnecessary cures and drugs.

Duisberg arguments are many. I am not going to repeat them here as they can be read over the internet in abundance. But they do are very important and I'll assume we are all more or less familiar with them.

The Fakery

using what we have learned from the 9/11 scam and all the others, we know that a faked event always comes packaged with conspiracy theories to control the people with questions. Coming from this, we could imagine that Duesberg's conspiracy theory, that like Alex Jones' seems to have been dying of self-consumption and sheer tiredness over the years, could have been integral part of the scam, in order to cover a much more dramatic truth: that the threat of AIDS and the horrific deaths it caused, that Duesberg never denied, were in fact all completely faked by the media.
I want to explore the first part of the question further, that Duesbergs theory could have been an integral part of the scam.

To consider Duesbergs theory as part of the scam feels rather strange. I will explain this with an analogy to 9/11: for me the work of the rethinking aids group appeared to be to the official AIDS story what septemberclues is to the 9/11 hoax. Because it exposes so much of the fakery. (but maybe not all of it)

AIDS was probably the first big media hoax I became aware of. I was made aware of Duesbergs theory by a philosophy professor. He used Duesberg as an example to illustrate that there still were many controversies in the scientific world. This must have been be around 1997 or 1998, not very long after Duesberg published his book. I studied mostly the virusmyth website of the rethinking aids group. I haven’t looked into the newer material like the House of Numbers movie but from what I have read on this forum and elsewere the alternative theory has not changed very much. Maybe that is what nonhocapito means with “that Duesberg's conspiracy theory, that like Alex Jones' seems to have been dying of self-consumption and sheer tiredness over the years”, because I do not understand this sentence of his.

The only suspicious thing I have found about Duesbergs theory yet is that the group gained a lot of attention thanks to the South African president Thabo Mbeki. He convened a panel of scientists to advise him on how to handle "his country's surging AIDS epidemic" and it met on July 3 and 4 (2000) in Johannesburg. This panel has sparked a firestorm of criticism, because many of the invited scientists, who met for a first round in May, are so-called "dissidents"
source: ... e-obvious/, see also

Here is a list of journalists that covered Duesbergs theory : Do you see any suspicous names?
What I want to find out is what message does the fakery/conspiracy package wants to enforce?

Here in this topic I found some very interesting suggestions, but if I am not mistaken only the message of the official theory was taken in consideration and not the package.

I want to take a look at what messages the official theory and the conspiracy theories have in common. They are totally different theories but there are always similarities. I made a list of the messages I find most interesting. If the message of the conspiracy differs somewhat from the official theory I will put the alternative in brackets.

1. There is a deadly disease that is incurable

2. There is a scientifically proven way to prevent getting this horrible disease (by making the right lifestyle choices, for example no drug abuse)

3. With the best intentions we can lead the people we care about to a horrible death (by giving them the wrong medication wrong advice)

4. People that love us and have the best intentions can give us a horrible death

5. People who do not agree to the scientific "consensus", even an elected President of a country with 45 million people can expect to be ridiculed, accused of murder... (even when they are right)

6. Still there are many scientists and journalists who do serious research and risk everything to tell us what they have discovered

7. Viruses that cause deadly diseases exist (but HIV is not one of them)

8. Viruses have been isolated from patients (but not HIV)

9. There exist reliable blood tests that can prove an infection (but
not the HIV tests)

10. Diseases can be transmitted from animals to people (but not AIDS)

11. Diseases can be transmitted from people to people (but not AIDS)

12. Our body has an immune system with cells that can fight bacteria and

13. Without an immune system we get horrible infections and die if we are in contact with other people or animals

The list is off course far from complete, for example you can add the following

14 people die (but not of HIV)
15 dying young is very sad

But you have to stop somewhere. Please take some time to consider if you find any other interesting ones.

If we consider the alternative conspiracy theories I mentioned earlier this doesn’t change the picture much. I forgot to mention 2 'non-conspiracy' theories. In 1992, 36 percent of Americans believed AIDS might be God’s punishment for immoral sexual behavior (source ... 76381.html). But then why don't all pedophiles get AIDS and die horribly?? Note that this theory is compatible with both the official and Duesbergs theory. Another theory compatible with the official theory is that AIDS is 'Natures response to overpopulation'. (note that 9/11 is similarly seen by many as a punishment from God, Karma or a response from Americas victims"

I think if we investigated other related scams like the vaccine and cancer scams we would find similar results. AIDS focuses our attention especially on the immune system. (the I in AIDS and HIV)
messages 1-6 are very interesting, not only because they seem the most new. They can easily lead us to mistrust our own intuitions and to look at science for the solution. Thabo Mbekis conference started only a year before 9/11. It is not unlikely that people aware of the AIDS scam and doubting the official theory of 9/11 would go looking for another Duesberg. This search would end when they found groups like “Scientists for 9/11 truth”. At least that was my experience although it didn’t stop my search for the truth.

I have a feeling that the "scientific debate" with the so called AIDS denialists was far more brutal than any other debate before that, as illustrated by the treatment of Mbeki. I saw this agression and religiouslike fanaticism also in later 'debates' with "9/11 dissenters", "global warming denialists", "anti-vaccine advocates", and people who question chemotherapy. But maybe it has always been this way? Message 5 is a message that nobody could have missed: "if you speak out for the truth you risk your career and more".

But messages 7-13 are also very interesting to me.

Most people take these ideas for granted because most of them are more than a century old, but for some years now I am seriously considering every one of them is a lie.

In fact, for me these are some of the most dangerous lies for us and the most useful for the nutwork. That is why I asked you to look for other messages, I am a bit suspicious of myself because these ones came up so quickly.

Since I am a newbie on this forum and obviously rather foolish for believing so many other hoaxes I am not going to try to convince you of any of this. If you have questions I would gladly answer them.

I will just explain what I mean when I say the immune system is a lie. I am not saying our body cannot heal itself when we are well nourished. On the contrary, think that our body has enormous self healing powers but this is not achieved by fighting bacteria and viruses. I consider the image of the body as a war zone one of the most evil lies.

What I want to do now is to give some arguments against the official theory of AIDS, some of whom I haven’t seen here. I can illustrate that you do not need to rely on the work of Duesberg and the other scientists.

I will do this by proposing a short FAQ

Q: If HIV doesn’t exist or does not cause AIDS, why are HIV+ people dying more rapidly than HIV- people?

A: If this is true there are a lot of explanations

For starters: according to scientific reports the drugs are very toxic. (I don’t have any experience with them but for me this makes sense )

Q: But what about people who didn’t took drugs?

A: Like I said there are lots of other reasons that can explain why HIV+ people would die faster than the rest of the population. Let’s look at what we can be sure of all the HIV+ people have in common

1)they all took an (expensive) HIV test

2)they all tested positive.

From 1 we can conclude that most HIV+ people are in ‘risk groups’: drug users, gays, hemophiliacs, black people in the US, third world people… I associate membership of many of these groups with a shorter lifespan (for other reasons then so-called 'AIDS').

From what I read, in Africa you could be diagnosed with AIDS without a blood test, just on the basis of your malnourished condition. According to many scientists the blood tests are very suspicious, they do not detect HIV but antibodies to TBC, malaria…

Q: But I know this HIV+ person who always had a healthy lifestyle, didn’t take drugs and still died of AIDS.

A:If you are not lying there are other explanations

Do you know the nocebo effect, the inverse of the placebo effect? Most people intuitively feel that If they really believe they will become ill they have a greater chance of becoming so. This is probably also the explanation of voodoo and other sorcery.

Even if that doesn’t make you sick I personally believe that many other consequences of having HIV will harm you and your will to live.

-the lack of bodily contacts for fear of contamination
-lack of self esteem
-feelings of rejection, guilt, uncleanness
-the thought of being a danger to all other people
-the constant choice between openness and secrecy about your ‘status’, the latter considered very immoral
-having children would also be considered highly immoral

If I were treated like this I think I would find death not such a bad alternative

Like allegoricalfact wrote in the previous post:

“I think if the AZT hadn't killed him, fear might have done. To see a fun loving, happy, wild young thing turn into such a sad sad man.”

Q: But if HIV does not exist or does not cause AIDS, how is it possible that AIDS (or the HIV+ status) is sexually transmitted?

A: It isn’t. But just the belief in itself would make it seem that way. Suppose you tested HIV+ (all tests can produce false positives). You are then urged to reveal all the names of the people you had sex with or warn them yourself. Each of those people will take a test. And have a certain chance of testing positive even in the absence of HIV. If they test positive they will look at their partners, and so on, and so on. So you end up with a group of HIV+ people all connected by sexual contact.
By the way, does that remind you of something? That is probably how the “witchcraft epidemics” worked, see for example the Salem witch trials (could be a hoax).

Q: But why do especially young adults die in Africa and do we see villages with only children and elderly people?
A: If this is true, I do not have enough knowledge about Africa to explain. Some answers: they didn't die but went looking for work, maybe it was useful to be declared dead. They were recruited as soldiers...

It is very possible that like nonhocapito suggests every AIDS death in the media was faked. I do not have anything to contribute about this. But I am not doubting people died because of it. Just as we see with 9/11: even if all the deaths in the media were fake, a lot of people died as a result. I do not yet agree that the faked deaths would represent “a more dramatic truth” than the faked virus like nonhocapito suggests. They are both dramatic truths.

According to the Virusmyth webpage and this one:’ people are winning lawsuits with the help of Duesbergs theories (65 cases). For example people that are convicted of infecting their sexual partners are acquitted. I am wondering if some of them have really tried convicting the real criminals, the people that knowingly participated in the hoax?

Sorry this first post is so long. But I learned from this forum that the things you don’t say are sometimes more important than the things you say (like we see perhaps with Duesberg) and I do not want to be misinterpreted.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by guivre » Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:27 am

Oddly enough, the day Seneca posted, AP decided to run a feature. I guess it's really important to keep the idea alive in the public's mind:

AP source
WASHINGTON (AP) - EDITOR'S NOTE: In 1981, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first cases of a rare pneumonia that had sickened five Los Angeles gay men. The AIDS epidemic had begun.

Over the next three years, the CDC formally named the condition and announced that sexual contact and infected blood were the major ways the disease spread.

On April 23, 1984, the Department of Health and Human Services held a press conference to announce that the probable cause of the disease had been found - a virus that was eventually called the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. At the meeting, government scientists said the discovery could spur work on a preventive vaccine, which could be ready for testing within two or three years.

There is still no cure or vaccine. But drugs emerged in the mid-1990s that have turned HIV from a death sentence into a manageable chronic disease for people who stick with them.

An estimated 36 million people have died of AIDS since 1981, according to the World Health Organization.

Thirty years after its publication, the AP is making its original report on the announcement available.
It continues with the statement.

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by simonshack » Thu May 22, 2014 10:42 pm


The "11.000" AIDS meme

I think that I should mirror here this little "trivial digression" I wrote over at the Fukushima thread, back in 2011. At the time, I had bumped into a few AIDS casualty figures - and due to their apparent, common "11.000" denominator, I spent maybe an hour or so looking for more :

simonshack wrote: *****************************************************************************************************************************************************
BRIEF TRIVIAL DIGRESSION : As I casually searched for W.H.O. info, I was 'shocked' to bump into these AIDS-related 'facts & figure(s)'...

-"Nigeria: 11,000 HIV/Aids Patients a Week - Disturbing"
-"11,000 people affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania"
-"11,000 civil servants living with HIV/AIDS in Kogi"(India) ... s&Itemid=2
- "Congo: "11,000 deaths reported in 1997 alone"
-"Carribean: 11,000 infected persons died in 2007" ... killing-we
- "Mexico: According to the US-AID, in 2007, 11,000 people died of AIDS"
- "Botswana: According to UN data( 2007) 11,000 people were killed by HIV-AIDS" ... Botswana-a
- "Burundi: 11,000 people died from AIDS in Burundi in 2007" ... an-spreads
- "USA: About 11,000 people died of AIDS in 2007" ... ics-branch
- "WSDOH estimates that 11,000 to 12,000 live with HIV in Washington State" ... c1/p01.htm
- "Sub-Saharan Africa: 11,000 are dying every day due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses"
- "Myanmar: more than 11,000 people in treatment for HIV in the country" ... ss-release
- "11,000 Australians infected with HIV: report" ... iv-report/
-"...11,000 deaths attributed to AIDS in L.A. County..." ... 03286.html
-"...Today, daily 11,000 people are being infected with HIV & AIDS in the world" ...
-"Gov. David A. Paterson, D-N.Y., vetoes bill to provide rent relief for more than 11,000 New Yorkers with HIV and AIDS" ... Needy.aspx

Well, I don't know about you - but something smells rather fishy here, imho. I remember spending only one hour or so looking up / and compiling these AIDS articles featuring the "11.000" number. What if I had spent ten hours looking for more ?

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread post by sunshine05 » Fri May 23, 2014 2:22 am

Wow, that is crazy, Simon. I guess everyone can feel safe from the disease once it hits the 11K mark!:)

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