Introducing the TYCHOS

Simon Shack's (Tycho Brahe-inspired) geoaxial binary system. Discuss the book and website for the most accurate configuration of our solar system ever devised - which soundly puts to rest the geometrically impossible Copernican-Keplerian model.
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Re: Introducing the TYCHOS

Unread post by Peaker » Sat Mar 21, 2020 9:21 am

Hello All,

In these times of turmoil it pays to remember the good and the true. I thus place a post here on the Tychos to celebrate the rational power that a man can control if he puts his mind to it. He can collect data and assemble a working model and by sharing it, test it: even beyond his own lifetime!

I have just finished my third reading of Simon's book and have learnt a magnificent amount about astronomy, but, as important, about the history of astronomy which had remained hidden from my sight all my life.

Others should post here who have read the book and put down their thoughts.. it is a personal journey for each of us but ends with something stupendous...a vista of beauty vast and unspoilt.

Jupiter, Saturn and Mars rose early in the morning a week ago and I saw the 'ecliptic' plane that they were on so clearly in my minds eye, better than I had ever seen it before. But this time I saw them, ever so slowly, orbiting the Sun which orbits the Earth ....this is the privileged perception of a rational mind.

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Re: Introducing the TYCHOS

Unread post by patrix » Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:12 pm

The TYCHOS year 2 in review

On Friday the 20th of Mars at the Vernal Equinox, Simon's model of the planetary movements – The TYCHOS had its second birthday (of official release).

The year 2019 has been a truly fantastic year for the TYCHOS.

At the beginning of the year, I managed to add astronomical positions to the TYCHOS simulator - Tychosium (Declination and Right Ascension) which makes it possible to compare the planetary positions in the TYCHOS model with observational data, and it checks out remarkably well. Especially considering this is an unfunded one-man research project that has been going on for seven years and that I have assisted in the last three years.

The outer planets – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus were also added to TYCHOS during the year and the question if they are orbiting the Sun or the Earth was solved. The outer planets are orbiting the Sun as Tycho Brahe claimed in the 17th century. The idea was challenged at the time by Giovanni Battista Riccioli, the author of Almagestum Novum. But with the power of 3D simulation, we can conclude that the geometrical configuration that agrees with observations is a heliocentric one for the outer planets. So the geo-heliocentric model that Tycho Brahe gave birth to (and was later perfected by his assistant Longomontanus who gave Earth a daily axial rotation) still holds with the addition of the PVP-orbit that Simon has discovered.

Another remarkable discovery was that Halley's Comet agrees with TYCHOS and its strict axioms of circular orbits and constant speeds. Simon managed to devise an orbit for Halleys Comet in the Tychosium that agrees with several known historical observations of Halleys Comet. It was discovered during this research that many historical sightings of Halleys, for unkown reasons have been altered or omitted entirely in later records. It was also discovered that several comets that had been identified as other comets during passages of Halleys agree with the suggested orbit in Tychosium and that it is therefore likely that these comets were, in fact, Halley's Comet.

This last year we have also engaged in extended discussions with a seasoned astronomer. This however resulted in mostly demeaning language from his part and various futile attempts to invalidate the TYCHOS model. I think it is quite clear that the Copernican/Keplerian model is indeed an unshakable dogma in the present scientific climate - no matter how much evidence is laid forth to highlight its multiple paradoxes and absurdities; the TYCHOS model resolves each and all of these problems.

Perhaps we should do what a dissident in medicine - Stefan Lanka - did regarding the existence of the measles virus: set up a reward that can be claimed if it can be proved in court that the Copernican/Keplerian model agrees with basic logic and geometry. Simon has demonstrated (beyond reasonable doubt) that it doesn't.

I wish you all a great TYCHOS year! /Patrik

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Re: Introducing the TYCHOS

Unread post by aa5 » Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:17 am

Thanks for your work on it Patrix. I was showing my Dad the Tychos simulator to show to him what I was talking about. He was at first very skeptical of the Tychos ideas, but he is extremely good at visualizing how the curves & mathematics work in relation to something once you show him just some brief examples. (as he is an electrical engineer who is naturally good at moving shapes around in his head)

I showed him the comparison of the Copernican model of the Earth-Mars-Deneb Algedi star alignments. Then I showed him how the Tychos simulator shows it. Using Simon's graphics taken from the different simulators.

I also told him that I don't know if the Tychos is the exact model, but it must be said it seems a far better model than the Copernican model.

He was questioning how Mars can influence the Sun's being so much smaller. But I gave him Simon's info on how other Stars have been found to be binary stars. With the closest star being a binary system, having the same ratio of size & distance as the Sun does to Mars.

Regardless it doesn't make any difference whether this 'makes sense' from ideas people had previously learned about how gravitation works between planets.. the reality is the reality. It must then be that those previous theories were wrong in how the relationship works.

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