The Electricity supply.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Postby ElSushi on March 22nd, 2017, 8:11 am

scud » March 19th, 2017, 7:19 am wrote:Over on the Nuke Hoax thread, Simon recently posted this little jewel of a 1950‘s film by General Electric.

full link:

‘Nobody has ever seen an atom’...but they exist because we have experts that say they exist. Not only that, we can tell exactly their make up including numbers of protons, electrons, neutrons etc.

8.44 in caught my particular attention, a possible ‘wink, wink’ as to what this energy stuff is really all about?
A pile of ‘Uranium 238’ bearing an uncanny resemblance to the pyramids of Giza complete with a removed and glowing capstone depicted as ‘Uranium 235’?



HAHAHA, well, sorry for being a little sarcastic dear CF members, but that Uranium 2 + (3+8) i.e. 2 X 11 = 22 / 2 = 11 (or whatever our spooky masonic men really want us to read their fantastic masonic literature) Giza pyramid analogy is priceless. This is so obvious to me, I mean, it's as if I could almost see their cynical mind patterns coming off their tricky brains. PYRAMIDS !! Of course, what else ! :puke: :blink:
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