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hoi.polloi » February 10th, 2017, 3:19 am wrote:Thank you for the donations! We are now paid up until August! Thank you all for appreciating/defending our little web space.

Yes, warm thanks to all supporters of our sites - your help is very much appreciated. Hoi, I've received a few more contributions in the last few days - so our various hosting costs should be covered for the whole year.

I haven't donated yet, we got stiffed for NCT and Car Insurance. Robbing bar-stewards. ASAP
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THIS just in, folks... -_-

A woman - "Jennie Santos", age 29 - apparently plunged to her death at the World Trade center - yesterday, February 11.

We're told Jennie was tryin' to retrieve a hat dropped by (yup - you guessed it!) her TWIN sister. :rolleyes:

I'll stop here - you can read the article for yourself just in case you... uh... shouldn't believe me ! ^_^

"N.J. woman dies after fall from World Trade Center Oculus escalator, police say" ... escalator/

Oh WHEN oh WHEN are they going to drown in their own silliness?
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Postby SacredCowSlayer on February 12th, 2017, 5:29 pm

simonshack » February 12th, 2017, 10:02 am wrote:*

THIS just in, folks... -_-

A woman - "Jennie Santos", age 29 - apparently plunged to her death at the World Trade center - yesterday, February 11.

We're told Jennie was tryin' to retrieve a hat dropped by (yup - you guessed it!) her TWIN sister. :rolleyes:

I'll stop here - you can read the article for yourself just in case you... uh... shouldn't believe me ! ^_^

"N.J. woman dies after fall from World Trade Center Oculus escalator, police say" ... escalator/

Oh WHEN oh WHEN are they going to drown in their own silliness?

It so happens that one anagram for Jenny Santos is "an Jenny toss". :lol: Oh my, I suppose there could be accusations that the twin was responsible for umm. . . "helping" her over the edge. There are just so many ways to remind people of the poor Jumpers. :rolleyes:

Also, if you scroll down that page, you'll see another mind screwing story about a grieving 27 year old mother who was run down by a car and killed. Tragically, the poor thing was literally in the act of holding a vigil for a family member who was gunned down in the same place on the day prior. Two (II) suspects remain at large, while the family is left to mourn the loss of two (II) loved ones.

I recall a conversation with my brother a few months ago about how it's interesting that the vigils are so predictable, yet the "rampagers" never seem to show up there for some "low hanging" fruit. Part of that conversation included the likelihood that it would indeed "happen", therefore compounding the tragedy. I guess the story was bound to happen one way or another. Dumb story found here: ... -relative/

In all seriousness, there seems to be an easy enough explanation for most of these stories. Too much time and money available to power hungry psychopaths who wish to justify and protect their own existence. This is easily accomplished when the masses are busy being traumatized with fear and being turned against one another. It's like fishing with dynamite.
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Postby sharpstuff on March 3rd, 2017, 12:41 pm

The Electricity Supply

I am reluctant to post this piece in reference to Scud’s article on Electricity since it may be deemed irrelevant, which is why I am posting it here. One has a penchant for not being ‘shot down in flames’. I refer to my What is reality? thread which was locked before anyone could respond.

I personally (for what it is worth) do think Scud’s article worthy of merit on the ‘Fake’ as it seems to fit all the parameters of this site (exposing fakery). Goodness forbid that I, or any other member would wish to derail this site’s concept. But if moon landings are fake, then the notion of the electrical current we use is available to us is only through fake means, then the discussion is, in my view, valid.

Is it ‘true’ that unless one has a spurious ‘degree’ or is capable of being an un-named ‘expert’ that they have no say in any matters that are not a continuous regurgitation of some-one standing behind a podium and spouting the same drivel to a compliant audience of the data-less?


"A dielectric material (dielectric for short) is an electrical insulator that can be polarized by an applied electric field. When a dielectric is placed in an electric field, electric charges do not flow through the material as they do in a conductor, but only slightly shift from their average equilibrium positions causing dielectric polarization. Because of dielectric polarization, positive charges* are displaced toward the field** and negative charges shift in the opposite direction. This creates an internal electric field that reduces the overall field within the dielectric itself.................
........................Dielectrics are important for explaining various phenomena in electronics, optics, solid-state physics, and cell biophysics***.”

* ‘Charges’ are based on the notion of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, which relies, (so far as I understand) on ‘atomic’ theory, which has not, (again so far as I understand), ever been ratified.

** ‘field’ is yet another indefinable noun. What is a ‘field’, a place where cows graze or one plants wheat…? Is an ‘electrical’ field full of all the paraphernalia of electrical circuits?

***Emphasis mine


It is the cell biophysics that interests me particularly. If we look up the link supplied by Wikipaedia:

we get:

"Cell biophysics (or cellular biophysics) is a sub-field of biophysics that focuses on physical principles underlying cell function. Sub-areas of current interest include statistical models of intracellular signaling dynamics, intracellular transport, cell mechanics (including membrane and cytoskeletal mechanics), molecular motors, biological electricity and genetic network theory.”

This is all gobbldegook. The electrical nature of ‘cells’ can never be known outside the body in which a cell exists. As soon as a ‘cell’ is removed from a living organism, it ceases to exist in the form it was inside the living body. Thus, if you take a frozen pie out of the freezer, it is no longer a frozen pie. Thus with everything else taken out of context.

If the Universe is an electrical manifestation (plasma), there can be no such thing as a vacuum. A vacuum can not ‘exist’ or even not ‘exist’. If it did, there would be nothing at all, anywhere.

'Space' can not be a vacuum since it allegedly contains 'stars, 'planets' and other debris (a 'vacuum' contains nothing, otherwise it would not be a vacuum?).

Space must be (at both 'ends') infinite and thus eternal. This bears on the old adage that you cannot create something from nothing (unless you are an amorphous omniscience or wish to believe otherwise).

Everything in the 'universe' is therefore immersed within this plasma (whatever that is). This plasma must be dynamic. It must have inconsistencies to perpetuate. If it were not dynamic it would be a homogenous soup that came from/goes to nowhere.

Our problem is that it is (almost?) impossible to imagine what plasma/electricity is and so far as I understand, (no-one has explained it in 'draw-me-a-picture mode). However, we can sense that we are immersed in something because we 'feel' it every day in some way or other.

The sun is not a 'nuclear' furnace giving out heat (to what ...the rest of the Universe so huge so far as we are to believe?). There is no such thing as heat per se, we merely say, remember, that we feel warm, hot, cold and so forth.

What we call 'energy' is the dynamic of the plasma. All what we call life, is (somehow) a manifestation of this plasma. It is incalculably micro and macro, giving rise to everything we sense in our daily lives, (so long as they last).

It struck me that if we are bathed in electricity/plasma (or whatever you wish to call it) then perhaps what we call 'life-'forms' may/must be the dielectric within the capacitance of the biosphere. We 'operate' within the influx and outflow of this electric/plasma environment.

However clever humans regards themselves, at bottom line is that we are merely input/output organisms just like all the other flora and fauna and can only sense within our personal sensibilities (that is, however deaf, dumb and blind etc. we are).

Here is an interesting book:

[url]The Universe a Vast Electric Organism[/url]

The title speaks for itself.


Having said all that, what intrigues me about Scud's article is that, yes, indeed since we live in an electric environment and it stands to reason that we must be able to 'collect' this potential (both meanings!) in some way and indeed we can (the Leyden jar scenario). One merely requires a suitable collector, capacitor and means of distribution. I know this probably unsuitably simplistic but I am only trying to understand.

So far as the notion of controlling the electrical 'oomph', I don't really see a problem since the 'voltage' (or whatever) can be controlled and surely household appliances are constructed to 'draw' what they need and which is why they have fuses.


'Absolute zero'

A documentary I personally found fascinating and which I saw years ago, is an attempt to find absolute zero. I presume, in ignorance otherwise, that it was attempting to uphold the notion of the 'Big Bang Theory' (B.B.T.) of the 'origin' of the Universe.

In contrast, we have this:

A Guiness Book of Records which presumes to compliment also the dreaded B.B.T.

which, if you believe any of the stated 'facts' is so full of the holes as in a purported Swiss cheese renders said cheese as pretty much non-existent.

"A giant atom-smashing racetrack of sorts..." (Smashing cheese, Grommit!)

The closing comment:
“Not so fast. ALICE researchers have yet to publish an official measure of the temperature for its quark-gluon plasma."

I think says it all. It applies, in my view, to most 'research into 'science' projects and especially all the tripe about atomic ‘particles’ and their sub-‘particles'.

Where, I ask in trepidation, is there any viable and verifiable evidence for us mere mortals, of anything that we can't personally perceive ourselves from such projects?

What is my point here?

Absolute zero 'temperature (if it could be measured by some theoretical cosmic thermometer) is unobtainable (would it not have to be able to record lower than zero to become zero)?. Nothing would exist because there could be no increase in such a 'temperature' and nothing to measure it. Thus, there can be no verifiable evidence that anything could exist at a 'maximum' temperature. Thus, again, we must exist in the in-between!

Whatever electricity/plasma exists (because we are conscious of our surroundings and we are electrical ‘beings’…part of a circuit?) must lie (in some way) between the two ‘extremes’. There must be a push/pull, or pull/push between which we exist as entities in the 'biosphere'. I could also append this to the notion of 'gravity' versus 'air pressure' the two cannot be dismissed as independent since it is part of a ‘whole’ which cannot exist because the ‘Universe’ is endless at either end.

A magnet is a strange, inexplicable object. It (apparently) has two ‘poles’ which we call ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ (push/pull or pull/push). It is an observation that is easily verifiable by purchasing a couple of magnets. If you place two unlike like ‘poles’ they attract or two like ‘poles’ they repel, bla, bla.

It is the notion of the unlike ‘poles’ that interest me because this is where I believe we exist in an electrical universe. It is the fact that there are ‘opposing’ forces that allow us to move between them to any varying degree that allows our existence. Input/output. Living biological systems (flora and fauna) could be therefore biological ‘capacitors’ as part of universal circuits.

For what is is worth...

Be well....
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