9/11 FRAUD - a great new movie

It has taken less than 10 years to pry open the can of worms enshrouding the pathetic 9/11 scam. The central role of the major newsmedia corporations to pull off this sordid "terror" simulation has now been comprehensively exposed. Before joining this forum, please get familiar with the research at: http://www.septemberclues.info
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Re: 9/11 FRAUD - a great new movie

Unread post by simonshack » Tue May 12, 2020 5:05 pm

Patrix wrote:That was Olga and Sam of Earhtly Fireflies being taken away by force. They have entered a hunger strike. Please give them your support and download their many excellent videos.
Indeed, dear Patrix. :(

Here's where everyone can easily download the FULL mpeg4 file of their superb 9/11 FRAUD movie :

https://archive.org/details/911FraudAnd ... eFlies.org

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