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The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Fri May 27, 2016 3:32 pm

Reddit is a fairly admirable community of experts in various fields, with a wide berth for countless multitudinous topics. It is useful for topics as wide as urban exploration and mushroom hunting to piloting aircraft or demonstrating and explaining proficiency from the standpoint of an expert in a field. Forum member daddie_o has demonstrated that sub-reddits can be quite free to explore various ideas that the larger community finds scary or odious. Being as free and open as it is, it is also a public indicator of sorts, of and for public opinion.

But, like all forums, and sub forums, the largest Reddit group — and its front page — must be moderated in such a way that limits comments to a particular focus.

Generously assuming from the start that none of the moderators have military background, have ill intent or have some mission to deliberately obfuscate information, I would like to do a brief analysis of observable attitudes that characterize that focus in order to help people understand how the Mother Culture of Reddit shames and ridicules simple questions and prevents a wider understanding of TV fakery.

To start with, we can look at the topics and groups that directly link to CluesForum and see how these groups come to believe that they've actually refuted or argued anything by merely using pejorative language about the conclusions and forming self-referential memes that do not examine the evidence for photo manipulation.

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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Fri May 27, 2016 4:36 pm

Here is a thread called:

The space shuttle is impossible and NASA used fake pictures! Proof given by examining those fake pictures. (
submitted 12 days ago (May 18th) by MCAsomm ... nasa_used/

After explaining his position that Simon is misinformed because he apparently didn't understand that there are three fastened points — not just the wonder bolt — the Redditor explains his emotional problem with facing the bolt evidence.
greatfriscofreakout wrote:It's just such an odd thing to take issue with. Out of all the balls-ass-crazy technology on that thing, he picks the bolts?!
This person takes issue with the fact that the bolt was called out as being a weak element of the story, but does not explain how the bolt could withstand the conditions NASA says it goes through. That doesn't examine the actual point of contention. It ridicules it by saying they would expect a point of contention to be more obvious. What a weird position to take.


scott60561 comments:
scott60561 wrote:We get it already: everything is fake and nothing happens.
This attitude also dismisses the point, but not because of incredulity. Because if you make a point about something, you are making a point about everything.


neifirst comments:
neifirst wrote:Well, I was skeptical, but once I learned the author was a fan of Formula 1 racing for several years, well, I was convinced.
This attitude dismisses the responsibility of considering the point by suggesting Simon's expertise actually makes them less qualified than the average person, completely failing to get the idea that anyone can simply use their own judgement on any matter without appealing to an authoritative opinion.


Another group of comments express disbelief and incomprehension about discussions of force, and attempt to turn their inability or unwillingness to read into the information (or even, perhaps, read it?) into an argument to ignore the forces supposedly at work on the shuttlecraft. They quickly shift from characterizing Simon's writings as something to understand into a "rant".

Knight_of_autumn says:
Knight_of_autumn wrote:I couldn't even figure out what he was trying to explain in that part of the rant. He learned about how F1 cars generate downforce so now he wants to apply it to the Space Shuttle? Why? Why the hell does an orbiter need to produce downforce?!
hopsafoobar wrote:The man doesn't understand that the wings were no help in going up... They only produce drag and trouble. They are useful only for coming down like an airplane.
This seems to almost grasp the concept that the wings produce ... well, "something" on the way up. "Drag and trouble" sound like a good start. Why doesn't he explore what exactly that "trouble" is? Does he not care? Is this Redditor only excited to bash foreign "rants"?


This commenter actually characterizes Simon's writings as a conspiracy theory that is "average". How? By falsely observing that Simon has not made calculations. That doesn't describe a conspiracy theorist, anyway. That describes someone who cannot think.
MyCommentIsSarcasm wrote:This crap fascinates me -- the many cognitive failures that combine to make up the average conspiracy theory. I'll just mention one: the fallacy that true engineering experts don't need to perform actual calculations anymore: the genuine master has so assimilated the entire field that he just goes by "gut" or instinct. If he sees a video or article and something "doesn't smell right", this is infallible proof of its falsity.
He also misses the mark by claiming that any sort of suspicion needs to be an infallible proof that something is false. This is the logical fallacy of forcing someone to prove a negative.

The proceeding non sequitur:
VerlorenHoop wrote:Bees can't fly. WAKE UP SHEEPLE
By associating a stupid comment with a trite phrase, it shames and ridicules the idea of paying attention to the world around you. How would such a person characterize saving money by using a coupon? Maybe they might comment, "Final price tags don't exist! WAKE UP CONSUMERS"


Another commenter "knows all about that crowd" and comments, rather hilariously:
naisb wrote:Knew who this was written by as soon as I saw it. Check out his "forum" for more of his incoherent ramblings. Guy fails at physics on so many levels it hurts my brain a little.
Apparently, we run a "forum" rather than a forum, and Simon is hurting the commenter's brain by asking them to use it. Hey, at least they are honest!


This person has actually understood one point of the writings, which is that the bolt seems unlikely to withstand the amount of force needed to carry the shuttle along with the incredible forces of the booster. But they make a rather revealing comment here:
Tar_alcaran wrote:Can't he see that in the very picture of that bolt, there's also clearly a far more solid attachment point in the rear of the shuttle?

Besides, the tank isn't pushing/pulling the shuttle into space, or vice versa. They're both going up at roughly the same speed and direction

I laughed out loud at this comment. What does the Redditor think is making them both go up at "roughly" the same speed and direction?
Tar_alcaran wrote:so the connection doesn't have to be that strong.

The argument is a classic.

1 - Make a wrong assumption (external tank pulls shuttle up),
2 - Find a problem with that (you can't hang a shuttle from two bolts),
3 - Disprove one impossible solution to the problem (There's no venturi effect between shuttle and tank)

And there you have your argument. No venturi effect --> the bolt would break --> the shuttle can't go into space --> Spacetravel is fake --> Illuminati?
Their argument is rather a classic one itself.

1. Make an illogical assumption about an already loose explanation (the external tank blasting enormous amounts of energy has negligible force on a shuttle going "roughly" the same speed and direction with its own means of energy so the connection between them is moot)
2. Find a problem with anything refuting the poor logic, and if possible characterize it as insane


Oh boy! We get a real rant.
ArgonNightmare wrote:Ok rant time:

This is so unbelievably retarded I am utterly struck speechless. How in God's name do they propose that everybody who contributes to this, who perhaps even just reads NASA spaceflights forums, is a part of this lunatic conspiracy? Millions of people? Seriously dude, are you trying to suggest that this gigantic community of scientists and nobel laureates are just either secretly retarded or perhaps privvy to such a ridiculous conspiracy? All the data was also faked huh? Gigantic multi terabyte libraries of experiments and society contributing discoveries such as Teflon - god this is a huge tangent, but seriously this "fake" including the ISS apparently is minutely related to the fact that space flight has caused discoveries and innovations which lead to our high tech lives.

I just cannot believe that you would not take the time to read the scientific data and experiment results. So uneducated and idiotic, truly these people are a disrespect of everything we stand for as an intelligent society.
Being unable to believe someone would lie to them, this genius Redditor must characterize everyone who has been fooled or is mistaken as a "co-conspirator" in an elaborate (but obvious) puppet show, rather than processing the fact that people can and are wrong, can and are fooled, and respond with vitriolic rants like the very one they scripted, when asked to think.

Space flight has caused discoveries that have led to our high tech lives? What innovation would that be? Surely not the space pen and freeze-dried foods, which were produced at normal Earth speeds.


And, though acting like the ignorant maroons around them, this poster actually answers a question with (well, what do we expect?) a perfectly propaganda-filled answer about how the device assisted us in getting to the moon. Not surprising from a name like xthorgoldx — with mainstream Marvel comic book logic?
xthorgoldx wrote:For the interested, because I haven't seen anyone get through enough of this nonsense to notice this gem at the end: what's the purpose of the "vibration-inducing pipe?"

It's a LOX vent. It's a design feature of pretty much every LOX using rocket ever designed. Including the rocket which got us to the moon, the Saturn V. And the workhorse launcher, the Atlas V. Or our other workhorse, the Delta IV.
Work horses. Makes them sound really functional indeed. That's the way to PsyOp ourselves. Let's get pumped up about all that thrusting power. :rolleyes:

Well, so all we've learned is that there is an official name for an item.


So, this is meant to discredit the entire forum?

Good self-herding Reddit. Stay in line. Your discussion is in absolutely no danger of disturbing slumbering fluffy animal folks you seem to fear and hate. -_-

Poor "sheeple" (whatever those are). What did they ever do to you and why can't they get up and walk around once in a while? Stretch? Take a breather?
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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by fbenario » Fri May 27, 2016 11:46 pm

Nice take-down, Hoi - and thanks for identifying all the logical fallacies you saw. The more quickly and easily the reader can identify the structural problems with a comment/analysis, the less likely he will be influenced by it.

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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sat May 28, 2016 6:55 pm

Thank you, fbenario. Today, I'd like to explore the parallel topic in a different sub reddit called aerospace. This also links to Simon's analysis of the shuttle program that is somewhat hurting the minds of people being asked to think for once about what we're being asked to believe by NASA and ESA and the rest of the astronazis.

Knowing how the space shuttle works by reading about F1 cars (x-post from /r/conspiratard, cringe warning.)
submitted 11 days ago (May 17th) by MCAsomm ... /?sort=old

NOTE: MCAsomm is the same user. Poor reaching character. This is a cross post from the conspiratard group (reviewed in the previous post), whose reddit title is a bit like having a sub reddit for "dumb things niggresses say and do" or "the amusing behavior of those fucking idiot buddhists". No, no, this is science with a capital BS.

When sorting present comments from "old" the first comment is fairly revealing about the supposed science expertise of the Reddit:
jrandom wrote:That guy needs some Kerbal Space Program + Realism Overhaul + RealSolarSystem in his life...
This genius suggests that in order to understand NASA's propaganda, we should go play in the simulation of their maths — but not just any simulation — a cartoonish video game that was made for entertainment. The purpose of the game is to basically create and fly rockets in order to pretend to do what space programs do. All in fun and games, of course. Modeled after things like Microsoft Flight and Space Simulators, but made by a Mexican company (rather sucking-up to their northern neighbor it seems, since they've reportedly "impressed" NASA and SpaceX), KSP recently released a "realism" expansion that allows kids to pretend NASA really makes a great deal of sense without worrying about the constraints of details like the real world or the economic elitism of the scientific community. Probable next mod: launch extremist Muslim dinosaurs with AIDS into space.

Before the comments get better, the first posts are a continuing string of nonsense:
linehan23 wrote:Oh my god no... They've finally got us. We all knew this day was coming...
... meaning what, exactly? Sounds a bit like a sad latecomer to the "bash in the conspiratard's brain" party.
Darkfire wrote:That's pretty bullshit. I can't believe some people actually believe shit like this...
DarfWork wrote:Some people just have half the facts, and think they know the whole stuff.
(Yes, this is an actual comment. Check Reddit for yourself.)
thisguy60 wrote:Confirmation bias is a helluva drug.
Indeed, thisguy60. This character thisguy60 is actually "that guy" who shows up and explains something from the opposite perspective as if making a point in favor of the present conversationalists. Confirmation bias is indeed what we are trying to point out to people. There may not be a recourse for a confirmation bias that asserts confirmation bias does not exist.


However, there are a few posters of note, who almost seem to grasp the problem. They comment that Simon makes decent points but merely fails to address the issue in sum total.
syringistic wrote:I'm sure the phenomenon he's talking about actually takes place, but within 30 seconds of launch the shuttle is already high up enough where things such as lift generated by the wings becomes negligible. He fails to take into account that by the time the shuttle is doing 10k mph, theres no air pressure to speak of. Also, the tank is a round surface, its not like all of the shuttles wing area is 2 feet awag from a flat surface.
But not content to use his brain in public, he quickly adds the requisite apology:
syringistic wrote: Sidenote: I'm writing this for those who might want to dismiss this guy outright. His ideas are valid, he's just unable to appy critical thinking.
Well, surely, being able to formulate a point that you're considering reflects poorly on you, then, syringistic? Come on, now.

thisguy60 later adds:
thisguy60 wrote:The point about the "pipe" (which looks more like a seam to me, but I could be mistaken) moving, is pretty curious. I speculate the tank probably grows in length due to thermal expansion of aerodynamic heating but this is totally speculation.
It grows in length due to heat. But not just any heat — that which is particular to the astrophysics of shuttles, of course. Sure. Well, good try. C for effort, sharp guy.

Still, it's apologies all around from even people trying to wrap their heads around fake imagery (even if occasionally in a sort of desperate denial about the possibility that it's fake)
syringistic wrote: I generally suck at physics of all kinds, so I am just using common sense here.
I think this humble position is fairly admirable. If they could now choose to voluntarily leave the church of NASA, they might have some hope for themselves.

Probably not so much hope for this person, but who knows?
Firebar wrote:I liked being told that the ISS is fake when you can see it with the naked eye. And you can see detail with a telescope.
Indeed. The use of the English word fake is pretty flexible while still being very helpful. A fake cigarette can be observed with the naked eye, even though it's made of sugar, artificial flavor and preservatives, but that doesn't mean you'd benefit much from trying to light it on fire and smoke it. Since Firebar doesn't offer proof of capturing detail with their own telescope, one wonders what they mean by "detail" — the aurora of the bright round projected light source that it mostly appears to be?

Another person seems to try ... and not quite get it.
Lars0 wrote:He's right that the anchoring struts in the front do see enormous loads, but the flight path is modified to reduce them as much as possible. That is why the space shuttle does a roll program and then flies "upside down", pitching up as it does a gravity turn rather than pitching down.
Simon is right (ahem) but rotating the plane reduces the stress on the full plane. So that's why we always see barrel rolls in the movies. Rotating the airplane actually puts less stress on both wings rather than highly increased stress on one of the wings as logic and reason would have us believe. Does this person work for NASA or what?

Besides syringistic, though, one other Redditor in the discussion appears to be capable of using their brain admirably. They write about the poor design of the shuttle craft:
mtnspirit wrote:It's not about competing designs. It uses solid fueled rockets which can't be shut down, and has no viable abort modes prior to staging the solids. It has no launch escape system. If anything bad happens with the SRBs on ascent, everyone inside dies.

The shuttle was designed by a committee, compelled by the DOD to do things that they never ended up using it for - because making it as big as they required made it terribly expensive. Its predecessor, the Saturn V (or even the Saturn I) was safer in that launch abort was possible and heat shield damage on launch was not an issue.

It's possible that a fully expendable design could have been cheaper than the Shuttle as-designed. While the US did novel and interesting things with it, the compromise that resulted was arguably a step backward from what came before. Its "reusability" was in-name-only. Sure, you get the vehicle back, but with so much refurbishment required that any cost savings was dubious at best. The fuel tank gets replaced every flight. The SSMEs were removed and rebuilt every flight. The orbiter was re-tiled every flight. The SRBs were dunked in seawater and rebuilt almost from scratch every flight. The complexity and extra mass required for a massive spaceplane makes the simplicity of capsules look very attractive.
Granted, they claim you have to be a "nutjob" to believe that unlikely physical prospects have happened or to — you know, like — question stuff. You gotta be a nutjob to do that. But okay. At least he admits the shuttle is pretty fucking stupidly designed.

Wonder what he would have to say about the tin-foil LEM scrap heap they say got us to the surface of the moon? The hoaxers are still howling about that one, I am sure.

Finally, however, we get to the main point. We need to actually do research! And since we've inspired mtnspirit to use their brain as something besides a door mat or foot rest for NASA, I must say this is a good sign for humanity. Here is their last post on the thread:
mtnspirit wrote:I'd like to point out that this guy has no idea how big that bolt is.

For some other references to the items in that picture with a better size comparison:

Frangible nut with the parachute mortar

Frangible nut in somebody's hand

OF COURSE space shuttle exterior parts are going to look model sized out a wide-angle onboard camera. They aren't. Rocket parts are unbelievably gigantic.
The links to the images posted are here:
148373main_sample-parts-lg.jpg ... rts-lg.jpg

According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code. ~ Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use, U.S. Copyright Code.

Two out of three non-NASA sources ain't a bad start at all (whomever or "Rick M" ("P1030662") is). At least they can try looking outside of NASA imagery and confirming it outside of NASA! But is the thing depicted really meant to be the thing simulated by the doctored shuttle videos? What is supposed to be the wonder bolt? And even if it were identified, could even these relatively minor things withstand the immense pressures and vibrations allegedly on the multi-story rocket-powered vehicles? Surely if all is well, there would be no harm in explaining it with precise numbers, measurements, stress tests and so forth.

But that couldn't happen, because ...
der_innkeeper wrote:Does not understand that, at the height of the cold war, the US had an adversary that had the radar and imaging capabilities to falsify any American claims to making it to the Moon and back.
The Russians faked the U.S. documentation of the launches with secret soviet technology and could claim the technology for themselves!


Brilliant. The dude beats us at conspiracy theories, that's for sure.

It would almost be worth joining the aerospace discussion there just to observe the agents come out of the woodwork to fight our presence tooth and nail with more "conspiratard"-style comments. It would at least reveal some of the posting history of those agents. You can bet they wouldn't let us just rest there, would they?
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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sat May 28, 2016 7:53 pm

Next, I would like to try to address the problem of AMA (Ask Me Anything) which is a feature staple of the Reddit community. Inherent to the "Ask Me Anything" symbol is the "Reality TV"-like idea that it is not reality, you cannot actually ask them anything, that the interviews are conducted in a top-down "TED Talk" style hierarchy, are heavily moderated and that they are often seemingly arranged in conjunction and full cooperation with official Reddit admins.

This is exemplified in posts like this one in the AskScienceDiscussion category:

A month ago we made available publicly via the CERN Open Data Portal 300 TB of research data from the CMS Experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. AUA about our open data!
submitted 2 days ago (May 26, 2016) by user askCERN

This strange veneer of openness features conversation with supposed CERN project representatives who give answers like this:

Feznik wrote:Have you had any communication with anyone who has analyzed the data and found something potentially interesting? What are your hopes for how this open data will be used? How was the small selection of data which has been made open selected?
askCERN wrote:We know of ongoing work using our data and it is very interesting. We are hoping to see scientific studies and to see them used in education.

The data made open is not actually a small selection, it is approximately half of the collision data we've collected for each year of data taking. No special selection there, for 2010 it was the second part of the data taking period, and for 2011 it was the first part of the data taking period.



Here's a bunch of stuff. Ask us anything about it, while you pay attention to us with glittering admiring eyes, hoping for a job here sitting for hours watching computer screens, and we don't really have any answers to give. Just like last year.

(As an aside, it does seem as though CERN, which probably rightly claims to be a starting impetus for the Internet, is a very mixed bag: both genuine scientists humbly studying particle physics and dirtbags posturing about a religious belief in their importance. We might reserve speculations about actual CERN science and its conclusions for more appropriate threads. It just seemed apt to use this particular topic as one example of a problem with AMAs).

There are also a series of AMAs on boards like GodLikeProductions and elsewhere, and the entire joke of them seems to be that anyone can pose as anyone or anything as long as the mods are fooled. Hence, you typically have AMAs as diverse as things like "I am such and such famous person AMA" to "I am a sufferer of [insert hoaxy gimmick] AMA" and there will almost always be someone (if not the majority) buying it or playing along.

For identities and roles that are not faked, the whole concept comes pre-tainted. Yet, I hope I have shown that it's possible for even minimally famous groups to gain public attention through AMAs, and the public would think it's worth their time based purely on semi-conscious clicks based on our obsession with the phenomenon of celebrity.

Some suggestions for the MSM may include:

I helped kill Osama bin Laden AMA
I was recruited by al Qaeda but quit AMA
My dog died when 9/11 rubble felled on him head AMA
This is your God speaking AMA
I am an unapproachable five star general living in a safe city near Detroit but you wouldn't believe me if I told you where and I cannot tell you or I'd have to kill you AMA

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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by simonshack » Sat May 28, 2016 10:05 pm

Thanks for 'monitoring the interwebs' regarding my old Space Shuttle research, Hoi - much appreciated. Has it ever occured to you that those 'Redditors', as you call them, might be some sort of yet-to-be-catalogued dinosaur species? In this sense, one might say that you are pioneering a whole new chapter of paleontology! Your endeavour to explore the Reddit forum for signs of intelligent life is a task as admirable as it must be frustrating and thankless.

Perhaps the most strikingly absurd aspect concerning the general public's imagined scope and purpose of NASA - is that "NASA-fans" simply cannot come up with any firm / tangible / verifiable purpose of NASA's claimed, 'scientific space exploits'. What does NASA actually DO up there? Oh well, one Redditor wrote something to the tune that "we'd still be stuck in the stone age without NASA because ...uh, well, for instance... NASA invented Teflon". It's just too bad that Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) was discovered / invented back in 1938 - several years before NASA itself came to be, a fact confirmed by the NASA clowns themselves - on their own website :
"NASA also raised the celebrity status of Teflon, a material invented for DuPont in 1938, when the Agency applied it to heat shields, space suits, and cargo hold liners."
But that's only one of countless misconceptions, hearsays, urban legends and "popular science" myths which can be read on that Reddit forum. I'll stop here for now, and just remind all and sundry of what the Space Shuttle's "WONDERBOLT" (as I like to call it) looks like ... in the NASA-released "launch videos":


As a former cartoonist (let alone Formula 1 racing car 'insider'), I just can't get enough of it ! ^_^ Image

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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by Apache » Tue May 31, 2016 7:33 am

MyCommentIsSarcasm wrote:the many cognitive failures that combine to make up the average conspiracy theory. [he] just goes by "gut" or instinct.
Speaking of cognitive failures, dismissing and invalidating gut instincts (intuition) is one of them :lol:

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Re: The Brain Geniuses of Reddit

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Tue May 31, 2016 6:20 pm

Ignoring one's senses is indeed the epitome of cognitive failure, Apache! :D

But lo! How moving. Reddit is now vicariously participating in this thread by trolling from a distance, as if slowly gathering the mental capacity to process that words are being strung together to form logical points and/or size up their own prowess.

They say not to feed trolls. That's kind of a universal principle, but are Redditors of "conspiratard" merely such? Let's see.

The comments so far under their latest self-referential thread: Conspiratards critique /r/conspiratard by the genius troll Nickpeeka (whose incredible brain cannot understand the rationale behind hiring actors to perform in drill scenarios — we know it hurts Nickpeeka, but do keep trying to wrap your head around the ideas of "money", "actors" and "training programs" for a start.)

1. Attempting to demonstrate that their comments are worth processing as anything but trolling because they are inherently in the right on all subjects examined.

and, contradictingly (yet totally "in support" of the contradiction)

2. None of the points made by Redditors of "conspiratard" can be read as legitimate because the entire point of their reddit is to make each other laugh rather than actually understand concepts — in brief, they all wish to be seen as dumb trolls.

You're wrong and you're insane and I merely laugh at you. But I'm just kidding when I say all that.


Mmmkay. But can we be sure this is the attitude being taken by "conspiratard" — laughing at discourse while deluding themselves into thinking that demonstrates intellect?
ARTIFICIAL_SAPIENCE wrote: It's cute, they think their insanity is worth taking seriously.
venthos wrote: I think that's probably my favorite part of it all. They're dissecting each comment as if they were all a product of a well-researched genuine retort.
Aha. Don't do research. Good. Good.
In reality, this whole subreddit is the equivalent of a theme park tour through the insanity of conspiracy theorists and we're all just pointing and laughing. We know they've all seen the evidence already, and re-hashing it with them would serve no purpose since they've long chosen to reject rational thought.
So ... pointing and laughing is an embrace of rational thought. Got it. Yes.
There's no "serious debate" in this subreddit.
Or pretty much anywhere. Because if you critique one thing, you're critiquing everything, and thinking about things hurts the brain, as we've learned from them earlier. Sound rational logic. You don't want to hurt yourselves.
I don't come here to argue or convince conspiracy theorists otherwise. It's a zoo that gets populated with cracked out conspiracy theorist postings/videos. A very, very hilarious zoo that provides with untold amounts of comedy.
Excellent. Now we are getting somewhere. There are no arguments being made and no brain power being used except the inherent assumption that conspiratard posters are correct about everything (even when they disagree with each other or contradict themselves) and all that is left to do is laugh about how brilliant they are, despite failing to form arguments.

I love it!

Everything that could be classified as reasoning is meant to be read as purely dumb and uninformed trolling. Yup, makes sense.

But wait, thefugue seems to think they did make a point somewhere. Now, now thefugue, don't break ranks, get back to your monkeying:
thefugue wrote:My favorite part was when they completely ignored my comments on the tread
(Undoubtedly, they meant to spell thread with an "h" in there somewhere but moving on...) Surely, it wasn't this genius bit of rhetoric that was such an amazing point:
thefugue wrote:Why does he think the lift isn't for re-entry?!
Aha. Yeah, good point thefugue. Ask the trolls you're surrounded by if they can understand concepts like "lift" and "reentry" but don't hold your breath. Rational thought doesn't exist in the minds of people who classify scientific subjects as "insane".

The question remains: if CluesForum is just plainly something to be laughed at, why even bother trying to describe to people what it is? Shouldn't it be self-evident? Ah, but I forget. The point of being a dumb troll isn't to help others think. It's to inflate one's ego by calling others "insane" where one's capacity for rational thought fails.


Good attitude, Redditors of "conspiratard". Funny jokes. But, on whom? :P

This sub reddit group would almost be its own great source of amusement if the one-trick pony weren't also such a sad comment on Western discourse. I'd rather go to and read the work of truly professional trolls. Who knows, though? Perhaps, one day, these NASA fans of Reddit will get to work for them one day? Keep at it you lovely parade of top hatted ducks, you've a long way to go.

One little tip: don't get lost on your way to the Mars colony "reality TV" show. (And don't pay too high a ticket price for the rocket trip!) :lol:
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