Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.

Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:46 am

NEW INTRODUCTION (Written just now!)

The Vicsim Report was mainly about the collection and processing activity of getting the CNN memorial completely stored onto a hard drive and making notes while I did so. This is how I found out that CNN was modifying the memorial as I was downloading it the first time.

After downloading the entire CNN memorial for a second time, I noticed some differences, and I became concerned that CNN was trying to change the historical record subtly, over time. And I noticed that 58 vicsims were removed from the official list of vicsims pages, but inexplicably remained in the CNN archive. So, I wrote a shorter sequel about 60 pages long or so to analyze these "lost vicsims" which I called Pull It! a revisit to the Vicsim Report, and which also served to test my assertions and guesses in the Vicsim Report about how the Big Vicsim was constructed (and was being modified under our noses). As a final use of the report, I used the opportunity to also make some corrections to errors I made in the Vicsim Report; Pull It! also served as an addendum to the work when adding back recovered names and seeing if further evidence about their methods could be revealed.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Word and Open Office software I was using were rather incompatible. So the present version of the document I have is not in neat PDF form (maybe Simon has a copy buried in Italy somewhere?) but some scrambled misformated pile of words which places all my analysis lines all over the place and not where I wanted them. So, somewhere in another thread (I cannot recall where) I said I would try to reconstruct the file on the forum. This "topic" will be used to do that, as best as I'm able to remember all the points I was trying to make.

Please, bear in mind that it has a very specific chronological context that may be very dated at this point. It's something like 3 years old now, it was at the height of my interest in and dedication to exposing the vicsims methodology and I thought at the time that it would have helped us figure out how to nip the hoax in the bud. I had no idea that 3 years later, we'd still be fighting ridiculously blatant and slowly more impressive stories about fake human beings plastered all over the world news headlines. So at this point, the exact method of how they created the 9/11 "victims" pages not only seems irrelevant (making the document I'm about to try to reconstruct justifiably obscure) but maybe only important to a younger hoi.polloi that was very concerned about the academics of our work.

In any case, here it is.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:54 am

Pull It! ————————————————— a revisit to the Vicsim Report
by hoi.polloi


When dealing with an enormous number of interconnected hoaxes, each maintained to benefit a core simulation, it is sometimes difficult for people to let go of the few they fell for, no matter how artificial their motherhoax has proven to be. The hoaxsters running the main burling game count on the successful management of small, powerfully localized scams to form a networked defense perimeter of their Big Lie. What our pressure groups and researchers’ have exposed, through the dedicated work of a handful of individuals with the patience to examine it, is the heart of the Big Lie of 9/11. (When we did this, we also exposed an enormous cobweb of interconnected Big Lies, forming the defense perimeter of the Banking System, and other hoaxes but that will have to be addressed at a later time.)

Making it this far has not been easy, intellectually or socially. The hoaxes have turned our families, friends and formerly closest allies into hypnotized zombies – repeating propaganda at us that has been spouted to them by their trusted entertainment systems. This tends to make one’s personal battle for truth a battle against every localized hoax that touches a loved one, as the pranks endlessly flow from the speakers of our noxious brainwashing devices. Our collective struggle to save the ones we care about from vicious misinformation is a deliberate temptation to turn our strategy of discovery into one of exhaustion. Despite this, we remain inexhaustible. We do all we can and press on, and now our remuneration has arrived. The heart of the 9/11 beast is surrounded. We must strike it dead.

I arrived late, after the suppositions by many others that nobody was killed at Shanksville, nobody was on any fictional planes and finally, nobody was – in fact – killed at the Pentagon or the World Trade Center. My appearance is suspect to some because of the eagerness that I bring to a pensive and brooding movement, which is being seduced by the monster’s antibodies: doubters and sympathizers of the banking-war-entertainment complex and religious zealots calling themselves the laughable name “skeptic”. My proposal in the Vicsim Report, was to cease wondering how to strike, and simply begin clobbering it. In my frenzy, I certainly missed the mark a number of times, and – without distracting people too much from our present task – I’d like to point out some things I feel I did right and wrong in assailing such a huge foe.

Table of contents


II. RE: THE Re-MATRIX Re-RELOADED: further adventures in tallying the official vicsim count

III. PULL IT! The CNN Dejected Pages
..... a. Information Pre-analysis
..... b. A Short Guide to Morphing Syllables in Text and Graphics
..... c. Decon-reconstructing the Vicsim

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:04 am


I made an error in calculating the number of missing pages in the August 2009 collection process, by using poor mental arithmetic. The number of vicsim pages that CNN had linked to but were replaced with “missing page” messages was not 71, as I had anxiously counted. It was 60 deleted pages. Also, the total number of “skipped” pages, which always return “missing page” messages was also miscounted. It is 289, one more than I previously calculated. I apologize for these oversights and mistakes.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:07 am

II. RE: THE Re-MATRIX Re-RELOADED: further adventures in tallying the official vicsim count

2 pages loaded in my “double-checking” retrial process, meaning my present tally of deleted pages is 58. This means: of the 289 “skipped” HTML numbers in the full sequence (1329.html – 4491.html), we must reconsider the amount that were completely discarded by their victim simulation pre-publication instead of being discarded post-publication. Though both are likely attempts to cover up their foolish vicsim creation process, the latter leaves traces of “rejected” vicsims on their index pages – and evidence for the public downplay of certain weak spots in their Vicsim.

289 numbers in the CNN sequence were skipped, in this case meaning that no vicsim page is attached to any file with that number. Of those, 53 had been restored on my “second load” of the memorial in the first week after the August collection, giving us 236 “skipped” files; of the remaining 236 “skipped” files, 58 have details that still appear next to a broken link in CNN’s full list of vicsims. This means the number of files in the “full” CNN sequence with absolutely no vicsim name attached has been reduced to 178. With all these files creeping back into use, CNN’s grand total of vicsims is now up to a whopping record of 2,985.

Why did Obama exclude some 285 names, or about 9% of the total names, according to reports of his Patriot Day address? Why does this number fall 10 names short of the oft tossed number 2,995? Do any of the 58 sims without a profile page interfere with the morphing syllable group theory of the Vicsim Report? Seeing as how none of them have their full-sized pictures on CNN, can we compare those pictures to Fredog’s and New York Times’ archives, and do they interfere with the morphing face syllable theory? Were they removed because the data they contain reveals further evidence that all the names on the memorial were feebly falsified by a dismally determined PC program?

As a memo to the wasted institutions supporting this farce, please mentally log these various vicsim counts:

Wikipedia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,995
Fredogfrihed (Danish “al-Qaeda” tracker) . . . . . . . . . . 2,995
CNN Memorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,985
Washington Post . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,973
La Repubblica (largest Italian newspaper) . . . . . . . . . . 2,752
Wall of Americans (defunct) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,534
Toca-Touch Minestries Memorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,450
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:17 am

III. Pull It! The CNN Dejected Pages

part a. Information Pre-analysis

Before putting the missing CNN files back where they belong, take a look at the alphabetical arrangement:

[The two BOLDED names are skipped by normal browsing — normal browsing refers to clicking “Next” within a profile to view the presumably next profile in the index. However, the “Next” button deceptively skips files at seemingly random points. Returning to the index reveals files skipped or missing if you have engaged in this browsing method and want to see files that’ve been skipped, in case you want to check it out for yourself. This list was in a grid format in the doc, so I will try to reproduce the grid using simplistic text/ASCII art]

FILE —— NAME (bold pages skipped by normal browsing*) ————————————— INFO ———————————————— THUMBNAIL PIC?

4466 —— Richard Dennis Allen ———————————————— age 31, FDNY, NYC ——————————————————————— missing
3236 —— Antonio Javier Alvarez ——————————————— no age, WotW, UNKNOWN residence ————————— sim-pathy candle
2119 —— Gerald Atwood —————————————————— age 38, FDNY, NYC ——————————————————————— WORKING
4491 —— Ayodeji Awe ———————————————————— age 42, unknown work, NYC ——————————————— sim-pathy candle
2878 —— Sheila Barnes ——————————————————— age 55, AON CORP, Bay Shore,NY ——————————————— WORKING
4005 —— Oliver Bennett —————————————————— age 29, Risk Waters, London —————————————————— WORKING
4464 —— Michael J. Berkeley ——————————————— age 38, unknown work, NYC ——————————————————— missing
2141 —— Capt. Vincent Brunton ————————————— no age, UNKNOWN residence, FDNY—————————————— WORKING
4337 —— Felix (Bobby) Calixte —————————————— age 38, BP Air Conditioning, NYC ——————————————— WORKING
3458 —— Kyung (Kaccy) Cho ——————————————— age 30, Marsh, unknown city,NJ ———————————————— WORKING
4429 —— Joseph Collison ————————————————— no age/residence, Kidder Peabody-Paine Wbr. —————— sim-pathy candle
4484 —— Titus Davidson ————————————————— age 55, Morgan Stan, NYC, AA11 ————————————— sim-pathy candle
4019 —— Melanie Louise DeVere ———————————— age 30, Risk Waters, Portsmouth,UK ——————————— sim-pathy candle
2916 —— Simon Suleman Ali K. Dhanani ———————— age 63, AON, Hartsdale,NY —————————————————— WORKING
3581 —— Benilda Pascua Domingo ——————————— age 38, ABM Industries, NYC ———————————————— sim-pathy candle
4230 —— Christopher S. Epps —————————————— age 29, Marsh, UNKNOWN city/state ——————————— sim-pathy candle
4463 —— Jose Espinal —————————————————— age 31, UNKNOWN all else —————————————————————— missing
2209 —— Gary Geidel ——————————————————— no age, FDNY, NYC ———————————————————————— WORKING
1657 —— Ron F. Golinski ————————————————— age 60, U.S.Army, Columbia,MD, Pentagon ———————— sim-pathy candle
2870 —— Wilder Gomez ————————————————— age 38, WotW, NYC ————————————————————— WORKING w/SIG
4430 —— Mohammed Salman Hamdani ———————— age 23, HughesMed.Inst.RockefellerUniv., NYC ———————— WORKING
2228 —— Daniel Harlin —————————————————— age 41, FDNY, Kent, NY ————————————————————— WORKING
4307 —— Anthony Hawkins ———————————————— age 30, Cantor, NYC ———————————————————— sim-pathy candle
3631 —— Raul Hernandez ————————————————— age 51, Cantor, NYC ———————————————————— sim-pathy candle
3225 —— Bradley Hoorn ————————————————— age 22, Fred Alger, Richland,MI ————————————————— missing
4332 —— Ernest James —————————————————— age 40, Marsh, NYC ————————————————————— WORKING
2757 —— Shashi Kiran L. Kadaba ———————————— age 26, Wipro Technologies, Hackensack,NJ ————————— WORKING
3212 —— Takashi Kinoshita ———————————————— age 46, Mizuho, unknown residence —————————— sim-pathy candle
2642 —— Bon-seok Koo ————————————————— age 32, LG Insurance Co., River Edge,NJ ————————— sim-pathy candle
3539 —— Alan Lafranco ————————————————— age 43, WotW, UNKNOWN residence ———————————— sim-pathy candle
2269 —— Scott Larsen —————————————————— no age, FDNY, NYC ———————————————————————— WORKING
2825 —— Kenneth P. Lira ———————————————— age 28, Genuity, Paterson,NJ ——————————————————— WORKING
4475 —— Francisco Alberto Liriano ——————————— age 33, no work, NYC —————————————————————— missing
1496 —— James T. Lynch ————————————————— age 55, U.S.Navy, Manassas,VA, Pentagon ———————— sim-pathy candle
3550 —— Michael F. Lynch ———————————————— no age, FDNY, New Hyde Park,NY ——————————————— WORKING
2278 —— Joseph Maffeo ————————————————— age 30, FDNY, NYC ———————————————————————— WORKING
2288 —— Brian McAleese ———————————————— age 36, FDNY, Baldwin,NY ———————————————————— WORKING
2290 —— Thomas McCann ———————————————— age 46, FDNY, Manalapan,NJ —————————————————— WORKING
4478 —— Evelyn C. McKinnedy ————————————— age 60, no job, NYC ————————————————————— sim-pathy candle
4489 —— Jaselliny McNish ———————————————— age 37, all else unknown ——————————————————— sim-pathy candle
3216 —— Soichi Numata ————————————————— age 45, Fuji Bank, Irvington,NY ———————————————— WORKING
2320 —— Dennis O'Berg ————————————————— age 28, FDNY, Babylon,NY ———————————————————— WORKING
3218 —— Toshihiro Onda ————————————————— age 39, Fuji Bank, UNKNOWN residence —————————— sim-pathy candle
3667 —— Tony Pratt —————————————————— age 43, Forte Food Service, NYC ——————————————— sim-pathy candle
3975 —— Sarah (Prothero) Redheffer ———————— age 35, Risk Waters, London,UK ———————————————— sim-pathy candle
2360 —— James Riches ————————————————— age 29, FDNY, NYC ————————————————————————— WORKING
4404 —— Erick Sanchez ———————————————— age 41, Soundtone, all else unknown ———————————— sim-pathy candle
4237 —— Chapelle Sarker ——————————————— no age, Marsh, all else unknown ——————————————— sim-pathy candle
4480 —— Anthony Segarra —————————————— age 52, Proven Electrical Contracting Inc., NYC —————————— missing
4165 —— Sushil Solanki ———————————————— age 35, CF, NYC ——————————————————————————— WORKING
3062 —— Thomas Sullivan ——————————————— age 38, Harvey Young Yurman Inc., Kearney,NJ ————————— WORKING
3219 —— Kenichiro Tanaka —————————————— age 52, Fuji Bank, Rye Brook,NY —————————————— sim-pathy candle
2783 —— Yeshavant Moreshewar Tembe —————— age 59, NY Dept. of Taxation, Piscataway,NJ —————————— WORKING
4485 —— Stanley L. Temple —————————————— age 77, no job, NYC ————————————————————— sim-pathy candle
3607 —— Vanavah Thompson ————————————— age 26, ABM industries, NYC ——————————————————— WORKING
4477 —— William Valcarcel ——————————————— age 54, NY Dept. of Taxation, NYC ——————————— sim-pathy candle
2400 —— Sergio Villanueva ——————————————— no age, FDNY, UNKNOWN city/state ————————————— WORKING
4274 —— Ching H. Wang ———————————————— age 59, First Commercial Bank, UNKNOWN res ————— sim-pathy candle

In the index, 27 files have a working thumbnail of a page no longer there. 25 have a thumbnail of a sim-pathy candle and 6 have a “missing” thumbnail (with a broken link to an image). As statistically bizarre as it is, this small, 58-page sample of a 2,985-page group has 43% of its pictures replaced by sim-pathy candles, an increase of 4% from the normal amount of sim-pathy candles in the whole sim population. Apparently, CNN really didn’t like these shy sims. Let’s see if we can find out why …
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:50 am

IIIb. A Short Guide to Morphing Syllables in Text and Graphics

To understand how morphing is filtered amongst several sim-heads, you must concentrate on each individual piece (“tip of nose”, “bridge of nose”, “nostril”, “eyebrow”, “eye shape”, “eye lid”, “pupil”) and witness how it changes and slides around the face, similar to how the text syllables behave in the name lists. Did the piece get mirrored? Did it widen? Did it warp slightly or get bent? Which direction did it warp? Is the left eye now the right eye? Is the eye-lid puffy but the eye shape remained the same? Is the ear shape flipped upside down with a new “inside of the ear”? Are they employing “blow out photo with whiteness” or other filters to disguise an obvious lack of change in pieces? The number of small details being changed gives the illusion of an entire nose or entire eyeball being swapped. However, close examination reveals minor warping of existing pieces, and when such exploitation has been exhausted, the piece “cycles” to the next shape as if going through an “alphabet” of pieces particular to each area. This is an obvious sign of “master faces” being cut up, warped, and distributed to a series of different sims to artificially create digital photographs from nothingness. Employed in conjunction with simple morphing, backgrounds, filters or other “touch up,” one can take a single sim-face and turn it into a non-existent history of somebody who never lived. A summary in 2 vicsims: Shawn Edward Bowman & Gary R. Box.

[No, I am not making these up. They are really from the original CNN list. Look it up if you don't believe me.]



I have turned Box to show how face parts between the 2 are recycled as much as possible before “morphing” into something else. Please note the details that are changed when a piece is repurposed. For example, Bow’s ear is not just flipped upside down for Box’s ear. The inside is altered to give it the appearance of being “right side up”. Similarly, Box’s mouth is not just copied and pasted onto Bow’s face, like a primordial Kid Pix program (though that was a fun program). It is obviously morphed and blended into its new surroundings. The morphing software is a program made for this purpose, not a conventional tool that could leak into public use. Counterfeiting photos and paintings is a very old practice. The reason we are able to catch them doing this is not because they are doing it, but because of the distinctiveness of their methods. Learn what their weapon looks like, and learn its weaknesses. Arm your brain’s defenses.

[Note: I am not sure I still believe the morphing practices are due to some exclusive program. The main point, though, was that there was a distinctness to the methods rather than any particular tool. -hp]

While reading, please note shared features of consecutive faces with pictures still in existence. From now on, I will occasionally highlight and box (no pun intended) some of the areas that were likely focus points of their morphing/swapping algorithms. The lines highlight areas that have been carried over partially intact from other vicsim images. I encourage you to see my lines and guiding diagrams as an aide, but not a definitive study. To fully understand this work, please seek out the imagery and study it for yourself. I have also done my best to inform you when I have displayed the image with Microsoft Word’s “contrast” “lightness” and rotation tools. Unlike in the Vicsim Report, I will not do “split faces” to reveal more info.

[Note: The pictures are in Open Office now, and so many patterns I believed I was picking up on are not labeled. I have done my best to recover what I felt at the time was a pattern I was picking up in the methodology. If it isn't very clear what I'm going on about, please forgive my inability (then and now) to communicate what I believed I was seeing. -hp]
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:03 am

IIIc. Decon-reconstructing the Vicsim

(In this section, the main body of this report, the names in BLACK are the pages which have been deleted from the CNN.com memorial. The simformation left behind on the index reveals the official story behind these names that have been made to disappear, including their official ages or alleged place of residence. I have taken those deleted names and placed them back into the CNN list according to their numerical index (HTML) number, then extracted relevant chunks from the whole list to show what I assume is the original context for the deleted vicsim before it was deleted.)

This is done in an attempt to address the questions: Is the vicsim pattern broken or maintained by these deleted anomalies? In what way? And what can we learn about their simulation construction methods from their desire to remove these sims from the record?

[Note: This was also done to deliberately fight back against my own theory and really put it to the test; if the vicsim names were really created in the order of CNN's numbering system (as I stated in the Vicsim Report), then placing the missing vicsims "back into context" should uphold the assertion, including relevant morphs of the name and picture from adjacent sims.

Important Note: Since I wasn't considering the deleted vicsim important in and of itself, in each group I only used them as indicators of a group area to focus on; so, sometimes I will ignore the restored vicsim and only point out what seems particularly interesting about the group that it seemed to come from. Other times, it seems the vicsim that was removed itself is of interest. -hp]
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:49 am

Bold name is the missing vicsim

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

1494 ——— UA175 —————Defense Contract Management Agency ——————— Herbert W. Homer
1495 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Navy ————————————————— Jack D. Punches (Retired Capt.)
1496 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Navy ———————————————— James T. Lynch
1497 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Navy ———————————————— Jamie Lynn Fallon
1498 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Navy ———————————————— Gerard (Jerry) P. Moran

There are many Lynch names in the Vicsim Monster. This one fits snugly in its place, already continuing the absurd “alphabetical order by first name” and passing an un-morphed JAH syllable to its morphed audio-syllable counterparts in JEH (Gerard) and JEH (Jerry) in the J.P. Mor[g]an scramble. [Note: Sorry, once more —— J.P. Morgan!?] LYN is also exchanged with a neighbor. The Homer sim has no immediately apparent associated pictures; nor does James T. Lynch, who apparently only exist(ed) on the CNN memorial and is not mentioned at terror.fredogfrihed.dk. (See the end of this section for another such case.)

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:08 am


INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

1655 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Army ————————————————— Cortez Ghee
1656 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Army ————————————————— Brenda C. Gibson
1657 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Army ————————————————— Ron F. Golinski
1658 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Army ————————————————— Diane M. Hale-McKinzy
1659 ——— Pentagon —————————————— Army ————————————————— Carolyn B. Halmon

Ron F. Golinski continues the pattern of alphabetical order by last name in a list of Army folks. There is also a running, splitting, ROHN sound or syllable. Fredogfrihed (henceforth Fredog) lists Ghee’s first name as “Cortz.” I guess Cortez was too much to leave un-curtailed.


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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:26 am

THE FIREFIGHTERS – The following section is a small demonstration of how 300 firefighting sims can be constructed artificially out of nothingness. Each deleted sim belongs to a perfectly snug set of vicsims.


INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2139 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Peter Brennan
2140 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Patrick J. Brown (Capt.)
2141 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Vincent Brunton (Capt.)
2142 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Ronald Paul Bucca
2143 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Greg Joseph Buck

Ron Paul & Pat Buchannan have their signatures, adding suspicion to their roles in the post-9/11 plan. Had the entire nation heard of Ron Paul’s “revolution” before 2003? As a coercive element of false reform, the connection here makes sense. [Insert stock rumor about Alex Jones, Ron Paul and Pat Buchannan being conservative Jesuit school buds. -hp] Anyway, the visual resemblance between sims is noticeable and the distribution of syllables continues unabated. First, note positional similarities.

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:49 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2206 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Thomas Gardner
2207 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Matthew David Garvey
2208 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Bruce Gary
2209 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Gary Geidel
2210 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Edward F. Geraghty
2211 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Denis Germain
2212 ———— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————— Lt. Vincent Francis Giammona

The addition of Gary Geidel brings a mysterious twist to the already plentiful repeat syllables. Geidel seems to be the cornerstone of the GARY, GAR, GER, JER, JAH morph. Morphing syllables occur by changing letters and sounds of a syllable and splitting it up until it disappears. Names seem to be constructed from alpha-“particle collisions” between different name inputs. For instance, Gary is inputted, drawn once as a final name, then duplicated with decreasing accuracy as it is mixed into the other names, similar to calling a name and hearing fragments in an “echo”. (Indeed, echoing syllables might be a better name than “traveling morphing”). Perhaps, bad results are cut away from the meat by “intelligence” supervisors, but if that’s so, they must get a lot of bad results to leave us with such obvious repetition in the final call. Fredog lists Gardner with middle initial A., and lists Germain with middle initial P.

Shared properties occurring in the incestuous FDNY set are apparent. Here are some examples we can find amongst the Gary Geidel group (Geidel center).


SOME STUDY ROWS – take some time and observe how different arrangements reveal “echoing” face parts. Also note how every face of almost every firefighter throughout the memorial has severe “deformities”. It looks as if they mirrored parts and over-compensated with the “natural asymmetry” tool.




When half-transparent face “samples” overlap, we get tweens with phantom chins on top of chins, dimples on top of dimples (as seen in Germain above), phantom eyebrows and erroneous wrinkles. Compare Germain’s problems to Gibson’s forehead anomaly to understand badly fused face parts. (my contrast)

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:38 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2225 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Vincent Gerard Halloran (Lt.)
2226 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Robert Hamilton
2227 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Dana Hannon
2228 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Daniel Harlin
2229 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Harvey L. Harrell (Lt.)
2230 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Stephen Gary Harrell (Lt.)
2231 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Thomas Theodore Haskell Jr. (Capt.)

(Our syllabary friend Ger/Gary makes a come back!) Daniel Harlin and Dana Hannon seem to focus the syllable intensity. Daniel Harlin also seems to be the focus of the HAN and RELL bits, which fade away and break off from it. I guess after serving its purpose, the sim had to go. So far, no interruptions in the morphing syllable theory. There also seem to be clusters of information amongst the visual aspects of these FDNY sims. Are sets of faces occasionally being morphed through a “keystone” face meant to restrain their similarities? Here is a visual proposal:



And after all that, did Stephen Harrell’s features end up in correct balance with his face and head? I guess we all have assymetry, but … yikes! The firefighters have some serious electronic gene problems.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:52 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2267 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Robert T. Lane
2268 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Peter J. Langone
2269 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Scott Larsen
2270 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Joseph Gerard Leavey (Lt.)
2271 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Daniel F. Libretti

(Okay, this Gary/Gerard thing is getting creepy now. How many firefighters are named Gary?) Scott Larsen fits right back in, with no apparent reason for its deletion, save an obvious eye expression and chin piece shared with its consecutive Peter J. Langone – whose stache looks rather Hussein-esque.


Official LANE and LIBRETTI pics resemble frames of a morph animation with feature points remaining unmoved. i.e.; nostrils same place, chin squished upwards

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:29 pm

Two deleted fire boys in one section! What's the big idea?

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2287 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Keithroy Maynard
2288 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Brian McAleese
2289 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— John McAvoy
2290 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— Thomas McCann
2291 ——— WTC —————————————————— fdny —————————————————— William E. McGinn (Lt.)

Again, McAleese and McCann do nothing to upset the FDNY name list theory. What’s more, we have reconstructed another untouched sample of their “shared morphed” pieces.


These goombahs keep their head angles and nose/mouth “syllables” in the club (remember the Harrell/Halloran/Haskell noses?). One of them has two borrowed eye colors and looks like the brother of his partner.


Also, compare Harrell (2229, above) to McGinn (2291) for mustache reasons.
How many times will they morph the same lopsided mustache before discarding it?


“Unrelated” vicsim Richard Muldowney Jr. (2312) feels like he’s getting a “hand-me-down” …
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby simonshack on Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:37 pm

Hoi Polloi wrote:The morphing software is a program made for this purpose, not a conventional tool that could leak into public use.

Hoi, I am really enjoying your update to the Vicsim Report. There are things we can see even more clearly now - and we need to put them out there. Back in 2001, Face-Morphing technology was certainly unknown to the public. Today, it is a consumer tool that can actually be downloaded for free. http://www.debugmode.com/winmorph/

However, whatever image-processing tools and techniques were used to fabricate the 9/11 Vicsim-faces, the sheer laziness /ineptness / goofiness of the operatives who fabricated them allows us to expose the fraud. Let us be thankful for that.

Here's a memorial listing the alleged 343 firefighter victims of 9/11: http://nyfd.com/9_11_wtc.html

At letter "B", we have these three fellows - listed sequentially in this alphabetical firefighter memorial:

Kevin BRACKEN__________________ Michael BRENNAN_______________Peter BRENNAN

So, are the two BRENNANS related? Ok, why not? But why does Kevin BRACKEN look like Peter BRENNAN's twin brother then?
Aren't they supposed to be two unrelated firefighters from two different firehouses?


Because Kevin BRACKEN is - and undeniably so - a poor digital clone of Peter BRENNAN, that's why.
Here we have a perfect example of a major failure of their algorithmic vicsim-creation process.

We then find another funny face-sequence at letter "K" of the firefighters' memorial. I just love looking at it...


Another of my favorite screamers in this firefighters' memorial is Mr SPEAR and Mr SPOR.These two alphabetically sequential faces to be found next to each other on the firefighters' memorial are also quite obviously the product of a pretty heavy - yet crude face-morphing job:
Robert SPEAR____________________Joseph SPOR

Here is now an alphabetical sequence of 9 (non-adjacent) faces - to be found in the firefighter memorial. The criteria I used to pick them out was by looking for similar mouth shapes - yet, we can almost sense the exact (alphabetical) method with which these faces were created:
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