VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

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VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by simonshack » Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:02 pm


VITAMIN C : a suppressed lifeline

Dear friends,

Since this forum is all about exposing mass deceptions, I think that the history of the relentless and active suppression (by Big Pharma) of the well-proven benefits of Vitamin C merits our utmost attention. Pardon me for sounding like a "wannabe health guru" but what follows, dear readers, may well enhance and prolong your lives.

I have spent most of this troubled last year delving into the history of medicine, vaccines, pandemics and - consequently - of health care & remedies in general. To be sure, I'm no doctor / medic / virologist nor much less an expert in these fields of knowledge; however, I've put to good use my proficiency in half-a-dozen languages to read a wide range of earnest quality literature covering these areas of scientific study - with particular attention to the work of those authors who have dared to challenge what we may call "official / or institutionalized" healing methods. By now, seeing how this wretched 'Covid' plandemic is unfolding, I think we may all agree that there's something wrong with the latter - and that MM ('Mainstream Medicine') has never really cared about keeping this planet's population healthy. In the past, it may all have been solely about money & profits, but today it has quite clearly become - and degenerated into - a crass psychological tool for mass control. Mind you, this post of mine won't be just another rant against the "evil people who wish to control us", but rather a far more constructive, fact-based, level-headed and (I dare say) potentially VITAL informative presentation of what could be the most important substance known to mankind, i.e. ascorbic acid (a.k.a. "VITAMIN C"). As you will see - or hopefully realize for yourselves, Vitamin C appears to be the best and cheapest (yet most suppressed by the big pharma propaganda) panacea for maintaining our bodily functions in good working order. That's right: your own lives are at stake here, folks - and no, I'm NOT running a Vitamin-C factory, let this be clear!

I trust that most of you readers will be familiar with the horrible disease known as "scurvy":
"Scurvy is a disease resulting from a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Early symptoms of deficiency include weakness, feeling tired and sore arms and legs. Without treatment, decreased red blood cells, gum disease, changes to hair, and bleeding from the skin may occur. As scurvy worsens there can be poor wound healing, personality changes, and finally death from infection or bleeding."
In order to introduce the readers to the history and scientific facts of Vitamin C, I have chosen to use (a translation of) an excellent blog article by the Swedish surgeon Sture Blomberg, a heroic man who clearly cares about people's well-being as he often volunteers for the Operation Smile, regularly traveling to India or the Philippines to restore the smiles of children born with cleft lip and cleft palate.


So here goes: the below text (in blue type) is my translation of Sture Blomberg's blogpost titled "ABOUT VITAMIN C".

"This is a short summary of literature studies and some long lectures on by various doctors who were very interested in Vitamin C. Dr. Suzanne Humphries is one of them. She is a renal physician from the United States with extensive clinical experience. In connection with her focus on kidney medicine, she became interested in vaccinations because at her clinic there was an accumulation of dialysis-requiring patients whose kidney failure had a very clear connection at the time with the vaccinations for swine flu. What was frustrating for her then was that so few of her colleagues dared to see this connection and instead completely ignored the problem. She has since delved into the effects of vaccinations and their possible side effects and written a book about this: "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History".

For those who SERIOUSLY wish to learn about Vitamin C - please spend 2 hours watching this great lecture by Suzanne Humphries (in Stockholm, Sweden - 2015):

full link:

Dr. Sture Blomberg goes on:

"The attitude of the international medical community seems to be that vaccinations always work and are necessary and they are largely without side effects, except in a few cases. She also noticed that from her medical education she lacked knowledge of how to support the body's own defense mechanisms against severe infections and therefore became interested in alternative approaches. The study of Vitamin C is one such approach.

The problem with Vitamin C is that most doctors consider it only as a vitamin - point end. It turns out to be so infinitely more and has been considered by some doctors to be for the body what oil is for the car engine, an absolutely necessary lubricant.

Myths about the human need for Vitamin C.

First, Suzanne Humphries goes through the myths surrounding Vitamin C, myths that she herself as a conventional doctor used to believe in:

Myth no. 1: Vitamin C doses above 1000 mg / day are unnecessary and also dangerous. That is not the case at all. Sometimes you need much more and doses up to 100 g are not uncommon today and there are no side effects described with these doses.
Myth no. 2: the body is saturated and can not absorb more than 150 mg / day.
Myth no. 3: Kidney stones develop at higher doses.
Myth no. 4: There is no scientific literature to support the use of Vitamin C in high doses.
Myth no. 5: One should not take synthetically produced Vitamin C but only in natural form, e.g. fruit and vegetables.
Myth no. 6: If you happen to get diarrhea from Vitamin C, then this diarrhea is dangerous.
Myth no. 7: If you are ill, you do not need to take more Vitamin C. The Vitamin C that is found in natural food is fully sufficient even in severe illness.


Very little science about the human need for vitamin C.

Over the past year, several intensive care units in different parts of the world have started using relatively moderate doses of Vitamin C intravenously - with extremely good effect, it must be said. Critics of this believe that there are far too few studies on the effects of Vitamin C. However, it turns out that there are plenty of good studies, but these are unknown to the vast majority of doctors. During a quick search for the keyword "vitamin C" on PubMed, which is the knowledge base used by all doctors to search for medical articles, I found 62,238 hits, of which 22,010 had the keyword in the title / abstract, which makes vitamin C / ascorbic acid one of the most well-researched substances of all times. What we lack, however, are studies on the human need for Vitamin C for health and for disease. The plasma levels we accept as normal are the ones that keep us just from suffering from scurvy. But vitamin C is so much more than a vitamin to avoid scurvy."

Stay tuned, dear readers: in my next post, I will list a number of cases where Vitamin C has "miraculously" saved the lives of people afflicted with 'viruses' - such as the 2009 "swine flu" or the 2020 "Covid-19 virus". Moreover, I will link to various academic studies showing that Vitamin C effectively cures the current "Covid-19 disease".

In other words, taking only about 10 grams (i.e. two teaspoons) of Vitamin C every day - as I currently do - will protect you from most dis-eases. This, because humans do not - for some still unknown reason - produce their own Vitamin C. Oddly enough, most animals do produce plenty of Vitamin C endogenously (i.e. naturally / inside their bodies). Why humans don't produce ascorbic acid endogenously remains a mystery for biologists to solve - but we know that severe Vitamin C deficiency leads to illness and death. We also know that whenever our bodies experience stress (from an infection, a flu or virtually any other maladies) the concentration of Vitamin C in our system plummets - as it rushes to fight the crisis and gets depleted. To make matters worse, if the patient then opts to take antibiotics or cortisones, there will be a further carnage of Vitamin C 'soldiers'.

Yet, this crucial knowledge is - outrageously enough - NOT something that Mainstream Medicine either applies or promotes. On the contrary, not only does MM keep suspiciously silent about it but, as we are clearly seeing in the current "Covid propaganda war", actively censors and suppresses any Vitamin C-related studies and information in support of its use as a viable life-saving treatment. More about this in my next post.

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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by simonshack » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:52 am



Have you ever asked yourselves why China (population 1,433,000,000) has only had, to this day, 4636 "Covid deaths" (or 0.00032% of its population) - according to the official WHO data? Well, the following article by Patrick Holford may well contain the simplest possible answer to this amazing "mystery":


Here are some selected excerpts from the above article (but the entire blogpost is WELL WORTH the read!):
"Intravenous vitamin C has been saving lives in China in those with COVID-19 induced severe acute respiratory disease. In addition to this, in Wuhan city, the original epicentre of the pandemic, with a population of 11.1 million, which is larger than London, there are now virtually no cases of COVID-19 coming into the Intensive Care Units (ICUs)."
"The big question we have to ask is how has China, but Wuhan in particular, gone from hundreds of daily deaths to virtually none? What are they doing that we are not? The likely answer is twofold: very efficient lockdown and vitamin C."
"VITAMIN C IS GIVEN TO ALL PATIENTS AND HOSPITAL STAFF IN WUHAN - In the last briefing, with Dr ZhiYong Peng, the lead doctor in the Zhongnan Hospital trial who specifically invited specialists from around the world to present the preliminary results of the first ever randomised controlled trial, details of which are shown below, I asked Dr Peng “We were seeing photographs of DSM trucks delivering 50 tons of vitamin C to Wuhan. Has there been a widespread use of vitamin C in Wuhan?”
“Probably. In my department and other hospitals we highly recommend the patients use 12 grams to 24 grams a day of vitamin C."
"Last month we received a preliminary report from the first 50 patients treated by Dr Mao at Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai confirms that all patients who received intravenous vitamin C (IVC) improved and there was no mortality. Dr Mao reports: “We treated 50 cases of moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 infection with high dose IVC. The IVC dosing was in the range of 10 grams to 20 grams a day for 7 to10 days, with 10 grams for moderate cases and 20 grams for more severe cases, determined by pulmonary status (mostly the oxygenation index) and coagulation status. All patients who received IVC improved and there was no mortality."
"I have been contacted by so many appalled that nothing is being done. Whether or not this is true the Telegraph published a letter from a UK doctor saying that they were ‘banned’ from using vitamin C and any other drugs."
If you need more evidence that the use of Vitamin C is relentlessly and viciously being banned & censored, you may wish to watch this 40-min video by Andrew W. Saul: ... eases.aspx

Let's now 'take a trip to India' and watch this brief testimony of Dr. Digambar Naik - as he relates how his life was saved by large doses of Vitamin C:

full link:

You may now ask whether there are any academic studies that have confirmed / concluded / or strongly corroborated the efficiency of Vitamin C as a treatment against sepsis. (To be sure, sepsis is the N°1 actual cause of death in "Covid" patients - as reported in this Italian medical journal). The answer is yes. Here's one of many such academic studies published at the prestigious medical research repository - which even concludes that "...Vitamin C may become standard of care for the treatment of sepsis"! :

(Note that sepsis is the most common cause of death of hospitalized patients - with 8 million deaths worldwide every year)

Here's another interesting paper published on the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CASE REPORTS:
"Unusual Early Recovery of a Critical COVID-19 Patient After Administration of Intravenous Vitamin C"
"We report a case of COVID-19 with acute respiratory distress syndrome who was treated with high-dose vitamin C infusion and was the first case to have early recovery from the disease at our institute."

In fact, Dr.Paul Marik has been treating hundreds of sepsis patients with intravenous Vitamin C - and they've ALL survived :

"Stunning Success! Vitamin C Saves People Dying of Sepsis"

full link:

Next, we will 'travel to Australia' to see how Dr. Rinaldo Bellomo and his team managed to save a very sick 'Covid' patient with megadoses of Vitamin C. Here's the video description: "Austin Health Intensive Care Research Director Professor Rinaldo Bellomo has spoken to Sky News about a decision to treat a COVID-19 patient with a "megadose" of Vitamin C, which saw significant and promising results."

full link:

We shall now 'time-travel (back in time) to New Zealand' to see how a farmer who was dying of the 'H1N1 swineflu" back in 2009 was saved by his sons who had to fight hard against his doctors' staunch resistance to administer to their ailing father high doses of Vitamin C. Eventually, their demands were met - and their father survived:

full link:

At the beginning of the above video, the TV anchor states that "families across the country demanded the same treatment". Hmm...could this perhaps - just perhaps - help explain why New Zealand has, to this day, only had 25(or 0.00048% of its population) "Covid" deaths - according to official WHO data ?

In any case, dear friends, the fact that the importance of Vitamin C (and its 80-year success record as a life-saving substance) is actively being suppressed by the Mainstream Medical community may rank amongst the most disgraceful and - I dare say - criminal and perfidious conspiracies against humanity.

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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by glg » Thu Feb 18, 2021 5:56 pm

simonshack wrote:
Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:52 am
Have you ever asked yourselves why China (population 1,433,000,000) has only had, to this day, 4636 "Covid deaths" (or 0.00032% of its population) - according to the official WHO data? Well, the following article by Patrick Holford may well contain the simplest possible answer to this amazing "mystery":

Dear Simon - I think there may be an even simpler answer to this amazing ¨mystery¨:
According to the website statista, China has so far conducted 160,000,000 covid tests and ranks third in the world for number of tests performed. If we take a look at the graph bellow, we see that since around mid March 2020 up to almost this day, China rarely, if ever, has more than 20 tests per day being reported as positive. How did China manage that sudden steep decline of positive tests in mid-March 2020?

To me, it simply indicates that China radically changed its policy on cycle threshold for the PCR test, or used another test regimen altogether...?!

In my humble opinion, it cannot be construed as an effect of “efficient lockdown,” and with so few positive cases since March 2020, neither can vitamin C be brought into much coherent connection with covid. I mean, isn't it a bit misleading to claim, “there are now virtually no cases of COVID-19 coming into the Intensive Care Units (ICUs),” when obviously people are not being tested positive in the first place?

By the way, that is not to suggest that vitamin C isn't generally helping sick people in China or elsewhere, I just don't see how Holford’s argument in connection with covid computes.


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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by sharpstuff » Fri Feb 19, 2021 8:42 am

Simon wrote: WHY are all of us humans Vitamin-C-deficient?
An interesting and very important question.

The ingestion of ‘vitamins and minerals’ rely upon the notion of a synthesis of the products of Nature.

If Vitamin C is generally said to be found in fruits and vegetables, does not the process of cooking destroy enough Vitamin C to the extent we are lacking in it and have evolved thus? A problem with this is that apparently some other animals also cannot synthesise Vitamin C, yet they (presumably) do not cook their food.

Is it possible, therefore, to consider that cooking foodstuffs has resulted in this lack of a biological synthesis over the length of time we have been ‘cooking’ our foodstuffs, for example?

In no particular order:

1. We must also consider how farming (of all kinds) has changed over the centuries.
2. We must consider the notion of over-farming certain areas of the planet. The notion of crop rotation was once de rigueur. How much of this is now carried out?
3. We must also consider the notion of using so-called pesticides on farmlands. Do the ‘pests’ exist before or after depletion of the soil’s structure from its natural state?
4. We must also consider the use of chemically engineered substances (a.k.a. ‘genetically modified plants’) and so forth.
5. We must also consider the fluoridation of waterways and what was once potable water in many areas.
6. We must also consider how we cook our food and the method of so doing (the invention of the ‘micro-wave oven’, for example. Heating food is not necessarily cooking, which involves boiling, steaming, frying and so forth).
7. We must also consider in what we cook our foods and the impact of un-natural substances like aluminium pans, Teflon, for example.
8. We must also consider what un-natural products come from all the above (and more), such as what is generally termed ‘junk food’ and how that ‘food’ equates with health. Does it aid or abet?

A possible theory

In Nature’s attempts to counter these methods of cooking, we (may) have become modified (in many and maybe subtle ways) which may all preclude our ability to synthesise Vitamin C and many other so-called ‘vitamins’.

As Simon correctly states from his findings, it is difficult to overdose on Vitamin C but as with all things, ‘the poison is in the dose’.

All this, in my view at least, is invariably tied up with what we call Vitamin D (a.k.a. Sunlight) which is the catalyst from which we derive our existence.

Just my two pennies worth of thoughts.

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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by simonshack » Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:32 pm


Dear friends, contributors and readers of Cluesforum,

All I wish to say tonight is:

I hope you all take at least 8g (or up to 15g) of Vitamin C daily - because I care for you all.

Those who won't do so can only blame themselves as they get on with age (we all do) and start complaining about assorted bodily pains and loss of energy.
This daily Vitamin C intake should basically keep you protected from most common diseases - but most likely even from many deadly ones, as has been repeatedly shown by many studies and trials over the years which, unfortunately, have been sistematically dismissed / opposed / suppressed by the governmental health authorities and Big Pharma.

LOVE OUT :wub:


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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by sharpstuff » Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:29 am

Quite correctly, Simon and many others are concerned that vitamin C deficiency is a serious problem and needs to be addressed if we wish to remain healthy and the recommended doses for vitamins and minerals is ludicrously low.

I would like to add my thoughts regarding what I also consider to be of serious concern and highly significant in regard to the utilisation of all ‘vitamins’ (whatever they actually are).



Although many of us have no ‘degree’ in a subject conferred upon us by the virtue of the fact that we have not attended a particular ‘school/University’ or some-such, does not preclude us from the right of separate study and our own research of the available literature of all descriptions to reach our own conclusions given the data available.

In my view, an ‘expert’ is only an expert at being an expert. Terms such as ‘professional’ are merely words describing some-one who has studied a particular subject within a specified field or fields. In short, they get paid for their ‘expertise’ (having got a ‘degree’), whereas the rest of us are merely ‘amateurs’ (who do not get paid and are relegated to non-entity).

There comes a time (!), however, when the ‘professionals’ are not always correct in their interpretation/indoctrination of ideas/data and such-like, these are forced upon an unsuspecting public who are expected to agree without any informed consent as with (most) ‘educational’ systems. The public are not ‘allowed’ to disagree with ‘professionals’ or ‘self-proclaimed (and mostly un-named ’experts’) because one is only an ‘amateur’!


What are vitamins?

The following link gives a reasonable view of the types of ‘vitamins’: ... f_vitamins

I do not personally agree with some of the material, but at this time do not wish to deconstruct what is written.

According to standard ‘reference’ works, for example:

‘Key points

Vitamins are nutrients required by the body in small amounts, for a variety of essential processes.
Most vitamins cannot be made by the body, so need to be provided in the diet.
Vitamin D can be made by the body in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight.
Vitamins are grouped into fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins.
Requirements for vitamins change across life stages.’

Here is a useful site for definitions (only). ... amins.html

However, Quote: ‘Most vitamins cannot be made by the body, so need to be provided in the diet.’ No reference but I am willing to accept that, in simple.

1. But what are they really? They are processes of Nature which we cannot really explain. We might append all sorts of ‘experiments’ to prove their existence but what are they really? They are a means of acquiring enough of the materials (fodder, if you like) to continue to exist in a healthy state.

Here, yet again, with the notion of vitamins, we are creating names for individual vitamins (ongoing processes) and assuming they are ‘entities’. ‘Entities’ then appear to be ‘objects’ we can feel, see or otherwise ‘sense’ (with the capabilities we have as individuals at any given time).

2. Whatever ‘vitamins’ are, we are ‘what we eat (and drink)’, as they say. They are what we consume with as natural a diet as possible with the inclusion of sunlight as a synthesiser for these ‘entities’ to keep us ‘alive’.

However we conceive ‘vitamins’ (which is a term which may be useful under certain circumstances) we must conclude that as natural as possible a diet, with as little daily stress as possible, in a humanity-driven environment, must be the way to go.

The base-lines here are therefore:

a) We accept that any foodstuffs as natural as possible and in reasonable amounts are the link to health but only with the inclusion of sunlight as a catalyst.

b) We do not accept this notion and remain unhealthy.

3. ‘Fad’ diets, removing the fact that human animals are omnivorous (will eat anything that doesn’t hurt them personally) should not be confined to certain items only. If a certain ‘natural food’ does not ‘gel’ with you, you avoid it. The contrary is also a truism. Again, as they say: ‘One cannot live on bread alone.’

Case histories

In ‘diagnosing’ individual health problems, it is essential to do a Case History or a Case Study. This is what ‘doctors’ are supposed to do with their patients. However, due to the adherence to their teaching (or lack thereof), they rarely take notice or care in their findings or delve deep enough.

A case history is a formidable exercise. It requires a lot of time, patience, a wide experience of the Case Worker and consideration of the individual. It should never be taken lightly but most often is and lacking in essential details which need themselves to be explored.

One cannot select a peculiar programme for an individual’s health without such and the knowledge to seek data which might be relevant to that individual. Very few case histories (as taken from ‘patients’) would ‘pass muster’ (to reach an acceptable standard).

With the plethora of unhealthy individuals (and their reliance upon others to solve their problems), so-called ‘doctors’ are overloaded with ‘patients’.

A suitable education (in a ‘Natural’ sense) for both ‘doctors’ and the ‘patients’ is lacking because we have become accustomed to being preached to by those who claim to know more than us about these matters, (however concocted) than we do as the apparent ‘ignoratti’.

How many of us take the time to do our very own Case Study? It is very easy to blame ‘this and that’ for our situation when we haven’t made the time to study our own habits and behaviours, remember why we felt good when the sun started to shine after a winter of discontent, for example. Every time people go ‘on-line’, these days to find answers, they are nearly always forced to endure the usual pap (infections, germs, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, the war words of medicine and so forth).

Unless we are totally incapable (through reasons not of our doing and interventions to our health over which we had no control, such as child-hood vaccination/s), we must take our own path towards health. Questioning ourselves is first before enlisting the aid of others who may not have our best interests at heart.

Vitamin D(3)

As much as one agrees with the notion of Vitamin C’s efficacy, it is, as I have said so many times, it is sunlight which is the catalyst for what one might call the utilisation of all ‘vitamins’ within the body.

It is said that twenty minutes of sunlight on the full (i.e. full naked skin) is enough to satisfy the requirements to catalyse all the ‘vitamins’ that the body requires for health. These twenty minutes, they say, equates to 20,000 mg of D3. We all, of course, realise that over-exposure leads to ‘sun-burn’ and must be avoided. It is a question of balance. Deliberately (in my view) with the use of so-called ‘sun-blocks’ may be admirable but not a necessity if one gave it any thought.

In Northern climes the lack of sunlight is often not enough to make this amount. Thus those living thus become a ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’.

In more Southern climes, the skin tone is variable from a shade of pale to a more repellent skin tone to modify that exposure, since all the various skin tones.

Again, in Northern climes we need to compensate for the lack of sun by wrapping up in fur coats to prevent problems with under-heating (!) and therefore do not have the ability to synthesise ‘vitamins’ as required by the body.

In Southern climes, the requirement is to prevent over-exposure possibly for the reverse reasons (!).
All these considerations are fine, if they are available.

There are thousands (millions) of people living or working in accommodations which preclude getting adequate sunlight, even if they are getting the ‘right’ number of vitamins in the first place. They live or work in high apartments where they live without direct sunlight and rarely get enough for synthesis whatever they eat. People in ‘retirement’ homes and such-like rarely get much (if any) sunshine. They ‘pale’ away under false medications which are mostly useless for their longevity. Children are often supplied with creams and lotions (often coloured with substances to prevent over-exposure in hot climes) without due respect to considered exposure.

During the early 1900’s there were set up sanatoriums for children who were very ill, usually what is called ‘tuberculosis’.

If you wish to follow the next site you will find the common reasons for ‘tuberculosis’:

It will be seen that it was obviously a poor diet/lifestyle that results in this ‘dis-ease’.

Sunlight therapy was, in the early days, used to help these children.

‘Tuberculosis’ is merely another name (as most ‘dis-eases’) for a poor diet and life-style and lack of sunlight.


If one does not get enough sun-light, one does not get enough catalyst to synthesise any natural products of the ingestion of foodstuffs not the requirements to eliminate those not conducive to health.

Supplements are therefore required if you cannot get the ‘sun’. The answer is at least 4000 mg per day or several (I personally take 4 or 5 capsules every so often if not outside getting ‘the real thing’). Avoid ‘contains’ on any vitamin product generally sold.

Be well.


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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by simonshack » Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:30 pm

Thanks, Sharpstuff - and yes, vitamin D is important too. In fact, it's the only other vitamin supplement I personally take each day (5000IU of Vitamin D3).
I would now like to add a few thoughts regarding what, in my view, has to be the single most murderous and outrageous lie that doctors all over the world tell to their patients; that is, that an adult human being only needs about 0.09 grams of Vitamin C daily.



Dear readers, consider this :

A typical 70-kg adult goat produces 13,000 mg (or 13g) per day endogenously and, when a goat is under stress, it will produce HUGE amounts of it. Goats almost never get sick, and neither do most wild animals, before expiring of old age.

As some of you may know, humans (for some as yet unknown reason) DO NOT produce vitamin C endogenously. However we are told, recommended and assured (by governmental health authorities and Big Pharma) that we only need 90 mg of Vitamin C per day (or 144 times less than a goat!). Well, 90 mg (or 0.09 grams) is a ridiculously low dose that is only slightly above the critical threshold below which a person will go down with scurvy and could therefore - within only four weeks of such a protracted vitamin C deficiency - die a most horrible death.

This short article published at the LiveOn Labs website is well worth the read (although I'm not sure about their 'evolutionary' theories):


"In spite of all this evidence, the recommended dietary allowance remains extremely low. This highlights the need for humans to supplement vitamin C. Is it possible that nature knows something the U.S. Government doesn’t?" ... roduction/

Now, there are NO reported cases in history of anyone ever dying from a vitamin C overdose but, on the other hand, we have a tragic and well-documented history of sailors dying like flies from scurvy (simply due to vitamin C deficiency). Hence, why would our health authorities insist that we'll be safe with a daily dose of Vitamin C that is 144 times lower than that of a goat? And why would anyone in their right mind run the risk of dropping below that 0.09g threshold for a few weeks and thus exposing themselves to lethal maladies - when this can be avoided by a simple, daily powder supplement of ascorbic acid?

What's more, we can avoid such deadly conditions at an absolutely negligible cost - by taking a daily dose of 8g (or quite safely up to 15g) of Vitamin C per day. The other day, I bought a bag of 1kg (i.e. 1,000,000mg) of Vitamin C for 8.99euros - or $10.95. You may agree that there can hardly be any cheaper way of stayin' alive! :-)

P.S. : I might just add that bicarbonate (baking soda) is another ultra-cheap powder which will help you stay healthy. A Norwegian friend of mine sent me this interesting article today: "Bicarbonate Proves to be Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID Treatment" : ... treatment/
My favorite quote from that article: "If one does not think for oneself in the Age of COVID, one is in for a rough time. If one does not think for oneself, one becomes a virtual slave to people and organizations with evil (ignorance) in their hearts, meaning they do not have our best interests at heart."

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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by sharpstuff » Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:45 am

Dear Members and readers,

Since we are in this vitamin and mineral mode, I would like to add another substance which I think is vital.

Just to give a little history of mine to add to the mix. A number of years ago, I used to suffer from some severe 'anxiety' attacks. So serious were one or two that I had to get up and go for a walk until it passed. As usual I did a lot of research on this but never found much help. One day, in the kitchen I suddenly had an urge to eat a spoonful of sugar and hey presto! after about 10 minutes the attack went away. So here was a sugar problem. I then discovered Epsom salts (magnesium) which is a moderator of sugar balance.

Now the relevance is that anxiety is rife, especially with all the scare stories which abound. Whenever (which is now very rare) I find myself a little anxious, I have a glass jar containing a mixture of Epsom salts and water, just take a swig and all is well. I am not saying this will work for everyone but it is a thought. Here we also have an inexpensive product, easily obtainable.

It makes one think, with all the products here (that work really well) being 'cheap as chips' . . . I wonder why they are supressed?

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Re: VITAMIN C: a suppressed lifeline

Unread post by patrix » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:08 am

Dear Simon and Cluesforumers,

I've been "loudmouthed" on this forum concerning medical and dietary questions. Reason being I think they are important issues that I've researched and experimented on for a long time (+10 years). I've also seen that it is an area with lots of propaganda and disinformation. And I don't think that is a coincidence. To paraphrase the good Dr Tilden: "Knowledge is power and the knowledge of medicine is the supreme power". That said, I'm of course vulnerable to propaganda as well and the vital importance of vitamin C is something that I've overlooked.

I watched Dr Humphries lecture and she is very credible of course. And from that a teaspoon of ascorbic acid one/two times a day seems like one of the most important things you could do to maintain good health.

So thank you Simon! I am delighted that your exceptionally sharp mind (and more humble than mine) is on this subject as well.

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