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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Postby hoi.polloi on December 25th, 2016, 10:07 pm

If you folks haven't checked out HoaxBustersCall, I think you might want to see what you think. We are obviously not ordinarily about promoting things but I think that site is definitely helping to remind people to use their own senses and to identify and think intelligently about lies, skewed stories and rumors put out by big media.

Chris Kendall is a very shrewd and intelligent thinker that puts things in perspective, often in a very simple way that anyone can understand. I don't agree with him 100% and he doesn't agree with me 100% and this was clear enough to me when K and I had him on the newest episode. Everyone must vet their own researchers, so I am not going to just say, "This person is trustworthy!" even if they are trustworthy to me, as I feel Chris is. We must always allow for the possibility that we are fooled in any case.

Moving on, I think CluesForum readers should know that he is helping us promote The Clues Chronicle by posting a link on his side bar. As far as I know, this is only the second site after to give us such a link. And how many others can you find in the world that compile this amount of research out of pure interest in the material? (As opposed to charging people and capitalizing on claims of truth?)*

So yeah, this is not an ordinary post, but that's because for fuck's sake we have to count the few allies we have in this research. Chris is one of mine, as far as I'm concerned. I for one am celebrating the relief I feel that researcher Rochell0 pointed me in the direction of HoaxBustersCall. I recommend you listen and/or watch and see what you think.

None of us is going to agree on everything, but it's nice to see someone else that we can agree on the basics with — i.e.; 9/11 and other bullshit being complete fabrications of a psychopathic predatory culture.

Happy holidays everyone! We are all making a difference and keeping it real together!

Hopefully, the side effects of our research, such as this phony "fake news" meme and so forth, can be seen for what it is: an attempt to belittle, squash and squeeze out our efforts from the public dialogue. We can fight this by simply talking about it. Isn't that awesome? We are in a good position.

* PS: Thank you again to everyone who has donated to keep CluesForum running. It's not necessary. We are dedicated to making this information public and easily viewed in forum structure, for public good, because — well, it's just the right thing to do. We don't ask for change unless we are in a bit of a temporary financial crisis, but it's always appreciated. Please do not read this as an attempt to ask for money right now. If you are anxious for doing some kind of holiday gift anyway, you could buy Simon's music, which helps him out a lot.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Postby antipodean on January 2nd, 2017, 11:28 am

Finally got around to listening to the show. Although it was 90 minutes before the subject matter came up it was quite a good listen.
I agree there must have been more efficient ways of killing all these people than gassing with Zyklon B.

The issue in regards to the use of ovens to cremate the bodies leaves a few unanswered questions. I was trying to quantify how much (& what type) fuel would have been needed to incinerate these millions of bodies given that, they would have to come in contact with naked flames.

After a few hours of googling I couldn't find any sufficient answers. Nearest I got was a holocaust denial forum. ... ad7c7f2890

And this site as well.

To try and even up the debate here's a Jewish site claiming that, the Gas Chambers and ovens operated along the lines of a one stop shop.

The Crematorium II building, which contained a gas chamber and furnaces for burning corpses. Several hundred thousand Jewish men, women and children were murdered here with poison gas, and their bodies burned. ... tml#Bunker No. 1

Personally I think the holocaust myth needs to be perpetuated in order for the allies to justify the war, other wise they come across as being the aggressors.
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