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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by Observer » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:33 pm

[Note by SCS: Personal image removed, and a couple of paragraph breaks inserted. Otherwise, the content is exactly as it was originally posted. Also, this post should be read with extraordinary caution.]
simonshack wrote:Now, picture in your mind an island with, say, 5000 inhabitants. On this island, there are five tribes (or "races", if you will) living in peace and harmony: the Yellows, the Reds, the Greens, the Browns and the Blues - each with their own skin color, culture and religion. One day, it is discovered that the Blues tribe's sacred texts contains chapters wherein it is written that they, the Blues, are God's chosen people (i.e. the supreme tribe) and that the other tribes are inferior beings whose only purpose is to serve the Blue tribe - and that every form of deception must be deployed so as to attain this goal. It should be easy to imagine what sort of impact this shocking revelation would have among the other four tribes. In all probability, they would say that the Blue tribe has gone insane - and needs to be confined (as an obligatory safety measure) to their own territory on the island. Most likely, the four tribes would build a wall around the Blues' territory - so as to prevent them from spreading their demented notions of "race supremacy" to their own children. The schools of these four tribes would then teach their children of the dangers of fanatical megalomania, using the example of the Blue tribe's abominable sacred texts. It would be apparent to every constituent of the four tribes that the Blues tribe's peculiar religion promotes the very highest and virulent form of racism, bigotry and sheer hatred (of the "non-Blues" people).
Observer wrote:We "Israel first, Jews first, don't criticize our actions" Ashkenazim are over-proportionately guilty.
Yes, there are other groups to blame but we are over-proportionately guilty of war-initiating hoaxes.

If I make a video about the 9/11 hoaxers, and a high percentage are Ashkenazim, is that "anti-semitism"?
Must we, to avoid hurt feelings, pretend that the 9/11 hoaxers AREN'T over-proportionately Ashkenazim?

How come Ashkenazim "Stop anti-semitism" posters don't post "Stop Ashkenazim from killing real Semites?"

Do I have to remind you the Palestinians whom we are killing everyday are the true Semitic real victims?
Do I have to remind you we Jews have refused for over 3,000 years to criticize our Torah & Talmud racism?
Do I have to remind you our holiest books (Torah & Talmud) say all goyim are sub-jewish animals to serve us?

It's surprising how FEW the percentage of us "supposedly intelligent Jews" actually state the truth like I do.
Observer wrote:A disproportionately high percentage of my fellow Jews refuse to criticize the ultra-selfish, ultra-racist, ultra-murderous, ultra-genocidal acts being committed everyday by 'our people' in Israel.
Simon mentioned (through analogy of course, since there is one group on Earth who has both the extreme desire and the extreme power currently to punish anyone who dares to criticize their actions) the "blues" who wrote that "all non-blues exist only to serve the blues". I'll go ahead and speak directly:

As a Levite, I am a supposed direct descendent of the authors of that particular Original Engineering Racism Psyop called Judaism.

If any readers feel YOUR family has a higher percentage of folks doing bad actions such as writing and refusing to criticize YOUR family's holy books which literally Engineer Racism, then please speak up. I am stating my opinion (this is MY opinion, not at all representative of the 100,000 CluesForum readers as a whole, of course) and my opinion is that my family is statistically over-represented in positive actions such as intellectual/creative endeavors (yay for us that area) and yet unfortunately statistically over over-represented in negative things such as killing our neighbors and creating hoaxes (boo for us in that area.)

Nobody is saying "One group does ALL the hoaxes." What is being said is, "I think my group is creating more hoaxes than we should, and controlling more hoax-pushing media outlets than we should, since we are really such a small percent of the world's population, we shouldn't be so over-represented in the area of hoax-creation." And, I feel that my family (literally, my Levite family, the sons and grandchildren of Levi, the Levite priest authors of the Torah and the Talmud) helped Engineer Racism 3,000 years ago, and I feel my family (literally, my father, who helped Engineer Racism as a head editor at Israel Radio, daily painting the Israeli soldiers as heros, daily painting the Palestinian victims as terrorists) are still disproportionately over-represented in the present day continued efforts to Engineer Racism.

An embarrassingly high percent of Ashkenazi Jews refuse to admit that we are NON-Semitic, which means the whole 'anti-semitic' label is flawed to begin with.

We Ashkenazi Jews are in fact Non-semites who are killing the ACTUAL Semites (the Arab people) in Palestine and elsewhere everyday.

Yes, of course, not ALL Ashkenazim Jews are uzi carrying Israeli soldiers like my father was, but the majority (at the very least a relatively disproportionately high percentage of us Ashkenazi Jews) refuse to criticize the murderous land-grab done by the state of Israel.

Conversely, most white Americans (at the very least a disproportionately high percentage of white Americans) rightly criticize the past actions of the state of America for killing the original inhabitants of America and stealing their land.

If you take the percentage of white Americans who criticize the genocidal land-grab committed by their white European ancestors who came from Europe to America and killed the Red man, and compare that percentage with the percentage of white Ashkenazi who criticize the genocidal land grab committed by our white Ashkenazi ancestors who came from Europe to Palestine and killed the Arab man, it is obvious that there is a disproportional discrepancy.

Of course NOT ALL white Americans criticize their white European ancestors. Of course NOT ALL white Ashkenazi refuse to criticize their white Ashkenazi ancestors. The point being made (regardless of readers' feelings about this reality) is that MOST white Americans are RELATIVELY more honest about the wrongness of "their people's" bad actions, and MOST of my fellow white Ashkenazi are RELATIVELY less honest about the wrongness of "our people's" bad actions.

My Ashkenazi Jewish culture simply places a relatively higher priority on "protecting 'our group' from criticism", and a relatively lower priority on "admitting embarrassing truth about actions done by 'our group'." Non-Jewish western culture comparatively places a relatively higher priority on altruism and truth than our culture does. Does this mean ALL Ashkenazi Jews agree upon and adhere to the general cultural value prioritization ranking? Of course not.

I'm complaining about (with the goal of improving) the current percentage of Ashkenazi who have the courage to say, "Our current cultural prioritization of values, which has remained relatively unchanged and unchallenged by us since we laid them out 3,000 years ago in our holy edicts of our Torah and Talmud, and continued to the present day in our murderous unrepentant genocidal actions in Palestine which we stole very recently, need to be admitted and discussed and improved. We need to update our cultural value system, to prioritize our 'God ordained racial superiority' less, and to prioritize equality with all our human family brothers and sisters more."

This is Comparative Culture, which I studied here in Japan at Sophia University long ago. Perhaps things have changed, but we were fully able to discuss the relative differences between the priorities held by various cultures, as we compared the Japanese culture (which prioritizes the value of harmony-maintaining "tatemae" face-saving-diplomatic silence, hidden feelings, and white lies, more than it prioritizes the value of "honne" truth which although useful in creating positive change also causes lots of verbal and physical fights) with Western culture (which prioritizes the value of the latter more than the former.)

Our Comparative Culture studies never said (nor were ever accused strawman-style of saying), "ALL Western folks are Honest & Violent, ALL Japanese folks are Peaceful & Dishonest." We learned right in the first year, in a class called "Thinking 101", that absolutist ALL/100% sentences are inherently false, and that comparative sentences more/less sentences are perfectly logical. There are relatively more annual cases per capita of violence in America than in Japan. There are relatively more annual cases per capita of face-saving-lies in Japan than in America.

Please save the "anti-semitic" card for someone who says "ALL Semites do bad actions." First off, if you'll re-read more carefully, you'll see that I am reminding you of the fact that Arabs are the real Semites and that I am criticizing most Ashkenazi for refusing to prioritize telling the truth (about the fact that we are not really Semitic, and about the fact that our soldiers are killing the real Semites the Arab Palestinians daily) and instead choosing to prioritize protecting "our people's" image and "our people's" interests, at the cost of the truth.

Actually, if you'll look closely, I'm not even saying most Ashkenazi are doing this. I actually think even the word MOST would be perfectly fine, but I conservatively added the extra-safe limiting qualifier of "a disproportionately high percentage" which means a higher percentage of than should be expected when comparing to other groups.

A disproportionately high percentage of "my family" the Ashkenazi people were responsible for the slave trade, when compared with the percentage of other groups responsible for the slave trade, as explained by Dr. Tony Martin above. It would be foolish to post "That's akin to saying ALL Jews traded slaves, that's 'anti-semitic' and makes CluesForum look bad!"

No, such a foolish strawman post should be sent to the Derailing Room. When I say, "My family members are doing bad things" it does NOT mean "ALL of my family members are doing bad things" no, of course not, it means, "TOO MANY of my family members are doing bad things." Even stated as conservatively as possible: if the annual total-world-average for criminal actions were just 1 out of 100,000 people (meaning, each year, only 1 out of 100,000 world citizens commit a crime) but embarrassingly MY family's annual-average for criminal actions were say 3 out of 100,000 people (meaning, each year, 3 out of 100,000 of my family members commit a crime), then would my complaining about that fact be akin to saying "ALL my family members are criminals!"

No, I'm simply saying, "I don't like the fact that my family members are, per capita, committing three times more crime than the worldwide average. We are statistically disproportionately committing crimes. C'mon guys, cut it out. Be better. Match the average. Try to commit LESS crimes per capita than the world average. And if too many of us refuse to criticize our own actions honestly, then I'm going to criticize our overall lack of honesty about our crimes as well. Don't like all this criticism I'm dishing out? Do my words make you feel bad? Then stop committing so many crimes! Meaning stop creating so many hoaxes. These hoaxes which we profit from are creating wars in which people really die. Yes, yes, I hear the innocent members of the family saying, 'But WE didn't commit any crimes, it's the Power Maniacs among us who are committing those crimes. We as individuals are innocent'." OK, but:

Here's the problem, just like the high percentage of individual law-abiding police officers who DON'T ARREST LAW-BREAKING FELLOW POLICE OFFICERS as much as they should is a crime of silence, so too, the high percentage of individual Ashkenazi family members who DON'T CRITICIZE LAW-BREAKING FELLOW ASHKENAZI FAMILY MEMBERS as much as they should is likewise a crime of silence. I'm speaking up.

I'm not anti-police, I'm not anti-Ashkenazi. I'm against the act of innocent police officers refusing to arrest law-breaking police-officers within the police officer total group. I'm against the act of innocent Ashkenazi refusing to criticize the Semite-Killing Hoax-Creating Ashkenazi within the Ashkenazi total group.

The law-breaking police officers are making all police officers look bad. And the innocent police officers who refuse to arrest fellow officers when needed: well, these innocent police officers are indirectly aiding and abetting the criminal police-officers through their "protect our group" silence.

The Semite-Killing Hoax-Creating Ashkenazis are making all Ashkenazis look bad. And the innocent Ashkenazis who refuse to criticize fellow Ashkenazis when needed: well, these innocent Ashkenazis are indirectly aiding and abetting the criminal Ashkenazis through their "protect our group" silence.

What Simon's post and what my post directly above are saying is: #1 There are many groups in the world, one group had a disproportionately high percentage of their people involved in the slave trade, this is an uncomfortable truth but one which has been covered up, and #2 One of the tactics which has been used to cover up this uncomfortable truth is the "you can't criticize the actions done by a disproportionately high percentage of OUR group, any criticism of actions done by any of OUR people would be: 'anti-semitic'."

Please stop worrying so much about "whether what is being said will 'look bad' to casual readers or not" and focus more strictly on "are the sentences being presented by Dr. Tony Martin and Simon and an Ashkenazi like myself here TRUE or not."

I'm not a 'self-hating' Jew. I'm a Jew who hates and who criticizes the ACTIONS which a disappointingly high percentage of "my family" refuse to criticize. I'm not saying ALL Jews hide the truth about our family's actions. I'm saying a disappointingly small percentage of us criticize our family's actions, actions like: our soldiers killing innocent Semites with our approval, because "our people grabbing this land right here" is (for a surprisingly high percentage of us) more important than the survival of the Palestinian people.

Just in case anyone wants a little visual evidence of this rare Ashkenazi (who is critical of the fact that a disproportionately high percentage of my fellow Ashkenazim refuse to criticize the ultra-selfish, ultra-racist, ultra-murderous, ultra-genocidal acts being committed everyday by 'our people' in Israel and around the world) actually being a Levite:

OK, for those of you that don't know where my family's Original Engineering Racism Psyop started, I'll break it down for you and lay our cards on the table:

My Levite Priest Ancestors evilly claimed (first verbally, and then in writing in the Torah and the Talmud) that God said that Noah was better than all the other humans, and that 10 generations later Jacob was super, and that Jacob's 12 sons are the bestest-humans in the world, actually the only humans in the world, since all you "humans" who are NOT directly descended from those 12 sons are actually not humans at all, you are goyim, which means you are literally mere animals whose only purpose in life is to be slaves for us, the real humans, the direct descendants of Jacob, the Jews. Actually, you are lower than monkeys, lower than pigs. You probably are monkey-pig hybrids.

We, the Jews, remained as pure as possible, check the direct lineage: #1 Adam+Eve, #2 Seth, #3 Enosh, #4 Cainan, #5 Mahalaleel, #6 Jared, #7 Enoch, #8 Methuselah, #9 Lamech, #10 Noah, #11 Shem, #12 Arpachshad, #13 Shelah, #14 Eber, #15 Peleg, #16 Reu, #17 Serug, #18 Nahor, #19 Terah, #20 Abraham, #21 Issac, and #22 Jacob. Pure as possible. All you goyim descend from Shem's brother's Japeth's line, and Shem's brother's Ham's line, which interbred with monkey lines and pig lines too much. But Jacob comes directly from Shem. We are the Shem-ites, the Semites.

And really it's all about Jacob. You are only really an Isra-Elite if your ancestor is one of Jacob's 12 sons (Reuben, Simeon, LEVI, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, [Dinah, a daughter, meh, doesn't count], Gad, Asher, Dan, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin).

But the limitation doesn't stop there. Of the 12 families listed there, the super-duperest most-bestest of all the Jews are those who can trace their lineage to Levi, folks like me. Haha. My ancestor Levi was the grandfather of Moses and Aaron.

Levi was so holy and nice. One day, Levi's sister Dinah was seduced by a prince's son, they fell in love and wanted to marry, the prince's son loved Dinah tenderly and his father Hamor said to Dinah's father Jacob basically "Let's bring our tribes together, we'll give any bridewealth amount you desire, let's dwell together in this land forever as one big happy family" but Levi didn't want his sister to marry a non-Shem-ite, this Prince Hamor was descended from Ham, so Levi decided to perceive and paint the seduction of his sister by a non-Jew as a "defilement and a rape" (which of course is the story which we modern folks have received from Levi's descendents, the Levite priests, in their wonderful oral history later written in our holy books, and remember my Levite ancestors are of course perfectly honest historians who never spin nor distort, trust us, we are God's chosen people's chosen people) and thus against his father's wishes, Levi (and his elder brother Simeon, hey Simon, big bro, that's you, haha) shrewdly fool the non-Jew would-be-loving-husband and would-be-uniting-father and the entire town of would-be-future-family-members into "joining the Jewish clan, through adult-circumcision tomorrow, we agree to the marriage proposal" and then, after the the whole town agreed to being circumcised for this highly desired marriage to happen, Levi and Simeon came through and killed every single man in the village, all of whom were too weak to fight back since their foreskins had just been chopped off.

But hey, don't feel bad for that whole town of losers, they were non-Jews and thus sub-human animals worthy of only slavery or extinction anyway, and one of them tried to decrease our family's Jewish angelic genetic purity through mixed-marriage mixed-baby-making, and those losers were obviously too naive to survive since they agreed to our "adult-circumcision-of-the-whole-town" ploy, plus we wanted to steal this Canaanite land in the first place, so they lose, we win!

And in addition to that town, Jacob's GGGGGGGG-Grandson Joshua eventually massacred 6 out of the 7 Canaanite resident tribes, while ever so kindly allowing the 7th group (the Gibeonites) to become our temple slaves. But again, don't feel bad for all those Canaanites we enslaved and massacred, because they are descended from Ham, while we are descended from Shem. Shemites/Semites are simply the best. If we allow you non-Shemites/non-Semites/Non-Jews to be our slaves, you should be grateful we even let you live.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot, in addition to Levi, Levi's sons (Gershon, Kohath, Merari) were also proud massacre-ists: when Levi's Grandson Moses climbed up Mount Sinai for 40 days to write (oops I mean "to receive") the 10 Commandments, Levi's other Grandson Aaron made a Golden Cow Statue (which broke the ultra-important "no statues" commandment, which is far more important than the lower-ranking "no killing" commandment) so when Moses came back he told Levi's son's "God said to kill all the folks who made cow statues" and Levi's sons thus proudly killed 3,000 people that day. The massacre-ist Levi sure raised his massacre-ist kids and massacre-ist grandsons to follow in his footsteps, eh?

But I shouldn't be too harsh when describing Levi's grandson Moses, because Moses did make some wonderful claims. Moses basically claimed that God said "All descendents of Levi (and all descendents of Aaron, but that's redundant since all Aaron was already a descendent of Levi, but anyway) should never actually work, the purpose of all descendents of Levi is to talk to God, the God which Moses saw when he walked into a cloud of smoke from a burning bush, and (get this, I'll bet you non-Jew non-Levi animals never knew this) God said Levites should make a special sacred oil with many kilograms of the best dried top flowers of Cannabis (Kanneh-Bosm is obviously the etymological root of Cannabis, honest etymologists admit this, but dishonest religious truth-hiders would prefer you to believe that Kanneh-Bosm refers to Calamus, anyway) so we Levis are instructed to anoint ourselves (and ONLY ourselves, no non-Levites are ever allowed to touch the sacred Cannabis Anointing Oil, only Levite Priests and Levite Kings, for example David, Solomon, all Levites descended from Levi) to enable us by absorbing through the skin the ability to commune with God.

And not just that, but Moses further explained that we Levites are to live in sacred tent temples in which everything (everything, the candlestick holders, the walls, absolutely everything) must be drenched in this Cannabis oil, and incense dipped in this oil must be burning inside the tent always (yes, always, 24/7, non-stop) which makes the Levite sacred tent temple permanently filled with this cannabis smoke (in modern-day parlance this is called "Hot-boxing") and that the pillar of smoke must always and forever continue to rise from our tents to the heavens, a thick stream of smoke easily seen from miles away. That's the Levite purpose in life, according to Moses, according to the Levite Priests.

And note: only Levites can touch this Cannabis Oil, the punishment is exile (and thus subsequent probable death) for any HUMANS who touch it. Woah, do you see what my Levite ancestors did there? You already know we Levite priests claim all you non-jews are mere animals who deserve to be slaves of Jews, but you probably didn't know until right now that we Levite priests go further to claim, in that sentence right there, that Levis are ABOVE humans, since only the Levite priests can touch the the sacred cannabis oil, and mere humans cannot. Non-Jews are sub-human, Jews are Humans, and Levis are implying themselves to be ABOVE Humans. Levis are the angelic intermediaries between God and Jews.

That's why, in that same chapter, Moses explains that God told him all the other Jews must pay the Levites daily, to support this very important further communion with God which only Levites can perform. Don't even try talking directly to God yourself, by using the sacred Levite Cannabis Oil. Jesus tried that, he anointed himself with the oil (which is why he is called messiah, which literally means "anointed with oil") and he told folks to "go into your closet, close your eyes, and commune directly with god... for free, without paying the lying pharisee religious businessmen middlemen (the Levite priests), commune directly with the creator by yourself!" (for example in the sermon on the mount) and encouraged folks to go direct (both with the communing and the self-anointing) but my Levite ancestors didn't like this at all, since such ideas threatened to reduce our profitable middle-man-to-God business.

So we had the Romans kill this pesky troublemaker who should have never touched anointed himself with the sacred oil in the first place since, #1: "Jesus" (Yeshu Ben Pantera is his real name, according to the Levite Talmud) was only a half-Jew, as his father was a Roman soldier named Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera, and #2: even though Jesus' mother was Jewish she was NOT a Levite. So, this troublemaker was breaking the "Don't touch the sacred oil unless you are a Levite" rule, plus after he got all high on the oil (we're talking 250 shekels (6 pounds, 3 kilograms) of Cannabis buds folks, not a little 0.5gram puff, we're talking truly hallucinogenic trips here) he was spreading this healing oil on sick folks (which yes, actually does cause miraculous healing in such high-doses) and was encouraging others to go direct to the source like this and stop paying the pharisees for their claims about what God was supposedly saying. So yeah, my Levite ancestors decided that "anoint yourself and commune direct" dude had to go, sorry about that.

But now, thankfully, we move to a new idea, in which I reveal that even though my family name is HaLevi (The Levi) I'm probably not actually descended from those massacre-ist megalomaniac egotistical lying selfish lazy business parasite Levite racist genocidal Torah and Talmud authors. And none of the white Jews (called AshkeNazi, haha, the irony) are actually descended from the actual Jews.

See, as long as one is light colored, one is not Semitic. The actual Jews 3,000 years ago were actual dark Semites. And no, they weren't "kicked out" by the Romans shortly after the Jesus thing. That "Jews kicked out of Israel" lie only started to appear in the late 1800s when white AshkeNazi Zionists started to plan their middle-east land-grab.

It turns out the reason why these Ashkenazi (fake Jews = white Jews = Non-semitic Jews) started calling themselves Jews in the first place is because: in 800AD the Khazarians (a group with a too high percentage of folks specializing in ruthless, shrewd, clever, greedy, conquering, horse-riding, sword-making, empire-expanding, man-killing, woman-raping, and land-grabbing - a special kind of Caucasians with just a very slight amount of Asian DNA mixed in for an extra-tinge of compared to most relatively more hive-mind cold-hearted moral-less selfishness, to picture the looks imagine a southern white Russian but mixed ever-so-slightly with Chinese, so a very particular kind of white with black hair) had a Khazarian Emperor who decided to convert his whole kingdom to Judaism.

He did this because he didn't want to join the Christian team or the Islam team, and so he imported a few actual Jews (the real, Semitic, dark, actual descendents of the real, Semitic, dark, actual authors of the Torah and Talmud) to come teach some Khazarian folks Hebrew and the Jewish customs and all that, and those Khazarians who learned from them became the teachers who taught the teachers who taught all of the Khazarian people how to convert to Judaism.

All these Khazarians chose Jewish family names, for example my father's Khazarian ancestor must have shrewdly chose the most highly ranked name of all the Jewish family names: Levi. Other Khazarians chose the second highest name Kohen. And so on, and so on. Everyone chose a name and "became" Jews. And 400 years later you had a whole country of Khazarians who had convinced themselves that they were, uh, somehow, "descended" from the actual Jews, since, well, after 20 generations of speaking Hebrew and having Jewish names and doing all the rituals, one kind of forgets that it was just a cultural conversion, one starts to imagine that a bunch of Jews must have migrated eastward long long ago.

But no, these Khazarians really didn't have Jewish Semitic DNA, because if they did they wouldn't still be so light colored. Actually, OK, they did receive a TINY injection of actual Jewish Semitic DNA, from the few teachers who were imported in from Israel in 800AD, but that's a tiny amount, proven by the pitifully tiny amounts of Semitic DNA found in AshkeNazi "Jews". This tiny injection of Semitic DNA wasn't enough to darken their skin, but it was enough to give them slightly larger noses with that slight "hook" bend.

So, in 1200AD, when these Khazarians were busy patting themselves on the back for supposedly being "Jews", suddenly even stronger warriors came, Ghenkis Khan and his crew, and thus the Khazarians ran away to North-Western Russia and North-Eastern Europe. By then, their language was a weird mix of Khazarian and Hebrew, which they called Yiddish. And these KHAZArians started calling themselves ASHKenAZi.

From 1200 to 1890 these KhazarianAshkenazis lived in Russia and Europe and continued to believe and follow their "instructions from God, received by their ancestors" which told them to never interbreed with non-Jews, never treat non-Jews as humans, amass money by any means necessary, etc.

They specialized in using lies to buy low and sell high (not producing new things with innovation or sweat, but rather simply using words, lies, to avoid actual work), bribing politicians to get illegal usury made legal, bribing politicians to reduce the amount of principal which banks must keep and thus increase the amount of "other people's money" to profit from further usury/gambling/speculation/market-making/market-crashing, bribing politicians to allow them to be the fiat printers, using literature printing power to fool the non-jew goyim worldwide, controlling military decision makers, media decision makers, political decision makers, sometimes by bribing non-Jews, sometimes by installing hidden Jews, sometimes by installing open Jews.

But remember, all of these "Jews" are basically on average 97% Non-semitic. But wow, their past Khazarian emperor in 800AD really chose the right religion for them to convert to. It was a perfect match. Of all the Semites in Israel, the most selfish killers/enslavers/parasites were the 12 sons of Jacob, and of all the slightly-Asian-whites in southern Russia, the most selfish killers/enslavers/conquerors were the Khazarians. So the Khazarian particular DNA-based behavioral traits really matched the Levite Cultural-based behavior traits which they imported. Those Khazarians really have been living to the fullest the "selfishness is godliness" ideals of the Torah and Talmud, from 800AD to present day.

And as a side note, although they tried their best to not interbreed with non-Jews (for example my Dad's line remained "white with black hair" all the way from Khazaria to my Dad) at the same time some Ashkenazis (probably the most wealthiest of all the Ashkenazis) did pick up a little injection of blonde DNA (probably by interbreeding slightly with Royal whites in Europe, for power alignments) so in the end some Ashkenazis still have black hair, some have brown, some have light brown, some have reddish hair, and a few got lightened up all the way to blond (which is surprising, of course, since blonde babies are supposedly hard to create without both parents being blond, but anyway.)

So then, as mentioned, some of the top Ashkenazi around 1890 decided to start setting up for a future land-grab, and instead of grabbing Georgia Russia (their actual true homeland) they set their sights on grabbing Israel (at the time called Palestine, populated by Palestinians.) The first thing was to start printing false claims that "We Jews were all kicked out of Israel by Rome, that's why we're scattered throughout Europe and Russia!"

Then, side note, they committed the Genicides of Armenians and Russians and Ukranians, but hey that's just massacring 50 million pesky non-Ashkenazis so no big deal right. And then, as folks here know, these Ashkenazis wanted to take attention away from the reality that they are the world's most ruthless genocidal killers, so they set up the grand "we are the world's most victimized victims of genocide" lie in Germany.

So they they attacked Germany financially, turning all German savings to worthless paper to be burned for a night of warmth, and then installing their supposedly-Ashkenazi-hating but actually secretly-Ashkenazi "Nazi leaders". This Germany project (like all their projects) have not just one isolated goal but many concurrent profitable goals for themselves - i.e. the post-Hitler "forever victim" profit of being able to outlaw all future criticism of their actions from here to infinity, since anyone even mentioning Ashkenazi crimes can be labelled as somehow "like Hitler, wanting to kill all the Jews", plus the post-hitler "we need our own country" profit of being able to go grab Palestine and eventually all of the middle-east, since if you tell them to give back that stolen land you can likewise (again) be labelled as somehow "like Hitler, wanting to kill all the Jews", plus the added profit of usury profits due to all the loans needed to finance WWII (and for that matter, ALL the various wars which they have initiated and profited from, from the the time first Jewish bank was established, through the present day.)

And it worked: the Zionists' claims of "we Ashkenazis are Jews who were kicked out of Israel long ago", combined with the financial attack upon Germany which helped lead to (the Zionists' secret inside-man) Hitler being able to take power, combined with the absolutely fake "extermination of 6 million Jews" hoax, resulted in: the public acceptance of the "we Ashkenazi Jews need our own country, so let us 'return to our ancestral home' by allowing us to steal Palestine from the Palestinians" goal, as well as those other goals mentioned above.

Now here comes the most surprising part of this sinister long-term-planned Zionist-land-grab, as proven in Shlomo Sand's book "The Invention of the Jewish People", written after he safely obtained tenure as Emeritus Professor of History at Tel Aviv University: he proved (quite convincingly in my opinion) that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the original Jews who lived in that area 3,000 years ago. Obviously, since we're genetically white. And oh yeah, the 'Jews were kicked out of the area 2,000 years ago' story only appeared in history books quite recently, the old respected history books don't claim such any extraordinary 'kick-out' event ever occured in the first place. How could it. That 'kicked-out' story started when white Zionists decided to start planning a long-term land-grab. So, what happened when Shlomo Sand released his well-sourced well-proven revelation? Israel didn't deny the truth of it, but rather they basically quietly replied, "M'eh, so what, so what if our constitution talked about 'right of return' and we aren't really returning, since we have been RELIGIOUSLY Jewish and CULTURALLY Jewish for 1200 years, it doesn't matter if we aren't really Semitic', they didn't even try to refute his revelation that Ashkenazi are basically non-Semitic genetically, they didn't even try to refute his revelation that no history books document any mass migration of Jews leaving that area in the first place, they simply said, 'Meh, so what, where here now, just like whites took over America, what are you gonna' do, white Europeans aren't gonna' give America back to the simple original inhabitant losers, and we white Jews aren't going to give Israel back to the simple original inhabitant losers the Arabs, so shut up Shlomo Sand, nobody cares about your revelations, we're not even going to bother forging genetic refutations or forging historical refutations in response to your book, we're simply going to label you a 'self hating Jew' and be relatively quiet about you so that your revelation isn't heard or read by many people." - not ONLY does it turn out the Ashkenazis are fake Jews who merely culturally converted to Judaism (they are 97% Non-semitic light-skinned caucasian-asians from the Southern Russia Khazarian Empire who then moved to Russia and Europe and thus were then even further lightened by centuries of living there) but it ALSO turns out the original real Semitic Jews who actually lived in Israel and who actually wrote the Torah and the Talmud were never kicked out of their home at all: the original real Semitic Jews simply over time culturally converted to Islamism!

Descendents of Khazarians (fake Jews, Non-semite caucasians, who merely converted to the Judaism religion and culture in 800AD) now in the 20th and 21st centuries are daily killing Palestinians (real Semites, descended from the real ancient Semites, perhaps even descended from the real ancient Jews, who surprisingly over thousands of years converted to the Islamis religion and culture.) What an absurdly upside-down situation!

So Ashkenazis are not real Jews. We are not descended from the real Jews of 3,000 years ago. I'm a fake Levite. Or, who knows, maybe the whole Khazarian thing is incorrect, maybe I am indeed a real Levite, directly descended from the authors of the Original Engineering Racism holy books the Torah and Talmud, directly descended from Moses, directly descended from Levi, directly descended from Jacob, Issac, Abraham, Shem, Noah, Seth, Adam. But again, it's confusing, because: if we Ashkenazi are descended from dark Semites, why we are we not dark like real Semitic people in that hot melanin-necessary area are? Did we really lighten up that much during our time in Europe and Russia? Or perhaps were the original Jews who wrote the Original Engineering Racism holy books the Torah and Talmud somehow whites way back then? I really don't know if Ashkenazi Jews in general are actually descended from the real original 3,000 year previous Jews or not. And more specifically, I really don't know if an Ashkenazi "Levite" like me is actually descended from the real original "children and grandchildren of Levi" Levite priest authors or not.



But now bringing this story to things which I DO know, I am embarrassed to say, but I have to say, because I am compulsively honest to a fault: my Dad (who I totally stopped speaking with years ago, due to his refusal to honestly admit the wrongness of his actions) willingly PARTICIPATED in that "kill the Palestinians, so we can 'return to our ancestral home'" project. He was an Ashkenazi born-in-Long-Island Princeton Summa Cum Laude who tells me (but I'm not sure if this is the truth) at the end of Princeton due to being discriminated against by WASPs - they didn't let him into their yacht club, boo-hoo - so he decided in the final months before graduating to suddenly quit Princeton without taking the final tests in protest of such discrimination, and thus even though he was a straight A student he crazily suddenly chose to purposefully not graduate from Princetion and suddenly flew to Israel (but I think the "didn't let me into the yacht club story is not the whole story, I suspect he was recruited by Israel agents within Princeton, but anyway, either way) he suddenly flew to Israel and immediately renounced his American citizenship and joined the Israeli army and became a red-beret uzi-toting paratrooper who helped guard the indirectly-arab-genocide-ing-via-water-diverting Suez-channel (and he claims he never killed anyone, but I don't believe that, I suspect he did what Israeli red-beret uzi-toting paratroopers were trained to do especially back then: parachute into Arab villages in the middle of the night, use the uzis to kill the whole village, then the bulldozers come the next day, and thus Israel's border just grew a little more, mission accomplished, but he claims he didn't do that, we claims he simply guarded the Suez-Canal project and didn't never shot or even shot at anyone), then he became the head editor of the Israel Radio propaganda machine, then he became Assistant to Jerusalem's Mayor Teddy Kollek. So he participated in the military, propaganda, and political, aspects. Then he somehow snuck back into America (probably with help from fake documents from the Mossad, I suspect, he refused to elaborate on how he got back into America without his American citizenship) and then get this: his first job back in America (where he was an illegal alien mind you) was at General Dynamics as a human resources recruiter/gatekeeper (a position which he no doubt was placed into with the express mission of helping Mossad spies to infiltrate that American "Defense" (Offense) bomb-creating bomb-selling war-industry corporation, and again, how does one become a General Dynamics recruiter suddenly, being an illegal alien lacking American citizenship who just returned to America from 13 years in Israel, either General Dynamics had a real lax background check back then when hiring staff, or he must have been provided with fake documents to get that job, which as I already theorized was probably a Trojan-horse style "get even more Mossad spies hired into General Dynamics" role), then he continued to live quietly in America as an illegal alien for the next 17 years doing various non-military-related executive recruiting jobs (Oil headhunting, Investment Banking headhunting, Venture Capital headhunting, etc.) until he finally hired a lawyer and successfully petitioned to get his long-ago-renounced American citizenship back again, and oh yeah, when he finally got his citizenship back THEN that is when he revealed to 15 year old me: "Hey Son, I finally got my American citizenship back, yeah I was living illegally in America all these years, that's why I never took any international vacations your whole life, see, because if I left America even for a weekend I would have trouble getting back in, I never explained this to you since I didn't want to burden you with this secret which as a kid you probably wouldn't have been able to keep quiet about, but anyway I recently hired a lawyer and got my citizenship back, so now I can travel I've decided to do what I've wanted to do for years: move to Japan, so do you want to move with me to Japan next week?" And that's how, at age 15, I moved to Japan. But back to the focus on my former red-beret Israeli trooper Dad:

Since he refused to honestly admit to me that he must have killed arabs as a red-beret Israeli paratrooper, since he refused to honestly admit he must have been a Mossad operative helping Mossad spies be hired by General Dynamics (how else could he have gotten that job in the first place, as an illegal alien, without advanced fake document help), since he refused to admit that all those Non-semitic Ashkenazi "Jews" such as himself had no right stealing land which their Khazarian ancestors never ever actually even lived in, I totally stopped talking to him (which yes, of course, I realize it is a big deal to "disown" one's own father, but I just couldn't continue to honestly smile and talk with such a dishonest person.)

The real last straw was when I discovered the "Ashkenazis are not Semitic" reality. I told my Dad about the Shlomo Sand book and gave him a copy of it, thinking that this revelation would blow my Dad's mind and cause him to realize he made the wrong choice when he moved to Israel, he should have been shocked, he should have said, "Wow, this is right, we're white, not Semitic, all of us white Jews (Ashkenazim) were fooled into 'returning to' and 'taking back through murderous force' and 'holding on to through any means necessary' land which it turns out our ancestors never lived in. We should have invaded Georgia Russia if we really wanted 'to return to our ancestral home", wow son thanks for sharing this with me, I'm ashamed that I was fooled, and I'm sorry that I never investigated or even thought about this truth, if I had known I would have never joined the Israeli army, I would have never even flown to Israel in the first place, and if I had known we white Jews weren't actually Semitic I definitely would have told you son." That's what I was expecting/hoping to hear, something like that. At the very least he should have been surprised. But I was shocked when he casually replied, "Yeah, I know, I've read this book and enjoyed it, and actually I knew this fact long before this book ever came out, yes we Ashkenazim in Israel knew we were obviously Non-semitic, we Ashkenazim in Israel were quite racially discriminatory against the Semitic Jews living in Israel (the real Jews there who look like Arabs), we treated those dark Semitic Jews quite badly, not as badly as we treated the Arabs of course, but we made life quite rough for the dark semitic Jews there, and yes, probably because their very existence embarrassed us white Ashkenazim, those of us in the know knew quite well that all us Ashkenazim were descended from Caucasian converts-to-Judaism, since obviously we were and are Caucasian Ashkenazim, I'm not sure if we originally came from Khazaria or not but that particular location theory seems the most likely, but no son I don't feel bad about anything we Ashkenazi Jews did during the creation and maintenance of Israel which I participated in, we did what we had to do because: we needed a home, who cares about whether we had ancestors in that area or not, when it comes to survival truth doesn't matter so much, everyone needs a country and we were proudly working together to create our own country. I did feel that we went a little too far, which is why I eventually came back to America, but if you are asking me if I feel bad about helping Israel the answer is no and I won't be guilt-tripped by you or anyone else. Thanks anyway for the book, I appreciate the thought."

Great, so not only did my father continue to participate in this genocidal land-grab of Semitic lands by non-semites pretending to be 'returning home', even when he realized over there that he was non-semitic, that realization STILL didn't change his mind about the moraility of his actions. And by the way, the whole reason he renounced his American citizenship and became an Israeli red-beret paratrooper in the first place was: because some White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants at Princeton didn't let him join their yacht club due to his family name. Oh boo-hoo, what a "victim". So being barred from some silly yacht club at Princeton justifies going and killing a bunch of totally innocent folks elsewhere and stealing their land to create "our own country" to avoid such "racial discrimination".

Why didn't these Ashkenazi "victims" after the defeat of Hitler campaign for their "new, own, country" to be taken from the German "perpetrators". That would make more sense, since your group is claiming, "Germany killed 6 million of us" and the allied forces has taken over Germany, Team Ashkenazi should have said, "OK, League of Nations, we need a home, Germany was really bad to us, so draw a line through Germany and give us half, as repreations, that's our new own country." Or, if not that, then later, when Team Ashkenazi invaders/occupiers over there in Israel realzed they looked nothing at all like the real dark Semitic folks there, when "those in the know" realized all Team Ashkenazi members were merely descended from cultural converts, why didn't they say, "This is immoral, we shouldn't be doing to the Semites what Hitler (supposedly) did to us. Let's instead pool our resources together and purchase a large plot of land from our true ancestral home of Khazaria, currently called Georgia Russia. Let's return home the right way, the moral way." Well, the answer is clear from my Dad's answer on the issue: who cares about the truth, lies and force are perfectly effective means to obtain goals, we got Israel and we're never giving it up. End of story.

Thus my Dad's behavioral traits (partially from Khazarian DNA, partially from Jewish culture) really were disappointing and seem to me to epitimize the lack of moral code from Ashkenazis in general. He refused to ever admit ant wrongness at all about any of his past actions (voluntarily joining the military for starters, and all his Israel-helping actions after that), he refused to admit wrongness about Ashkenazi actions in general (financially attacking Germany in the first place, stubbornly refusing to leave the host country when requested, using media-control to hoax 6 million deaths to justify a murderous unjustified land-grab elsewhere), he refused to give me full disclosure as a child, or even as a young adult, about the fact that we are not actually Semites and that we are not actually Levites (and when I learned elsewhere about this shocking fact, that we are not who we claim we are, that Israel's whole "right of return" sentence in their constitution is entirely a sham, he nonchalantly replied as described above, basically, "Yeah, I know, so what, we needed a country, this 'returning to our ancestral home' lie worked, who cares about the truth, getting what you want is the most important thing in life.") My Dad's immoral "who cares about the truth" philosophy can be seen in the "6,000,000 were gassed" lie, and the "we didn't kill 50,000,000 in Russia/Ukraine/Armenia" lie, and the "You non-Jew whites should forever feel bad about slavery" lie, which by the way, it turns out that only a tiny percent of whites in America owned, between 1% to 3% max, and MOST of those slave owners (not just a disproportionately large percentage, which would be bad enough, but literally 70% of the slave owners in America) were wealthy Ashkenazi Jews. And, it turns out, as Dr. Tony Martin explains quite eloquently, the whole slave trade from capturing to transporting to selling was also done by wealthy Ashkenazi Jews. 'My people'. So all you non-Jew whites don't have to feel bad about slavery anymore. Your ancestors weren't involved. My Ashkenazi (white Jew) ancestors were the ones who did that. And then we used our control of the media (control which started ever since [and even predating] the Gutenberg press) to control the narrative and to paint non-Jews as the slave-masters. Here's a little bonus fact: the slavic people were used as slaves so much in ancient times that that's where the word slaves comes from: slavs. Anyway, back to the point, it's time to come to my conclusion on this topic:

I think my father's Ashkenazi genes (whether Khazarians who took the name Levi, or whether actually descended from the real Levi) are relatively specialized in (having behavioral tendencies toward) being very clever, dishonest and selfish. Thank goodness my mother is non-Ashkenazi. I think my mother's non-Ashkenzi Celtic Redhead genes are relatively specialized in (having behavioral tendencies toward) being very simple-minded, honest and altruistic.

Now my opinion about my genes, and about genes in general, of course, is an example of Racism, since it implies our inherited genetics can increase the chances of displaying relatively specialized behavioral tendencies. I know, folks only like to admit about genes containing physical attribute tendencies, like color or height, and never behavioral tendencies, and that we should only mention positive attributes which became bred over thousands of generations into our ancestors, and we never like to admit any negative aspects of one's ancestors, so sorry about the Racism. The point of my comparing my Dad's genes and my Mom's genes and giving my opinion about what genes I inherited from them, is simply to say: I'm grateful I'm a hybrid with a balance of intelligence and altruism.

And of course, no matter what genes we inherit, and no matter what cultural environment we happen to be born into, it is up to us to use our WILL (the third factor which determines our behavior) because, even more important than the genetic factor and the cultural factor, in my opinion the most important deciding factor which determines who we are (our daily behavioral action manifestation vibration of who we are, which looking back at the end of this body's journey we will see as our total lifetime behavioral action manifestation vibration of what we were in this life) is our WILL.

So regardless of Racial genetic differences and Cultural differences, and regardless of the Engineering Racism Psyops (which the wealthiest 0.01% trying to get us poorest 99.99% to divide and fight each other so that we don't ever take back the wealth they have stolen and which they are using to keep us as slaves), we can still WILL to be as good as we can.

I will to be a better me everyday, I will to be a better role model for my children, and thus regardless of genetic differences and cultural differences and divisional propaganda, this WILL to improve my self (one's self) is the most important moment to moment practice. For myself, and for my Ashkenazi-Russian-Estonian-Italian-Celtic-Basque-Japanese kids: the next generation, who are no longer under the control of the Engineered Racist edicts in the books which my Levite ancestors wrote. My kids know very well that all humans are equal and we are all brothers and sisters. And nobody gets a free pass. If they see ANY of their races being disproportionately represented in the areas of war-initiating or hoax creating, I hope they as adults speak honestly about any such problem, to help solve the problem. I have taught them to go against the Japanese proverb which says, "If something stinks just keep the lid on it. My kids know that if there is a problem, one should and must bring that problem out into the light. Even though it's a tough discussion, to say, "A bunch of my cousins are doing bad things." The point is, by shaming the cousins doing bad things, hopefully they will realize they don't get a free pass just because they happen to be in our family. And hopefully all our family members who silently refused to call out the cousins doing bad things will also feel ashamed for letting the problem ferment for so long. Open the lid, let the light in, make the whole family realize honesty is the best policy. Even if some feelings get hurt. We're trying to prevent wars here. We're trying to create peace here. :)


PS - In this post, I simply spoke truth to power: I criticized my family members who forbade me to criticize them, and I criticized my "innocent" family members who refused to criticize guilty family members. My heart understands and my words make it clear that I am speaking about decreasing my family's crime rate so that it matches the rest of humanity. Any attempts to tear down strawman absolutes which I neither write nor imply (nor think, nor feel) should be summarily sent to Derailing. There's really nothing in this post to argue about, so please don't bother trying. I won't even reply if you do. I'm going on vacation now, for real. B)
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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by Mansur » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:41 am

thisisunreal » November 7th, 2018, 9:48 pm wrote:Is racism, not simply an extension of empire or the leftovers of empire? By 'empire', I mean the legal ownership of countries (not the much more serious current non legal, non disclosed ownership of countries by a network of corporations, business interests, banks, funds and dynastic families).

Is it not simply an extension of the strange playing out of history of those that have versus those that have not? ......
I think the very conception of that ownership has changed considerably during the centuries. And just that, extremely corrupted, conception is now one of the main pillar modern "culture" is based on, sometimes seems to be the only one... As you seem to say the same I think - but maybe with taking the conception, our conception of ownership, for granted, our relation to things which hardly differs from that of the robbers and is anything but legal.

In conspiracy language it is carried to the absurd. How does one or a group own a country? Or a kingdom?

Possession of things – and the control over them (power) are two distinct relations.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by thisisunreal » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:56 am

My earlier reply to this thread was premature. I have now watched the whole video and was astonished to see that it is yet another textbook case of a top academic and historian shut down. This is exactly what has / had happened to James Baque, Professor Norman Finklestein and David Irving. It does not matter if the aforementioned were right or wrong. It is (in my humble opinion) totally unacceptable to shut people down one by one and remove their voice.

If you are systematically removing peoples voice then there is indeed a) something to hide and b) the ability to perform this gag order shows the inordinate power that exists within academia and wider circles. It also calls into question all the information we receive and whether or not we can make any sensible, informed, rational choices based on that information.

Whilst Tony Martin does not discuss the holocaust you can certainly see how any sensible discussion of the issue has been entirely outlawed and driven underground. Tony Martin's treatment is another clear example that helps to establish a strong trend. This brings the debate (for me) alive again as you have enough top individuals of stature who have been gagged and discredited. There is without question meaty material entirely hidden by legal means, societal means, and obscured by our own fear of mentioning the elephant in the room. The greatest barrier to truth is our own societies willingness en mass to play along with this coerced hush on certain topics.

This cements by feeling that a reading list would help fast track people to get to the bottom of the issue (or indeed any issue on the forum). Censorship and media shaping our mental pathways can be neatly understood by watching or reading just three characters 1.) Tony Martin 2. ) Prof. Norman Finklestein and 3.) David Irving. It seems all three individuals have lived out parallel lives in terms of the hardship they had to endure by vocalising their research.
simonshack » November 14th, 2018, 10:28 pm wrote:Dear Patrik,

You justly linked to a speech by Tony Martin, a very little-known academic whose opinions - in my honest opinion - deserve to be heard, worldwide.

According to Wikipedia, "Tony Martin died unexpectedly on January 17, 2013, aged 70".

Please spend 1 hour (as I just did) listening to what Professor Tony Martin had to say - the wealth of details in his historical account of the particular "dynamics" behind the horrific slave trade (and more) is simply stunning - and something that we all need to be reminded of. Also, Tony Martin comes through as a totally honest person - and with a fantastically subtle and humorous talker talent :

full link:

Tony Martin's lucid speech is certainly relevant to this "Engineering Racism" thread - as viewed under a historical perspective.
Martin Luther King pales in comparison to this gentleman.

At 17:05 in this video, Tony Martin makes a quite priceless statement:

"I think that if one had to isolate a single tactic, it was a tactic of telling lies - they've elevated 'telling lies' to a very high, artistic form".

At 44:06 in this video, Tony Martin makes another priceless statement :

"Another tactic is, of course, their use of the major media. They become very agitated when one speaks of their control of the media - that's one of the most anti-semitic things that it is possible for anybody to say..."

You should not be surprised for never having heard of Tony Martin. -_-

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by Mansur » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:31 am

thisisunreal » November 19th, 2018, 5:56 am wrote:
simonshack » November 14th, 2018, 10:28 pm wrote:Also, Tony Martin comes through as a totally honest person - and with a fantastically subtle and humorous talker talent...
This other lecture by him (linked below) seems to be much more informative (since in the first speech linked by Simon he was dealing almost exclusively with tactics he experienced on the part of Jewish persons/organizations against him.) It contains more of his reasons why and how “Jewish involvement in slave-trade” was dominant. It is prefaced, in a small clip, by Michael A. Hoffmann.

To decide, however, whether it adapts itself organically to a broader view of history or not, is I think wholly up to the listener.

(The same lecture with the original intro by D. Irwing. )

In another lecture he is speaking very-very lengthily about the concentrated and well-organized assault „all the four major Jewish organizations” have made against his person via the greatest newspapers as well as the minutest ones throughout the US and even abroad... Perhaps he was not a „hoax-minded” person, meaning not being aware of the possibility of being used.

Before canonization there is something to do with the advocatus diaboli.

Here is another lecture taken decades earlier. His sentences are almost the same. In the video in Simon’s post maybe he is surrounded by a homely atmosphere… ... pic=7914.0

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by thisisunreal » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:17 pm

Dear Mansur, allow me to respond to a couple of your quotes with my humble opinion, if i may, which I found very interesting.
Perhaps he was not a "hoax-minded” person, meaning not being aware of the possibility of being used.
Tony Martin seems completely unaware of the wider possibilities of censorship. I doubt he would have walked into the fire and suffered almost a decade of defamation had he been aware this could have happened before he started teaching about the Jewish involvement in the slave trade to his history class of 30 students. In addition, at no point is there any hint of conspiratorial discussion on his part. He never makes the connection to the broader picture, although interesting that he does share a platform with David Irving. Perhaps the mental link was formed later or maybe never. Or perhaps the link was formed initially yet like many of us, perhaps he never dared articulate it because of the emotional horror of climbing over that particular wall of tears and the societal rejection. I don't know what he was thinking or thought or thinks on the wider picture. Sometimes things can be known on a very deep subconscious level but take decades to reveal themselves.
To decide, however, whether it adapts itself organically to a broader view of history or not, is I think wholly up to the listener.
It does. You can see that if the owners of the media do not wish their name to be mentioned in connection to the slave trade then they will be totally unwilling to have it connected to other enormous historic affairs in which so much of their current identity rests. I say this with confidence as there are now enough academics who have tackled different areas of Jewish involvement (not exclusively the holocaust) who have been shut down, rubbished, disowned, barred from universities etc.

1.) David Irving (the revisionist denier of the holocaust)
2.) Professor Norman Finklestein (Jewish writer of 'The Holocaust industry') an incendiary book that bemoans the holocaust being used for an ongoing shakedown of Swiss banks. Additionally, the holocaust wall of tears deters anybody from calling out the outrageous behaviour of Israel towards Palestine.
3.) Tony Martin in linking the Jews to the Slave Trade
4.) James Bacque who wrote, 'Other Losses' in which he brings light to a potential holocaust which happened directly after the second world war at the hands of the Allies and affected German troops.

It is worth mentioning that each of these individuals were at the very top of their game before they strayed into alternative undesired narratives. Prof. Norman Finklestein is perhaps the worlds leading authority on the Israel Palestine conflict. He is unemployed for 10 years now and will never be allowed entry into another US university because of his book and views.

None of these narratives will ever be mainstream as they all place an unwelcome spin or revision or narrative on that which has already been decided.

I feel therefore that the video Simon linked and the tactics revealed within are totally applicable to other areas of the media.

In essence. What you receive in the media and history (especially or indirectly pertaining to Jews) is entirely a positive fiction. That's not really that incendiary when you think about the wholly agreed notion of history books or school textbooks being written by the victor with their obvious positive connotations.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by pov603 » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:00 pm

Wow! That's an interesting "bio" Observer!
Also, thanks to thisisunreal for the links to Dr Tony Martin talk/speech, very informative [though I have not looked into the whole episode from other sources].
The revelations are partly enlightening and frightening both at the same time!

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by fbenario » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:51 am

pov603 » November 19th, 2018, 12:00 pm wrote:Wow! That's an interesting "bio" Observer!
I second that. Thank you, Observer, that is the best analysis and summary of the Khazar Ashkenazi connection I've ever read.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by Mansur » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:24 am

thisisunreal » November 19th, 2018, 4:17 pm wrote:Dear Mansur, allow me to respond to a couple of your quotes with my humble opinion, if i may, which I found very interesting.
Perhaps he was not a "hoax-minded” person, meaning not being aware of the possibility of being used.
Tony Martin seems completely unaware of the wider possibilities of censorship... etc.
Sorry, thisisunreal, but you don’t seem to have found the thought of “being used” interesting at all.

Let me say (or remind you) that all their (the above four’s and of course all the others’) persecution stories are there purely to believe in.

I would say that some private experience (or firsthand knowledge) could form even barriers in these matters, the imagination becoming more sensitive and more responsive to suggestions than "normally"...

Anyway. But let me ask: What could you think more effectively enhance the "spiritual/religious" character of the holocaust than -- a Finkelstein, his holy war against bankers, in the name of the sacred issue, the unification of the new age Jewry? (Both Irving and Finkelstein can be said "with confidence" being mainstream.)

In these levels there is only one kind of opposition i.e. controlled. Imho.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:06 pm

As a Levite, I am a supposed direct descendent of the authors of that particular Original Engineering Racism Psyop called Judaism.
Dear observer,

Thank you for your candid observations. I’ll add a few of my own if you don’t mind.

I’m an Iranian born American raised Armenian-Assyrian. Looks-wise I’ve been mistaken for being Italian, Greek, French, Latino and whatnot.

When I say I’m Armenian, I get:

“Oh, like Keeping Up With the Kardashians?”

When I say I’m Iranian, I get:

“Oh, like the Shahs of Sunset?”

My answer to both those questions is always an emphatic, “HELL f-ing NO!”
Then, side note, they committed the Genicides of Armenians and Russians and Ukranians, but hey that's just massacring 50 million pesky non-Ashkenazis so no big deal right…
Far too many Armenians the world over still harbor resentment against the Turkish government (and Turks in general) for denying the Armenian Genocide of 1915. I’m not one of them.

1) I’m not one for holding grudges against anyone for the “sins of their fathers.”

2) The 1915 Genocide was carried out against not only Armenians but against Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds and others as well. So why should the Armenians have a monopoly on being the only victims of the 1915 Genocide?

3) Along those lines, why should Jews have a monopoly on being the only victims of Genocide in general?

4) A significant number of the leaders of Turkey’s Young Turk movement which carried out the 1915 Genocide (similar to Bolsheviks and Nazis) were “learned elders”.

On the similarities between Armenians and Jews
Similar to Jews, Armenians (generally speaking) take care of their own.

If Jews are the kings of credit, then Armenians are the kings of credit fraud. Anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time in Los Angeles (Glendale in particular) knows how Armenians (predominantly from Armenia) are notorious for identity theft, welfare scams, money laundering and all sorts of other financial schemes. Guys that ride around town in $150K luxury cars yet use EBT cards to pay for their groceries. To this day, if I walk into a store and see an Armenian behind the register I pay in cash only for fear of falling victim to a credit/debit card scam.

Similar to Jews, Armenians have a “chosen people” complex. Seeing as Armenia was the first country in the world to officially convert to Christianity, many (not all) Armenians consider themselves to be the “original” Christians. As if that somehow makes them better than any other Christians.

Similar to Jews, Armenians have a powerful lobby in Washington D.C. and organizations that monitor “hate speech.”

On the Assyrian Diaspora
Similar to Jews and Armenians, Assyrians also have a “chosen people” complex. I’ve attended a few Assyrian conventions and have been privy to all kinds of boasting about how we supposedly founded human civilization. My response is always, “If we’re so great, then why don’t we have a country to speak of?”

Unlike Jews and Armenians, Assyrians don’t take care of their own. They’re strife with petty infighting, always relishing in tearing one another down; which pretty much answers my rhetorical question.

On the differences between Armenian-Iranians (Parskahyes) and Armenians from Armenia (Hayastancis)
Although we never admit it to outsiders and rarely to each other, Parskahyes and Hayastancis do not get along. They look down at us for not being “pure” Armenians and we look down at them for being “ghetto”. Our surnames end in “ian” and theirs in “yan”. Over the years many of them have changed to “ian” for whatever reasons. But they ain't a shuckin' me. A Parskahye can spot a Hayastanci by their dialect if nothing else. Similar differences exist among Assyrian-Iranians and Assyrians-Iraqis.

On the differences between Iranian Jews (Mizrahi) and Western Jews (Ashkenazi)
Los Angeles, California is home to the largest community of Iranians outside of Iran (AKA Tehrangeles). Growing up in LA I witnessed firsthand the standoffish-ness among Iranian and American Jews. Initially, Iranian Jews (who emigrated after the ’79 revolution) were kind of ostracized by American Jews. Not ones to sit back in defeat, Iranian Jews built their own schools, synagogues and lavish homes in response. For lack of a better term, Iranian Jews “out Jewed” American Jews. Nowadays they get along a little better than they used to.

Suffice to say, I never got along too well with my Armenian and Assyrian brethren. In my High School years I gravitated towards/was attracted to my Iranian classmates (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) among others. We all hung out together (like our forefathers did in the old country) and were collectively known as the “Persian Mafia” of Clueless fame.

[Note: All Persians are Iranians but All Iranians are not Persians. Persians are the ethnic majority in Iran.]

Speaking of Clueless:

On the “Why do they hate us?” question
Ever since the “Iran Hostage Crisis”, Americans have been trying to find answers to this question. Countless academic theorists and DC think tanks have written voluminous books on this topic to no avail.

I strongly disagree with the premise of this question. A better question would be, “Why would you assume that they hate you?”

Many scholars have noted the irony that, in the Middle East, Iran concurrently has the most anti-American government with most pro-American population. They just can’t seem to figure it out.

Allow me to put an end to this question once and for all.

1) Nobody in the world despises Iran’s current regime (1979-present) more than Iranians (in and out of Iran) themselves.

2) Seeing as Iranians know that their government doesn’t speak for them, they realize that the governments of other nations (Western in particular) don’t necessarily represent the sentiments of their citizenry so they don’t hold that against them.
The following articles may help you, the reader, understand why Iranians have a deep affinity for Americans in particular.
Iran and America: A forgotten friendship ... riendship/
Samuel Jordan, the American missionary whose name graces Tehran’s most glamorous street ... us-tehran/

In closing, I think it’s important to provide clarification on the “1953 Iranian coup d'état” that most people (Iranians included) cite as the major turning point in US/Iran relations. The official narrative is that the CIA/MI6 supposedly undermined Iran’s “democracy” by overthrowing its Prime Minister and installing the “ruthless” Shah.

1) Contrary to popular belief, Mohammad Mosaddegh was not the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran.

2) Mohammad Mosaddegh was appointed Prime Minister by Iran’s Parliament.

3) He was the Iranian equivalent of Bernie Sanders; a left-wing populist windbag who claimed that if Iran’s oil were to be nationalized all of Iran’s problems would magically be solved.

4) The CIA/Media deliberately publicized “Operation Ajax” in order to undermine the Shah’s power/legitimacy thereby keeping him in line.

The old official narratives of the 1979 Iranian Revolution are slowly but surely crumbling thanks in part to second generation historians revisiting different aspects of it.
Andrew Scott Cooper - The US, Iran and the Fall of the Shah

The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran ... 0805098976


Dear Mansur,

May I ask how/why you chose your CF screen name? I only ask because Mansur is a popular Persian name.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:04 pm

Disclaimer: I’m neither a “Royalist” nor an advocate for the “Crown Prince.” Iran is a part of my past. Whatever the future holds for it is of no consequence to me personally.

I posted this documentary here a few years back but didn’t provide commentary that would perhaps provide deeper layers of meaning - historical perspective. Two things prompted me to repost this video:

1) The video now has over a million hits (as opposed to a thousand or so when I originally posted it.).

2) Two (of the 2,303) comments that happened to catch my eye.

BBC British Brainwashing Corporation.

Szilárd Kővári
I'm happy to have seen this docmentary, but will decidedly ignore BBC's account and perspective of what happened - I'm no scholar of Iran's history, but I'm pretty damn aware of how viciously distant their reports can be from reality when it comes to my country - Hungary - where, being an ordinary citizen with eyes kept wide open, I can see the difference. Reading through as many comments as possible perhaps gets me closer to getting a realistic picture.

shah of iran amazing party , decadence and the downfall bbc must watch

full link:

To put oneself in someone's shoes

Imagine yourself being crowned King of Iran at the ripe old age of 21. Your father (who decided to take a neutral stance on WWII) has just been forced to abdicate the throne by the “Allies” (the UK and the Soviet Union) for allegedly being a “Nazi sympathizer.”

1) Iran is host to the oldest community of the Jewish Diaspora and, unlike many European nations, has never exiled them.
2) During WWII when most countries (the US included) refused to take in European Jewish émigrés Iran opened its doors to them.
3) After WWII when the state of Israel was founded Iran, unlike most Middle Eastern nations, established diplomatic ties with Israel.
4) To this day, Iran is still host to the largest community of Jews in the Middle East (outside of Israel).

On the international front

1) Seeing as your country is, by far, the most powerful/influential country in the Middle East you’re tasked with trying to peacefully maintain a balance of power among your neighbors.
2) You have to figure out how to deal with the Cold War. The US and USSR are both actively playing “good cop/bad cop” and forcing you to pick a side.
3) You’re tasked with modernizing the infrastructure of your country.
4) A consortium of multi-national energy corporations are doing everything in their power to control your nation’s oil reserves (especially after the “Nixon Shock” and the establishment of the “petrodollar”).

On the domestic front

1) You have to deal with keeping the peace among 30 ethnicities within your Kingdom.
2) You have to deal with the Ulama (religious ruling class) and the Bazari (merchant ruling class).
3) You’re tasked with increasing the literacy rate and decreasing the poverty rate of your citizenry.

Although, during his reign, the literacy rate among Iranians rose dramatically anything short of 100% was unacceptable so nothing was ever good enough. Despite the poverty rate dropping significantly, again, nothing he did was ever good enough. How could any country completely eliminate poverty? If you redistribute the wealth of your country equally among all the people (assuming that’s even possible), then within a year:

The drinker will drink his money away, the womanizer will also squander his money, the miser will save all of his money and the investor will either make or lose money by year’s end. So what are you supposed to do then, redistribute the wealth all over again? How could any leader possibly eliminate poverty within his country?

He (and his father) pleaded with Iran’s uber-wealthy families to invest a portion of their wealth (as opposed to hoarding it in Swiss banks) in their own country to no avail. They refused to invest in building manufacturing plants in Iran that would provide profit sharing incentives for their employees.

Seeing as they refused, he invited international corporations to set up shop in Iran to help modernize its infrastructure. The unemployment rate was so low that over a million international workers (blue and white collar) went to Iran for employment.

When he took a portion of lands away from the rich to give to the poor he made enemies with the Bazari, Ulama and others. What a horrible “dictator.”

When he passed laws to emancipate women he was accused of “Westoxification.”

He provided grants and stipends to promising Iranian students to study abroad with the understanding that they would come back to Iran and work (and get paid) for a few years as repayment. No crippling student loans. What a jerk.

When the western university indoctrinated students returned, they started pushing for radical “democratic reforms.” The more he liberalized the country the more he was criticized by conservatives.

Concurrently, The US, UK, USSR and Israel via the infamous SAVAK (Iran’s secret service) were committing all sorts of shenanigans to destabilize Iran. And the Shah of course took all the heat for that.

Funny thing is, after the “glorious” revolution a few SAVAK front men were publically killed to satiate the masses and the rest remained employed with SAVAMA (Iran’s new secret service).

Historians now revisiting the Shah’s government admit that the number of people purportedly killed for treason was highly inflated at the time. That in fact more people were killed within a month of Khomeini’s Godforsaken revolution.

The 2500 year anniversary party

1) The festivities didn’t cost anywhere near the $700-800 million dollars that was estimated.
2) Except for two state dinners everything else was funded by private donations.
3) Private donations also funded the construction of 2,500 new schools in rural areas in commemoration.
4) The actual 2,500 year anniversary was supposed to take place in 1961 but was postponed by the Shah for 10 years.
5) Before the party the international Mainstream Media promoted the party very favorably only to turn around and criticize the Shah for hosting a “decadent” party and ignoring the poverty and illiteracy of his poor “backward” populace.

There’s so much more to the story. So much more. Yes he made mistakes and his government (like all governments past & present) was corrupt. But if you think, under those circumstances, you could have done any better you’re only fooling yourself. It’s easy to sit back and criticize others. It’s wiser to learn from past mistakes and avoid repeating them.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:48 pm

shah of iran amazing party , decadence and the downfall bbc must watch


Voiceover: “…I was scared that this big chandelier may fall on somebody’s head…”

Visual: Chandeliers from the Golestan Palace in Tehran, not the makeshift dining tent in Persepolis.

That’s just one of a plethora of tricks this BBC hit piece employs in creating the illusion of an out-of-touch decadent Shah.



Esmaeil Khataie – A lover of fine arts and (Marxist) books. The statue on his bookshelf paints a different picture of what he thinks about books.

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by Mansur » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:41 pm

ICfreely » January 19th, 2019, 12:06 am wrote: P.S.

Dear Mansur,

May I ask how/why you chose your CF screen name? I only ask because Mansur is a popular Persian name.
[No, dear ICfreely, I have nothing oriental in my blood (my username was a result of a trivial and rather random, and quick, choice; maybe some reminiscence was playing into of having been read quite a few oriental fairy tales years ago), what I know about the Middle-East is next to nothing, -- but I read with interest all you write.]

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:30 pm

[No, dear ICfreely, I have nothing oriental in my blood (my username was a result of a trivial and rather random, and quick, choice; maybe some reminiscence was playing into of having been read quite a few oriental fairy tales years ago), what I know about the Middle-East is next to nothing, -- but I read with interest all you write.]

Thanks, Mansur, I appreciate that. I Was just wondering if my writings on Iran have been read by any of my fellow Iranians out there. Meh, maybe someday…

Anyhow, perhaps a little comedic relief is in order. I love this slightly dated, yet still relevant, parody of the current state of race relations in America.

Chappelle's Show - The Racial Draft - Uncensored

full link:

1:42 “So long fried rice, hello fried chicken.” :lol:

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:58 am

Research and Studies Center of Iranian Jews

Editor’s Note: Introduction

Humankind never lived without faith, the world’s never been without science, and God is the Truth that encompasses the universe and contains within the earth and time. Everything that is flows from His being, and every sign, colossal or trivial, originates in His exalted truth. Everything that is manifests His being, every melody is a song to His name, and every science is a language to teach humankind how to speak to that unique Truth.

Feelings and emotions, contrasting thoughts, and honest efforts, these have been fervently aligned toward a single goal, that is, to approach ever closer that heavenly essence. And that cannot be without a solid faith and purity of intent, or in other words, without a Divine culture.

Judaism has survived the enormous tempest of history and its dramatic events only by holding onto the power of faith, even as for more than 3000 years, Jews lived among nations that once feared as the political and militaristic superpowers of their times. Throughout, Judaism, itself without weapons, shields or troops, without a castle, fortress or military camp, lived next to nations whose clash of weapons and grandeur of wars swept across the world of antiquity. History was witness to Jews being scattered, taken to captivity by the Babylonians, and survive. Jews lived through the culturally pressing Hellenistic rule; they resisted the oppressive cruelties of Roman tyrants; they continued to grow despite the bigotry and prejudice surrounding them; and at the end, they dragged themselves to bright light out of the dark dungeons of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Unceasing bestial blows from the east and the west landed on the body of Judaism like the breathtaking pain of cracking whips, as if anti-Semitism was a culture by itself. Why, Judaism survived even the horrific crimes of the Nazis with their practice of slavery, their concentration camps, and their human-burning furnaces at the Auschwitz and elsewhere, the Holocaust at large, the fascists’ insulting acts, and the grim thoughts of regressive forces from other religions and groups whose rise and fall history attests to.

So much unfounded bias against Jews, so many acts of prejudice by men of politics and extremists directed at them, even the problem of “assimilation” with its extreme threat of dissolving Jews among nations, these could not the least tarnish the Jewish culture and its mission; nay, through the ups and downs of the road, Judaism managed to impress them with its rich and authentic culture, more composed than ever before, like hardened steel, and more than itself was influenced by the cultural dominance of major civilizations.

By now, those corrupt civilizations have collapsed and disappeared, their customs and traditions, languages and writings, have become obsolete, even their names have been wiped off of the leaves of history. Today, they might be of interest merely to historical and cultural research, remembered for their surviving artifacts, for their few worn and torn ancient scrolls, for their chipped engravings and mended tablets, for their collectible antiques exhibited inside showcases at the museums around the world.

Judaism today walks through its most sensitive period yet, aware that it has no more room for neglect or oblivion. Life has already taught us some necessary experience often at a heavy cost, as the long period of wandering through the Diaspora is coming to an end. Judaism cannot afford anymore to receive the whips and scorns of time, as it ought to fulfill its duty and bring this ancestral mission passed down to us through generations to its rightful destination.

The 7Dorim website is our sincere attempt at bringing together many scattered paths into a vast and more dynamic cultural stream that could enhance and spread our individual and collective thoughts, and reach even the farthest corners of the global Diaspora. As such, we’re doing our utmost to apply this site constructively as a bridge to reach across some disparate domains, promote the aforementioned goals, and make our invaluable cultural ideals into reality. We wish to blow a new soul, to bring a fresh new life, into this movement, and to shine a brighter light on parched minds, including you supporters of our rich Jewish culture.

Yousef Setareh-Shenas

I'm in complete agreement with Yousef (Joseph). We should shine a brighter light on parched minds.'s "History Makers" section would be a good starting point.


In this section there are brief biographies of famous [Iranian] Jewish scientists, artists and scholars who had major role in improving humanity cultural and social values.

Feel free to scroll through the bios of all the change agents for yourself. I randomly selected the following to make a point.

Baroukh Beroukhim
Physicist, High Ranking Educator & Philanthropist
Dr. Baroukh Beroukhim was born in 1914 C.E. to a religious Jewish family of the Oudlajan neighborhood, “the Jewish ghetto” of Tehran, Iran. His father was Asher Beroukhim, one of the well-respected businessmen of the Tehran Bazaar.

"Ghetto" is synonymous with "poor", is it not?


A ghetto (Italian pronunciation: [ˈɡetto]), often the ghetto, is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, typically as a result of social, legal, or economic pressure.[1] Ghettos are often known for being more impoverished than other areas of the city. Versions of the ghetto appear across the world, each with their own names, classifications, and groupings of people. The term was originally used for the Venetian Ghetto in Venice, Italy, as early as 1516, to describe the part of the city where Jews were restricted to live and thus segregated from other peoples. However, early societies may have formed their own versions of the same structure; words resembling "ghetto" in meaning appear in Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian, Germanic, Old French, and Latin. Ghettos in many cities have also been nicknamed "the hood", which is colloquial slang for "neighborhood" after it is shortened to 'hood.[2]

According to wiki:

Oudlajan (Persian: عودلاجان‎) is a historic neighborhood in Tehran, Iran. The neighborhood is surrounded by Pamenar Street, Cyrus Street (Mostafa Khomeini), Cheragh Bargh (Amir Kabir) and BozarJomehr Street (15 Khordad). Oudlajan, in addition to Arg, Dolat, Sangelaj, Bazar and Chalmeidan, constituted the Old Tehran during the Naser Aldin Shah era. Old Oudlajan consisted of 2619 houses and 1146 shops and was one of the biggest and wealthiest neighborhoods in Tehran.[1]


Most of the people living in Oudlajan were Jewish. In addition there were Zoroastrians living in Oudlajan. Many famous Iranian politicians such as Qavam family, Mostofi Family, Nasiroldoleh, Seyyed Hassan Modarres lived in Oudlajan. The houses with many rooms around a yard (with a small pool in the middle) were called Ghamar khanoom houses.

Oudlajan was the wealthiest neighborhood in the Ghajar [Qajar] era and kept its status until the Pahlavi era. However with the big changes in Iranian society in 1340 AH it gradually lost its status. The biggest obstacle to Oudlajan today is the expansion of the Bazar neighborhood. This trend has changed Oudlajan from a wealthy neighborhood into a storage area for Bazar and many old houses were turned into places for addicts.[1]

Oudlajan did indeed lose its status during the Pahlavi ear when Jews migrated to North Tehran and established even wealthier neighborhoods.

A Walking Guide of Oudlajan Quartier | Tehran
Posted on 2 May, 2017 by Matin Lashkari
Oudlajan is one of Tehran’s oldest neighbourhoods. Once home to the wealthy, it was later left abandoned for decades and transformed into a rather poor and unsafe area, mostly because of the number of drug addicts taking shelter in the numerous dilapidated buildings.

Things have changed tremendously now. The city council and national heritage ministry starting implemeting projects in Oudlajan that involved restoring many of the old houses and sights. This time around I could see pavements under construction and so many of the old houses restored and open to visitors. Although the quartier itself still has the old vibe and doesn’t feel like central Tehran at all, you can tell things will be changing pretty soon. You might as well get there before it does.

So today on the blog I thought I’d give you a plan for a little walking tour in Oudlajan. I know most of you will have never visited the area even if you’ve lived in Tehran for a certain period of time. But you should. Because to understand Tehran you cannot neglect its history and specially one of its oldest neighbourhoods. ... in-tehran/

What's wrong with this picture, folks?

When I was in Tehran I always heard about "Judeo-Persian" values and how the Christian World was responsible for all of Iran's ills. Now that I'm in the States I hear about "Judeo-Christian" values and the evils of the Muslim World.

Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism
If you remain silent when you hear the term “white Jews,” you are not doing your part to stop this creeping hatred.
By Seth J. Frantzman December 26, 2018

A recent controversy about anti-Jewish views in the Women’s March has lifted the curtain on a new antisemitism that is percolating in American circles.

“Now Women’s March activists are grappling with how they treat Jews, and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or ‘marginalized’ minorities,” The New York Times noted in a recent piece. The labeling of Jews as “white” and debates on how to “treat Jews,” as if Jews are packages in a supermarket is a form of dehumanizing rhetoric designed to force Jewish people into a binary of “white/non-white” that is currently trendy in US discussions.
... ... ism-575524

With all due respect to Mr. Frantzman, I think the dehumanizing anti-Semitic rhetoric he speaks of is caused by anti-Gentilism.

Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism
by Taxi

The first bullet of hate was fired by the Jews.

Some three thousand years ago, the ancient desert followers of Moses who lived in Babylonia had amassed and collated their 600 year old oral folklore, before studiously recording it on scrolls and slabs. This collection of ancient Jewish writings is commonly known as the Babylonian Talmud. And this very Talmud, according to Jewish history, not only represents the primary source for Jewish theology and law, it also continues to be the centerpiece of Jewish cultural life. Jewish Babylonian writers of the Talmud at the time had indeed galvanized, labored and penned away: unanimously agreeing on the content of all its chapters. They’d all signed on their religious mission-statement that notably also included declaring eternal war on all Gentiles. This genocidal, tribal decree found in the Talmud is the first recorded case of Jewish Anti-Gentilism. It took place a good several millennia before even the concept of Antisemitism was invented. Ancient Jews had actually put this historic and dark Anti-Gentile declaration down in writing some two thousand years before pogroms and the religious persecution of Jews were ever recorded. We actually presently know of the genocidal inclinations of the Jews from their own ancient Talmudic writings: fairly well hidden from the eyes of Gentiles for thousands of years till the advent of the internet clearly revealed the Jewish ill-intention towards all Gentiles. ... isemitism/

I'm not trying to scapegoat or incite hatred towards "the Jews." Here's a little constructive criticism:

If Jews were to stop indoctrinating their children with fear-based trauma that causes anti-Gentilism, then perhaps anti-Semitism would be eradicated once and for all.


"The houses with many rooms around a yard (with a small pool in the middle) were called Ghamar khanoom houses."

In Farsi, "Khanoom" means "Woman" and "Ghamar/Qamar" means "Moon".

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Re: Engineering Racism

Unread post by ICfreely » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:29 pm

*In Farsi, “Mah” also means “Moon”, “Month” and “Mother”.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never ever met an Iranian expat like “Atour Eyvazian” in my entire life. If this piece of hasbara trash weren’t so over the top his embellished story might be somewhat believable. IMO, the following article is pure propaganda from top to bottom.

The Iranian refugee who loves the Jews and the State of Israel
Atour Eyvazian is an Assyrian/Armenian Christian who fled religious persecution in Iran, and is on a visit to Israel for the first time with his family
By Ilanit Chernick July 30, 2019 02:35

I feel like I’m home in Israel,” :rolleyes: said Atour Eyvazian, an Assyrian/Armenian Christian who fled religious persecution :puke: in Iran.

Eyvazian lives in Texas, but his love for the State of Israel is deeply rooted. He is visiting the country for the first time this week.
Eyvazian recently sat down with The Jerusalem Post to share his story.

“I was walking around the [Mahaneh Yehuda] market in Jerusalem earlier and I was smelling the fruit, touching and looking at it; talking to the vendors, to the people – that is how it once was in Iran,” he said, implying that the diversity in Israel was what made him feel like he was back in his home country again.

It’s the first thing he recalled as he began to tell his story.

Eyvazian was born in Iran in 1965, the child of an Assyrian mother and an Armenian father.

“Before the Iranian Revolution in 1979, people were getting along,” he recalled. “That’s what Iran was like, you could walk around freely. No one paid attention to who was Christian, or Jewish or Muslim. Life was good. But then, after the revolution, things became tough for Christians and Jews.

“The government changed and they divided the culture,” he continued, making it clear that he loves the people of Iran and that the problem with the country is its government, which he says is evil.

Following the revolution, if you were not Muslim, “you were seen as impure and spiritually dirty” – an infidel – “and if you went to the market and touched fruit, vegetables or items there, you were told you have to buy it” because it was contaminated.

[What a load of $chitt!]

When Eyvazian was 18, he fled Iran illegally.

“The year was 1984,” he said. “I left through the mountains to Turkey. There were two guides who were to take me to Istanbul, but they left me at the border and robbed me of everything. They took everything; I was devastated.”

Asked why he escaped from Iran, Eyvazian said that he was the only son in his family.

“My parents didn’t want me to go into the army,” he said, explaining that it was in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War and at that time, anyone from the age of 10 or 11 to 50 could be used to fight in the military.

[If he was the only son in his family, then he could have filed for exemption from military service.]

“And as someone from a different religion, you were seen as half-human; you weren’t like them,” he said.

[Bull$chitt! Iranian Muslims, especially after the revolution, went out of their way to treat others with respect. They do so to this day!]

“The minorities would be sent to war and they would come back dead – and they were shot in their backs, not the front.”

[WTF? Shot in the back? The poorest of Iran's Muslims were the ones who got slaughtered in the Iran-Iraq war. Ever since the revolution, bribery has been the law of the land. I’ve lost count of how many Iranians (Muslim & Christian) who couldn’t afford to bribe their way out of military service that my dad gave, not lent, money to. And I, sure as $chitt, don’t know of a single Jew who fought in that war.]

He explained that because he was 18, the perfect age for a soldier, he could not leave Iran legally.
“IT TOOK me almost a week to walk through the mountains to Turkey,” he said. “I had two $100 bills; my mother sewed one into each side on my pants so that if I got into trouble, I could buy my way out.”

Eyvazian recalled the freezing conditions as he trekked through the mountains on his way to the border.

“When the two guides left me, I saw an old man walking and I spoke with him. He spoke back to me in Farsi and asked if I was coming from Iran. I told him I was, and that I was also looking for a bus.

“He pointed and said ‘just go straight,’” but little did Eyvazian know that he was being set up to be captured by the Turkish forces and incarcerated.

“He basically sold me out… I was captured in Baskale,” a town close to the Turkey-Iran border, he said. “Trucks with soldiers came and they let out the dogs – German shepherds – I was surrounded.”

Over the two-week period in which he hiked through the mountains and was then being processed by Turkish authorities, he lost 20 kg. He showed the Post a large scar on his upper chest from a knife wound he received during his time in prison.

After spending 40 days incarcerated – during which he was treated terribly and given almost no food, little access to a bathroom, and was hardly spoken to – he was released, using the money his mother had sewn into his pants to bribe his way out.

He showed the Post a large scar on his upper chest from a knife wound he received during his time in prison.

His parents – who were in their 50s “so the government didn’t care for them” – left Iran after finding out that Eyvazian had been caught and arrested by the authorities.

“If a relative or child committed a crime, the Iranian regime would punish the family to make an example out of them,” he said.

[Doesn’t make any sense. Knowing that, why would he leave the way that he did? Why didn't he leave with his family? Many Iranians of lesser means who wanted to leave Iran for greener pastures abroad claimed to be “persecuted minorities” in order to get refugee status. I personally know some. They did what they felt they had to do to get out.]

After an arduous process and a six-month stay in Turkey, Eyvazian made it to the United States, a day he remembered proudly: “November 4, 1984.”

He began working as a janitor, and for the first time in his life he felt free.
“I was always high and smiling,” he recalled.

While working, he also got his bachelor’s degree and an MBA. Despite his struggle, he now owns several businesses and restaurants in the United States, where he resides with his family.

BUT WHY does he love Israel?

[Great question.]

His passion for the Jewish state began after he saw an infomercial on late night TV for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

“Rabbi [Yechiel] Eckstein was on TV talking about bringing elderly Russian Jews to Israel,” he said, adding that this resonated deeply regarding his own journey, since both his father and grandfather had been through hardships in Russia before going to Iran.

Eckstein founded the Fellowship, as it is now known, in 1983, with its main mission being to promote understanding between Jews and Christians and to broaden support for Israel. Eckstein passed away suddenly earlier this year, and the organization has been taken over by his daughter Yael.

“I’ve always had a soft heart for the Jews and Jewish culture,” Eyvazian stressed. “They have been wronged so many times – and I want to do everything I can to right that wrong.

[Goy veyzmir!]

The Iranian immigrant decided to start donating whatever he could to the Fellowship, and over time kept count of how many people he had brought to Israel with the donations he made.

He later met with Eckstein, and his relationship with the Fellowship and its rabbi blossomed.

“The Fellowship brings Jews and Christians together,” he said. “Jews and Christians have so much in common... Christians without Jews don’t understand their roots. [Meshuga, please!] The more I read books about what happened to Jews, their persecution and their history, the more I felt like that Israel is their home,” adding that he always asks, “What I can do to help them?”

EYVAZIAN DECIDED to take the trip with his family, because his children have gone through university and had a lot of questions about Israel.

[Is that right?]

“I wanted this trip to be educational for them, to break the stereotypes we all have,” he said, adding that the one he’d heard about settlements was shattered during his visit.

“I thought when they spoke about settlements, that it was like an invasion – it meant people were being moved from their land and Jews were coming in,” he said. “That’s not the case.”


“Israel is a small country with a few million people, and millions around them that don’t want it to exist,” he said, adding that seeing the Bible come to life and how this country really is the only democracy in the Middle East have been some of the highlights.

“Wow, there is so much freedom here. Everyone is so friendly and from colorful backgrounds. You see Orthodox Jews, and women in bikinis, men smoking – all at the same time... This is the true meaning of freedom.” :huh:

He was asked about the BDS movement, and those who call Israel an apartheid state. “People who say that don’t know the truth. In this land, I have more freedom than the place I was born. That tells you about democracy. Anything bad toward Israel is evil. The rights Muslims have in this country is something they wouldn’t have in their countries. I don’t understand how they can talk about boycotting,” adding that he is also “puzzled about Jews who don’t support the State of Israel.”

He called on his fellow Christians to step up their fight in defending Israel. :puke:

“The fight for Israel is about good and evil,” he said. “My message to Christian friends is that they need to step it up. The Christians need to support the Jews.”

[Note to Israel: Please refrain from sucking us into your disingenuous “persecuted minorities unite” narrative.]

Asked about the Iranian regime, he stressed that he cares deeply about the Iranian people, but agrees with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sentiments that the government must be stopped.

“After 1979, they began to export not only oil and gas, but the revolution as well,” he said. “The Iranian government is a cancer, and if we don’t do something, it will grow. We need to get as many nations together to stop them.”

[Cut, burn, poison…]

He encouraged the Iranian people to do everything that they can to tell the international community about the situation in Iran, acknowledging that he knows how difficult such a thing is to do.


“I will stand by you, Israel,” he said. “I will share the messages and the truth about Israel.”

[I most certainly will never ever stand by you, "Israel". Leave us Iranian expats out of it and fight your own fight for once!] ... ael-597064

Atour Eyvazian is a disgrace to all Iranians!

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