The Nuke Hoax - How Far Does It Go?

Global War deceptions & mass manipulation, fear-mongering terror schemes and propaganda in the Age of the Bomb
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simonshack 4 Dec 11 2009, 10:57 PM wrote: British Bomb test....

US Bomb test...

No words, folks... :rolleyes:

Well...I'll say a word or two - or maybe just one general statement :

We were talking about this on another thread. Nice find Si. Wacky footage!

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Piper @ Nov 29 2009, 07:51 AM wrote:

- Do you understand the science behind a nuclear explosion? Do you understand the mechanism that triggers the explosion? Do you understand E=mc^2? What does it mean to square a speed? Do you believe in Einstein's relativity? Do you believe in the current model of the atom? Do you believe that only nuclear bombs can create mushroom clouds?

piper---Einstein had 2 theories of relativity: special and general. The special theory states that the speed of light doesn't change no matter your orientation. In other words 2 bodies traveling at different speeds will still measure the speed of light as being the same. In fact, 2 light beams traveling towards each other will regester the velocity of the opposite light beam as still being the speed of light often denoted by c (186,000 miles per second). Immutable speed of light came as a result of late 19th century interferometry experiments.

Anyway since the speed of light didn't change for either body it must be that the dimensions of space must change or be different for the 2 bodies. Hence one of the bodies will lose mass with respect to the other body because space is smaller (or larger depending on what body you are talking about)...The c squared comes about due to mathematical formula for the relative displacements of the 2 bodies.
( Isasc Newton said that a bodies energy due to it's motion compared to a mass at rest is 1/2 m(velocity squared))

When Einstein, or whoever, came up with this nobody believed there was such a thing as an atomic nucleii.

What makes Einsteins theory interesting: After the discovery of the nucleus much study was done on radioactive isotopes. For instance Madam Curie's experiments. It was shown by trial and error that as Isotopic nucleii broke down they gave off energy and lost mass. And this energy was shown to be equal the mass lost times the speed of light squared. An identical equation to what Einstein derived from a totally different direction. A coincidence of sorts? Perhaps.

I think the bomb works. But, I hope I am wrong.

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When uranium 235 (or plutonium 240 something) is bombarded by Neutrons it will break apart into smaller atoms. These atoms will not weigh as much as the original U235 or Plutonium. The mass will convert to energy. The nuetrons have to be going within a certain range of speed when they hit the nuclear fuel. If there is enough nuclear explosive packed into a tight enough area (critical mass) there will be enough neutrons at the right speed, then it is a virtual certainty that massive amounts of energy will be liberated as the nuclear fuel turns into other elements and energy. All one needs to do is split the first atom with a neutron collision. Then as that atom splits it will liberate more neutrons to collide with other nucleii. A chain reaction as it is refered to.

This stuff began in the 20's with the invention of the cloud chamber and these particles and reactions can be observed 1st hand.

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Tufa @ Dec 20 2009, 11:34 AM wrote:
McCob 4 Dec 19 2009, 10:37 PM wrote: When uranium 235 (or plutonium 240 something) is bombarded by Neutrons it will break apart into smaller atoms
The odd-numbered atom weight is what you are looking for. Natural Uranium U238 or the Plutonium Pu240 ain't any good, U239 and Pu239 shall be used.

When the atom split, some 2-3 new neutrons are emitted as well, and much energy is released. The deficiency in mass is a peculiar thing not much relevant to the industrial application; when you have burned-out fuel cell packages from a nuclear reactor submerged 15m below the surface the mass deficiency 0.5% of the fuel calls; I guarantee the smallest of your concerns!
McCob wrote: The nuetrons have to be going within a certain range of speed when they hit the nuclear fuel.
Precisely. In fact, the new produced neutrons that have a high energy will go vary fast, and unfortunately the cross-section of your target is low for fast neutorons. In a reactor you usually put a lot of water around the fuel to slow the neutrons, and they can then find an acceptable cross section in Pu240.

So, dear friend, if you pour out the water from your reactor (!!!!!!!!!!) the reaction will actually stop rather quickly. There is a residue energy production, that unfortunately prevent this being used as a security measure.

This is why you need the (U239/Pu239) fuel for you bomb. The odd-numbered atoms have a small cross-section for fast neutrons, so neutrons from one split atom can go and split the atom next to it (if it hit the cross-section). This is the basis for the chain-reaction.

In industrial terms, the tricky part is producing a first neutron to start from. There are natural neutrons, but you don't gamble on having one when you need them, right? So you need some device to produce neutrons by technical means.
A typical solution would be an electrical energy source -> X-ray flash ->beam hit a target in the centre of your bomb -> neutrons produced, most likely in a two-step process.

The "Critical mass concept" is important, if you could imagine a bomb sitting on a rack to be loaded on a plane .... and it start raining .. and then the bomb starts heating up with some modest amount, like 1 degree each second --- I promise, it will spoil your coffee break! Especially if some deck-nerd try to extinguish the "fire" and pull out a hose!

Compressing the metal sphere by explosives. You often find pictures on this, the "fast" and "slow" explosives are often replaced, as well as the initiator at the wrong place. I'll thought this to be a "security" feature, before :huh:. It could, possibly, set back the so-called "Terrorists" several minutes, to figure this out, but I much doubt that. If I can upload some pictures, I'll show you.

The usual U238 metal is reported to have a small cross-section for fast neutrons. You cannot build a bomb using it, but if your nuclear device sits close to some tons of U238, you should get a bigger blast.

I seen some report, that physical consequences of Bombs is much exaggerated such as the "atomic Winter" scenario. Since the air density is a bit low, it is difficult to transfer the energy long distances. So a bigger bomb is not that much more effective.

If public "Atomic tests" was made to scare an enemy, there would be much incentive to "improve" on the test results. Most likely the "pictures" would be backed up with "adjusted" pressure sensors, that send "secret" signals protected by some moderate encryption that the enemy could work on, and also "spies" that leak some "reports" that tell the real "truth".

If the bomb is a complete LIE, it should be easy to check it by beeing careful with the basic facts.
Tufa-- Obviously, you are up on degeneration of radioactive isotopes more than I. I was pretty much regurgitating info I got in a physics class I took over 30 yrs ago. I do believe the bomb works. I believe the theory can be shown to be repeatable in cloud chambers.

I find fusion much more hard to undertand. I mean first they have to explode a fission bomb and then turn hydrogen (deuterium) into helium. I have no idea how they could countrol such a thing. I would be glad to hear your ideas on the subject. How do they know all those little atoms are going to collide in all of that cacophony???

For interested onlookers: Hydrogen collisions making helium liberates much more energy than uranium or plutonium turning into iron and cobalt. Which is why the hydrogen bomb is so much more powerful.

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terence.drew @ Dec 21 2009, 06:37 AM wrote: McCob and Tufa ... your depth of knowledge about nuclear stuff is amazing .. did you come by this knowledge yourselves or did someone TELL you about all this??
I do not mean to be a smart ass or anything but surely the point of this thread is that the information regarding nuclear weapons/energy may be suspect, and may also be intended to induce a state of perpetual dread and a shitting of pants in the population?

Gravity. You would/may think that this would be a non issue in our now all encompassing and materialistic view of the world?
However gravity, according to the 'know-alls'(the Scientists), can only account for a tiny percentage (5-10%)of what is perceived in to be the active force of the COSMIC glue which is holding our COsmos together?
So what do they do?
they simply make up terms like 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' ? (BS BS BS BS?)
Pull the other one man.. A universe which is ELECTRICALLY charged, having the the properties of attraction and REPULSION, explains the the unexplainable phenomenon of the arms of spiral galaxies much better than GRAVITY.

Nuke stuff is the same. Certain materials are radioactive and it is clear that beams of energy can be directed...look to your old fashioned TV.

But look at nuke weapons and our wonderful(-ly expensive) CERN ( is this 'lord of the RINGS' also fake/ a money grab ?)Beams of particles are supposedly accelerated over 26000 meters to collide with other particles, and then, as it happens, huge machines detect hitherto fore unknowable god like elements(Do you not need a god like element particle detector to detect these God like elements????) But, is not the splitting of the atom,which is also very God-like and cosmic, similar in a fashion to these CERN experiments?? I mean the dimensions of an atom 'bomb are 2-4 meters to allow for acceleration while CERN's is 26000 meters ? ? and all of these beams and collisions are happening with perfect accuracy and first time-ed-ness while the 'bomb' is descending at a mad rate and being buffeted around by wind resistance on its descent? Jet engines were not jet in regular use, and amazingly, there was at this time a perfect micro mini universe system in operation??? - exactly copying the conditions in the sun .... here is a question ??did they get the idea for nuke bombs from the workings of TV sets and simply invent the rest with a bit of Flash Gordon and ming the merciless thrown in?

P.S Ireland is the latest country to join the nuke race .. our great leader cowman dropped his mushrooms in ALDI
No offense taken. I am not an expert on anything. As I mentioned before I took an undergraduate course in physics (actually, I took 3 courses in physics and they were rigorous) whilst on my way to a degree in math. I only venture my opinion and I don't believe people should believe anything I say just because I say so.

Your ideas may be right and I can't really prove the points you put forward to be false.

For the record: I LOVE any good hearted truther! But, I don't expect everyone to agree with me which is a good thing as I am often wrong.

I can tell you Tufa is much farther ahead in this field than I am.

CERN uses electromagnetism to accelerate particles whereas a nuclear weapon uses explosives.

A lot of what you say I agree with.

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:30 am

I personally know a nuclear physicist who works at CERN now.

I am disturbed that when I ask them questions about this science, they tend to buckle under any sort of questioning - "I don't know, I really don't know ... it's possible ..?"

Is it clear what's going on at CERN?

"Well, you see what's going on on the computer so we know it's happening."

That seems rather dubious. So I would actually have to talk to the person who built CERN's computers in order to see whether my lovely white-coated fellows are getting the right information to interpret? And each of them is not personally trained in the full operations of the machine?

You would assume if you are trying to make a black hole, you would pretty much want everyone on board with how the darned thing is going to work, more or less. No? Well, why should they? Delegation and pyramid schemes work well enough. No need for brainiacs to understand what the heck they are doing while watching the pretty lights.

To me, CERN so far resembles more ISO (aka hypocritical swiss fascism) delegation pyramid schemes again. Very disconcerting. The quest for public info continues!

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Unread post by wraith36 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:37 pm

Double A-bomb survivor dies at 93.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the only person officially recognised as a survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings at the end of the Second World War, has died aged 93.

Mr Yamaguchi died of stomach cancer on Monday.
Mr Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on a business trip for his shipbuilding company on August 6, 1945 when a US B-29 dropped an atomic bomb on the city. He suffered serious burns to his upper body and spent the night in the city.

He then returned to his home town of Nagasaki, about 190 miles south west, which suffered a second US atomic bomb attack three days later.

On August 15 1945, Japan surrendered, ending the war.

Mr Yamaguchi was the only person to be certified by the Japanese government as having been in both cities when they were attacked, although other dual survivors have also been identified.

"My double radiation exposure is now an official government record. It can tell the younger generation the horrifying history of the atomic bombings even after I die," Mr Yamaguchi was quoted as saying in the Mainichi newspaper last year.

In his later years, he gave talks about his experiences as an atomic bomb survivor and often expressed his hope that such weapons would be abolished.
He spoke at the United Nations in 2006, wrote books and songs about his experiences, and appeared in a documentary about survivors of both attacks.

Last month he was reportedly visited in hospital by film director James Cameron, who is considering making a movie about the bombings.

Link : ... =151632198

Wonder how all the radiation from two bombs didnt kill him first.?
So it looks like carpet bombing really did take place.

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:33 pm

I have just been watching more nuke tests from across the world.

I am amazed that the "thing" seen in Pakistan recently was declared a successful nuclear test. It's almost as bad as 9/11 footage (and that's bad.) In other words, it appears that even in 1998 the technology to make these propaganda videos is cheap - affordable. Probably far more affordable than a single crate of TNT apparently used to blow up this mountain. ... re=related

The Chinese thermonuclear bomb is hilarious - it really looks like some sort of kung-fu movie special effect. To me there is no doubt that fakery is involved with all the tests I have seen so far.

THERMONUKE: ... re=related

So are they faked because the bomb is fake - or is there some special hierarchy of information - some giddy pleasure in viewing a true nuke explosion reserved for those with the Ralph E Eberhart "pocket rocket" badge?

Or is there so much radiation and fallout it is merely impossible to actually film such explosions?

I talked to a man from the European Space Agency who works on project Cassini recently who assured me that several feet of lead is adequate to protect astronauts in outer space. He was not, however, able to explain how space walks were possible under such circumstances. Astronauts don't go out of the shuttle in Iron Man costumes (or Lead Man, as it were) after all. Considering the article above from wraith36, we might consider either:

1. radiation is less deadly and less effective in disrupting electromagnetic forces than we think.


2. the places where deadly X-ray and Gamma radiation are most prevalent are not ventured in as often as the bomb tests would have us believe.

The question is: if we could visit the Nagasaki or Hiroshima WW2 bomb museum, what kinds of clues could we look for in the photos that the whole thing was staged - or that different bombs were being used?

Because although there are conflicting reports about the "first detonation" of such a weapon, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are literally supposed to be THE FIRST. So is that museum like some sort of historical equivalent to the 9/11 propaganda museum starring Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro - coming summer 2012 to a propaganda-flooded city near you?

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:35 pm

Do you think it makes a big difference to real victims
- when they are blown away into little pieces -
if this was done by TNT, NukeBomb or Marshmellows ?

Yes, it probably makes a difference if they live. That's what we're discussing.

Someone who survives or witnesses such an attack - as seen in countless "nuke test" videos - would conclude from them that the weapon being used upon them has no defense against it, that every country must race to have one to prevent M.A.D. ("Mutually Assured Destruction") and that without such a weapon - or without the alleged scientists/propagandists necessary to make the world know that they have it - their citizens should feel powerless and "undeveloped".

The nuke race - if it is propaganda rather than actuality - is a perfect excuse for every country on the planet to race to the nuke experts and beg for initiation. Perhaps such "experts" are trained in "propaganda system installation" rather than uranium physics.

If the nuke doesn't exist, perhaps killing a thousand or a million people with a button is not as easy as the fearmongers behind 9/11 would have us believe. And if everyone knew it, perhaps it wouldn't have been so easy for a single story - a single big lie like 9/11 or 7/7 or 11-M or whatever BS comes out next - to be distributed through the "nuke warning" channels in every country.

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Unread post by fbenario » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:43 pm

The 'real horror', of course, was the government's knowledge that they got away with faking it, and we have been reaping the consequences ever since.

After Atom Bombs’ Shock, the Real Horrors Began Unfolding

The term “ground zero” originated with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those who survived up-close encounters with these new American bombs did so thanks to sheer, blind good fortune. They were in exactly the right place at the right time, sheltered from the gamma and infrared death rays, and then from the flattening blast, in spots that acted as natural shock cocoons.
This doctor confessed: “Those of us who stayed where we were, those of us who took refuge in the hills behind the hospital when the fires began to spread and close in, happened to escape alive. In short, those who survived the bomb were, if not merely lucky, in a greater or lesser degree selfish, self-centered -- guided by instinct and not by civilization. And we know it, we who have survived.” ... ?th&emc=th

Of course these guys survived - they were beyond where the fire-bombing spread.

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Unread post by fbenario » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:00 pm

Unfortunately, they probably won't be reassessing whether any nuclear fallout existed at all. I bet we could point some obvious problems with their computer model.

Hiroshima will reassess reach of 'black rain'

The finding has since been questioned by other experts, including meteorologists, who pointed out problems with the model, including the altitude of the atomic cloud and the quantity of radioactive materials produced by the Aug. 6, 1945, explosion.

The new study will start by discussing with experts those variables and others, such as the weather on the day of the bombing and the drifting of smoke from fires, officials said. ... 210a3.html

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Unread post by McCob » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:17 pm

The US military has a weapon they call a "Daisy Cutter" it is a bomb that spreads flamable vapor into a large volume of the atmosphere and then detonates it. One of these can take out a pretty good size town. I don't know how long they have had them. They were used in the first Iraq War.

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:28 am

After doing some research on Hiroshima, I have some questions about Pearl Harbor and Japan's whole relationship to the United States during this apparent "world war" they call WWII. That specific thread can be discussed elsewhere, but I have searched and viewed several photographs from specifically the "first Nuke bomb on civilian population" event in Hiroshima. Many are available in large format where detail is apparent. I am starting to believe nobody died in Hiroshima outside normal war time, and that perhaps it was a sacrificial goat for public media consumption. Perhaps neither firebombs, daisy cutters nor "nukes" would have been allowed to grace the air above this town.

Nuclear weaponry is a simplistic anagram of Unclear weaponry. Here are the weak "facts" poured out every time the nuclear threat is mentioned, all part of a story that remains unclarified and unconvincing for 65 years:

1. Number of victims; it ranges wildly between 100,000 (or less) and 200,000 people

2. Type of death from A-Bomb; descriptions range from "200,000 killed instantly" to fewer killed instantly and "many more from A-Bomb radiation" to "140,000 total dead by the end of 1945"

3. What precisely "A-Bomb Radiation" actually is, since no bomb of specifically the type claimed to have been used on Hiroshima has been claimed to have been used again, yet diagnoses remain as "consequences of A-Bomb Radiation" rather than specific radiation issues

4. Who died; Thousands of slaves from Korea and China are said to have been among the official victims, though it is not mentioned what percentage of what figure or any specific numbers

5. Where the bodies went; Although a full 200,000 are said to have "vaporized" in certain figures, there is no explanation for the stories that claim less than 200,000 died by "heat rays" - where did the diagnosed and ill go then? There are plenty of trinkets in the official story about where bodies were hidden or remains buried, yet many are suspect. And if they are all suspect, the entire story is rather wobbly. Among the ironic places was a miraculously surviving Red Cross building (we have already learned a little about the weird history of the Red Cross) and the trenches of the river, neither of which would have been accessible to the public view in a core military base such as Hiroshima. Furthermore, if radiation was being diagnosed, why would people be treated within Hiroshima? Wouldn't you want to evacuate the town as soon as possible? (Although there are problems with the story of the barracks outside Hiroshima, which were conveniently wiped away by nothing less than a story about a typhoon known as Makurazaki.)

6. Evidence of non-fire based heat; most pieces look like they were melted under extreme fire conditions or sometimes they appear glued together, but only extremely official documentation could allow you to remove objects from their official areas and scientifically examine them. Science being blocked.

7. Why no resistence? The official story on all sides is that 3 airplanes flew officially to drop the bomb: 1.Enola Gay, 2.'Observation Equipment' plane, 3.'Photographic Equipment' plane - yet, not a single Japanese fighter was guarding the troop organization headquarters: Hiroshima city.

8. What did the explosion look like? Stories range wildly from nothing but visible darkness to nothing but shining blinding light and everything in between. Within this all-encompassing range of visual descriptions, there is not a story that could be doubted, except perhaps that nothing happened at all.

9. Where did the bomb detonate? The current official story is that it blew up 600 meters above the Industrial Promotion Hall, which - like the A-Bomb explosion video - resembles a dome. Other stories mention Shima Hospital, but given 600 meters is so far above the Earth, one could argue that it was above both at the same time. Indeed, at such a distance, it doesn't matter where the bomb actually was.

10. Why were there so many dummy bombs? Dummy A-Bombs nicknamed 'pumpkins' were dropped on dozens of cities along Japan's southeastern coast between July 20 and August 14, 1945 apparently killing/injuring over 1,000.

11. Who were the A-Bomb orphans? Again, the figure waves about between 2,000 and 6,500 - a significant confusion.

12. Why was Hiroshima targeted for demolition work just before the "A-Bomb" strike? In 1943, the National Government targeted 133 locations for demolition to create "firebreaks" and most of the workers for this dirty job were "killed instantly" according to the official story, since they were working on demolishing buildings in Hiroshima at the time of the strike at 8:15 in the morning.

13. Why does the mayor of Hiroshima know what happened more than any scientist? Takeshi Araki – the mayor of Hiroshima – writes frequently to ambassadors of all sorts of countries, urging them to consider the 'A-Bomb' disaster again and again, using language that describes the official flawed story as scientific fact – thus offering frequent reminders in propagandistic terms of what is still an unclear event. Furthermore, it cements in the minds of each new generation of politicians the false idea that we know the Nuke actually exists.

14. Why is radiation still so mysterious, and why can anything get diagnosed as radiation? The emergency ABCC (Atom Bomb Casualty Commission) did not provide treatment for any sort of radiation problems. Instead, they simply diagnosed radiation, and sent people on their way. This commission was renamed RERF (Radiation Research) and for some reason, is highly connected to the A-Bomb Survivors Relief Association established in Seoul, Korea in 1967.

15. Despite a growing populist resistance movement within Japan in the years running up to, during and after the war, why did the British censor the Japanese press after the A-Bomb strike? The official British-enforced press code was established in September, 1945. In this code a few weeks after the "A-Bomb" story was getting spread, artists and journalists faced severe prosecution for reporting anything outside the approval of the British conquerers. Strict censorship has been enforced on the A-Bomb issue since. Hiroshima museum declares that the “psychological pressure on authors was immense.”

16. Why was the A-Bomb given the Religious name "project Trinity" and why are its remains given the "holy relic" status of fictional element "trinitite"?

17. Why was half of Japan militaristically cut off from its citizenry before the "A-Bomb" strikes? In early 1945, the mainland was split by military forces along the Suzuka Mountain Range (“in anticipation of the country being divided”) At this time, the 2nd General Army HQ was Hiroshima itself.

18. What were the consequences of radiation? People from the area with cancer do not seem to have rates exceeding normal amounts of cancer throughout southern Japan, and still others were diagnosed with radiation for all manner of mutation, burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises and gross-looking tumors. 65 years later, the grass is growing fine.

These are just a few of the many problems with the official story. I won't even go into the "vicsim"-like nature of the victim photographs and names. (Particularly because there is no official CNN-like list like the 9/11 hoaxters flubbed so badly.) Or the problems with the few "post-bomb" disaster photos. However, all of the pictures I have seen are extremely dubious and do not effectively convey a convincing story of innocence destroyed by an evil, immensely powerful magical fairy weapon that was incredibly documented. Maybe Judy Wood was right when she said 9/11 was a "new Hiroshima" - the story may be an enormous fraud, just like 9/11.

P.S. It doesn't look good for the Pearl Harbor imagery either.

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Unread post by fred » Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:47 pm

According to the museum in Hiroshima, nobody knew at first that the city had been hit with atomic weapons, and it wasn't until some doctor found some exposed X-Ray film that the Japanese authorities figured out that some kind of atomic weapon was used.

The city is all new and shiny today-- at the very least whatever used to be there got flattened pretty effectively because almost everything there today was built in the last 60 years.

I think that they actually did use atomic weapons there, and that a lot of the hoax-y elements of the story, such as the suggestion that most of the victims were "instantly vaporized" are the result of widespread cover-ups to prevent public outrage over the cruel and barbaric nature of the weapons used. In fact a lot of little kids seemed fine for a few days only to die agonizing deaths over a period of weeks or months as bits and pieces of their internal organs began falling off. IMHO the cover-up is to make the weapon seem less disgusting than it really is, and to prevent the world from thinking that the US was almost as bad as the Nazis. The official story is that A-bomb death is instantaneous or a few days later from mysterious fall-out, but the reality is you'd probably be better off having your limbs hacked off by pirates and dying from gangrene than by getting hit with the atom bomb. It's not an appropriate weapon for civilized countries, nor is it a doomsday device.

My opinion is that there's a lot of deliberate disinformation surrounding real weapons, and I think that it's a mistake to treat the fact that the disinformation exists as confirmation that the weapon is not real.

The article has been buried with 911m, but I wrote a while back about some now-declassified disinformation campaigns surrounding the bazooka. It was, in fact, a real weapon, but there was a deliberate rumor-mongering campaign in WWII to simultaneously exaggerate its effectiveness and deny its existence. One newspaper would report a magic gun that would enable a lone solider to kill a tank, and another newspaper would talk about such a weapon but claim that it was a failure, etc.

I would guess they did similar things around the A-Bomb, claiming at once that it's the end of the world and a doomsday device, while simultaneously claiming that everything is fine and that radiation is really not all that terribly dangerous.

There are conflicting goals depending on the audience that's being addressed: foreign leaders are supposed to be terrified of America's might, the domestic population is supposed to be terrorized by the cold war nuclear threat, and Congress is supposed to believe that existing nukes are not good enough and we need more money for better weapons.

I suppose it's reasonable to question whether or not the bomb really exists, but I wouldn't reach any conclusions based solely on the fact that there is so much verifiable disinformation about the bomb.