Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by RaoulMarz » Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:01 am

I didn't say it was valuable research, I just put it out there.

I also don't really care about all the labels you attach to me, also what is this thing about the passive voice you ascribe to me?
My point is that numbers are used by the Freemasons, and to them certain numbers have significant meaning. And yes that is an opinion, just like almost any ideas people express in these forums. And please explain to me this whole power of invention thing, power of imagination? When is imagination a good thing, how should the creative thought process be directed according to you?

I just put a few numbers and dates out there, and I conjectured what meaning it may have for the Freemasons, which almost all the US presidents belonged to. Do you dispute that? Do you dispute that the Freemasons use numbers and dates and symbols as part of hidden meaning, although it makes no sense to outsiders?

Why are you so upset about my opinion? I guess you would find a person amenable if they supported your viewpoint that all this numbers stuff is gibberish, and people should pay no attention to this. Following this number business is the road to madness! Well it probably is, I admit. This doesn't mean that some people like the Freemasons don't believe in it.

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:05 pm

Okay, so I didn't write anything particularly offensive but you still have avoided my criticism, and only answered a couple questions.

The passive voice is not something I am just ascribing to you. You have used it literally — grammatically. It is when you claim something "is" an adjective without saying who thinks so; it is particularly notable, however, when you use it to describe the whole point of your post. It makes us have a weak argument. I am not trying to detract or rob anything from you. I am trying to make sure your research is solid and your name is representative of good research. There is nothing wrong with the passive voice in some cases, in my opinion. We all use it. But when our jokes about numbers and symbols become entire posts about numbers and symbols and we ascribe it to mysterious powers, what good is it? Where does it lead? Do we cast off the alphabet? Our number system?

Here is an example of what you did, and how you somewhat formatted your post, using just a Wikipedia article.

I think Justin Bieber "is associated" with the number 13.
He was born March 1, 1994. 9+4 is 13!
The first day (1) of March (the third month) "makes" 13.
His first album was released March (3rd month) in 2010. 10+3 is 13!
He fell in popularity in 2013 — the Illuminati love to sacrifice personalities, they must have done it!
In April 2013, the social media analysis company Socialbakers concluded that 16.7 million of Bieber's 37 million Twitter followers are not genuine. 6+7 is 13!
In November 2011, he released a Christmas album. 2+0+11=13!
Christmas is on December 25th. Why is that? Man, the elites love their numbers.

Los Angeles County Superior Court sentenced him on July 9 (7/9, 7+9=16) to pay US$80,900 (8+9=17) in restitution. Drop the tens and you get 6+7=13! Restitution numerically adds up to 56, which is 11. Oh boy, they must have deliberately used that word to associate it with 9/11! Is Beiber a terrorist? Obviously the Illuminati want us to think so.

So you could play with this all day and throw in speculations about their intentions but it's just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. The only special meaning the numbers "have" (note passive voice) is the meaning we give them. Ascribing magical intent to the numbers proves nothing because it ignores all the intent they fail to put in the numbers they are not concentrating on. And they do not concentrate on all of them.

It is your responsibility as a researcher not to merely pluck events' dates from the air and force them into your mold, but to describe in detail why the particular number or event is focused on in a particular way, and to what end, and for what meaning for each number, not to mention how likely it is they would have bothered to calculate this beforehand rather than on the spur of the moment or even much later. Otherwise, you are just "juggling" numbers on a site that focuses on science and probabilities. I don't think we should criticize the occasional joke or wordplay but adding the extra numbers layer to it has got to be very convincing.

Do some work on paper next time before you use our forum as your notepad, please.

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by edgewaters » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:17 pm

hoi.polloi wrote:So you could play with this all day and throw in speculations about their intentions
I think that's kind of the point. Some of the numbers do seem to be there with intent (not always, but sometimes) but I think the intent runs no deeper than to create the effect you've described here.

We know these guys like to use principles of stage magic (the rabbit out of a hat kind). The key to stage magic is distraction, to focus attention on one thing so that another thing is missed by the eye. It's generally a physical thing, they literally distract the physical attention in the moment. Stuff like this is, I think, just a more abstract application, that distracts the consciousness rather than the gaze. Throw some numbers around, funnel what could have been serious inquiry into numerology. It's just compelling noise, for the kind of people apt to throw meaning into it and thereby be distracted.

Maybe, they've built some kind of weird religion around this elevated form of stage magic - maybe they think they've discovered "real" magic and built some belief system around that. I don't know ... and I don't really care, because if that's true, they're idiots and their belief system is stupid.

I once thought maybe they were just communicating with each other in code, but I think there are too few numbers involved for it to be any kind of meaningful cryptography. Not enough data could be transmitted. Much better to just use an old-fashioned numbers station and anonymously broadcast much larger number sequences, at any time required, of any length required.

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:19 pm

I think you may be right. At least, I think that may be a very healthy way of looking at it.

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by ShaneG » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:27 pm

It's a perplexing issue because it's clearly no coincidence that the same numbers keep popping up. It would seem that numbers and symbols are used to tap into the collective psyche on a subliminal level -- the repeated use of certain numbers in the news must stem from an esoteric and perhaps metaphysical background -- the question is why are we being bombarded with the same numbers and symbols all of the time?

We know that occult teachings place great significance on arithmology dating back to Greek philosophers and mathematicians such as Pythagoras. Here's an excerpt from the book 'Dictionary of the Occult' by Andre Nataf:

"The Pythagoreans said that the 'Great Monad', or Unity, was like a creative dyad in its action. From the moment it became manifest, the primordial principle became double: an indivisible essence or inexhaustible infinity on the one hand; and divisible, manifest substance on the other.The monad is the essence, while the dyad is the ability to reproduce, and to bring about creation. The ancient philosophers made the idea comprehensible by assigning a sex to each of the two: they said that the One was the masculine principle and the Two, the feminine, meaning that the One stands for activity, and the Two the object on which the activity is exercised eg matter, nature or even the soul of the world. To recap: One is the primordial principle (Being) and Two is the the principle through which Being manifests itself, a principle combining active and passive. Finally, the product of this dialect between active and passive, which introduces a rupture into the fullness of being, concludes with a manifestation: the world has created itself. The creation is represented as a trinity: 1= Being; 2= the process of manifestation; 3= the result. (Note that manifestation, epiphany and creation are all synonymous here.)"

The triad or law of three is therefore the founding law of all things in the world. An oracle of Zoroaster said, 'The number 3 reigns throughout the world and the monad is its principle.' This is the key to the analogy of macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (man) for, just as man is made up of three distinct but unified elements (body, soul and spirit), the universe is divided into three spheres (the natural world, the human world and the world of transcendence).

Hermetic thought assumes not only that each number reveals a cosmogonic structure but also that the sequence of numbers which, taken together, are the manifestation of the universe, also has a meaning. So, according to numerologists, 4 or quaternity symbolizes the trinity epitomized by the monad, for the number 7, as the sum of 3 and 4, in turn symbolizes the union of man and transcendence. Finally, the number 10, formed by adding the first four numbers together, is the perfect number, the sacred tetraktys of the pythagoreans, it represents a new unity."

I can see why 7 is an important number in their perspective (freemasons?); there are many religious references in the likes of Christianity, Islam and Buddism. Along with the 7 wonders of the world, the 7 seas and 7 chakras. 7 is also the sum of the triangle (3) and the square (4). Going back to ancient math systems -- before decimal points and prime numbers were established -- the geometry involved made these numbers a mystery as they couldn't make straight edge constructions using a compass with the numbers 7, 11, 13 and they were awkward to calculate.

The number 11 is a master number like 22 and 33 which don't get singled down. 11 is associated with spirituality and the pineal gland; it has been talked about amongst numerologists regarding the 11:11 phenomenon

13 is one of the other significant numbers that they like to use. The dollar bill is a prime example of their obsession to display these number patterns for all to see. I can only assume they use these numbers more frequent than others because they believe it helps them to succeed in their plans to brainwash the masses and keep them dumbed down and on a lower frequency, possibly by way of association (people are used to seeing these numbers in all of these psy ops so subconsciously they're more easily being programmed to accept them as xyz/number/trigger links up with mind numbing psyop that they've previously been subjected to).

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by Makkonen » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:46 pm

I think the play with numbers seems to be a combination of make-believe "hexing" (good luck for them, bad luck for others) and an aspect of demented psychosexuality. I mean, the indulgence with the numbers is so pervasive it has to satisfy their needs of leaving a "mark" on the world. That the context for this is Masonic could simply be historical accumulation of various "elite" criminals and gangsters gathering at more "prestigious" places like a Masonic lodge rather than any seedier place. It's a pact, and the Masonic numerology and aesthetics seem to be a logical flavor due to the history of influential criminals (="world elite") engineering the social sphere via meetings in Masonic lodges (among other places of course).

Having said that, this numerology business and the psychosexual satisfaction they get from it also ties into their god-complex: they must feel completely and utterly above ordinary folks at all times. This is only tangential to the subject, but a good example nevertheless of a god-complex sociopath's mindset: ... ainCatID=0

Sadly (in a way!) I feel that the "world elite's" sociopathy is a prerequisite for that status rather than a consequence of it. This would make them naturally inclined to satisfy all of these demented desires through something like joining a secret society - an action that is pretty much incomprehensible to any healthy human being.

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by brianv » Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:31 pm

Perhaps it's a simple case of (fictional) numbers in "News Reports" simply adding "weight" to a sentence. Their lies would look stark and thin otherwise. Same as the "holy books" written by clowns.

"A man died yesterday", becomes -

"A 77 year old man, who at 19 joined the US 45th division and served in World War 2, died peacefully at St Gobbledygooks Hosptial on 5th Avenue".

Simple Editorial tricks. This is the "magic" that I previously spoke of.

simple edit to correspond with posts being moved. nothing of significance!

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Re: Numbers and Semiotics in the News: Why?

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:00 pm

I really think that's one of the most logical "reasons" for the numbers in the news. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly, brianv. Repeated numbers may simply be examples of hypnosis, even if they are also believed by some to be anything else.

Why do corporations insist on having a logo designed? Why do similar themes crop up?

It doesn't necessarily have to do with "conspiracy" if those logos happen to be very fascinating or interesting to look at. Yet, that very 'attractiveness' about them (even if they are aesthetically boring, hideous or obnoxious) can lead to their ubiquity. I suspect a good portion have hidden symbols, and another portion have copied those symbols out of habit or popularity, while still more contain only accidental symbols that "numerologists" find obsessively and credit to human intention that never was.

For those with intention to deceive or imbue a logo or number or story's attractiveness with some extra plot or creativity, how many actually succeed? Most fail, to me, to be anything other than symbols of the deranged minds who wish for such crazy power over others.

Could it be some of these deranged minds are actually confused themselves about how they arrived at their power or privilege they were born into, and must use 'magic' to try to explain it? Might some of these 'fingerprints' be simply devices for the highly wealthy (and possibly depraved) to try to explain to themselves why they deserve their unearned wealth and privilege — being too cowardly to actually get into a discussion with someone outside their protective circle of yes-men and -women? In many cases, I suspect so. By holding the belief (or pretended belief) that their power is justified by some very twisted explanation of what 'consent' actually means they can explain away all their disgusting and base actions against the greater population of the world with the idea that somewhere inside their mass propaganda machine is a tool to 'awaken' those that need more compassionate explanations of what — exactly — is happening to them in this world. By claiming any such-and-such history automatically comes with information they decide it comes with but which they don't communicate except to those making headache inducing searches and sifts, they absolutely fit the description of someone with a psychopathic disorder.

One can try to interpret the news, numbers and symbols all they like, but if someone else comes along with a fine enough explanation the other way — both are 'correct' and this excuses the crafter of the symbol from responsibility to communicate just exactly what they think the 'agreement' is? Sorry, but I can't abide this. Trying to think like them or what they could possibly mean might be fruitful if there were a deciphering kit for all human communication, which is what I see many people trying to do, but I think these members must understand that it is their own personal interpretation as lengthy and verbose as what we should expect from those claiming their symbols contain as much unspoken, magically-communicated information, for which I see no proofs.

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