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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Postby hoi.polloi on January 9th, 2017, 2:37 am

MOVINGTARGET wrote:So, that is my main purpose for registering as a member, so I can post the information, and disseminate it on your site, as well as others, to as many readers as possible.

Just to be clear, in case it's not, this isn't a pseudo-open platform like Above Top Secret, David Icke or YouTube. We focus on and moderate for explicitly expressing and exercising doubt about media stories, and helping others see basic failures and contradictions in fake news stories. We encourage any kind of forensics available to the average person and discourage sources of "special knowledge" unless your so-called expertise actually makes sense; and even then, we are obviously challenging and moving forward the concept of "expert" here since we are seeing so many of them endorse stupid bullshit.

We don't really promote much speculation or personal world view, per se. I hope this makes sense. If you have other questions about what we're looking for, please review the initial agreements when you registered. Thank you!
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Postby Peter on January 9th, 2017, 5:11 pm


I’m British, Jack of all trades master of none, now living in Canary Islands (Tenerife atm), not working, learning Spanish, thinking how to spend the rest of my life.

Technical person, amateur astronomer, attended amateur rocket launches in youth, interested in rocket technology.

Cottoned on to 911, space travel, Holo, and most of the smaller hoaxes more than 10 years ago. Very recently realised nuclear weapons were an “emperor’s magic power” and searching that is what took me here!

I have recently posted on the Satellites thread with a YouTube link to a BBC documentary “How to Build a Satellite”. The British are good at that type of deception eg “First British Nuclear Bomb” (YouTube). But the longer and more elaborate the documentary the more ammunition it gives people like us. Check out the last (at time of posting) post in the Satellites thread and see if you agree with my points and also my deconstruction of that BBC documentary.

I plan to soon post on the Rocket thread. It seems to be the “Does Rocketry Work in the Vacuum?” thread. (I can answer the title question if the thread hasn’t fully explained that already. BTW space probably isn’t a vacuum, no rocket has got into space anyway, and I don’t think huge Saturn V / Shuttle type rockets have any function at all, that is if they even exist).

I’m grateful to find such a high quality site as this. I list couple of things I haven’t seen discussed below. Tell me if you don’t want me to start threads on them on this site (or if they are here already but I have missed them).

First something I rarely mention to anyone, because it appears to be a UFO/Flat Earth type silly-lie-to-repulse-truthseekers-from-real-lie-exposers, is that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced. Same with Doris Day and a couple of others. Although it is trifling compared to other hoaxes it isn’t a disinfo straw man. It actually happened and I can present evidence which you can judge for yourself.

Another thing that I am interested in but have no conclusion about: the motivation for this age of lies.
A universal all encompassing conspiracy? Unlikely I would have thought.
Leaders thinking what they are doing is for the best (although I realise many/most are simply corrupt)? I have personally seen evil from those who thought they were doing good.
Whatever the motivations I don’t like it. It is a predictor/marker of end times such as the fall of Rome. It is not a good thing.
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