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Postby patrix on May 11th, 2018, 10:50 am

Very interesting reflections on Cluesforum and what it has achieved. As a fairly new arriver, about 2 years now, I see how my own understanding of the world has increased more these years than in the last decades before that. There are very apparently intentional derailing of the collective expansion of human knowledge and giant hoaxes have been played out through history and especially in the last century with the hypnotic power of media.

The motive as I see it is the old saying - knowledge is power. A small group of people try to find ways to benefit from knowledge by actively keeping other groups away from it. And the moral and ethics we follow are non existent to them in this endeavor. Something that I suspect will lead to a very problematic situation for them when the awareness of this increases, which it is does for every day that passes. And I believe it becomes harder for them to "cover their tracks" in this world of global communication.

Simon's latest project which I'm involved in as you probably know, is extremely fascinating since it shows how astronomy was at a much better state in the 17th century than it is today. Simon was able to see this and to use his exceptional logic and reasoning to add a new discovery to the annals of Astronomy - The Earths PVP orbit. And the very first planetarium that is in accordance with actual observations of the planets and stars have now been built because of this. Although a lot of work remains of course.

As for discovering and re-discovering real knowledge, I think the journey has just begun. The first discovery that had to be made and that paves the way for everything else is that mass media has nothing to do with dispersing knowledge and information. It has the exact opposite purpose. This is the age of de-enlightenment as someone so elegantly put it here a couple of weeks ago.
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Postby hoi.polloi on May 11th, 2018, 6:10 pm

patrix wrote:As for discovering and re-discovering real knowledge, I think the journey has just begun. The first discovery that had to be made and that paves the way for everything else is that mass media has nothing to do with dispersing knowledge and information.

Yes, patrix. Mass media is not for knowledge because it is a mood drug. The mood drug is designed to put certain cyclical loops of emotions in us. Fear, amusement, worry, relief, etc. in a scheduled pattern that can be exploited to move us towards totalitarian technocracy in the hands of the pirate leaders.

Some knowledge and information can come through the TV, in fact, but the purpose of this knowledge is to adjust our mood, either to appease those who like the knowledge or disturb those who don't; or both — and to study the results. The auspices of mass media are entertaining but the military function is opinion leadership in every segment of the targeted society.

However, that, it seems to me, was the best they could do to control people by mass dosing them with the entertainment drug. Before the Internet existed, they could hope to get us in behavioral loops by researching human behavior in experiments so they could reasonably guess how their signals would be received and how they would change mass behavior, send the emotional programming through entertainment (which is mostly just dumb entertainment with sweeping untruths but also the occasionally insinuated little specific lie) and then enact policy based on it and call it "democracy".

Many will disagree with me (Simon may even be the first) but I for one think that it's possible some positive changes have been reflected through mass media, including an imperfect multiculturalism and pseudo-tolerance of differences. We don't have another timeline to compare Earth's to but it seems that racism would be at an all time high in America right now if it were not for some attempts at acceptance pushed by television. You may argue that is for the best because America is, deep down, an extremely racist country that needs to face itself instead of pretending it's something it is not. I am not so sure about that argument, even though I've heard it. Indeed, TV also increases and heightens racism in its own strange ways. People learn things from TV if they are homebodies and don't go out and explore. You may say these people should leave their homes and learn from real life and I would reply to you that many will not learn about the world except through TV's distorted imperfect lens that creates its fascinating fears, hope, lies and distortions. Ideally, people get doses of real life instead of "Life: the Movie" but real life can be pretty fucking traumatizing too and it's cathartic for some to use media as a means of gaining confidence to approach real life again. (Though, of course, many do not recover and find themselves completely absorbed by the fiction as a surrogate for living! Let's not go into the other more destructive examples of drug use to escape reality.)

But as far as controlling such persons, now they have something even more insidious. They have the Internet to study our every nuanced response and computers to collect the data and have it analyzed by programs. Other programs, designed not for analysis but for targeted demographic responses, can inject the interactive software of the Internet with fake persons, events and phenomena to steer us. They can generate fake people, fake histories, fake narratives and promote shitty science.

But one thing they cannot do is change the universe and how it actually exists. They can only change how it "factually" exists and lie about contradictions by making elaborate nonsense. This Simon has already proven with the TYCHOS. And many have argued this in the past too.

My sense is that "they" (the developers of the attempt to exploit interactive technology to create inequity they can skim from) are not quite sure what to do with the technology yet (and now that they have hit the buttress of doubt and resistance to belief in their globalist Blackface) but the military is convinced they cannot yet release it to the general public, just in case it may shift the balance of power between existing controllers of technology.

If we are unlucky the awakening will result in a balance between complete technocratic rule of the human race (with A.I.) and useful personally catered medical simulation and/or entertainment such as immersive gaming. Unfortunately, even in this scenario, it means a segment of the population will be completely absorbed by the sim, kind of like we have a huge involuntarily starving and homeless sector in our cities, but I expect a larger creative segment of the population will be writing the programs and it will just become another form of entertainment like plays, music, books, movies and games already are. These mediums are exploited to tell untruths but mostly it is understood to be fiction and entertainment. But to me, it is more likely that people will "catch on" as they have done in the past to various scams and exploitative sales pitches and realize that the "sales pitch" for how we presently design society does not hold up — no matter how many live drills of "shooter events" and genital bombers push the police state solution. The technocrats will be forced to admit their one-trick pony is to use everything to create inequity, and inequity will reduce. (If we don't fuck up the Earth with toxins for too long first.)

Not to say we shouldn't push to make all live drills that are portrayed as real "illegal" using judges' own Naval rules. It may be useful to use the system against itself as populism has sometimes done to prevent vast inequities. But to assume the battle is coming to an apocalyptic close soon, on either the side of the majority or the elite parasites, I think may be naive and underestimating the human role.

And to call this balancing situation a "Communist" or "Capitalist" or "Jewish" or "Jesuit" or "New World Order" plot, or a plot by any people at all, is I think just dumb and giving them too much credit. It would be like calling a force of nature Democrat or Republican just because a politician from one party or another noticed the inevitable taking place and kept it to themselves so they could personally benefit from predicting the future. We all do that as a means of protecting our communities or if we are selfish (by choice or situation) just ourselves.
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Postby patrix on May 12th, 2018, 10:52 am

I agree Hoi. Things are rarely black and white, including media.

New media and better means of communication has brought on much needed social change and increased tolerance between different groups of people. The printing press started the Protestant movement. The newspaper and the trans atlantic telegraph started the migration to America and forced the European monarchies to give their citizens better living conditions. Etc.
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Postby nonhocapito on May 17th, 2018, 10:43 am

hoi.polloi » 11 May 2018, 22:10 wrote:I for one think that it's possible some positive changes have been reflected through mass media, including an imperfect multiculturalism and pseudo-tolerance of differences. We don't have another timeline to compare Earth's to but it seems that racism would be at an all time high in America right now if it were not for some attempts at acceptance pushed by television.

OR, it's exactly the opposite, and the media have fostered and pushed the racial view of America the whole world has to endure today, something which would have otherwise naturally dissolved as minorities improved their social and economic status. I suggest that America 50 years ago was dramatically less racist than today, in fact. I support Sowell's view, that 1) there is no racial problem, but only an economical one and 2) that the political interference (affirmative action and the other anti-meritocratic initiatives) on the individual's ability to improve their status it's what actually caused the ghettoization of black Americans and other minorities. The same can be said for the proactive role that the media decided to have in promoting racial integration, de facto making the idea of "race" inevitable and omnipresent, a mark on the forehead and hand of every citizen. Americans are no different from any other people, and human history shows that everywhere economic emancipation has been possible, racism has naturally disappeared. You are making the usual socialist's mistake, of thinking about the media and other outlets of culture as the tools to be used to achieve cultural transformation and change, when in reality they can only be used to prevent it. People naturally tend and float towards peaceful and respectful forms of self organization. There are no inherently "racist" countries or people. The most racist country in the world today is most certainly Israel (NOT America), and I doubt the media have played any role there but the one of keeping people from looking at each other with anything but the racial spectacles.
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Postby Flabbergasted on May 17th, 2018, 1:50 pm

^ Great insights there, nonho.

In recent years similar affirmative action strategies were rather suddenly imported and foisted on Brazil, decharacterizing one of the most naturally blended and peace-loving cultures on the planet and giving rise to endless asinine prattle in the media and the political arena.
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Postby pov603 on May 17th, 2018, 10:59 pm

Sorrry as random as this may Be I am rather drunk and am accessing the beeb website on my iPhone 6s+ and am almost getting “parallax” (no pun intended) on all the sites “did you see this” and “did you know that”aaaarrrggh
Scary, but hey I have had a few but was surprised how it hit me looking!
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Postby MrSinclair on May 18th, 2018, 2:06 am

Speaking to Nono's points, before my father passed I asked him about race relations in our town on the east coast near one of the biggest shipyards in the USA in the 1930s-70's. He said back in the 30's/40's because of the shipyard there were many races living in our area. He remembered that there was never any racial tension because they were all working class families in "the same boat". He said he never saw a case of racial or ethnic animosity from one working man to another. So yes I believe our current racial hostilities were promoted intentionally from the top down.

Lets also keep in mind that music and sports were constantly breaking down racial animosity until a turn was taken to use them to exacerbate racial problems.
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Postby nonhocapito on May 18th, 2018, 12:08 pm

The idea of "racism" and the paradigm of "justice to be re-addressed" that comes with it, seems to have been for the most part yet another tool of subversion and power-grab, often not at all caused, needed by or reflected in society.
Thomas Sowell:

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Postby thisisunreal on May 23rd, 2018, 8:50 pm

Head of the Snake: The BBC and Salty Stories

For some time I have wondered what percentage of the BBC’s output could be spun, fabricated or scripted for entirely dramatic effect! I started out with a figure of 95% true, 5% untrue.

Over time that ratio in my head has shifted to more like 20% true and 80% untrue, where the only news that can be relied upon are the weather and football scores.

I started to notice to what a large extent the news came from sources that were entirely unverifiable, government, military, intelligence or big business or government masquerading as business. On any given day, a big chunk of the overall BBC news emanates from sources that are entirely unverifiable.

Let’s have a look at todays top 8 stories


The Lead Stories

Lead Story: Ukraine paid lawyer for Trump talks.

The story is a, ‘he said she said’. It goes nowhere and is an attempt to link Russia (by association) with the election of Trump. We know this is untrue as the US media elected trump.

Who is Michael Cohen:

Two of a kind. Trumps “fiercely loyal lawyer” is now a ‘person of interest’ in the ongoing Russian election saga.

Why raid on lawyer a big deal

Three of a kind. Trump's lawyer has been raided! He of all people will surely know about Trump's dirty dealings with Russian billionaires and any alleged election naughtiness.

The man who helped Trump win:

Four of a kind! He is the man (Paul Manafort) who helped Trump to be elected and is rumoured to have worked for….wait for it...a Russian billionaire! The preceding four stories fall into the ‘necessary evil, good versus baddie’ and ‘generate political apathy and hopelessness’ categories.

BREAKING: NFL clubs to be fined if they take a knee:

The social media trend of ‘Take a knee’ has been extensively discussed at Clues Forum. The consensus being that all movements, all hashtags and all outpourings are inspired and led NOT by the general public or victims of the event itself.

The story falls into the ‘divise story’ bracket meant to create friction between two groups who are almost or entirely harmonious. A divide, conquer and distract classic.

Beware odd sounds, US warns staff in China:

This is well worth a read. Lovely piece of creative writing by the intelligence community. It is a follow up to the media's soft launching of this novel new horror. In late December a story broke whereby Cuba were fingered for targeting US embassy staff in Cuba using a sonic noise.

The allegation today is that China are using sonic attacks (no less) on US diplomatic staff. How do they know? Well….reports of strange sounds in the area were heard and a member of the US diplomatic staff suffers a brain injury, no less! This story falls into the ‘have you heard about’ and general fear mongering category and has zero validity.

US North Korea summit ‘depends on Kim’:

An old favourite. This story falls into the same category as the first 4. North Korea are used to show the world how democratic, progressive and forward thinking they are compared to this insane scourge who rigs elections, keeps his populous poor and threatens all comers with nuclear destruction. North Korea is a fantastic ongoing drama which serve a number of propaganda purposes.

Yulia Skirpal hopes to return to Russia:

Russia is a failing state and presents zero threat to the world. To check this, go to a list of countries by GDP and you’ll note Russia, embarrassingly have slipped to below Italy, Brazil, India and South Korea! The economic powerhouse is dead. As long as this reality remains obscured, Russia still make a wonderful ‘necessary illusion’.

The strange nature of this failed poisoning is no doubt a follow up to the Alexander Litvinenko murder that allegedly happened in 2006 which involved some sushi. This pattern forming behaviour of propaganda is noted as a very effective way of generating a trend in people's minds, which leads to clear attitudes and beliefs about others. For example, dehumanising Arabs before attacking Arabs or showing election fraud so people don’t notice domestic election fraud.

Far from confirming that Russia are extremely sneaky, this makes me question both events. I now have a mental blanket ban on the believability of any story whatsoever that mentions Russia.

On a final note, why is the high profile victim of a failed state inspired murder (Yulia Skirpal) talking to Reuters? Would you not rather try and vanish extremely quietly, lest your sushi be spiked or you’re stabbed with a poisoned umbrella like the poor old Georgi Markov?


On any given day, you can see lead stories are presented from corners of the establishment that are absolutely and totally unverifiable. Today seven out of eight are unverifiable. The odd one out is the NFL story. You have no choice but to believe them. I cannot.
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