Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Anything on the news and elsewhere in the media with evidence of digital manipulation, bogus story-lines and propaganda

Re: Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Postby pov603 on November 30th, 2016, 5:39 am


How my accidental lie ran round the world

hugo rifkind

Tweet a quip supposedly made by Donald Trump’s daughter and before you know it, you’re embroiled in a ‘fake news’ row

'They' (the journos) all seem to be at it and simply writing, nonchalantly, that it was done 'innocently' and was thereafter taken out of context, gaining a life of its own in the process. Smoke and mirrors by the sound of it.
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Re: Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Postby ICfreely on November 30th, 2016, 2:34 pm

SacredCowSlayer » November 26th, 2016, 10:39 pm wrote:
elmoastro » November 27th, 2016, 12:16 am wrote:I almost started a new thread but for now this post probably belongs here.

Thread title would have been, "Fake News in the Fake News"

Very interesting to me to see which media comes out to decry and promises to rid the world of fake news.
Mark Zuckerburg & Facebook
CNN (see Iraq war 1, CNN Charles Jaco, green screen, satellite backfeed)

The fake news going after the fake news. That's precious right there. :lol:

Yeah I was wondering when somebody else would point this absurd story out. I found myself too annoyed to even go through the motions.

But I'm glad you did so. It really is the power infrastructure trying to define the terms and lay out the terrain so as to further muddy the waters for everyone else.

It's yet another layer of fakery we have to explain. And in a society where people have almost Zero attention span. . . well, that little Extra bit can end up amounting to a lot.

I can see people waving off information or insight into "fake news" with a quick "oh yeah I read all about how Facebook is going to crack down on all that stuff."

It's an effective (if unimaginative) trick to bolster a person's pre-existing and underlying belief/trust/faith in the "real news". So we have to adapt (in some ways), and be all the more careful not to adopt their use of language.

Rest assured their disinformation and propaganda campaigns will NOT let up. They simply can't afford to lose the (mind) control they've had over the vast majority for SO Many decades. Their ILLUSIONS are what keep them in power.

I agree that your post might have warranted a new topic. But this Is good for now in my opinion. If a new MO develops (and morphs) then I'm sure it will get addressed separately. :)

Or maybe "their power" is, in the altogether, ILLUSORY?

Speaking of the fake news going after the fake news, propornot.com takes the cake.

Is It Propaganda Or Not?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016!

Russia is Manipulating US Public Opinion through Online Propaganda [ :o ]

November 29, 2016

We're trying to stop it. [ :lol: ]

Welcome to PropOrNot! This site is a resource for people who want to understand Russian influence operations targeted at US audiences, distinguish between propaganda and commercial "clickbait", and help identify propaganda and push back.


Oh stop it you silly rabbits. Everyone knows Public Relations is just a euphemism for Propaganda. The fraudfather of fakery wrote the books on it!


The extent to which propaganda shapes the progress
of affairs about us may surprise even well informed
persons. Nevertheless, it is only necessary
to look under the surface of the newspaper for a
hint as to propaganda's authority over public opinion.


The Engineering of Consent - EDWARD L. BERNAYS

Edward L. Bernays, New York City, in partnership with Doris E. Fleischman, is
counsel on public relations, a profession he was instrumental in founding. In that capacity
he has served governments, trade associations, and profit and nonprofit organizations.
He is author of Propaganda, Crystallizing Public Opinion, Speak Up for Democracy,
and Take Your Place at the Peace Table, and editor of Outline of Careers.

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Re: Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Postby elmoastro on December 8th, 2016, 10:09 pm

CNN apparently in a meltdown over people reporting it as a fake news site on Facebook. Just to remind folks, CNN has been in the fake news business since at least 1990.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWY14eyMFg
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Re: Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Postby SacredCowSlayer on February 15th, 2017, 6:49 pm

Well, Sugarmountain decided (evidently) to pay a visit to Waco, TX to meet with various ministers. I can't tell exactly why he/it or they would be interested in each other.

Here is the WacoTrib.com article: http://www.wacotrib.com/opinion/columns ... mode=story .

Check out this image. It's interesting how each individual seems to be in his own separate world. But maybe that's just me.


I'll try to come back with more later.

Too bad they don't tell us about these things in advance. You know, so we can go meet the guy ourselves. <_<
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Re: Facebook, Twitter and the artificial new media

Postby hoi.polloi on February 19th, 2017, 5:49 am

Wow, it really does look like an unnaturally lit layered composite of different people unaware of the full situation around each individual character. Is there some reason they published this thing as blurry crap? Is it meant to be taken from an artificial video?
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