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Postby Vera Obscurata on December 3rd, 2016, 7:18 pm

I think for the majority of Cluesforum readers, Miles Mathis has brought a lot of insight in the connections, "his-story" and modus operandi of the unreality of the Elite Apes. Like I said:

First about Miles Mathis; I have read all his ... articles about the hoaxes of history and many of them are new and about historical events that were either completely or partially hoaxed/faked/staged. I think Mathis has done a great job on those topics.

In my analysis of hoaxes and the connections here, like the latest plane "crash", I like to highlight what we can learn from him; the typical families, links to excellent papers (in words) and ideas.

Same I do for Cluesforum. It helps us in connecting the dots, imho, and that selection of work of Mathis is just outstanding, no matter his BScience claims based on falsified data that cannot be real or pi=/= 4 papers.
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