Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.

Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:39 pm

[Thank you for the supportive interjection, Simon! Now, back to the Pull It! document. Where were we? Ah, yes, the firefighters section. -hp]

Name in bold was deleted vicsim:

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2319 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Gerard Terence Nevins
2320 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny, Babylon, NY ———————— Dennis O'Berg
2321 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Daniel O'Callaghan (Lt.)
2322 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Douglas Oelschlager
2323 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Joseph J. Ogren

(Oh God! Gary/Gerard is becoming an Ogre! And making gruesome sounds while he does it!)

Dennis O’Berg seems like an odd deletion, save for perhaps some badly connected ear, and a weak morph from the blurry Daniel O’Callaghan (center pic)


CNN does have 1 attempt to “expand” Callaghan’s blurry digital world. That’s quite a flexible brow he has! (Picture on the right, my rotation for comparison)

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:43 am

THE 3 MICHAEL LYNCHES (stashed in two areas of the Big Vicsim)

All bold names were pages removed from the CNN memorial

Area of interest 1 (2274 to 2281)
INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2274 —————— WTC1-104 ———————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael Lynch
2275 —————— UNUSED/REMOVED/MISSING (No vicsim name/page associated with this file)
2276 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael J. Lyons
2277 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Patrick Lyons
2278 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Joseph Maffeo
2279 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— William Mahoney
2280 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Joseph Marchbanks Jr.
2281 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Lt. Charles Joseph Margiotta

Area of interest 2 (3546 to 3352)
INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3546 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael Roberts
3547 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Brian Edward Sweeney
3548 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Glen K. Pettit
3549 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael F. Lynch
3550 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael F. Lynch
3551 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ——————————————— James Cartier
3552 —————— UNUSED/REMOVED/MISSING (No vicsim name/page associated with this file)

Here we have the curious case of three Michael Lynches for the fire department of New York, and the apparent problem of not having a place to stash them away from one another. First, there is a missing file around Michael Lynch No. 1 (file 2274) where a Michael F. Lynch may have once found a perfect birth, but whose home is now vacated (empty file 2275). If it was moved down some 1,200 pages into a nest of random fellows, the temptation to clone must have been too great, for we have another Michael F. Lynch immediately after the first, making three Michael Lynches and still two next to one another. To make matters more troubling, Michael F. Lynch (3549) and Michael F. Lynch (3550) and their consecutive neighbors share facial resemblance to the alphabetical set where Michael (f-less) Lynch still sits, including deleted Joseph Maffeo (2278). Was the second Michael F. Lynch (3550) deleted to break the connection?


It’s plausible that these parallel chains of shared properties are coincident, since they all continue to take properties from all adjacent faces. In any case, these branches are fixed to sim-name Michael Lynch, used three times, twice with an F for a middle initial (and the two Michael F. Lynches are situated numerically adjacent).
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:18 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2357 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Christian Michael Otto Regenhard
2358 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Kevin O. Reilly
2359 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Vernon Allan Richard (Lt.)
2360 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— James Riches
2361 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Joseph Rivelli Jr.
2362 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Michael Edward Roberts
2363 —————— UNUSED/REMOVED/MISSING (no vicsim page/name associated with this file)

Actor/comedian Michael Richards ("Cosmo Kramer" on Seinfeld) might’ve been mixed into 9/11. Deleted James Riches doesn’t break the visual or text mold and sits in a group that enjoys morphing eyebrows. RICH echoes on in the other names.


As an aside, Michael Roberts has a duplicate moved down the list, akin to Michael Lynch. What’s with the replicating Michaels?


Can you guess which FDNY Michael Roberts has the middle name “Edward”?
HINT: The “wrong” Roberts has photoshopped teeth.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:01 am

Bold name was deleted vicsim

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2396 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Richard Bruce Van Hine
2397 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Peter A. Vega
2398 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Lawrence Veling
2399 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— John T. Vigiano II
2400 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ——————————————— Sergio Villanueva
2401 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Robert F. Wallace (Lt.)
2402 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Jeffrey Patrick Walz
2403 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Patrick J. Waters (Capt.)
2404 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Kenneth Watson

Another impressive merging of a deleted figure into its waiting slot. To conclude the firefighter section of this report, observe the following group (in order listed above, reading pics from left to right):


(Return of the left-handed cookiedusters! Why always i baffi are elongated to the left (vicsim's "right") we can only guess. Apparently, someone had a thing for that particular mustache.)

And ... "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong ..."

It's this guy. Who looks like a veteran 9/11 sell-out. Is that the smooth tool on your face, Mr. Pink?

Row 1 -- is it getting hot in here? —————————————— Row 2 -- gettin' hairy, then happily clean shaven!

[End of FIREFIGHTERS section]
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:35 am

REVISITING THE ETHNIC GHETTOS — Each section of ethnicity or national background seems to have its own breeding ground in the CNN complex. The Vicsim Report points out the Japanese and Southeast Asian ghettos. Like those concentrations, others may have been disguised by the removal and movement of files.

Was the 3235 to 3250 section some sort of Latino Ghetto, before its occupants were devastated and kidnapped for sim-populating other areas? (Though mostly the Windows on the World simulation region?)

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3236 —————— WTC ———————————————— WotW ———————————————— Antonio Javier Alvarez
3241 —————— WTC ———————————————— WotW ———————————————— Leobardo Lopez Pascual
3242 —————— WTC ————————— Tlachichuca, Puebla, Mexico ————————— Victor Antonio Martinez Pastrana
3244 —————— WTC1-107 ———————————— WotW ———————————————— Antonio Melendez
3245 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ———————————————— Joseph M. Sisolak
3247 —————— WTC ———————————————— WotW ———————————————— Martin Morales Zempoaltecatl
3248 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ————————————————  Juan Ortega Campos

No image for Pastrana? Sisolak? [Not even a cartoon of The Simpsons character Mo Sisolak, which looks like it got shuffled in here?] Even this small group hasn’t escaped repeating names ANTONIO or echoing syllables of MARTINEZ. Does their lack of creativity have no bounds? Again we have the case of strange obscurants in Pascual’s artifacts, Melendez’s blue and Zempoaltecatl’s fuzzy blur. But even in this sample…


We still have shared expressions and weakly morphed mouths and eyebrows.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:51 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3209 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Taizo Ishikawa
3210 —————— WTC ———————————————— Mizuho —————————————— Masaru Ose
3211 —————— WTC2-80 ————————————— Mizuho —————————————— Yuji Goya
3212 —————— WTC ———————————————— Mizuho —————————————— Takashi Kinoshita
3213 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Yoichi Sugiyama
3214 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Kazushige Ito
3215 —————— WTC2-(79-82) —————————— Fuji ———————————————— Hideya Kawauchi
3216 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Soichi Numata
3217 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Takashi Makimoto
3218 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Toshihiro Onda
3219 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fuji ———————————————— Kenichiro Tanaka

3220 —————— WTC ———————————————— Euro ———————————————— Keiichiro Takahashi

Right. No surprises here. Have three companies agreed to report their Pacific sims at the same time? Almost every single Japanese-ish name deleted from the memorial had a file in this Jap concentration camp. I smell racism and bad software design — an extraordinarily ugly mix. Here are pictures associated with the above vicsims that survived the mass obfuscation:

ISHIKAWA, OSE, KINOSHITA, SUGIYAMA, ITO, MAKIMOTO, ONDA and TANAKA have no pictures, leaving us the usual mish-mash of stolen, slightly morphed bits, chunks, wigs, accessories and expressions:


Goya and Takahashi share an eerily tight-lipped smirk.


Now, when we get to areas that a Japanese-ish vicsim makes a sudden appearance, we have the right to ask if they were moved from the Red Sun Ghetto to add “diversity” to an odd sector of the Great Vicsim and perhaps start a new chain-morph. Keiji is morphed both by the Japan group and the group where he was moved to (seen below, where Yeshavant Moreshewar Tembe was deleted):

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2779 —————— WTC ———————————————— mizuho —————————————————— Keiji Takahashi
2780 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————— Robert R. Talhami
2781 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ——————————————————— Dennis G. Taormina Jr.
2782 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ———————————— Kenneth Joseph Tarantino
2783 —————— WTC ———————————————— NY State Tax Dept. ——————————— Yeshavant Moreshewar Tembe
2784 —————— WTC ———————————————— euro ———————————————————— Clive Thompson
2785 —————— WTC ———————————————— aon ————————————————————— Perry Anthony Thompson

Here are what I might classify as two chain-morphs. First, left to right: Takahashi, Talhami, Taormina, Tarantino


Note the extremely computer-generated appearance of Taormina.

Below, left to right: Tarantino, Tembe, Thompson, Thompson
Note light beards on the bald Thompsons (right). People with the same last name like to be hirsute in pairs?


Does Tembe’s “vexed” forehead share the same overlapping layer issues as Tarantino? (look at their “third eye” area of the forehead.) Does Tarantino share a squinty eye with a Thompson?
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby simonshack on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:01 am


For more Asian vicsim fun, please meet the WONG's : viewtopic.php?p=1544285#p1544285
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:42 pm


Most sections seem to portray an almost endless series of mixed variables. Highlighting just some of the morphs and echoes is all one can do without listing the same names over and over to find every pattern within. As such, I encourage you to see my highlights in the names as an aide to learn how to find them.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3451 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Larry John Senko
3452 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Hyun-joon (Paul) Lee
3453 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Christina Sunga Ryook
3454 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Stuart (Soo-Jin) Lee
3456 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Daniel W. Song
3458 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ——————————————— Kyung (Kaccy) Cho
3459 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Gye-Hyong Park

Sim-Typhoon Country: Kyung (Kaccy) Cho is restored, unsurprisingly, in a group of vaguely tropical Vietnamese-ish, vaguely Chinese-ish, or Korean-ish names, even if they are used for “diverse” faces. Surely they wouldn’t waste such interesting “token minority” opportunities by deleting the files missing from this area. Granted, there are names like Cho, Lee, Chu and the like; throughout the Vicsim. However, if they weren’t created together at some point, why are so many concentrated in a single section?

Are they gathering information from one another to retain a consistent sim-ethnicity?

Regardless of where exactly they were made, one will run across their “final” positions in the CNN database, as one proceeds. Perhaps we will even come across some as we continue this limited study of deleted pages …
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:19 pm

In one “Anglo”-ish section, we come across Korean sounding Bon-seok Koo (undoubtedly "working" for LG or Samsung). Without even moving the restored Bon-seok Koo to its likely place (3457), let’s observe some of the patterns we might be facing in these name sets.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2637 —————— WTC1-106 ——————————— Bloomberg —————————————— William Hill Kelly Jr.
2638 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ——————————————— Robert C. (Bob) Kennedy
2639 —————— WTC ———————————————— Aon ————————————————— Howard L. Kestenbaum
2640 —————— WTC ———————————————— CF ————————————————— Alan D. Kleinberg
2641 —————— WTC1-105 ———————————— CF —————————————————— Thomas Patrick Knox
2642 —————— WTC ——————————————— LG Insurance ——————————— Bon-seok Koo
2643 —————— WTC1-104 ———————————— CF —————————————————— Danielle Kousoulis
2644 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ——————————————— Angela R. Kyte
2645 —————— WTC ———————————————— Carr ———————————————— Andrew LaCorte

Previous set review/comparison:
INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3451 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Larry John Senko
3452 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Hyun-joon (Paul) Lee
3453 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Christina Sunga Ryook
3454 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Stuart (Soo-Jin) Lee
3456 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Daniel W. Song
3458 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ——————————————— Kyung (Kaccy) Cho
3459 —————— WTC ———————————————— none ———————————————— Gye-Hyong Park

SOO SAH SEH and KOO KO CHO make appearances next to one another in the deleted Bon-seok Koo and in three names from the Asia-sim. JOHN seems to happily morph in two directions, from JOON JIN to YUNG KY-UNG GY-ONG. In the visual department, Koo (lower left) may have taken on some properties of his integrated home (whose faces have far too many shared qualities to delve into at this time) …


But look what happens when we put Koo into “place” between Song and Cho from the “Asian” list.


It looks like they swapped Senko’s grinning mug from the earlier list of “Anglos”, perhaps in some attempt to prevent coalescing so many of their limited-pallet “Asian” faces. (And we can see why.) Not that they’re incapable of necessary assimilation into the Great Wall of People, as already revealed endlessly:


Resembling a blurry, older, saggy Stuart Lee (far right), Koo has also stolen Lee’s eye-brows and luscious lips.


The miserable truth is that most of the Asian names and faces have problems, repetitions (only two sets of eye brows?) and weak morphs, which had to be “disguised” by any stupid way possible – from extreme lighting like Stuart Lee’s pic to simply splitting them up in the list … to outright deletion. Sim-Asians were often made into partners of Sim-Anglos, as discussed in the “sim breeding” section of the Vicsim Report; one can guess, due to the perps’ inability to convincingly render more than one “family” of any given ethnicity.

Imaginary scenario
Shill: I can't seem to get her face right. It's so 2D looking. And it looks like a man. We are out of eyebrows and everyone can see the left one is straight and the right one is arched in, like, half a dozen of these.
Supervisor: Put some hair on it.
Shill: Okay, there. It still doesn't look right.
Supervisor: Give her a dog, that can cover up even more.
Shill: This isn't working.
Supervisor: Give me that. Here. Blue filter, asshole, get back to work.
Shill: I'll print it out, photograph the print out and filter that as well. We just can't save this one. Gotta move on.
Supervisor: I'm probably going to have you delete that one altogether.

We are not meant to see how much they echoed the pieces of ethnic groups, how silly their simulation program turned out to be, or how ostentatious their stereotypes are. One can imagine the laughter, high-fives and racist remarks made when they managed to pull off the “eyebrow” trick, the shared lips, or the “blast of white light” obscurant, and why their ineffective pranks occasionally had to be eliminated by a supervisor, no matter how blatant the now missing pages. But then, why bring attention to this area by deleting faces?

This brings up an interesting follow up question, one well worth exploring. If these sims are more or less a fair sample of the text and picture morphing seen throughout the Vicsim, what makes any of these so special? An answer may be that the level of suspicion around the deleted faces was so great, that they were left with no other choice but to cut short an inquiry that was digging too deep. Perhaps, it is both because of and despite the level of controversy regarding the personalities we have so far restored, that they are forced to temper the storm by simply hiding the “hot” faces without fanfare and hope nobody notices that the entire wall of vicsims is made of the same digital Play-Do.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:15 am

Moving down the 2000’s after such an exploration, we might begin to pick up faint hints of a mixing strategy, that would take sims of different “ethnicity” into ghettos of visual refinement before being dropped back into the great pool of hogwash. Maybe sometimes they were left in their ethnic pool, sometimes they were brought out again, and sometimes they even made it back to where they were developed – in the philosophy that confusing themselves more would equate to confusing us more.

One character deleted from CNN is the unwieldy alpha-smasher Shashi Kiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba, whose full official name is “revealed” by Fredog. (Naturally, some names genuinely are quite long, but then aren't such long names, when listed, generally not absorbing the names around them?)

Is it “confusing” yet to notice any tinkering with name development going on, where Kiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba was restored? For one, the only other appearance of the name Kiran is in our infamous vicsim Kiran Reddy (the postmortem sim commenter) – did they smash the leathery name Samantha into a couple of Kirans, to get some syllable cocktails going?

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2754 —————— WTC ————————————— Marsh ———————————————————— Raphael Scorca
2755 —————— WTC ————————————— genuity ——————————————————— Frankie Serrano
2756 —————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————— Khalid M. Shahid
2757 —————— WTC ———————————— Wipro Technologies —————————— Shashi Kiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba
2758 —————— WTC ————————————— Compaq ——————————————————— Barbara A. Shaw
2759 —————— WTC ————————————— Marsh ———————————————————— Mark Shulman
2760 —————— WTC ————————————— NY tax dept ———————————————— See-Wong Shum

RAFF, FRAN, RAN accompanies SHA, SHUM and KA, KALID, KEE, not to mention echoes of Barbara and Mark in this tight-knit gang of vicsims. Can we say See-Wong Shum looks like a morph from the “Southeast Asian” vicsim section [or Simon's page about the Wongs, linked a couple posts back]? And can we presume there was a(n) “(Middle) Eastern” sim section development either being drawn from or to here?

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:27 am

Bold name's page was deleted from the Big Vicsim:

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2822 —————— WTC —————————— cantor fitzgerald, Unknown residence ——————— Stephen Bunin
2823 —————— WTC1-101 ——————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————————— Frederic Kim Han
2824 —————— WTC1-102 ——————— cantor fitzgerald ——————————————————— Milton Bustillo
2825 —————— WTC —————————— Genuity —————————————————————— Kenneth P. Lira
2826 —————— WTC1-105 ——————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————————— Vincent Cangelosi
2827 —————— WTC1-92 ———————— carr ————————————————————————— Michael R. Canty
2828 —————— WTC ——————————— Summit —————————————————————— Denease Conley

(Is it just a coincidence that the Asian sim and the deleted sim break the alphabetical last name order? Or is my theory correct that there was shuffling going on?)

Bunin has no picture (or country for that matter); the other 6 share the usual morphed traits, like eyebrows, expressions, angles, parts.

Imaginary scenario
Training seminar jockey: You know the situation, folks. Time is wrapping up. Cocaine is running out. Boss or visiting IBM-Fed client is breathing down your neck. You know the type. You have to wrap up a dozen sims in the next five minutes.
Shill: Is there speed or coffee left?
Training seminar jockey: No!
Shill: Impossible!
Training seminar jockey: Not impossible. Look inside yourself and breathe into the good place with the positive energy thought, "I can do it with a transform tool." Just like that. To get around obvious shape morphs, a simple flip or mirror will do!
Shill: I think they will see through that.
Training seminar jockey: Here's a secret I can share with you exclusive folks — if in the rare case the average person is not fooled by a simple flip, really throw them for a loop and slightly rotate the image! Works every time.
Shill: Brilliant!


Morphed hair with the slightest rotation of spare strands, perhaps with help from a “randomizer” … or could it just be a lazy photoshop hack?
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:15 am

There are many stories built up about “jumpers” allegedly flying out of the towers at great frequency and smashing themselves at the base of the towers. Sim Gomez was painted into this picture by “speculative” articles meant to draw people into the absurd question, “who chose to jump?”. Then, to heighten the sense of beguiling mystery, its picture – like the pictures of many jumper mystery sims – is vague and ethereal, or sometimes missing. Wilder Gomez is one of the few sims to have a photographic colophon on its CNN pic, describing aspects of the image in the following “captivating” details:


This "photograph". It's just so engrossing, hypnotizing and fascinating how utterly shite it is!

One way to break the spell of “drama-ganda” like this absurd colophon, is to realize that none of the sims “chose” anything at all, and there is no mystery to their demise. They were created upon “death” – fictionalized identities placed in simulated dramas for endless news stories to draw elaborate speculation from – shiny morsels of “scrutiny” to keep us within the cage of simulated news. It should be noted that a SONY Mavica is the name of the alleged camera used by proven counterfeit “amateur” Carmen Taylor to re-enforce the “hijacked airplane” nonsense. One can imagine why they might want to remove such a story from their official fairy tale, once their manufactured intrigue brought people to a virtual wall. I have put Gomez back, in a mess of vicsims that appears to be the remnants of a story.

Imaginary scenario
Supervisor: Can you do any better?
Shill: Fuck you.
Supervisor: Don't be evil.
Shill: This is an evil story we're making.
Supervisor: Shut up and take your check asshole.
Shill: I'll show you; I'm just going to add your nonsense "do any better" and "evil story" and things like that into the names ...

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2319 —————— WTC ———————————————— fdny ———————————————— Gerard Terence Nevins

2865 —————— WTC2-104 ———————————— Oneill ———————————————— Christopher Robert Clarke
2866 —————— WTC1-106 ———————————— Calliza ———————————————— Wayne Terrial Davis
2867 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ———————————————— Ramzi A. Doany
2868 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Farmer
2869 —————— WTC ———————————————— morgan stan ———————————— Jorge Velazquez
2870 —————— WTC ———————————————— WotW ———————————————— Wilder Gomez
2871 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ———————————————— Jimmy Nevill Storey
2873 —————— WTC ———————————————— Carr ———————————————— Adriana Legro
2875 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Rafael Humberto Santos
2876 —————— WTC-Mariott ——————————— Seabury —————————————— James D. Cleere (CNN gives “Jim Cleere”)
2877 —————— WTC2-101 ———————————— Aon ———————————————— Heinrich B. Ackermann
2878 —————— WTC ———————————————— Aon ———————————————— Sheila Barnes
2879 —————— WTC ———————————————— FTI ———————————————— Gloria Nieves
2880 —————— WTC ———————————————— Empire Dist ——————————— Alejandro Castano

First, an arrangement of any pictures associated with the above, in descending order, from left to right:


A hypothetical chain, left to right, down, right to left, starting from problematic Chris Clarke, whose face seems to be a bad mid-morph. Follow the wobbly, slowly changing ear to witness a haircut dye and decorate itself 6 times:


I hope you noticed by now how facial sections appear “selected”, morphed, the area of selection changed, that new selection morphed, and onward — such that changes to a single area of the face is (meant to be) less traceable.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:45 am

(Clearly, one of the principles of the 9/11 vicsim show was,"Inconsistency and random information are our friends." The idea was to get the sims to a certain range of detail, which is a very simple way of baffling people into thinking either the stories must be real or that there was a supernatural order to the military-style pyramid of command. Well, it's not realistic and there is no such grand order outside the military command. It is just people fucking around and making mistakes. As people have always done. They are just doing it within a tight-knit military order, checking the boxes and then having fun within the parameters left allowed to them. It's like giggly boys under papa's watch. Ask your friends and family members who are in the military about this phenomenon. They will know what I'm talking about.)

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ——————————————————— Name ——————————————————

2912 —————— WTC2-95 ————————————— Aon ———————————————— Lawrence Davidson
2913 —————— WTC2-98 ————————————— Aon ———————————————— Nereida DeJesus
2914 —————— WTC2-elevator —————————— Aon ———————————————— Ann McGovern
2915 —————— WTC2-102 ———————————— Aon ———————————————— Lizette Mendoza
2916 —————— WTC ——————————————— Aon ———————————————— Simon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani
2917 —————— WTC2-92 ————————————— Aon ———————————————— Jill A. Metzler
2918 —————— WTC2 ——————————————— Aon ———————————————— Jennifer L. Howley
2919 —————— WTC ———————————————— Aon ———————————————— Michael Egan
2920 —————— WTC2-100 ———————————— Aon ———————————————— Paula Morales

Why would they remove Simon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani from the middle of “non-Asian” AON? Does it have to do with their removal of Mohammed Salman Hamdani and Joseph Collison from the middle of a group where every other sim is Indian-ish? Why did CNN change Dhanani’s picture?

(Did they make a Mohammed Ali - Krishnamoorthy - Ham - Salmon sandwich?)


INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ——————————————————— Name ——————————————————

4427 —————— WTC ————————————— none ————————————————————— John Christopher Moran
4428 —————— WTC2-97 ————————————— FTI ————————————————————————— Krishna Moorthy
4429 —————— WTC ————————————— Kidder Peabody-Paine Webber ————————————— Joseph Collison
4430 —————— WTC ———— Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Rockefeller University ————— Mohammed Salman Hamdani
4431 —————— WTC ————————————— none ————————————————————— Eduvigis (Eddie) Reyes
4432 —————— WTC ———— cantor fitzgerald scient-… [woopsie! someone was in a hurry!] ——— Neil G. Shastri

Could sim Collison be a lazy “collision” between a line of AON vicsims and a line of vicsims with Indian names?


To further the question of whether names were occasionally constructed in a sort of “crossword puzzle” format, with rows and columns of sims “colliding” and getting adjusted accordingly, let’s look at the area of a deleted Sullivan. This shows evidence that they were using vicsim collisions to build the sim-companies.

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION ——————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3059 —————— WTC ————————————— Marsh ———————————————————— Jeffrey B. Gardner
3060 —————— WTC ————————————— Marsh ———————————————————— Susan D. Murray
3062 —————— WTC ————————————— Harvey Young ——————————————— Thomas Sullivan
3063 —————— WTC ————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————————— Ryan Kohart
3064 —————— WTC ————————————— FTI ————————————————————— Todd C. Weaver
3065 —————— WTC2-84 —————————— Euro ————————————————————— Noell Maerz

[Note similarities in each column or row ... ]

“Cross Sim Puzzle”
The main line in CNN’s order is the central row from Gardner (left) to Maerz (right). Each lower column (from Murray and Weaver) that is intersecting our main line has been artificially constructed by myself from the full alphabetical list of all vicsims. I simply browsed the Fredog archive (which I encourage you all to do now if you haven’t already) and plucked a “matching” face from every ten faces I saw. In the top two columns intersecting our main line (connecting to Sullivan and Maerz, respectively) you may recognize elements from the VicSim report. Those columns are simply morph examples that have been previously explored. So, the only two methods I used to build these columns infers that different “main lines” (represented by similar morph algorithms, squints, neck positions, grins, fattening macros or other elements which keep groups together) were tied together in a single row in some attempt to scramble and merge their faces. These “fibers” are, as Weaver rightly suggests [with his name], woven together to form the digital “Wall of Americans” we have come to be familiar with as an entirely artificial database of never-existing persons.

I must suggest again: the artificiality of each vicsim is so damning, that there is no “cryptographer” who could successfully mesh them together. The bare minimum of time spent comparing any set of faces (let alone any information-related sets, as we have been doing here) in the memorial reveals the inherent falseness of the whole fairy tale. So far, further examination spent in this document strengthens my theory by way of revealing more of their attempts to half-mix the un-absorbable and half-bake the unbelievable. Let’s examine more methods they have used.
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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

Postby hoi.polloi on Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:36 am

INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIM-JOB ————————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3222 —————— WTC ———————————————— NYPD ———————————————— Geronimo (Jerome) Mark Patrick Dominguez
3223 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ———————————————— David Tengelin
3224 —————— WTC ———————————————— Marsh ———————————————— Patrice Braut
3225 —————— WTC ———————————————— Fred Alger ————————————— Bradley Hoorn
3226 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— Kevin M. McCarthy
3227 —————— WTC1 - 96 ———————————— Marsh ———————————————— Cheryl A. Monyak
3228 —————— WTC ———————————————— cantor fitzgerald ————————— James Matthew Patrick

Some are embarrassingly stupid: shadow-y faces, digital artifact filters, hot lights, blurs and obscurants: picture molestation never seen in a real memorial and never likely to be seen in one. Compare the “likely” memorial pics to the unlikely in this small collection (ignoring for now the obvious morphing):

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Re: Pull It! — a revisit to the Vicsim Report

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INDEX —— SIM-DEATH-LOCALE ——————— SIMFORMATION —————————————————— Name ——————————————————

3535 —————— WTC ——————————————— WotW ——————————————— Moises N. Rivas
3536 —————— WTC ——————————————— WotW ——————————————— David B. Rodriguez-Vargas
3537 —————— WTC ——————————————— WotW ——————————————— Abdoul Karim Traore
3538 —————— WTC ——————————————— Bronx ——————————————— Obdulio Ruiz Diaz
3539 —————— WTC —————————————— WotW —————————————— Alan Lafranco
3540 —————— WTC ——————————————— WotW ——————————————— Yang Der Lee
3541 —————— WTC1 —————————————— WotW ——————————————— Orasri Liangthanasarn


Compare the clear image of Liangthanasarn to the blurry qualities of the others. Observe how the bizarre and unique “cut out” filter applied to Rivas (3535) has been mocked by Diaz (3538)– giving the only two pictures with this particular filter a single digit difference in file name. Why are Traore and Lee skewed in different directions? And just what IS that style of compression particular to so many vicsims, like Vargas?

It seems that different ethnicities are getting mixed regularly now. We have visitors from what might have been Chinese, Japanese, African, Latino and Anglo creation centers, blended together at the Windows on the World company’s simulated counterpart [if the restaurant did indeed exist at all in the WTC's final day?]. We may at last be experiencing less than stereotypical creations and blended ideas – Liangthanasarn, indeed. Is their “mixing” program over-compensating?
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