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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ProperGander » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:35 am

Came across this article recently. I find it interesting. Obviously the planes in the 9/11 videos are the result of After Effects compositing or similar computer graphic work. What happened was clearly not televised nor recorded for the public. I want to make clear this post is not intend to be about the events of 9/11. This is a question of fakery. How an illusion could be created. How what we see in other footage, like say newsreels or even films, or television product, could be the result of model work of some kind. The headline of the article reads,"The not-so-jumbo jet: Remote-control model Airbus A380 looks so realistic it could be mistaken for the real thing. The remote-controlled plane was filmed flying at an air show in Germany" This is the real "Tesla Technology" as Nikola Tesla pioneered the radio controlled boat at the end of the nineteenth century. I assume one would be controlling this passenger jet by sight. According to Wikipedia, video control is also available. Radio control would be a handy tool to use to create aerial combat footage in a more controlled environment. And as mentioned, radio control has been around for a long time. Further, simple wire work would suffice for most applications as other techniques like machine camera control and/or the use of higher film speeds, could be used. As a child I had a toy airplane that was battery powered and was flown with a string sort of like a kite. These things have been around for a long time. According to Wikipedia, "The earliest examples of electronically guided model aircraft were hydrogen-filled model airships of the late 19th century. They were flown as a music hall act around theater auditoriums using a basic form of spark-emitted radio signal". That is very interesting.

A quote from the article:
"It may look and even sound like the real thing, but this Airbus A380 is actually a scaled-down model of the jumbo airliner and is flown using a handheld remote control. A video has appeared online that shows the plane being flown at an air show and hobbyist event in Germany. The remote-controlled plane has an 18-foot wingspan, weighs 150lbs and is powered by four jet turbines. "

The video:

full link:

The illusion would be complete, if this were filmed on a specially landscaped outdoor set, with appropriate airport model to scale.

source: ... thing.html
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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ProperGander » Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:16 pm

Model airplanes from the 1930s to 1960s video
"Compilation of newsreel footage of gas powered model airplanes from the 30's - 60's"

full link:

See around 4:23 for an interesting bit of voice over. Keep in mind, techniques like using different film speeds and camera lens are used to make small objects look large. They also have and had tiny cameras that produce images from physical models that look as if they are actual real life sized objects.
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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ProperGander » Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:20 pm

This all reminds me of this clip from a well known film:

full link:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:11 pm

The original Star Trek was ambitious in its attempts at social commentary, most famously highlighted by the interracial kiss from the episode "Plato's Stepchildren." But even before Kirk and Uhura locked lips, Star Trek devoted an entire episode to an alien planet that adopts the policies of national socialism, even going so far as to use Nazi uniforms and symbology. The alien race suffers the same fate as Germany when a charismatic leader—who is actually a brainwashed former Starfleet professor—almost manipulates the masses to his genocidal will until Kirk and Spock intervene and reinstate a peaceful government. Strangely, this did not go over well in Germany, who refused to air the episode until 1996. After all, it's one thing to use the reference of a tragic historical event, but it's quite another to imply that the man responsible for one of the greatest atrocities of all time may actually have been a scapegoat. ... -tv-shows/

More like, 'Patterns of Farce.' I guess Germans aren’t into shitty re-runs either. :rolleyes:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:18 pm

I will refrain from commenting (for now) on the following clip from “Rebel Without a Cause.” This scene is a perfect example of what I like to call:


“Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) – script – planetarium scene ... cript.html

As this star approaches us, the weather will change.

The great polar fields of the north and south will rot and divide.

And the seas will turn warmer.

The last of us search the heavens and stand amazed.

For the stars will still be there...

...moving through their ancient rhythms.

The familiar constellations that illuminate our night...

...will seem as they have always seemed:

Eternal, unchanged and little moved... the shortness of time between our planet's birth and demise.

Orion, the hunter.

One of Ptolemy's constellations...

...and the most brilliant in the heavens.



I was just thinking that...

...once you've been up there you know you been some place.


They're almost equal in brilliancy.

humanities planetarium scene [with interesting evolutionary notes]

full link:

Cancer, the crab...

...containing a large, loose cluster of stars, called Praesepe or the Beehive.

I'm a crab!

The sun can be vertically overhead.

Taurus, the bull.

That's real funny.

A comedian, Buzz.

He's cute. I bet he's real rough too.

I bet he fights cows.

You shouldn't monkey with him.

- He's a wheel. - Who?


So is she.

It's hard to make friends with these guys.

I don't want to make friends.

And while the flash of our beginning...

...has not yet traveled the light years into distance...

...has not yet been seen by planets deep within the other galaxies...

...we will disappear into the blackness of the space from which we came...
:ph34r: :unsure:

...destroyed as we began, in a burst of gas and fire.

The heavens are still and cold once more.

In all the immensity of our universe and the galaxies beyond...

...the Earth will not be missed.

Through the infinite reaches of space...

...the problems of man seem trivial and naive indeed.

And man, existing alone...

...seems himself an episode of little consequence.
:( :(

That's all.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you very much.

Rebel Without a Cause
By Jay Carr
“The A List: The National Society of Film Critics’ 100 Essential Films,” 2002

Columbia had “The Wild One.” MGM had “The Blackboard Jungle.” Warner Bros had owned the rights to Dr. Robert M. Lindner’s “Rebel Without a Cause” since 1946, tested Marlon Brando in 1947, then tabled it when they couldn’t sign him. It was revived for a young actor named James Dean. More than revived. During the shoot, when “East of Eden” was released and Dean be-came an overnight star, studio head jack Warner ordered the black-and-white filming to cease and told Ray to start all over again, using color. Dean exchanged his black leather jacket for a red nylon windbreaker and never looked back as “Rebel With-out a Cause” was promoted to the A-list. What nobody foresaw was that this modestly begun film would define a new genre, tap the zeitgeist, and be instrumental in opening the floodgates of the 1960s.

[Which ended with, ‘We are stardust, We are golden, we are billion year old carbon [credits]’]

Unlike most so-called juvenile delinquency films, “Rebel Without a Cause” spends almost no time in high school. Its framing planetarium scenes seem intended to impart a cosmic dimension to the film. Certain there’s ironic intent in the high schoolers early on being forced to sit through an astronomer’s lecture on the order of the universe. What transpires on the planetarium steps at the end speaks of a fundamental disorder of the universe. It was no accident that a trench coated planetarium staffer entering the scene as everybody else is leaving is Ray, putting his seal on the moral chaos that makes a mockery of any idea of an ordered universe.

Although “Rebel Without a Cause” takes its name from Lindner’s serious book about a psychiatric case study, it took nothing else from Lindner. To a postwar America shook up by the fact that things didn’t return to a complacent acceptance of traditional societal roles, jolted instead by an attack on the very legitimacy of adult authority, “Rebel Without a Cause” was rightly perceived as a threat to an already shaky structure. Father didn’t know best. Faster wasn’t even up to behaving as a father, protecting his son and leading him into adulthood. The message Jim Start was receiving up from the hypocritical. Anaesthetized adult world was that Jim and those like him were on their own. “Rebel Without a Cause” is an indictment of adult abdication. The film’s only adult capable of showing understanding (a juvenile copy also significantly named Ray) isn’t there when Jim needs him and goes looking for him in the precinct house.

Jim’s opening scene, in which he’s seen drunk, cradling a toy monkey, in an obvious reversion to an infantile state, was improvised. It’s one end of the arc described by the film. At the end, following Jim’s futile attempt to save Plato’s life, Jim’s father tells him: “You did everything a man could.” Without help from his own father, or any of the other dysfunctional mentor and authority figures in his world, Jim has undergone a rite of passage, growing in one night from frightened child to authentic adult. Rebel Without a Cause, an allegory of growth and the painfulness of growth, transcends its own lurid excesses and now-dated topicality to stand as the kind of big pop myth that defines the Hollywood studio movie at its most potent. ... /rebel.pdf

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:26 pm

I don’t know karate, but I know crazy
You’d better ask somebody

-Ice Cube

The Great Pretender: Steven Seagal

full link:

Rob Schneider: Steven Seagal had just met with the Dalai Lama and apparently if you give enough money to the Dalai Lama’s charities, eventually you get something out of it. And so the Dalai Lama made him a deity!

Howard Stern: Wow!

Rob Schneider: A GOD!

…he was Steven Segal, now he’s Steven Seagal, now he’s Steven Seagal – the GOD - the Deity from the Dalai Lama….. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:47 pm

The OG of space-porn propaganda is at it again…

Everything Wrong With Interstellar, Featuring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

full link:

6:08 - deAss: “In Interstellar, the producers knew exactly how, why and when you’d achieve zero-g in space.”

-But of course!
A reduced gravity aircraft is a type of fixed-wing aircraft that provides brief near-weightless environments for training astronauts, conducting research and making gravity-free movie shots.
7:42 - deAss: “In Interstellar, and in the real universe, strong gravitational fields measurably slow passage of time relative to others.”

- I am Jack's raging bile duct. :puke:

8:04 - deAss: “In Interstellar, experience Einstein’s relativity of time as no other feature film has shown.”

Louis Essen, elected FRS for developing the Caesium Clock, wrote to Nature that the alleged confirmation of Relativity by the gentlemen who took Caesium Clocks round the world by airplane was bogus because the caesium clock did not have the claimed accuracy. Nature refused to publish, preferring the PC 'confirmation' of relativity to stand. ... 5#p2396157
14:57 - deAss: “In Interstellar, they reprise the matched-rotation docking maneuver from 2001: A Space Odyssey. But they spin a 100 times faster.”

- Invoke St. Einstein, reference 2001: A Space Odyssey and drop a ‘100 times (faster, higher, farther, etc…)’. I Am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

15:06 - deAss: “In Interstellar, experience Einstein’s curvature of space as no other feature film has shown.”

- In Interstellar, experience St. Einstein’s happiest fantasy-turned-‘reality’ as every NASA feature film, since 1958, has shown.
Einstein’s simple thought was only a “thought-experiment”, but today most of us have seen images on television of astronauts in orbiting spacecraft that illustrate dramatically what Einstein saw in his mind’s eye. We call it zero gravity or zero-g [or OG]. If there had been spacecraft in Einstein’s day, everyone might have had the same happy thought! ... 0#p2398809

- Neil resorted to slangin' "Moon" rocks 'cause he never had a wicked jump shot. Coonin' for Massa' ain't easy but it's necessary!

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:16 am

Only OG’s like Ice Cube can cube the sphere.

Cube Vision (2000-present)

full link:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:01 pm

For over a century Hollywood has been reshaping and redefining how we see ourselves and the world around us. As omnipresent as Hollywood is, it doesn’t have a monopoly on filmmaking. There are plenty of Chinese, Indian, European and South American (among others) small budget films out there. Films that can help us see the world through the eyes of ‘familiar strangers.’ These films may help undo, to a certain degree, the Hollywood snakery we’ve been so accustomed to.

I dedicate this one to all the math-a-magicians.

2+2=5 (!) Persian Short Film (Kurdish & English Subtitles)

full link:

And I dedicate this one to the CIAlebrity ASSet Ben AffleckArgo fuck yourself you $ellout!

'The Frozen Rose' - Short Film (English Subtitles)

full link:

The Frozen Rose

There froze the frozen rose
Where heroes go to chosen lows.
As sleepy does doze in rows
The antler show just grows and grows

In deeper lies a hidden pond
Where cooler fawns will all abscond.
Full of laughs but not one bond,
Yearns one alone for one more fond.

A rose is carried by this deer
Who slowly brings it full of fear
But knowing that he must be clear
On why on earth he's even here

But they ignore with quiet screams
Reminding him of old bad dreams.
Always unsure and so he deems
That nothing true is what it seems.

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by Farcevalue » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:18 pm

This "America's Got Talent" clip was sent to me by a co-worker for some reason. I think he thought it was funny.

The former occupation of the 82 year old contestant was what caught my attention: NASA aerospace engineer who invented some Hubble apparatus, apparently. Right.

Anyway, Simon Cowell says at 1:20 - "So without putting words in your mouth, we're sort of more important than the Hubble telescope." Indeed.

I was actually hoping it would be a good performance. Alas. I wonder if this would have been weird enough for Hunter S. Thompson.

full link:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by Apache » Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:11 am
The first images the Hubble Telescope sent back to earth were fuzzy and out of focus, an incredible disappointment to NASA. In 1993, NASA sent off the first Hubble repair mission, which was to install the COSTAR instrument (or Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement). Hetlinger said he was the program manager for the instrument, which was designed to fix the issues with the telescope’s lenses.
COSTAR was built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., which Hetlinger worked at from 1980 to 2001.
he was a Navy pilot from 1956 to 1959 for Patrol Squadron Four (VP-4) or “Skinny Dragons.”
After leaving the Navy, Hetlinger attended Concordia Theological Seminary from 1964 to 1968 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He earned the Master of Divinity (MDiv).
Well, NASA is a religion. :lol:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by SacredCowSlayer » Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:27 am

To give my kids a demonstration of the Hollywood/NASA nonsense I decided to show them the movie "Deep Impact" from 1998. The following clip is found at the 12:02 mark (this one is only 8 seconds long).

Robert Duvall plays the role of the last Astro-Not to have last walked on the moon. He's talking to a former colleague about the new and improved crew that is about to embark on landing on an asteroid so they can plant a nuke inside it with the hopes of blowing it apart and safely away from earth.

We seriously could not contain our laughter at this point, as if the story line itself wasn't funny enough.
Sometimes they just simply tell the truth, knowing full well the viewing audience won't catch the joke. Enjoy! :lol:

full link:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by ICfreely » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:12 pm

Meet Ken Davitian - Actor, comedian, restaurateur, Armenian Uncle Tom and a Chaza personified!
Kenneth "Ken" Davitian (Քեն Դավիթյան, born June 19, 1953) is an American character actor, who is best known for his role as Borat's producer (Azamat Bagatov) in the 2006 comedy film Borat.[1]

Kenneth Davitian was born on June 19, 1953 in an Armenian-American family in Montebello.[2] His father, a Soviet soldier during World War II, was ["]captured["] by the Nazis. He was placed at a Armenische Legion camp in Stuttgart. After the end of the war, he emigrated to the United States through the efforts of George Mardikian. Davitian worked in his father's waste management company.[3][4] He graduated from Whittier College.[5]

Borat trailer

full link:
Borat trailer 2006 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

It should be noted that ken & Sacha Baron Cohen improvised most of their scenes in that cinematic masterpiece (of $chitt). Ken spoke an unintelligible dialect of ‘Armenian’ and Sacha spoke nonsense. These disgusting embarrassments to ‘their own people’ (Armenians & Jews) specialize in dragging everyone else (i.e. Americans, Kazakhstanis) down to their level (or trying to, anyway).

Porky Pig Cartoon Ending "That's All Folks!"

full link:

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by pov603 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:45 am

I just caught a re-run of Independence Day on the TV.
What caught my eye this time was during the scene(s) where the aliens are destroying the cities and all of the buildings are being blown to smithereens I noticed one building that was caught up in the explosions and fireball which destroyed all of its cladding/outer skin however the building remained standing, unlike all the others, whilst the ball of smoke and ash engulfed it.
It was evident that this building was a steel-framed structure as the skeleton of the frame was all that was left after the initial explosion.
I just thought this seemed to be a 'hat tip' to the fact that steel-framed buildings do not 'implode', at least not in 1996, but were, miraculously about to, three times, only five years later in 2001.

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Re: Reviewing Hollywood snakery

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:53 am

pov603 » August 25th, 2016, 6:45 am wrote:I noticed one building that was caught up in the explosions and fireball which destroyed all of its cladding/outer skin however the building remained standing, unlike all the others, whilst the ball of smoke and ash engulfed it.
Is this the scene?


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