Parenting In the Simulation Age

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Re: Parenting In the Simulation Age

Postby bongostaple on November 3rd, 2016, 9:16 pm

Whether what they showed on TV for the Challenger explosion was real or fake, I watched it 'live', and recorded it (they showed it a lot of times) and then fired up my synthesizer, drum machine, and 4-track tape recorder and made an electro sort of track with the ground control to shuttle conversations. Not long after, Keith Leblanc released a solo album on which he had done a track exactly in the vein of my effort. Must have telepathically nicked my idea.

Anyway, back on topic - I remember at the time the blue sky somehow turning black when a long zoom of the shuttle was shown. wasn't really convincingly believable, even in 1986.
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Re: Parenting In the Simulation Age

Postby aa5 on November 4th, 2016, 8:11 am

Probably every kid since the dawn of civilization has lived in his own Simulation Age. Look at when WWI broke out, how millions of men ran down to the military volunteering sites to kill those evil Germans, who were doing all those awful things like bayoneting Belgian babies.

How many questioned if they weren't just hearing one side of the story, and at least wanted to hear the other side of the story before risking his own life, and it should be added being willing to kill young German men.

For men with strong enough natural intellects, who have an innate passion to pursue truth and a willingness to question anything or anyone including authority, I believe these men will as they mature in wisdom, be able to see through the mythologies of their own society.
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