9/11 Money Grab

The most common objection people have to our research: "Too many people would have been involved to pull off such a massive hoax." Well, with trillions of taxpayers' dollars at hand, this operation could certainly afford contracting many individuals (under a gag order and on a need-to-know basis). Meet the real - and unreal - persons, companies & entities assigned to carry out this gigantic, media & military-assisted psyop.
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Re: 9/11 Money Grab

Unread post by simonshack » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:15 pm

brianv wrote:"US politician accused of selling 9/11 cartoons to little children"

But that's exactly what the media did, and have been doing for 13 years.
Oops! I almost forgot about that, Brian! :P :lol:

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