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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

Postby hoi.polloi on December 31st, 2016, 3:49 am

To add to my cheerful and happy reflections on this subject lately (after all, shouldn't we be happy and shouldn't we celebrate if there's a remote possibility that 5 fucking million people didn't die a violent death attributed to history? Why are we supposed to feel so bad about this possibility?) I was browsing a very curious site recently.

It is a site for apparently some kind of legal group called the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I find this a very enlightening look at modern Holocaust propaganda. There is a modern concept of something called a "holocaust denier", which apparently the laws in Europe are based on, more or less. In Germany, for instance, the legal language is something like: "someone who hates an identifiable group".

(What this leaves to the imagination about the clandestine Mason-type or Mafia-type groups we speculate about at the top, I won't explore in this post. However, it's worth thinking about this German law as a way of censoring and preventing the discovery of such evil groups.)

This site shows us the implication of something very interesting. One of the big reasons for the success of the "Holocaust Denier" argument is because of immoral lawyers who happily persecute so-called "Holocaust Deniers" because the trials may supposedly lead to success based on nothing more than the public hate of anyone labeled "antisemite" by a Jewish attack organization.

As you can see on the site's "Hate Map", they lump in "Holocaust Denial" groups with such reviled racists as:

- militant White groups and neo-Nazis
- militant Black groups who say White people were invented by an evil mad scientist
- anti-Muslim hate groups


I have circled the areas where evil "Holocaust Denial" is supposedly taking place. I have researched the groups they have labeled and they don't seem to be the evil racists that they are accused of being. They are certainly not the same as Nazi thugs and gang members. Far from it!

Yet, if you read the language on this site carefully, you will note that they have had to spell it out very carefully — as lawyers have the skill set to do — in order to try to characterize these intellectual pursuits as somehow having anything to do with "hate".

The opening is almost embarrassing for stating the propaganda right up front:

Deniers of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of around 6 million Jews in World War II, either deny that such a genocide took place or minimize its extent. These groups (and individuals) often cloak themselves in the sober language of serious scholarship, call themselves “historical revisionists” instead of deniers, and accuse their critics of trying to squelch open-minded inquiries into historical truth.

Aha, so we're not actually intellectual or scholarly. We are merely cloaking ourselves in the raiment of true intellect. Well, fair enough, I guess. Minimizing the extent would be the same thing as denying it, no? Whatever. Must be fancy talk us cannit unnerstan'.

The deniers’ claims run a gamut. Some say that most Jews were the victims of disease and other privations, or died in much the same way that other casualties of a huge and horrific war did. Some say that the gas chambers did not exist, or were only used to delouse prisoners, or could not possibly have killed as many victims as mainstream historians have asserted, and many suggest that the gas chambers were built after the war as a way extracting reparations from the Germans. The main purpose of Holocaust denial has been to rehabilitate the German Nazis’ image as part of a bid to make the ideology of national socialism more acceptable.

Wow, I had no idea that I was trying to create a national palate for some kind of national socialism. I didn't even think I was a nationalist. But there it is. The main purpose of looking into the past is to cause doomed (but conversely perhaps evil) revolutions.

David Irving, a British writer who is the world’s best-known denier, sued an American scholar for calling him a denier but suffered a devastating defeat in 2000, when a British judge concluded that Irving had selectively edited the facts in his books as part of his pro-Nazi, pro-Hitler and anti-Jewish ideology.

- ... ust-denial

In conclusion, and as you can read for yourself, does the legal site have more to do with making a buck than making justice work for those in the right? It's an advertisement for a law group.

Interestingly, they have apparently worked for a more respectable social justice in helping cases against KKK and other insane racists. But the "holocaust denier" bit seems almost tacked on because ... well ... who knows?

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