Original notes for the Vicsim Report

The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.

Original notes for the Vicsim Report

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Well, I don't have much to give y'alls but here's this. Happy holidays, if this is of any interest to anyone!

I just re-re-re-found this thing after finding it and dismissing it a few times. I thought you all might be interested in seeing what I was typing at Simon's when compiling the analysis of CNN's memorial pages. The list of missing pages at the bottom is incomplete; I think that's when I started writing Pull It! because I realized there were a lot of missing pages and it was a curiosity in its own right. I made a lot of discoveries from just putting the pictures together in that Open Office spreadsheet, but this was the first document I ever made on the subject. It was started when I was posting on Slick and Killtown's forum.911movement.org, just looking at the "A" names for kicks, until their forum went down. That sort of sparked our interest in the subject and Simon let me use his computer for hours and hours at a time to do the work of downloading and jotting notes. We were both really excited but I think only I had the robotic patience to do it so systematically. I am a nerd that way.
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Re: Original notes for the Vicsim Report

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[A through M]

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by hoi.polloi

AUGUST 30, 2009

Section A is gathered from my forum post at forum.911movement.org
from data collected June 16th, 2009

Other sections were analyzed from August 16th, 2009 through August 29th, 2009

    AA AA
   AA   AA
  AA     AA
AA         AA
AA         AA


#1. Replaced Photograph with placeholder:
Andrew Alameno (37)
Cantor Fitzgerald
Westfield, NJ
"World Trade Center"
Comment section says his photo was blanketed around town to promote the victimhood of those inside towers. His photograph is replaced with an unstandard, darkened version of the placeholder and its name is still called "andrew.alameno.jpg"

#2. Missing Page:
Richard Dennis Allen (31)
New York Fire Dept.
"World Trade Center"

#3. Missing Photo:
Anna Williams Allison (48) also referred to as Anna S.W. Allison
A2 Software Solutions
Stoneham, MA
"AA Flight 11"

On September 11, 2001 at 10:28 a.m. EST, the hijacked American Airlines Flight #11 crashed into the World Trade Center in downtown New York City. Ninety-one people, including Anna S. W. Allison were confirmed passengers on that flight. She was en route to Toyota from her home in Boston after a short vacation.

Anna, one of the Competency Center Organization’s key consultants, was well known in the I.S. world for her work in Metrics and Project Management. She was hired earlier this year to establish common metrics for measuring Toyota's projects as well as the CCO’s service delivery and value.
While she was only working with us for a short time, Anna became a good friend and valuable co-worker to those who worked with her. Her loss will be very strongly felt by everyone who knew her, and she will be sorely missed because of her insightful counsel, straightforward honesty, and great sense of humor. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies will be with her husband Blake and the rest of her family.

When interviewed on Good Morning America, Blake said he wanted us to remember Anna’s laugh. “It was infectious,” he said. “If she got going, it just consumed her body and her being. She convulsed with laughter. You couldn’t help but hear that and feel a lift of spirit.”

#4. Missing Page:
Antonio Javier Alvarez
Windows on the World
UNKNOWN (origin)
"World Trade Center"

#5. Missing Photo:
Paul W. Ambrose (32)
senior clinical adviser, Office of the Surgeon General
Washington, DC, United States
"AA Flight 77"
updated sept. 9, 2003

#6. Missing Photo:
David Lawrence Angell
producer of "Frasier" TV show
Pasadena, CA
"AA flight 11"

#7. Missing Photo
Lynn Edwards Angell
Los Angeles, CA
"AA Flight 11"

#8. Skipped Page:
Joseph Angelini Sr.
NY Fire Dept
Lindenhurst, NY
"World Trade Center"

#9. Missing Page
Gerald Atwood
NY Fire Dept
"World Trade Center"

#10. Missing Page
Ayodeji Awe (42)
Unknown Dept. [blank]
"World Trade Center"

missing page
A:   4
all:   4

missing photo
A:   4 (+1 visual replacement)
all:   5

B    BBB
B    BBB
B    BBB
B    BBB
B    BBB

Anomalies Section B

Eustace (Rudy) Bachus - missing photo, name of photo still called eustace.bachus.jpg

Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey - named _2.jpg

Paul V. Barbaro - missing photo, name of photo still paul barbaro

Ivan Barbosa - Ivan Fairbanks sounds like the sim-person/stolen-ID counterfeit videographer Evan Fairbanks

Christine Barbuto - allegedly AA11 victim - photo removed without a placeholder, named Barbuto.Christine, recovered from CNN site through web search: barbuto_christine.jpg

Sheila Barnes - missing page altogether

Renee Barrett-Arjune - location UNKNOWN city/state/country with comment explaining 'you are known' by "Jim" though one presumes if you worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, you would live in the United States.

SCott D Bart - New York Times profile link scrambled. =?:New York Times profile

Inna Basina - CODE BREAKS PAGE!!  H{ p"http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/met_MISSING_1113_basina.html" TARGET="NEW">New York Times profile

Alysia Basmajian - Missing obituary from "College of William and Mary's student newspaper" - "the flat hat" Online Newspaper which begun in "1911" and which is named after the "first secret society" and is apparently based in Williamsburg, Va

Paul Battaglia - named 2.jpg

IVHAN LUIS CARPIO BAUTISTA  - NY times profile uses B&W/crappy/SQUASHED version of already crappy color CNN version

MARK BAVIS  - NY times profile uses B&W/crappy/ROTATED version of already crappy color CNN version

Todd Beamer - beamer.todd.jpg - photos that seem to be deliberately removed are renamed with a period instead of underscore
missing photo no placeholder - recovery attempt through internet search finds photo - CNN link to BeamerFoundation.org doesn't exist and contains 'Visual Studio Foundation' in the title
recovered photos of Todd Beamer appear to be photoshopped collages of a single body of face parts.

Alan Beaven - missing photo, renamed with .

Sgt. Max Beilke - missing photo, renamed with .

Eric Bennett - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

Oliver Bennett - missing page

Margarer Benson - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

James Patrick Berger - discrepancy between thumb and larger picture

Daniel Bergstein - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

Michael J. Berkeley - missing photo thumb, missing page

Dave Bernard - Boston Globe article links to missing page
comments on CNN only from "son Mark Bernard" and "former co-workers to son"

Bill Bethke - Missing photo - recovery through search - renamed with .

Yeneneh Betru - missing photo - renamed with . - recovery through search FAILED returned message "that's been the family routine" from non-existent http://www.nazret.com

Carolyn Mayer Beug - alleged daughter of "Mary Alice Wahlstrom" victim name - Article link to "Deseret News" failed

Anil T. Bharvaney - absolute case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes
e.g.; "Skipper," it was fall of 1996 and my Freshman year at Pace
and I didn't have a single friend. But you were one of the first
to talk to me and make me feel happy to be in a new place. We waited
for each other after class to eat or chill and had countless
conversations on life and bogus crap around us. Thank you, Bella,
for your honest, no fear, don't-give-up attitude. Bella, how did put
so much red pepper on your pizza? Love, Gilligan.
Uday Gosalia, friend

Peter Bielfeld - sorry if this is not substantial, but this photo has very strange expression

Mark Bingham - missing thumb and photo

Kris Romeo Bishundat - missing thumb and PAGE


Deora Frances Bodley - UA Flight 93 missing thumb and missing photo

Nicholas A. Bogdan - Missing photo - recovery through search

Vincent Bolard - strange link typo ?_¬ r¸<"http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/met_MISSING_1004_boland.html" TARGET="NEW">New York Times profile

Lt. Col. Canfield D. Boone - missing thumb and photo

Bowen Donna - missing thumb and Missing photo - recovery through search

Kevin L. Bowser - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

Pamela Boyce - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

Sandra W. Bradshaw - missing thumb and Missing photo - recovery through search

Jonathan Briley - UNKNOWN city/state/country of location AON

Capt. Vincent Brunton - UNKNOWN city/state and MISSING PAGE

Nancy bueche - present thumb but missing photo - recovery through search   

Stephen Bunin - UNKNOWN city/state/country of location Cantor Fitzgerald

Matthew J. Burke - likely case of photoshop difference between CNN NYTimes

Charles Burlingame - AA77 missing thumb and Missing photo - recovery through search

Thomas E Burnett - UA93 missing thumb and Missing photo - recovery through search

missing page
B:   6
all:   10

missing photo
B:   15
all:   20


NOTE: Going through the name list alphabetically has revealed a few disturbing patterns about the sources of pictures
namely, that they are consistently photoshopped and their stories written and friends invented by the same people.
Occasionally, New York times does a surface-level take on a person and at present it isn't practical to do
comparisons and searches on each individual SIM-person. Therefore, I will make it standard practice in these
compilations to note people warranting more researcgh with an asterisk.

Anomolies section C

Daniel Martin Caballero - no thumb no picture - ixquick recovered

Lillian Caceres - no thumb no picture - ixquick recovered

*John Cahill - no thumb no picture - ixquick recovered
(It occurs to me that the 4+ Cahills were created to make the strange name of John Cahill "believable")

*Jose Calderon - no thumb no picture - ixquick recovered

Felix (Bobby) Calixte - thumb but missing page

Suzanne M. Calley - AA77 - no thumb no picture - ixquick recovered - odd file name calley.suzanne.2.jpg

NOTE: On the one hand we are to believe that 50 people caught various video aspects of the official 9/11
story of a terrorist attack, but on the other we are to believe that less than half of the victims
have pictures and those with them were only sent grainy, low-quality obscure images with bad compression.
In the perps of this fakery, I sense a grossly disproportionate understanding of humanity's treatment
of loving and hateful memories.

Geoffrey Campbell - clear CNN/NYT photoshop

RICHARD CAPRONI - clear CNN/NYT photoshop

DENNIS M. CAREY - clear CNN/NYT photoshop

DAVID G. CARLONE - NYT claims he is friends with people at AON but no longer actually worked at WTC.
that is one early commute from NJ just to visit friends! perhaps this SIM was trying to warn the others?

Jeremy M. Carrington - photoshop resembles 2009 Buffalo plane crash ambience

PETE CARROLL - obvious CNN/NYT photoshop - reveals complicity between SIM-firefighter creators and other SIMs

JAMES J. CARSON JR. - NYT article points to Sony Playstation simulation - IDs SIM through title "Workstation to Playstation"

Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Angelene C. Carter - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

*JAMES CARTIER - NYT profile doesnt link - elaborate Family Memorial web site with guest book.
needs investigation. to do: email all guests with link to septemberclues.info

VIVIAN CASALDUC - near anagram of Cul Dasac

Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey - AA11 - too many names - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovery - jpg name is different spelling: casey.neillie

William E. Caswell - AA Flight 77 - rare photo of passengers

Juan Armando Ceballos - missing thumb and photo - difficult query - ceballos.juan.jpg non-existent - finally found under his whole name - still not connected to CNN
seems like difficulty is a purposeful distraction

Rosa Maria (Rosemary) Chapa - Pentagon - comment by "former Pentagon employee" - not significant. mostly hilarious

NOTE: All the names are one of two things, an absurd combination of syllables constructing an
obviously obscure SIM-person or a merged version of such a name with one common name such as
Mark, Patrick or Barbara (especially for some reason those three and variations thereon seem oddly
disproportionate to reality)

Kyung (Kaccy) Cho - thumb but missing page


EDNA CINTRON - terrible photoshop between CNN/NYT

Nestor Andre Cintron - even worse photoshop CNN & NYT both !!!!

Juan Pablo Alvarez Cisneros - 24 year old with picture that looks like it was from the 50s

Benjamin Keefe Clark - thumb but no photo - recovered by ixquick

Sarah M. Clark - AA Flight 77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Jim Cleere - Marriott - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

NOTE: 11 missing photos in C section so far

apparently in an attempt to make the pictures look more natural while achieving the opposite
case in point:

KEVIN S. COHEN - clear CNN/NYT photoshop

Liam Joseph Colhoun - rare no Legacy.com profile link - no comments

Jean Marie Collin - number 2911.htm contains "Collin" - subtle link to Rockwell Collins?

JOHN COLLINS - NYT "future fireman" article seems to put him in SIM-firefighter section and attract
numerology obsessed - many 7's in article - "77th street" etc.

Thomas J. Collins - photoshop damaged - was photo itself supposed to have been in tower?

Joseph Collison - UNKNOWN city/state/country - missing page - thumbnail is candle

Jeffrey Dwayne Collman - no thumb - no photo - AA11

DENEASE CONLEY - likely CNN/NYT photoshop

KEVIN E. CONROY - no Legacy.com profile

HELEN COOK - likely CNN/NYT photoshop

Jeffrey W. Coombs - AA11 - "Compaq computers employee" - no thumb no photo

Joseph J. Coppo Jr. & Gerard J. Coppola - appear to be variations on same person

Alejandro Cordero - file named cordero.alejandro.2.jpg - doesn't appear to be a "cordero.alejandro.jpg"

Georgine Rose Corrigan - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery


Charles Gregory Costello Jr. - rare artistry in the photoshop - subtly obnoxious american flag

Conrod K.H. Cottoy Sr. - unearthly lighting in photoshop

Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

James Cove - thumb but missing photo

Tara Kathleen Creamer - AA11 - missing thumb and photo - ixquick recovery

Welles Remy Crowther - suspiciously bad photoshop

Thelma Cuccinello - AA11 - no thumb no photo

Neil James Cudmore - CUDMORE?!?

Joyce Cummings - UNKNOWN city/state/country but age determined as 65

Brian Thomas Cummins - partner at Cantor Fitzgerald, largest source of SIM people

Patrick Currivan - AA11 - rare picture of someone from AA11

Beverly Curry - page inscribed with the curious message:
"We never met but we worked together often. It was my great pleasure to know you.
I hope you are in peace. -Lois, Verizon telecom" (one can only presume they mean an Internet connection)

Sgt. Michael Curtin - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Gavin Cushny - dizzying photoshop composition ... is he in that room???

missing page
C:   4
all:   14

missing photo
C:   19
all:   39

DD     DDD
DD     DDD
DD     DDD
DD     DDD
DD     DDD

Anomolies Sections D and E

John D' Allara - no thumb  no photo - ixquick recovery

Manuel Da Mota - ODD photo

Jason Dahl - UA93 - captain - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Brian P. Dale - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones - masonic gesture within fist

Vincent G. Danz - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Dwight Donald Darcy - 55 - 2446.html

Elizabeth Ann Darling - eyes are color of background

Titus Davidson - AA11 - placeholder - missing page

Wayne Terrial Davis - really eerie photo

Anthony Richard Dawson - Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Ana Gloria Pocasangre de Barrera - UA175 - quite a name

Emerita (Emy) De La Pena - bad face

Dorothy Alma DeAraujo - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

James Daniel Debeuneure - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Capt. Gerald Francis Deconto - 44 - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Nereida DeJesus - examine white flash effect

Colleen Ann Deloughery - wtf

Joseph Deluca - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery - NASCAR?

Jemal Legesse DeSantis - another crumpled porn photo

Christian D. DeSimone - 23 - overly aged photoshopped photo
Edward DeSimone III - 36 - different company

Melanie Louise DeVere - Risk Waters Group - United Kingdom - MISSING PAGE

Gerard Dewan - file name is dewan.gerard01

Simon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani - missing page - unlikely name - ixquick recovered

Michael Diaz-Piedra III - 49 - vice president in charge of money planning, Bank of New York
unknown city/state/country!

Patricia F. DiChiaro - peekface - sneakhand

Rodney Dickens - AA77 - 11 years old - sickening fakery
no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Lt. Col. Jerry Don Dickerson Jr. - 41 - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick got it

Lawrence Patrick Dickinson - 2553.html - 35
Michael D. Diehl - 2554.html - 48
unconnected by labor age or location, yet alpha and number consecutive

David DiMeglio - AA11 - 22 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

NOTE: 10 missing pics in D so far

Jeffrey M. Dingle - exactly WHAT naturally occurring graphical error is this
picture supposed to be suffering from?

Ramzi A. Doany - the problem of nose-mouth coordination must be addressed

Johnnie Doctor Jr. - Pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered nice chain

John J. Doherty - really serious jaw-nose problem

Melissa C. Doi - seems like a joke - Occupation: IQ Financial Systems

Capt. Robert Edward Dolan - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovery

Neil Dollard - DOLLARD?!

Benilda Pascua Domingo - missing page - placeholder thumb

Alberto Dominguez - AA11 - Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia - no thumb no pic
ixquick recovered - SKIPPED PAGE

Charles Dominguez - unknown age, city, state, country - but PICTURE and OCCUPATION!

Geronimo (Jerome) Mark Patrick Dominguez - SKIPPED PAGE - no thumb or pic
ixquick recovered not to CNN

Stephen Patrick Driscoll - no thumb no pic - atrocious photoshop recovered

Cmdr. Patrick S. Dunn - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Richard A. Dunstan - "I just happen to have the same last name"

missing page
D:   4
all:   18

missing photo
D:   16
all:   55



John Bruce Eagleson - no thumb no photo - look at recovery to see why

Edward Thomas Earhart - Pentagon - Salt Lick, Kentucky - no thumb no photo
ixquick recovered

Barbara G. Edwards - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovery


Lisa Egan - 31 - Cantor F - Cliffside Park, NJ, United States - 3270.html
Samantha Egan - 24 - Cantor F - Jersey City, NJ, United States - 3271.html
just put the photos together and i think we'll see why they had to be split

Peter el-Hachem - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - occupation: "Teradyne"

Christopher S. Epps - MISSING PAGE - placeholder thumb

Ulf Ramm Ericson - ULF! RAMM!

Sarah (Ali) Escarcega - Balham, United Kingdom - Risk Waters Group

Jose Espinal - MISSING PAGE - no thumb - UNKNOWN city/state/country - no search result

Francis Esposito - 32 - 2186.html - NYFD
alpha and numerical consecutive to
Lt. Michael Esposito - 43 - 2187.html - NYFD

missing page
E:   2
all:   20

missing photo
E:   4
all:   59


F- for fakery

Anomolies Sections F

the big happy family of mystery (with two copies of each relative for each member)

HUSBAND: Charles S. Falkenberg - AA77 - placeholder - nuthin
WIFE: Leslie A. Whittington - AA77 - missing photo - ixquick got it
DAUGHTER 1: Zoe Falkenberg - AA77 - age 8 - placeholder - nuthin
DAUGHTER 2: Dana Falkenberg - AA77 - age 2 - placeholder - nuthin

John Joseph Fanning - zombie!

Kathleen (Kit) Faragher - active! bikes! beads! hippie!

Paige Farley-Hackel - no thumb no pic - ixquick no
see: ruth magdeline mccourt

Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Farmer - "bet the farm" hidden in name. friend's name: "Skip New"

Douglas Farnum - 33 - fat suit

firefighters Terrence Patrick Farrell and Capt. Joseph Farrelly
2191 and 2192.html
alpha consec

Syed Abdul Fatha - standing against a tree?? is he being executed?

Wendy R. Faulkner - 47 - 2922.html - Mason,OH - no thumb/pic - ixquick recovered 2 people!!

Robert Fazio Jr. - no thumb or pic - ixquick recovered - resembles Farrell and Farrelly


Garth E. Feeney - gets an article in St. Petersburg Times

Edward P. Felt - UA93 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered - bw photo

James Joseph Ferguson - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered
suspicious comment "Joe [James Joe] was dedicated to kids ..." why the brackets?

Henry Fernandez - unknown age-city-state-country

Judy H. Fernandez - odd file name: fernandez.judy3

Elisa Giselle Ferraina - risk waters group, london of course - 4011.html

Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira - resembles hair salon ad

Kristen Fiedel - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered to memorial site

Alexander Milan Filipov - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered plus duplicate
by tripod "friend"

Gerald P. Fisher - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Lucy Fishman - bizarre squash

Ryan D. Fitzgerald - 4444.html

Darlene E. Flagg - AA77 / no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered FAMILY PHOTO

Wilson F. Flagg - AA77 - presumed unrelated? - ixquick recovered

Matthew Michael Flocco - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Steven Mark Fogel - strange characters in background - letters?

David Fontana - 2200.html - family memorial site is site for an illustrator/animator
archive.org reveals original story - broken links
links dead - link to http://twochicksandacasio.com/ expired
"For further information send email to MarianFontana@aol.com"

Chih Min (Dennis) Foo - WTC4

Claudia Alicia Martinez Foster  - eye peeker

Robert J. Foti - 2201.html - mickey mouse ears?

Jeffrey L. Fox - no thumb no photo - ixquick: resembles Matthew Michael Flocco and other
man with same name

Peter Christopher Frank - the bronco of credit cards?

Arlene E. Fried - is that dress familiar? keep eye out for it

Lisa A. Frost - 22 - UA175 - ixquick recovered lack of photo - resembles alien

Karleton D.B. Fyfe - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

missing page
F:   0
all:   20

missing photo
F:   14
all:   73

GG         GGG
GG         GGG
GG         GGG
GGGG     GGGG   

Victim Anomalies Section G

1st Lt. (Ret.) Richard P. Gabriel Sr. - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Cono E. Gallo - horrible name

Giovanna (Genni) Gambale - strange "scanned" quality returns

Lt. Charles William Garbarini - age 44

Andrew Garcia - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - residence: Cali

Jeffrey B. Gardner - bad photoshop face

James M. Gartenberg - bad indoor flash - looks like same shitty living room from before

Peter Gay - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered gay.peter.jpg - Raytheon Co.

Gary Geidel - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovered - nothing pointing to CNN

Julie M. Geis - 44

Peter Gelinas - the HAND

Steven Gregory Genovese - another tilted looking down

Alayne F. Gentul - 44

Linda M. George - AA11 - of course no thumb no photo - google recovered to CNN - TJX corp

Ralph Gerhardt - 33 - 3352.html

Denis Germain - 33 - 2211.html

Marina R. Gertsberg - bad photoshop background - mismatched to thumb
original picture cannot be found

Cortez Ghee - does anyone have the name Cortez Ghee

Brenda C. Gibson - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - 4th overweight black office worker at Pentagon

Timothy Paul Gilbert (2592.html)
and Paul Stuart Gilbey (2593.html)
and Salvatore Gitto (2594.html) - 44
and Thomas I. Glasser (2595.html)
and Harry Glenn (2596.html) ... etc.

Paul John Gill - Ladder 119 on helmet - among other "fun" numbers

Mark Y. Gilles - 33

Sgt. Rodney Gillis - 33

Laura Gilly - ish

Donna Marie Giordano - 44

Cynthia Giugliano - oh ... reeeally?

Edmund Glazer - AA11 - looks similar to Brenda C. Gibson - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Barry H. Glick - 55 - oddly compressed shadow

Jeremy Glick - UA93 - no thumb no photo - shares name of Martin Short comedy show 'Jiminy Glick'
Primetime Glick first aired 20 June 2001 - ixquick recovered disgusting baby kissing photo

Brian Fredric Goldberg - unique filter - investigate

Goldstein, Steven - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - looks like similar modules to Jeremy Glick

Ron F. Golinski - placeholder thumb - missing page - Pentagon - ixquick found: golinski_ron

Dennis James Gomes - obvious display of ring - NOTE: HOW MANY IS THAT NOW?

Gomez and Gomez - 3508 and 3507 - kitchen workers at Windows on the World

Wilder Gomez - also at Windows on the World - and thumb but no page
gomez.wilder.jpg contains photography colofon:

Orientamento immagine:  1
Data e ora ultima modifica:  2001:09:14 17:47:32
Descrizione dell'immagine:                                 
Produttore del dispositivo di cattura:  SONY
Modello disp. di cattura:  FDMAVICA     
Tempo di esposizione:  0,00512821
Numero F:  4
Programma di esposizione:  2
Velocità ISO:  80
Compensazione dell'esposizione:  0
Apertura max diaframma:  3
Modalità di misurazione:  2
Sorgente luminosa:  0
Flash:  0
Lunghezza focale:  4,8

Wilder Gomez is sometimes credited as 'the falling man' in the suicide photos

Mauricio Gonzalez - photoshopped to look like "evidence" in some way???

Rosa J. Gonzalez - odd "family choice"

Lynn Catherine Goodchild - no thumb no photo - UA175 - ixquick recovered

Peter Morgan Goodrich - placeholder - age 33 - UA175

Lisa Reinhart Fenn Gordenstein - another AA11 with 4 names - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
ODD match - are the eyes flipped or merely flippable?

Kieran Gorman - "mason tender, Structure Tone" - number 4421.html

Thomas E. Gorman - teeth not PSd properly

Douglas A. Gowell - UA175 - 2009.html - placeholder

Lauren Grandcolas - UA93 - no photo no thumb - ixquick recovered - resembles Lisa Gordenstein

Ian J. Gray - age 55 - flight AA77 - file 1443.html  - president McBee Associates

James Michael Gray - overly symmetrical face - bad skin symmetry masking

Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green - AA11 - another 5 namer - no photo no thumb - ixquick recovered
another dual fakery find - perhaps to lend speculation that the photos are realistic

Wanda Anita Green - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick points away from CNN
resembles Andrew Green (above)

Donald F. Greene - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
executive vice president, Safe Flight Instrument Corp.

NOTE: 14 missing pics in G so far

James Arthur Greenleaf Jr. - another bizarre face shadow

Denise Gregory (Carr Futures) - mysteriously similar dress as Jenine Gonzalez (secretary, Aon Corp.)

Elizabeth (Lisa) Martin Gregg - too many names

John M. Griffin - Silverstein Properties

Joan D. Griffith - I get the sinking feeling that many backgrounds are taken at
gatherings of the rich: note the yacht scenes, watersports and upscale parties.

Ramon Grijalvo - Unknown city/state/country - placeholder

The Rev. Francis E. Grogan - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixqquick recovered

Linda Gronlund - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixqquick recovered - resembles Reverand Grogan

Kenneth Grouzalis - rejected 'terrorist'?

Robert Joseph Gschaar - supercilifier on the mend? - bad eyes - age 55

Richard Jerry Guadagno - UA93 - 1611.html - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Peter Gyulavary - 44 - 3003.html

missing page
G:   3
all:   23

missing photo
G:   17
all:   90

HH     HH
HH     HH
HH     HH
HH     HH
HH     HH
HH     HH
HH     HH

SECTION H anomalies

Victim Anomalies Section H

Maile Rachel Hale - eye peeker

Stanley R. Hall - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered to CNN
allegedly director of program management Raytheon

Carolyn B. Halmon - pentagon -no thumb no pic- ixquick recovered - first non-overweight black office worker!

Mohammed Salman Hamdani - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovered strange GOV image of Hamdani

Robert Hamilton - file named hamilton.robert1.jpg - ixquick found images under hamilton.robert
cantour.com - maybe like Cantor Fitzgerald - also linked like-firefighters together

Carl Max Hammond Jr. - sounds like Karl Marx - UA175 - "researcher, MITRE corporation" (!)
no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Frederic Kim Han - obvious "magazine" filter with no true appearance of having been printed in a magazine

Christopher James Hanley - age 34 - pic looks 40 and overly vechio-fied

Valerie Joan Hanna - woman with man skin

Michael L. Hannan - eye peeker

Christine Lee Hanson - 2 - UA175

Peter Hanson - father - UA175 - strange face shadow again

Sue Kim Hanson - mother - UA175 - hanson.christine.jpg photo for both mother and child - no photo of both
together seems to exist, unless pulled for their tribute site
page is SKIPPED

ixquick recovered 2 pictures for Sue Hanson tied to sept11 sites
features terrible skin tones and masonic hand gesture in opening page
IP Location     - Florida - Ft. Lauderdale - Internetnamesforbusiness.com
      Created on: 12-Sep-01
      Expires on: 12-Sep-09
      Last Updated on: 13-Sep-08
Administrative Contact:
      Phillips, Brock 
      BAP Webdesign
      8 Ridgehill Lane
      8 Ridgehill Lane, Massachusetts 02562
      United States
      6172331138      Fax --

Message from Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart - 404 not found
MHART.com itself doesn't seem to exist
whois declares:

title translated from japanese:
"Think about betting"

description of MHART.com in japanese translates roughly as follows:
"Despite a prolonged recession, or that human nature is like gambling,
horse racing is still popular. In recent years women have an increasing
number of young racing fans. On this site I'd like to think about betting
and horse racing."

ICANN Registrar:    ENOM, INC.
Created:       1996-06-12
Expires:       2010-06-11
Updated:       2009-07-26

IP Location  - Texas - Dallas - Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc

Administrative Contact:
   DM Solutions co.,ltd
   Takuji Hanaya ()
   Fax: 81.81422603656
   1-24-6 1F naka-cho
   Musashino-shi, TOKYO-TO 180-0006

shows the site was perhaps previously owned by Mickey Hart or someone in place of him

the page reads:

"September 14, 2001
Today I spoke with Peter Hanson’s family—Peter, a longtime Deadhead, who perished along with his wife, Sue, and only daughter, Christine, on Flight 175 on Tuesday. He was one of the passengers who was brave enough to call his father twice on his cell phone during the hijacking. After talking with his parents, Lee and Eunice Hanson, I am convinced that our music must go on. I will dedicate my upcoming performance at Herbst Theater this Saturday in San Francisco to the memory of Peter and his family and all of those who have been ravaged by these cruel and inhumane acts. According to Peter’s friends, he would want the music to go on. Even though we grieve and have not buried our dead I must play on.
Music can be an antidote to hatred. Music voices our grief, sorrow and community—it expresses feelings that cannot be brought forth in words.
Mickey Hart

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of
truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers,
and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.
Think of it... always.
Mahatma Gandhi"


James A. Haran - GIF colors on JPG - perhaps the millionth person who died at 41

Daniel Harlin - 41 - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovered - no CNN

Lt. Stephen Gary Harrell - 44 - another case of twist-face

Eric Samadikan Hartono - UA175 - don't make fun of his face!! are you INSENSITIVE or something?!?!

Thomas Haskell: NYT Creating Tiny Wonderlands - a masonic/mind control theme

Leonard William Hatton Jr. - special agent FBI - placeholder - NYT story - 3233.html
alpha consecutive with
Capt. Terence S. Hatton - age 41 - nyfd - 2232.html
alpha consecutive with
Michael Haub - also NYFD - 2233.html


Donald G. Havlish Jr - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered 2 pics - one CNN

Anthony Hawkins - placeholder thumb - missing page

Robert Jay Hayes - AA11 - rare: picture - NYT profile

Michele M. Heidenberger - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered - strange brows - sign of symmetry
residence: Chevy Chase, MD

Sheila M.S. Hein - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered - RESEMBLES HEIDENBERGER


Edward (Ted) R. Hennessy Jr. - AA11

Claribel Hernandez - 3911.html - assistant at "Sybase"
another red lips "family" picture - SEE: Rosa J. Gonzalez

Raul Hernandez - placeholder and missing page - another "jumper" story? - ixquick found one pic
that pic is connected to http://www.pipeline.es - an untracable domain in the WHOIS

Gary Herold - 44

Thomas Hetzel - 33

Todd Russell Hill - creeping hand - link to MetroWest article broken


Mark D. Hindy - thumb but no pic - http://www.markhindycf.org CHARITY FOUNDED ON THE NAME
Created On:23-Oct-2001 21:35:20 UTC
Last Updated On:05-Sep-2007 16:42:38 UTC
Expiration Date:23-Oct-2012 21:35:20 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
Registrant ID:6118794-NSI
Registrant Name:VanguardComputerSystems, Inc.
Registrant Organization:VanguardComputerSystems, Inc.
Registrant Street1:7513 Third Avenue
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Brooklyn
Registrant State/Province:NY
Registrant Postal Code:11209
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.7189216159
IP Location     - New York - Brooklyn - Vanguard Computers
Created:    2001-10-23
Expires:    2012-10-23
Updated:    2007-09-05

Links in archive to:
Registrant "Cantor Fitzgerald Securities"
IP Location     - New York - Flushing - Espeed
Created:    2001-09-19
Expires:    2009-09-19
Updated:    2007-09-17

 Administrative Contact:
      Cantor Fitzgerald Securities
      Domain Administrator
      110 E. 59th Street
      New York, NY 10022
      Phone: 1.212829481

email: admin@internationaladmin.com

"Celebrating the memory of eSpeed, Cantor Fitzgerald, and TradeSpark
employees lost in the World Trade Center tragedy."


NOTE: 10 missing pics in H so far (11 is Hobin below, and ....)

james Hobin - thumb but no image - ixquick retrieved hobin_james

Ronald George Hoerner - NOTE: number of pics with same white blob - examine blob

John A. Hofer - AA11 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Maj. Wallace Cole Hogan Jr. -- pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Cora Hidalgo Holland - AA11 - no thumb no pic - ixquick reccovered

John Holland - UNKNOWN city/state/country

Jimmie Ira Holley - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Herbert W. Homer - UA175 - Homer shares name with pilot of UA93

LeRoy Wilton Homer Jr. - UA93 - Tribute from the Organization of Black Airline Pilots 404

IP Location     - California - Culver City - Media Temple Inc
Homer, Melodie
   5 Winslow Homer Way
   Marlton, NJ 08053
 Record expires on 14-Feb-2013.
   Record created on 14-Feb-2002.
   Database last updated on 25-Aug-2009 06:15:35 EDT.

IP Location     - California - Culver City - Media Temple Inc
Created:    2002-04-07
Expires:    2013-04-07
Updated:    2008-09-10

Bradley Hoorn - NO THUMB NO PHOTO - MISSING PAGE - google found 3 pics for Hoorn Bradley

e.g.; obama bracelet, pig with makeup, victim montage

Michael R. Horrocks - UA175 - no thumb no pic - ixxquick recovered

Angela M. Houtz - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

NOTE NUMBER OF TWISTED NOSES - couldn't they get some noses more correct?

Milagros Hromada - ridiculously bad picture

Robert T. "Bobby" Hughes Jr. - obituary link broken - 4441.html

Thomas F. Hughes - 2995.html
explanation for bad background: "Occupation: owner, Colonial Art Decorators"

Kathleen (Casey) Hunt - suffers from manface

Lt. Col. Stephen Neil Hyland Jr. - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick found overly sarcastic pictures
"Occupation: personnel issues, U.S. Army" is obviously ... a joke

Robert J. Hymel - pentagon - 55 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered hymel.robert.jpg

missing page
H:   5
all:   28

missing photo
H:   20
all:   110


Section I Anomalies (that's the letter I for you Intelligence Consumer folk spying on this)

Victim Anomalies Section I

Joseph Anthony Ianelli - suffers from "meltface"

Michael Patrick Iken - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - suffers from "peekface"

Daniel Ilkanayev - colonial background/foreground but occupation is "Cantor Fitzgerald"

Stephanie V. Irby - no

Douglas Irgang - 3025.html (32, Sandler O'Neill & Partners) pic: irgang.doug.jpg (note white dot)
analog of
Kristin A. Irvine-Ryan - 3026.html (30, Sandler O'Neill & Partners) pic: irvineryan.kristy.jpg

Taizo Ishikawa - unknown city/state/country - age 50 - New York branch general manager, Fuji Bank

Waleed Iskandar  - London,UK - AA11
followed in alpha by:
Aram Iskenderian Jr. - based on same 'indian guy' model?

Kazushige Ito - 35 - manager, Fuji Bank - New York, NY, United States

Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

missing page
I:   0
all:   28

missing photo
I:   2
all:   112


SECTION J anomalies

Brooke Alexandra Jackman - same odd MAGIC filter

Steven D. Jacoby - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Ricknauth Jaggernauth - '?????

Robert Adrien Jalbert - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

NOTE: FAMILY PHOTOS REMOVED - they try but cannot develop believable excuse for this

Ernest James - thumb but no PAGE - original CNN pic vanished

John Charles Jenkins - AA11 - no thumb no pic - thumb recovered on google

Alan K. Jensen - 2626.html - glasses effect odd

Eliezer Jimenez Jr. - lol

Nicholas John - no thumb no photo - no recovery

Lt. Col. Dennis M. Johnson - no thumb no pic - pentagon - ixquick recovery

Charles E. Jones - name like Chuck M. Jones animator
AA11 - another similar ocean backdrop - another BAE systems connection

Linda Jones - 2949.html
followed by
Mary S. Jones - 2449.html

Albert Joseph - like historical figure Joseph Albert - unknown city/state

Ann Judge - AA77 - no thumb no pic - pentagon - ixquick recovery
I swear is like Dennis M. Johnson with GOO filter

The Rev. Mychal Judge - infamous! - SADLY the "New York Magazine" page has DISAPPEARED
1617.html - 16+17=33
archive of New York Magazine credits them with photos

missing page
J:   1
all:   29

missing photo
J:   6
all:   118

KK      KK
KK     KK
KK    KK
KK    KK
KK     KK
KK      KK
KK       KK

Shashi Kiran L. Kadaba - missing page - but thumb still on CNN

Deborah H. Kaplan - mysterious because Kaplan name

Robin Kaplan - 33 - no thumb no photo - AA11! - ix got


Charles L. Kasper - screwface

NOTE: surely a WRONG number of people with babies in their laps

Barbara Keating - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - examine obnoxious flash
Chandler R. Keller - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick got - looks like morph from ^

FDNY - NYT Story about the two Tom Kellys seated at the same bar, then dying
Thomas Richard Kelly - 2256.html
Thomas W. Kelly - 2255.html

John Keohane - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovery

Ralph Francis Kershaw - UA175 - another ocean scenery

Douglas D. Ketcham - no

Andrew Jay-Hoon Kim - 26 - 3420.html
followed by
Lawrence Don Kim - 31 - 4232.html

Lawrence Don Kim "next" links to Sue Kim Hanson and she looks like Andrew Kim!!!
WOOOOOPS :D - guess that was before she "married" into the Hansons mwaahahaha

Karen Ann Kincaid - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovers and link to
"northwood.edu" (!)

Brian Kinney - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered and again resembles above

Takashi Kinoshita - placeholder - missing PAGE - 46 - Mizuho Capital Markets Corp.
unknown city/state/country

Ronald Philip Kloepfer - no thumb or pic - ixquick got chain

Andrew Knox - 3311.html - is that white lettering saying T4V ??

Yevgeny Knyazev - ??? where is he ???

Gary Edward Koecheler - no pic or thumb - ixquick recovered koechler.gary.jpg
resembles Kloepfer's pose

Suzanne Kondratenko - nothing can supress ... TWISTFACE

Bon-seok Koo - no page
Toshiya Kuge - no thumb no pic - UA93 - ixquick recovered not to CNN

Shekhar Kumar - signature on photo??? lol

missing page
K:   3
all:   32

missing photo
K:   9
all:   127


Section L anomalies

Victim Anomalies Section L

Kathryn L. LaBorie - 44 - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Joseph A. Lafalce - same discoloration filter

Alan Lafranco - 43 - unknown city/state/country - placeholder - MISSING PAGE

William David Lake - 44 - 2266.html

Lt. Michael Scott Lamana - 31 - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Venessa Langer - arrested for criminal androgeny
illusion seems to have been attempted: printed scan of a xerox of a photo on a scanner

Thomas Langone - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered chain of 4 similar faces

Ingeborg Astrid Desiree Lariby - unlikely name

Christopher Randall Larrabee - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Scott Larsen - an anagram of Thomas Langone - thumb but MISSING PAGE - ixquick recovered
compare to ixquick recovery of langone.thomas

photo resembles Donald plooking girlfriend Natalie from behind.
it is labeled "family photograph"

Natalie Janis Lasden - AA11 - product testing team leader, General Electric
girlfriend of
Donald Americo DiTullio - AA11 - endoscopy division, Smith & Nephew Inc.

DON and NAT combined is homonym of "Doin'it"

no thumb or photo for either, address is "lasden.janis.jpg" for both
ixquick recovered same photo for both as well as suggestive larger version of photo for donald search

Anna Laverty - thumb but no photo - ixquick and google failed recovery except for thumb itself

David W. Laychak - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

James Patrick Leahy - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovers Thomas Langone/Scott Larsen faces

Robert George LeBlanc - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Alexis Leduc - ??? from magazine allegedly?

Daniel John Lee - AA11 - Backstreet Boys roadcrew - no thumb no photo
no sign of this person - links to letsrollforums in search

Dong Chul Lee - AA Flight 77 - "occupation: engineer, Boeing Co." - no thumb no photo
washington post article recovery

Juanita Lee - 44


Adriana Legro - file name legro.adriana2.jpg - google recovered 2 mutually exclusive derivatives of
mystery original

NOTE: missing 10 pics so far in section L

John J. Lennon Jr. - 44 - curious name

Matthew Gerard Leonard 2853 and Michael Lepore 2854 alpha and numerical consecutive

Charles Antoine Lesperance - age 55 - RARE: picture with UNKNOWN country/city/state of residence

Alisha Caren Levin - 3944.html - age 33 - overly symmetrical face disrupted by backdrop and hair

Shai Levinhar - stretchface

Daniel C. Lewin - AA11 - picture courtesy his company - "co-founder and chief technology officer, Akamai Technologies"
I don't think he's real and I suspect AKAMAI is a product of MITRE

Jennifer Lewis - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovers fakes but not original wedding photo (lewis.jennifer.jpg)
Kenneth E. Lewis - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered original wedding photo (lewis.kenneth.jpg)

Orasri Liangthanasarn - ??? name ???

Ralph M. Licciardi - TONS of photos for this guy - why is CNN photo like it went through an industrial
shovel factory?
pictures appear to be linked in "set pieces" watch shirts and backgrounds
three pictures declare EXIT loudly in the background as if to discourage examination of full body of photos
note REALLY ugly paintings in backgrounds - this appears to be a television "stage"
9.jpg shows masonic gesture on "young ralph"
Untitled-Scanned-73.jpg - clock points to 11:33 - digits are 6 (looks like upsidedown 9) and 11
Untitled-Scanned-61.jpg - masonic gesture on girl
brosis5.jpg - SONY
brosis7.jpg - FLORIDA makes a reappearance
Untitled-Scanned-67.jpg - "father" makes masonic gesture
Untitled-Scanned-127.jpg - "wife" appears to make masonic gesture
Untitled-Scanned-89.jpg - "wife" appears to make masonic gesture
Untitled-Scanned-87.jpg - "wife" appears to make just short of masonic gesture
Untitled-Scanned-85.jpg - ralph appears to make just short of masonic gesture

whois INFO
IP Location - Georgia - Atlanta - Web.com Inc

 Licciardi, Anthony               
      10 Cottage Place
      Apt 3G
      White Plains, NY 10601

Created:    2001-11-08 (november 2001)
Expires:    2011-11-08
Updated:    2006-06-21

Kelly Licciardi from website SPOKE.com
at Luxury Collection
1111 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604

Well say no more, they must be REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 haha
they worked ever so slightly harder on this one


Samantha Lightbourn-Allen - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery
fifth black female office worker, ostensibly the fourth to be on the pudgy side

Alan Linton - somebody get this man a new suit

Diane Theresa Lipari - thumb but no photo - ixquick recovered some photos
Kenneth P. Lira - thumb but missing page - nothing can be found on him
Francisco Alberto Liriano - no thumb - missing page - "null" for thumb
FOUND TERROR DK site with above 3 headshots and more

NOTE: check TERROR DK site for other missing photos during compile

Nancy Liz - thumb no photo - ixquick recovery COLOR version of BW thumb

Harold Lizcano - thumb no photo - ixquick recovery COLOR version of BW thumb

Martin Lizzul - eye peeker
peculiarly misplaced "oops you spilled your coffee again" comment ... writer getting tired?

George A. Llanes - 33 - bad mouth

Maj. Steve Long - no thumb no photo - PENTAGON - ixquick recovered
"KIA" - killed in action?? - did he leap out of the Pentagon to stop the incoming plane?

Maclovio Lopez Jr. - 41 - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered FAMILY PHOTO

NOTE: i count 17 missing pics at this point in L

Manuel L. Lopez - lopez.manuel.1.jpg

Chet Louie - extremely blown out

NOTE: TOO MANY PHOTOS RESEMBLE "POLAROID" ERRORS - how many people would send in a POLAROID of their beloved

Sara Elizabeth Low - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery - AA11

Michael W. Lowe - picture ridiculous - location: WTC basement - possibly a pun on his name

Edward (Ted) H. Luckett II - another Edward (Ted) ?!? - yes, look he's the second (II)

William Lum Jr. - 45 - 4151.html - familiar base: looking up with bad flash filter - "overexposure"

Alexander Lygin - suffers from notorious disease FLATFACE ON UNBELIEVABLE BACKDROP

CeeCee Lyles - UA93 - age 33 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Farrell Peter Lynch - 39 - 1765.html - Cantor Fitzgerald - link to brother "Sean P. Lynch" fails
there is a:
Sean P. Lynch - 36 - 2016.html - Cantor Fitzgerald - link to brother "Farrell P. Lynch" fails
and a:
Sean Lynch - 34 - 3444.html - Cantor Fitzgerald - with no links

after few reloads, i got it to "work" in the following error-prone way:
Farrell Peter Lynch links to Sean Lynch (NOT Sean P. Lynch) and launches in new window.
Sean P. Lynch links to his "brother" but it also launches in a new window - unlike most links

James T. Lynch - SKIPPED PAGE - placeholder thumb - PAGE MISSING (55, "Manassas, VA")

Louise A. Lynch - thumb but no photo - ixquick no recovery

Michael Lynch - rare: pic but UNKNOWN city/state/country

Robert H. Lynch - 44 - 2468.html

Michael F. Lynch - New York,NY - this page loads but skips the next Michael F. Lynch
Michael F. Lynch - New Hyde Park,NY - this page is lost but thumb still exists
BOTH ARE FDNY and their files are consecutively 3549.html and 3550.html

NOTE: ALL pages that have been missing throughout this memorial or that i've labeled
as "missing" actually have a 4-digit html file, but they resemble the identical "no page"

Terence M. Lynch - no thumb and no photo - google recovery to CNN - "pentagon"

Nehamon Lyons IV - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered to CNN


missing page
L:   6
all:   38

missing photo
L:   22
all:   149

MMMM         MMMM
MMM     M     MMM
MMM           MMM
MMM           MMM


Anomalies Section M

NOTE: Once again, the slack jaws, twisted mouths becomes a bit of a hilarious burden on the
photoshop pictures' realism.

Susan A. MacKay - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Joseph Maffeo - thumb but missing page (too implicating of "Maffeo"-so? :) hee j/k

Brian Magee - another Compaq employee

Charles Wilson Magee - chief engineer, Silverstein Properties

Abdu Malahi - worked for Marriott

Alfred R. Maler - oval photoshop - is he in the men's room?

NOTE: Including Euro-brokers, Sandler O'Neill & Partners, Cantor Fitzgerald and AON corporation
what percentage of the victims does that leave? 80%? 75%?

Terence J. Manning - a blonde person!

Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph Marchand - record 5 names for a passenger of UA Flight 175 -  flight attendant

Hilda Marcin - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Edward Joseph Mardovich - no NYtimes profile for president of Eurobrokers?

Shelley A. Marshall - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Karen A. Martin - rare photo of AA11 victim, flight attendant, offset teeth again

Betsy Martinez - peculiar lighting

Edward J Martinez - thumb but no photo - ixquick recovery does not point to CNN
but http://www.september11victims.com - photo matches that of thumb on CNN

Robert Gabriel Martinez - swapped alphabetical positions with Waleska Martinez Rivera

*Waleska Martinez Rivera - see: Robert Gabriel Martinez - thumb but no photo - ixquick recovered
Apparently worked for U.S. Census Bureau and was on UA93 - atrocious photoshop pieces on forehead
amusing piece credited to Post-Gazette (pittsburgh paper)

Ada L. Mason-Acker - HTML file number 1666.html contains "Mason" in the victim name

Nicholas G. Massa - unbelievable lack of photo quality for Sr. Vice President of AON. looks faxed-in

Michael Massaroli - placeholder for vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

Joseph Mathai - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Marcello Matricciano - supposedly died at 31, yet photo is aged like it's from the 1800's

Dean Mattson - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Walter Matuza - terrible photoshop scenery, does not appear to actually be in hammock

Timothy Maude - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
military meeting rather hilariously credited to 'Family Photograph'

NOTE: peculiar number of photos with victim holding a baby --- archive of the same babies??
NOTE: 2666.htm through 2669.htm are all consecutive M's of unrelated persons
which is odd compared to rest of victim list.

Renee A. May - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - who is this mysterious Family and how
did they get all these photographs? :P

Robert J. Mayo - WTC4 - bizarre photoshop filter

James J. McAlary Jr. - number of people bending over slightly while being shot from slightly below
is getting extremely repititious.

Brian McAleese - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovered

Brendan McCabe & Michael J. McCabe - would you believe 2 McCabes in the same location?

Thomas McCann - thumb but missing page - ixquick recovered

Juliana Valentine McCourt and Ruth Magdaline McCourt - UA175 - split of single photo
"best friend" of Paige Farley-Hackel - AA11 - all pictures and thumbs missing - recovered

Matthew T. McDermott - depicts inside of airplane - originally going to be a passenger?

McDonnell Brian - no thumb/photo - recovered by ixquick
looks strikingly like Thomas McCann - perhaps Sims resembling one another too closely slightly suppressed

Michael Gregory McGinty - no thumb no photo - recovered by ixquick
senior vice president for power and utilities practice, Marsh Inc. - Marsh is where AA11 virtua-striked

Scott Martin McGovern - twisted photo

NOTE: It is increasingly absurd to think that firefighters involved actually died

NOTE: i think 14 missing pics so far

Thomas F. McGuinness Jr. - first officer AA11 - jpg named mcguinness.thomas.2.jpg
no thumb no photo - google recovered mcguinness.thomas.2.jpg (family photograph again)

Molly L. McKenzie - no thumb no photo - recovered by ixquick

Evelyn C. McKinnedy - missing page

Walter Arthur McNeil - overly symmetrical face

Jaselliny McNish - missing page & skipped page - UNKNOWN city/state/country/employer but aged 37!!
added to list in 2002 with Ayodeji Awe by LA times article - no pictures

Abigail Medina - UNKNOWN employer

Anna Medina - UNKNOWN employer but NYT gives a profile (!)

Damian Meehan - bizarre photoshop filters

NOTE: Unnatural number of "bits" of other people intruding on photo to make picture seem more natural
case in point: Eskedar Melaku

Antonio Melendez - almost identically bizarre photoshop filters

Christopher D. Mello - AA11 - guess what, missing photo and thumb - ixquick recovered

Dora Marie Menchaca - AA77 - missing photo and thumb - ixquick recovered

Steve Mercado - link to special page with alternate version of person - very odd - wrong neck/nose/etc.
http://normanthomas.com/  - seems to be invented school with invented alma mater

Deborah Merrick - UNKNOWN anything except age (45)
and broken link to "Memorial from the Communications Workers of America union"


Patricia E. (Patti) Mickley - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Luis Clodoaldo Revilla Mier - UNKNOWN city/state/country - name dump?

Maj. Ronald D. Milam - aged 33 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Nicole Miller - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Louis Joseph Minervino - senior vice president, Marsh USA - just a placeholder?!?

Jeffrey Peter Mladenik - "family photo" - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Dennis Mojica - Univision channel memorial

Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - not CNN

Sharon Moore - bad photoshop

Abner Morales - very very bad photoshop

Gerard (Jerry) P. Moran - pseudo-anagram of J.P.Morgan - two strikingly similar versions of Jerry Moran

Lindsay S. Morehouse - NYT pic resembles a stretched bitmap on 3D program

NOTE: extreme number of BAD FLASH camera pics

*Yvette Nicole Moreno

Richard Morgan - deliberately awful photoshop???

Nancy Morgenstern - distorted looking face

Blanca Morocho and Leonel Morocho - consecutive numbers and alpha

Brian Anthony Moss - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Teddington H. Moy - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Carlos Mario Munoz - UNKNOWN city/state/country

Marc A. Murolo - weird photoshop filter

Marc A. Murolo and Brian Joseph Murphy - consecutive numbers and alpha


missing page
M:   5
all:   53

missing photo
M:   25
all:   174


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Re: Original notes for the Vicsim Report

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:30 am

[N through Z]

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NNN       NNN
NNN       NNN

Anomalies Section "N"

Anomolies Sections N and O

Louis J. Nacke - flight 93 - no thumb no pic - ix recovered

Mildred Naiman - AA11 - no thumb no pic . ix recovered - 1391.html

Mario Nardone - strange name nardone.mario4 - no other pics

Manika Narula - eye growth from side of head peeker

Shawn M. Nassaney - UA175 - no thumb no pic . ix recovered

REALLY STRANGE: side of shawn's face matches Mildred's cheeks!!! overlap to understand

Laurie Ann Neira - AA11 - no thumb no pic . ix recovered

FURTHER STRANGENESS: laurie's face is related to previous two pics - 1384.html

Ann Nicole Nelson - man eyebrows!

Michele Ann Nelson - another ann. her grad pic is thumb - not the big pic??

Christopher C. Newton - AA77 - nothumb or pic - ixquick recovery screen must be seen
chain of derivitives is clear

Nancy Yuen Ngo - chin issues

Khang Ngoc Nguyen - pentagon - 1506.html - no thumb or pic or apparent original

Kathleen Ann Nicosia - AA11 - no thumb or pic - ix got it - a doozy

Juan Nieves Jr. - "h(u)ow(n) naive(s)" - picture of model city behind - clear ps

Troy Edward Nilsen - awkward backdrop of city

Michael Allen Noeth - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ix got no cnn

Daniel R. Nolan - pic is called nolan.daniel2.jpg - NOTE: NUMBERS MAY HAVE BEEN ADDED

Robert Walter Noonan looks like nolan (nyt article of noonan)

Jacqueline J. Norton - AA11 - no thumb no pic - ix got the couple, pic name after jacqueline
obviously same recovered pic as
Robert Grant Norton - AA11 - no thumb no pic - no sign of his version
photoshopped close up of his head from original!! and it's credited to AP!!!

Soichi Numata - page missing - thumb is there - ixquick recovered to sep11vic

Jeffrey Nussbaum - is this guy at CHURCH ST????

missing page
N:   1
all:   54

missing photo
N:   10
all:   184


OOO      OOO
OOO      OOO
OOO      OOO
OOO      OOO

 A N O M A L I E S

Dennis O'Berg - thumb but missing page - ix got CHAIN OF SIMILARS again

Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan - what the heck is going on in this picture?
why would anyone choose this picture?

Marni Pont O'Doherty ???

Jefferson Ocampo - 28 - unknown labor, city, state, country

John Ogonowski - AA11 - no thumb no pic - ix recovered

Joseph J. Ogren - "jo jo" gren?

Elsy Carolina Osorio Oliva - no thumb no pic - ix got it - OVERLAP Ogonowski!!

Leah E. Oliver - oliver.leah.2.jpg - odd file name
ix recovered for oliver.leah two others:
memorial.mmc.com and 91101neverforgotten.homestead.com/AmericanProud.html

Eric T. Olsen - this man's neck is the size of his head - 2327.html
FDNY and alpha consecutive
Jeffrey James Olsen - and this guy fits inside him - 2328.html

Barbara K. Olson - AA77 - infamous TV personality ???

Toshihiro Onda - placeholder thumb - missing page

Peter K. Ortale - wax face

Jane M. Orth - no thumb no photo - ix got - looks like Leah E. Oliver

Paul Ortiz Jr. - BAD BAD case of maskface

James Robert Ostrowski - cantorfitz - 37 - 1909.html - placeholder
next to
Jason Douglas Oswald - cantorfitz - 28 - 1808.html - no thumb no photo
ixquick recovered and - continuing the pattern - he looks like Jane M. Orth

missing page
O:   2
all:   56

missing photo
O:   4
all:   192


PPP        PP
PPP        PP
PPP        PP

Anomolies Sections P-tech ;P

Israel Pabon - 3663.html - ridiculous invention and friend David Bellows

Spc. Chin Sun Pak - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick got - seems to morph from
Fyfe, Karleton - NOTE BANGS

Deepa K. Pakkala - 31 - 2699.html seems to morph into
Jeffrey Matthew Palazzo - 33 - 2332.html

Thomas Anthony Palazzo - 44 - 1911.html

Christopher M. Panatier - eye peeker and baby peeker combined!

Lt. Jonas Martin Panik - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - stupid story

Paul Pansini 2335.html
alpha, FDNY and numerical consecutive
John M. Paolillo 2336.html

Marie Pappalardo - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered original CNN and odd "bust"

Vinod K. Parakat - blue shirt familiar ......???

Vijayashanker Paramsothy - forehead peek!

Debra (Debbie) Paris - bad body - and is that the SAME OCEAN GRAB???

Michael A. Parkes - another dude on a phone

Diane Parsons - happy birth!

Horace Robert Passananti - 55 - no thumb no photo - recovered not CNN
is male version of very next person:
Suzanne H. Passaro - 38 - no thumb no photo - recovered not CNN - satanic cross

Steven B. Paterson - eyebrow problem

James Matthew Patrick - extremely creepy grin peek

Manuel Patrocino - 34 - missing photo - unknown city/state/country
ixquick recovered not CNN - eyebrow looks like continued morph from Passananti/Passaro

Maj. Clifford L. Patterson Jr. - 33 - pentagon - no thumb no photo
ixquick recovered

Robert Edward Pattison - 4426.html - picture of official with 13 stars on background flag
however, "Occupation:   broadcast engineer, CBS-TV"

Stacey L. Peak - bad

Robert Penninger - AA77 - BAE Systems!!! Mitre connection

Angel Perez Jr. - an angel looking upon the earth

Angela Susan Perez - did a skateboard run over her photo???

Anthony Perez - 33 - 3377.html

Berinthia Berenson Perkins - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery not CNN - articles

John William Perry - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Donald Arthur Peterson - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered possible source pics
coupled with
Jean Hoadley Peterson - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Glen K. Pettit - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered chain

NOTE: 12 missing pics in P

Tu-Anh Pham - 42 - 3424.html - head shape
analog of very next alpha
Lt. Kenneth Phelan - 41 - 2343.html - face skewed on head

Matthew Picerno - no thumb no photo - CLEAR anagram of Glen K. Pettit - ixquick recovered

Bernard T. Pietronico - 2708.html - age 39 - Cantor Fitzgerald
his GIRL is a CLEAR anagram of consecutive
Nicholas P. Pietrunti - 2709.html - age 38 - Cantor Fitzgerald

Theodoros Pigis - 4406.html - "Occupation:   One Source (Hudson Shatz)"

Susan Elizabeth Ancona Pinto - rare FULL GLIMPSE of one of the usual gregarious side peekers

Robert R. Ploger III - AA77 - recovered FAMILY PHOTO of double
husband of
Zandra F. Ploger - AA77 - ixquick recovered SAME FAMILY PHOTO from cooper.zandra.jpg

which family exactly is presenting this photo?

Robert's page says wife of Zandra Cooper but links to Zandra F. Ploger.
Is there a Zandra cooper??? NO

There is: Julian T. Cooper - location Pentagon with html page 1503.html
which is close to Plogers 1458.html and 1474.html
Julian T. Cooper has the candle placeholder

Lt. j.g. Darin Howard Pontell - 1487.html - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick got Pontell Darin

Joshua Poptean - 3195.html - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - has overlapping mouths issue

James Edward Potorti - no thumb no photo - ixquick got - no CNN

Brandon J. Powell - 3666.html - member of the Colin Powell family perhaps??

Scott Powell - 1696.html - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick got
recovery resembles POPTEAN

Tony Pratt - placeholder thumb - missing page

Carrie B. Progen - woops, hand never made it

Edward F. Pullis - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered two strange versions

(Retired) Capt. Jack D. Punches - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Sonia Morales Puopolo - 1411.HTML - aa11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered


missing page
P:   1
all:   57

missing photo
P:   22
all:   214


QQ    QQ
QQ    QQ

Patrick J. Quigley VI - UA175 - appears to be borrowed from ixquick recovered secondary
There are SIX generations of asians named Patrick J. Quigley???
no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
german site reveals LARGER photo than CNN's "family photo" with demon appearance in cloth


missing page
Q:   0
all:   57

missing photo
Q:   1
all:   215

RRR         RRR
RRR         RRR
RRR         RRR
RRR         RRR
RRR      RRR
RRR       RRR
RRR        RRR
RRR         RRR

Victim Anomalies Section R

Eugene J. Raggio - 55 - awful "compression"

Laura Marie Ragonese-Snik - 41 - wedding photo with nobody else !! che triste

Ehtesham U. Raja - pun?

Valsa Raju
http://www.valsaraju.org/ - is valse

Edward Rall - 44 - many 44s have double letters in the name?

NOTE: counting from end of list up to top, 18 pic missing in R so far

Julio Fernandez Ramirez - 51 - Residence: New York, NY, UNKNOWN (country?!?)
painting company employee, One Source (Hudson Shatz)

Lukas (Luke) Rambousek - NO legacy.com profile

Vishnoo Ramsaroop - 44 - 4110.html - "Mr. Ramsaroop, 45, helped run the towers' elevators"
Occupation:   janitorial, cleaner, ABM Industries
contradiction or no

Anne T. Ransom - ??? name ???

Rhonda Rasmussen - 44 - pentagon

Amenia Rasool - 33 - red lips pic again?

Roger Mark Rasweiler - obvious photoshop

Marsha Dianah Ratchford - pentagon - no thumb no photo - 6th black female office worker

Sarah (Prothero) Redheffer - Occupation: Risk Waters Group - London, UK - MISSING PAGE - placeholder thumb

Donald J. Regan - conspicuous name

Richard Rescorla - unearthed from a buried submarine?

Martha M. Reszke - pentagon - no thumb no photo - an overweight WHITE office worker - ixquick recovered

David E. Retik - 33 - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Todd Reuben - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

AnnMarie (Davi) Riccoboni - eye peek

David Rice - no thumb no photo - ixquick only returns Iraq casualty
http://www.davidhrice.com/ - 404 - last existed in 2004

Cecelia E. Richard -  41 - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
7th black female office worker who died at pentagon - 6th overweight

James Riches - missing page - thumb exists - ixquick recovers not CNN but 4 of similar pictures
possibly same face and tie as Roberts.Michael.ii?

Alan Jay Richman - 44

Frederick Rimmele - UA175 - no thumb no photo - recovered strange obit and CNN crop of obit's picture

Moises N. Rivas - curious photoshop - revealing of how heads attached to bodies?

Carmen A. Rivera - 33 - lighting FX

Leo A. Roberts - 44

Michell Lee Robotham - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - baby peek

Raymond J. Rocha - red eye?!?

Laura Rockefeller - 41 - 4014.html - Freelance delegate coordinator, Risk Waters Group - overly symmetrical
rockefeller is a suspect name

John M. Rodak - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

David B. Rodriguez-Vargas - 44

Jean Destrehan Roger - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Karlie Barbara Rogers - London, United Kingdom

Efrain Franco Romero Sr. - "Refrain?" - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery of thumb - he appears
to be standing in front of north tower.... and slightly above it

Aida Rosario - another "lips"

Philip M. Rosenzweig - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery - FAMILY PHOTO

Richard Barry Ross - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Mark Rothenberg - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

James M. Roux - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery

Judy Rowlett - 44 - pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery
8th black female office worker who died at pentagon

Timothy A. Roy Sr. - no thumb no photo - ixquick pseudo-recovery

Robert E. Russell - 52 - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery


missing page
R:   2
all:   59

missing photo
R:   18
all:   233

  SSS    SSS
 SSS      SSS
SSS        SSS
 SSS      SSS


Anomolies section S

Jessica Leigh Sachs - terrible photoshopped mouth - almost sarcastically wrong

Marjorie C. Salamone - no thumb missing photo - ixquick recovered

Rahma Salie - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
paired with
Michael Theodoridis - AA11 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
they share a single photo

Samuel R. Salvo Jr. - vice president of AON has mysteriously grainy photo "taken recently" at age 59

Erick Sanchez - 41 - CNN sez: UNKNOWN city/state/country - company: Soundtone - missing page
information from http://www.boston.com/news/packages/sept11/anniversary/victims/wtc9.htm
says Sanchez was 43 and Soundtone is a floor company - floor covering installer and foreman
and his home is NYC, NY

Jesus Sanchez - UA175 - no photo no thumb - ixquick recovery - does not point to CNN

STACY SANDERS - NYT bad photoshop - hat doesn't match head's lighting

KIRSTEN R. SANTIAGO - NYT an obvious joke

Victor J. Saracini - captain UA175 - missing thumb no photo - recovered - VictorSaracini.com no longer exists

Chapelle Sarker - missing page - UNKNOWN city/state/country - rare: unknown age - Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.

Vladimir Savinkin - same bizarre "damage" filter

Dennis Scauso
John A. Schardt - two firefighters with consecutive numbers in list 2374 & 2375

John G. Scharf - apparently a Marine, shown pasted over Paris (Vegas?!) backdrop

Fred Claude Scheffold Jr. - continues consecutive firefighter numbers 2376

Sean Schielke - no thumb - no photo - ixquick found - another indoors with night outside photo

Robert Schlegel - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered schlegel.robert.jpg

Jon S. Schlissel - strange bad quality

Ian Schneider - strange bad quality - vaguely resembles Marx bros.

Mark E. Schurmeier - another 44 death - PEACE FUND LINK - http://www.wfu.edu/alumni/schurmeier.html - does not exist

Adriane Victoria Scibetta - another indoor dark outside

Raphael Scorca - another indoor dark outside

Christopher J. Scudder - bizarre and bad - blown out

Janice Scott - no thumb no photo - Pentagon again - ixquick recovered

Anthony Segarra - no thumb - missing PAGE - Proven Electrical Contracting Inc. - doesn't seem to exist

Jason Sekzer - thumb but photo is placeholder

Michael L. Selves - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Larry John Senko - another bad flash same angle

Adele Sessa - weird background - is that an alien?

Khalid M. Shahid - awful photoshop

Cmdr. Dan Frederic Shanower - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered shanower.dan.jpg

Neil G. Shastri - atrocious photoshop

Kathryn Anne Shatzoff - weirdly bad eyes

Daniel James Shea - 1803.htm - managing director and partner
Joseph Patrick Shea - 1802.htm - senior executive
another pair of brothers at Cantor Fitzgerald

Mary Kathleen Shearer - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
wife of
Robert Michael Shearer - UA175 - no photo no thumb - ixquick recovered

Hagay Shefi - NYT profile links to Shea Bros NYT profile

Antoinette Sherman - Pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

NOTE: 13 missing pics from S so far

John Anthony Sherry - bad ps

Atsushi Shiratori - an obvious joke - didn't work for Cantor Fitzgerald but clearly
shown before a minimarket in basement - he is labeled "dollar/yen options trader, Cantor Fitzgerald"

Johanna Sigmund (3427.html) and Dianne T. Signer (3428.html) look like modified clones
both apparently for Fred Alger Management

2378.html and 2379.html Firefighters consecutive

NOTE: Why so many people living in Virginia and Boston and Washington and NY flying to Cali?

Diane M. Simmons - xerox retiree AA Flight 77 - extreme patriotic
shares photo with
George W. Simmons - xerox retiree AA Flight 77 - extreme patriotic - named "George W." and drenched
in the american flag

Jane Louis Simpkin - UA175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Jeff Simpson - Oracle - company pushed into Costa Rica by mysterious WTC company

Khamladai K. (Khami) Singh - female - SINGH where have we heard THAT name before??? - "assistant banquet manager"
sister of brother:
Roshan R. (Sean) Singh - same photo - male "equipment technician"
apparent company of both: Windows on the World - consecutive numbers 3272.html and 3273.html

Joseph M. Sisolak  - senior vice president, Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. - has a PLACEHOLDER!??

Francis J. Skidmore Jr. (2764.html) and  Toyena C. Skinner (2765.html) - consecutive numbers

Paul A. Skrzypek - couple looks like the same person

Christopher Paul Slattery  - bad flash again - weird photoshop: BAR BATHROOMS

Paul Sloan - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered sloan.paul.jpg

Wendy Small - unrealistic skin behavior against another face -  small.wendy.jpg

Gregg Harold Smallwood - Pentagon - chief information systems technician, U.S. Navy - another age 44

CATHERINE SMITH - also 44 - NYT article says the couple considered themselves cartoon characters

(Retired) Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Heather Lee Smith - AA11 - Boston - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Jeffrey Randall Smith - two kids

Karl Trumbull Smith - another 44

Kevin Smith (47) 2381.html and Leon Smith (48) Jr. 2382.html
consecutive firefighters

Sandra Fajardo Smith - awkward figure and lighting

Rochelle Monique Snell - dark indoors - bad flash

Christine Anne Snyder - rare UA93 photo

Leonard J. Snyder Jr. - hand on shoulder - dark indoor

Sushil Solanki - thumb but missing page - ixquick could not find

Mari-Rae Sopper - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
http://www.mari-rae.net/ memorial site uses same photo as CNN, except even worse!

Timothy P. Soulas - awkward arm

John Anthony Spataro - indoor dark party photo

Robert Speisman - AA77 - executive vice president, Lazar Kaplan International - no thumb no photo

Frank J. Spinelli - another 44 - bad photoshop - Cantor Fitzgerald of course

William E. Spitz - indoor dark - bad flash - looking up at bent neck AGAIN

Joseph P. Spor - resembles compiled faces into one face -- more than avg. (or maybe i just see it)

Klaus Sprockamp - from Heidelberg, Germany 

Saranya Srinuan - hair is badly done

Richard James Stadelberger  - thumb but placeholder instead of photo - stadelburger.richard.jpg
55, Fiduciary Trust International - could not find original

Alexandru Liviu Stan - New York, New York
Corina Stan - city/state/country UNKNOWN
both worked at Cantor Fitzgerald but Corina's residence unknown?!?
rare: picture merely called "stans" without first names

Patricia J. Statz - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - badly placed mouth

NOTE: 20 missing pics in S so far

Craig William Staub - file named staub.craig.1.jpg

William V. Steckman - dark indoor bad flash - WNBC-TV

ERIC STEEN - NYT/CNN bad coordination photoshop

William R. Steiner - same mysterious dot on this photo and other "aged" photos - unknown place of work

NOTE: Suspicious amount of overweight african american secretaries at Pentagon. case in point:

Edna L. Stephens - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Norma Lang Steuerle - AA Flight 77 - Virginia - placeholder


NOTE: bizarre number of overly reddened photos

Douglas J. Stone - AA 11 - rare: photo and NYT profile - DOVER, NH sounds like Oliver.
photo looks like Oliver Stone

James J. Straine Jr. - 36 - but photo is OLD looking

James J. Straine Jr. (2773.htm) and Edward W. Straub (3772.htm) are alpha consecutive and numerical anagram

followed alpha by:
2774.htm - AON corp - residence: Avon-by-the-Sea
2474.htm - Edward T. Strauss (44) - chief of World Trade Center operations, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Sgt. Maj. Larry Strickland - Pentagon - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered obvious photoshop age progression

David S. Suarez - appears to be two of him, one graduating, and twin old men in the background

Ramon Suarez - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
tribute site uses CNN photo and displays "Motion Picture Company" at top © 2009 James Arnett
"A full service studio established 1958" - the year of MITRE's birth
telephone: (520)861-7517

If you feel this site infringes on your copyright; CONTACT:
Ms. Gabriele Andres
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SEE: James Arnett research - truly bizarre

William Christopher Sugra - bad dark indoor flash

Thomas Sullivan - thumb but missing page - Harvey Young Yurman Inc.

Larry Sumaya - bad teeth again

Robert Sutcliffe - weird shadow - Harvey Young Yurman Inc

Selina Sutter - looks like movie still

Brian D. Sweeney - UA175 - weeeeird

Madeline Sweeney - rare: pic of someone on AA11 - (but does not resemble a woman?)

Kenneth J. Swensen (2777.html)
alpha and numerical consecutive
Thomas F. Swift (2778.html) - assistant vice president, Morgan Stanley

Sword, Derek - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered sword.derek.jpg

Kevin T. Szocik - resembles the Bush family - from "Garden City, NY"

missing page
S:   5
all:   64

missing photo
S:   24
all:   257

Section T Anomalies

appearance of SINGLE-MODULE morphs in these three in a row:
  Michael Taddonio - 2004.html - eurobrokers
Keiichiro Takahashi - 3220.html - eurobrokers
    Keiji Takahashi - 2779.html - mizuho capital markets group

Sean Patrick Tallon - finally a mishapen bald head - but wait - isn't that
just the one they already USE ALL THE TIME with a skew?

another consecutive morph:
Sean Patrick Tallon - fdny - 2390.html
        Paul Talty - nypd - 3736.html - TERRIBLE photoshop bg - subtle "doubles"

Maurita Tam - Amherst home page broken - http://www.amherst.edu/~mtam/
archive goes back to 1998 but has pictures labeled 2001
Possibly "retroactive recruitment" lol

Kenichiro Tanaka - placeholder thumb - missing page

Dennis G. Taormina Jr. - 2781.html
next to
Kenneth Joseph Tarantino - 2782.html - NYT pic

Hilda E. Taylor - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ixquick got to sept11vic

Lt. Col. Kip P. Taylor - pentagon - no thumb or pic - ix recovered

Leonard E. Taylor - AA77 - no thumb no pic - ix got to sept11vic

Lorisa Ceylon Taylor - bbaaad photoshop

Yeshavant Moreshewar Tembe - "Yes (I) want More (...) war (time)"
thumb but missing page - New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

Stanley L. Temple - 77 - placeholder thumb - no page

Goumatie T. Thackurdeen - 3744.html
next to lookalike
Harshad Sham Thatte - 4354.html

Brian T. Thompson - "uh oh"

Vanavah Thompson - thumb but missing page - no recovery

Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman - 25 - pentagon - "Occupation: classified employee, U.S. Army"
so this employee is classified but her picture is still up while all the others are pulled?

William R. Tieste - neck=NO

Scott C. Timmes - halos

Alicia Nicole Titus - UA175 - no thumb no pic - ix got - no cnn

Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ix got

Vladimir Tomasevic - 36 - 4346.html
nigh undeniable visual anolog of following alpha:
Stephen K. Tompsett - 39 - 3464.html

Doris Torres - lol the name! - 33 - unknown city/state/country/occupation

Luis Eduardo Torres - 31 - Cantor Fitzgerald  - unknown city/state/country
total visual analog of following alpha:
Amy E. Toyen - 24

Christopher M. Traina -  9 1 1 in plaid couch pattern

James Anthony Trentini - 1370.html - crop of ...
Mary Barbara Trentini - 1388.html - larger pic
JAMES iS VISUAL ANAGRAM of "Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert"

Lisa L. Trerotola - fat bod - skinny head

Karamo Trerra - 4024.html - ?!?!? oh my GOD lol "Occupation:computer technician, ASAP NetSource"
and he's STILL an anagram of the next one:
Michael Trinidad - 3484.html

and the next pair too:
Francis Joseph Trombino - 3774.html
Gregory J. Trost - 3089.html

Zhanetta Tsoy - "magic" effect again

Lance Richard Tumulty - "Occupation:distressed trading manager, Euro Brokers Inc." ??!?

missing page
T:   4
all:   68

missing photo
T:   6
all:   263

UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU
UUU        UUU


Tyler Ugolyn - 3307.html - CIRCLED photo?!? for a MEMORIAL?!?!?!?!

Michael A. Uliano - 2005.html - another bowed head in the dark indoors
bad flower on shirt

Anil Shivhari Umarkar - another boat and water scene

Allen V. Upton - 44 - babypeek - RARE: light outside!

missing page
U:   0
all:   68

missing photo
U:   0
all:   263

VVV           VVV
vVV           VVv
 VVV         VVV
  VVv       vVV
  vVV       VVv
   VVV     VVV
    VVv   vVV
    vVV   VVv
     VVV VVV

for VENDETTA anomalies


John Damien Vaccacio - damien eh?

Bradley H. Vadas - 3111.html - hi! we're twins!

William Valcarcel - thumb but no page

Mayra Valdes-Rodriguez - 2985.html (aon)
Felix Antonio Vale - 3863.html (cantorfitz)
Ivan Vale - 4139.html (cantorfitz)
Benito Valentin - 4355.html (a wizard perhaps?)

Santos Valentin Jr. - 3468.html - no thumb no pic - ix got CHAIN GANG

Kenneth W. Van Auken - 1768.html - age 47
head formatted same as next:
Richard Bruce Van Hine - 2396.html - age 48

Jon C. Vandevander - 44 - Vande Vande 4 4

Scott C. Vasel - babysquish - 1977.html
right after:
Azael Ismael Vasquez - babysquish 2 - 3670.html

Lt. Cmdr. Ronald James Vauk - pentagon - missing photo and thumb
ix quick found CNN and derivative

2397.html (36)
followed by
2793.html (63)

Loretta A, Vero - comma??

Joseph Vincent Vigiano - no thumb no pic - ixquick got

Frank J. Vignola Jr. - 44 - 3298.html - cantor fitz - sr. vice pres partner
followed immediately by
Joseph B. Vilardo    - 44 - 2838.html - cantor fitz - sr. vice pres

Sergio Villanueva - thumb but no page - recovered and CHAIN GANG

Chantal Vincelli - does this look right to you?

Alfred Vukuosa - bad flash memorial picture?

missing page
V:   2
all:   70

missing photo
V:   4
all:   267

WWW            WWW
WWW            WWW
WWW            WWW
WWW     WW     WWW
    WWW    WWW

What We Worry - Anomalies

Anomalies Sections W

Lt. Col. Karen Wagner - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered no CNN - all bad and tiny
1 CNN thumbnail  on google


Mary Alice Wahlstrom - 1389.html
is squished face of alleged daughter
Carolyn Mayer Beug - 1353.html

Honor Elizabeth Wainio - UA93 - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered obvious CNN photo
attributed to some caosblog.com/6273 - clear masonic hand gesture

Gabriela Waisman - 33 - picture but unknown city state country

Kenneth E. Waldie - AA11 - 46 - odd file name waldie.kenneth.2.jpg - no thumb or pic
ixquick recovered and september11victims.com larger version of CNN "family photo"

Meta L. Waller - pentagon - no thumb or photo - ixquick recovered
looks like another match from Waldie

Ching H. Wang - placeholder thumb - no page - 59 - unknown city/state/country

Timothy Ray Ward - ua175 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovery to september11victims

James Thomas (Muddy) Waters Jr. - another reference to classic rock

Capt. Patrick J. Waters - FDNY - 2403.html - 44
visual career alpha and number consecutive
Kenneth Watson - FDNY - 2404.html - 39

Walter E. Weaver - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered chain
is 3733.html
to 1731.html
Michael Weinberg - one in the chain found for weaver

Deborah Welsh - UA93 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered


John Wenckus - AA11 - 1377.html - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - possible morph of Welsh

Oleh D. Wengerchuk - creephand, meltface and maltese crosses

Peter M. West - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Adam S. White - 3397.html - white supremacists might declare that "Adam's White!"

Sandra L. White - 1692.html - pentagon - another ixquick recovered black female office worker
age 44

Michael T. Wholey - 2442.html - Michael the Holy (angel)


Lt. Glenn Wilkinson - odd anomaly on hat

Ernest M. Willcher - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

John C. Willett - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

Candace Lee William - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered

NOTE: 12 missing pics in W so far

NOTE: Speculation could be all "other" photos no matter how close are red herrings

Maj. Dwayne Williams - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered
incidentally, different dwayne williams died in iraq???

Louie Anthony Williams - 44 - 4300.html - prominent cross

Alan L. Wisniewski - stretch - why stretch when crop was fine before?

Sigrid Charlotte Wiswe - not sure hands can even DO that

Christopher W. Wodenshek - visually suggestive joke composed with "Wooden Shack"

Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Jennifer Y. Wong - age 26
Jenny Seu Kueng Low Wong - age 25 - also note this Jenny Wong's creepy background limbs

Yuk Ping Wong - THE BANGS!!

James J. Woods - someone bothered with the HTML on the NYT article such that there is no pic

Marvin R. Woods - pentagon - bears slight resemblance to William Cooper ?!?!

Richard Herron Woodwell - placeholder - 44 - Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Martin M. Wortley - 2808.html
Rodney James Wotton - 2809.html

NOTE: anagrams always updated on same date - no exception so far

William Wren - clear photoshop between CNN/NYT

John Wright - 1978.html  - no thumb no photo - challenging search

Sandra Wright - bad

missing page
W:   1
all:   71

missing photo
W:   13
all:   280

 XX  XX    YY  YY        Z
  XXXX      YYYY        Z
   XX        YY        Z
  XXXX       YY       Z
 XX  XX      YY      Z
XX    XX     YY     ZZZZZZZ

John D. Yamnicky Sr. - AA77 - no thumb no photo - ixquick recovered - patch eye

Edmond Young - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered

Lisa L. Young - pentagon - no thumb no pic - ixquick recovered
8th/9th/10th black woman secretary died at pentagon now???

Christopher Rudolph Zarba Jr. - AA11 - placeholder

Ira Zaslow - bizarre photo!!!

Marc Scott Zeplin - 33 - 3398.html - bad case of twist face

Salvatore J. Zisa - ??? bizarre photoshop choice

Igor Zukelman - bizarre photo and even more obnoxious note
"I feel very bad that this terrible thing happened to this young person.
The Zeltser family, friends"

missing page
XYZ:   0
all:   71

missing photo
XYZ:   3
all:   283



A - 1 2 3 4
B - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
C - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
D - 1 2 3 4 5
E - 1 2
F - 1 2 3 4 5
G - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
H - 1 2 3 4 5 6
I - 1
J - 1 2
K - 1 2 3 4
L - 1 2 3 4 5 6
M - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
N - 1 2
O - 1 2 3
P - 1 2 3 4 5
Q - 1
R - 1 2 3 4 5 6
S - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
T - 1 2 3 4
U - 1
V - 1 2
W - 1 2 3 4 5
Y - 1
Z - 1


Aug 30th, 2009 - evening (approximately 20:00)
I was kicked off CNN site and BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH crashed comp.
Comp was not overheated.
After auto-restart, I connected to Internet
but before going to any web site,
"shared desktop" clicking noises began.

I disconnected and clicking stopped.

Will work on following off line for now:




2,894 (See: list of missing files)







List of missing files




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Re: Original notes for the Vicsim Report

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:50 pm

Further proof of mass tampering/doctoring/fabrication of vicsims:

While digging through the metadata of the "9/11 victim" pictures and/or "photos", we often came across peculiar signs that the entire thing was crafted somewhere at once and then spit out through the CNN/New York Times/Legacy spaghetti machine.

Dozens, if not hundreds (if not all), of the pictures may have had a particular lighting effect added that we didn't fully explore earlier, and which they have since made "better efforts" to cover up in recent propaganda. That photoshop effect is called "Global Lighting" and it can be found in 9/11 vicsim pictures to this day.

Please, dear public, read a little bit about what the tool of "Global Lighting" is meant to accomplish:

While working on your car’s engine, you’ll typically hang the shop light somewhere under the hood to illuminate your work space. As you move around the engine compartment, you'll often relocate the hanging light. What happens then?

The Global Light dialog.

The light illuminates a different area of the engine, causing different parts to glint while the shadows cast by those parts relocate, shrinking where they were once long, stretching where they were once short.

Altering the Global Light setting in Photoshop is like moving the hanging shop light under the car hood; changing the position or altitude of the Global Light changes the effect of areas lightened or darkened by effects like Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, and any style that features the circular angle control.

Why would you use Global Light? Simple: to get all those effects to agree.


In digital art, one of the fastest ways to destroy the illusion of realism is to employ light and shadow effects whose light sources don’t correspond, whose different layers or objects are illuminated and shadowed from different angles. By using the Global Light setting in effects such as Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow, and others, you ensure that their light sources all correspond, that highlights come from the same place, and that shadows are cast in the same direction, even across multiple objects and multiple layers.

Photoshop tip: Global Light
By Pariah S. Burke, Macworld
- http://www.macworld.com/article/1143619/pstip.html

The comment at the bottom of the article notes:

The author suggests a user needs to do something to tap into this feature. In truth, Photoshop has the Global Light option checked, by default. That means the user has nothing to do to benefit from the feature.
It's nice that a person can control the light, layer by layer, but I think it will be a rare instance when a person is intentionally simulating multiple light sources in two dimensional space.

So a constant presence or constant absence of these variables would not necessarily suggest an effort to unify the lighting space of highly artificial digital images (though it wouldn't preclude it). However, the frequent (but not perfectly constant) presence of the variables "Global Lighting" and "Global Altitude" in the metadata suggests that, intentionally or not, software effects have been selectively applied. All this is to say: the metadata might have been lying in cases where an original real photograph was used as a basis for the vicsim pic, it was altered and it contains the f-stop and aperture information of the original, even if it has been modified to resemble anything but a real photo. And there is the suggestion that they were working with the EXIF data. To what extent, we don't know.

Ergo, the inclusion of the lighting data in the EXIF or metadata, along with backstopping through Associated Press article snippets pasted in and the blatant appearance of morphing, sloppy manipulation and crude "cover up" efforts (such as making a previously "high quality" image into messy garbage) adds up to some very basic reasons the entire event associated with such "victim pictures" is thoroughly suspicious and untrustworthy as a "historic event".
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