The Men and Women Behind 9/11

The most common objection people have to our research: "Too many people would have been involved to pull off such a massive hoax." Well, with trillions of taxpayers' dollars at hand, this operation could certainly afford contracting many individuals (under a gag order and on a need-to-know basis). Meet the real - and unreal - persons, companies & entities assigned to carry out this gigantic, media & military-assisted psyop.

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brianv 4 Feb 26 2010, 06:37 PM wrote:
SmokingGunII 4 Feb 26 2010, 05:25 PM wrote:

I have my doubts as to whether that Giuliani "video" is real!

It's absolutely fake. Created in a studio. Like the Harley Guy scene. Scripted and storyboarded.

As the designers and perpetrators of the crime/illusion their perp tactic from the beginning has, of course, been to "assume the sale" of 'known history' as they would have it be perceived: the common acceptance of the basic facts of the 9/11 story as expressed in what is apparently real-time footage. Supplementally, the 'along for the ride' viewership is introduced to the various staged controversies featuring some glum or indignant vicsim family member or actor-witness "just asking questions" or volunteering more false testimony, cohort experts etc.

The assumption and acceptance by the public of the basic facts (Mayor Rudy, man in the street, taking charge, facing danger) are anchored through the happily received expos? of some wrongdoing which suggests, according to appearances, something like proof of suspected conspiracy. Bait mistaken for evidence.

It's not even a limited hangout. It's a simulated reality red herring that will ultimately be cherished and defended by deceived truth seekers. They need it, they think, in their arsenal. And when they invoke such faux evidence they confirm and sustain the underpinning fake basic facts which they purchase without "asking questions."

9/11 video is product. All finished with interlacing, self-supporting script nodes, little situational details laid out in a mostly ham-handed way, shop window human dramas, whiny effete good vs vaguely identified corrupt monolith. "They lied about the air quality!" "Rudy put the command post in a stupid spot!" All these faked anecdotes and 'pictures of life' are intended to inspire the mud man golem of the 9/11 myth with, if not life, a passable form. Like straw mixed into the sh#t bricks forming the foundation of their replacement edifice, helping to hold the final presentation together while giving it further substance and coloring.

I notice there's a guy in The Real Rudy video named Professor Glenn Corbett, Associate Professor of Fire Science at John Jay College where Gary Welz claims to now and then profess. What do you want to bet he's an actor in 9/11 videos?
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SmokingGunII 4 Feb 26 2010, 05:25 PM wrote:
Edit: Think I've found her. :( Start of this vid right behind him. I wonder if she has other identities as i can't believe there is so little info available on her?

She's REAL hot! :lol:

Yeah, and listen at 5:06 of this clip ... re=related

you can hear the guy who comes in from the right call out the name "Patti" several times as he approaches her.

She's the same red-headed 'security person' seen in the beginning of this 2008 video

Is she supposed to be the same person being interviewed for the documentary? Looks nothing like her.
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SmokingGunII 4 Feb 26 2010, 03:44 PM wrote:Simon - my browser warned that the site was attempting to upload personal information and suggested I leave! :o

I got the same thing Image Image

I was on a public network and didn't care, so I tried to ignore it. It wouldn't go through because I didn't have the admin privileges to change sec settings.
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When y'all get a chance!

7 Days In May ... C8&index=0

PS Simon, Your PM box is full!
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brianv 4 Mar 1 2010, 04:25 AM wrote: When y'all get a chance!

7 Days In May ... C8&index=0

PS Simon, Your PM box is full!


That's kind of a blue print of the JFK assassination and wasn't there a general Lyman fired by JFK?



"Secret documents released recently provides information about a US plan to invade Cuba in 1962. On 13th March, 1962, General Lyman Lemnitzer, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), sent to details to JFK of Operation Northwoods. This “Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba” was a covert operation that included developing a false “Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”. The plan involved the blowing up of an American ship in Cuban waters and blaming the incident on Cuban sabotage. Another proposal was faking a Cuban air force attack on a civilian U.S. jetliner.

JFK immediately rejected the proposals in Operation Northwoods. He told General Lemnitzer there was “virtually no possibility of ever using overt force to take Cuba”. Soon afterwards JFK removed Lemnitzer as chairman of the JCS. However, this did not stop the JCS from devising a strategy that would result in JFK ordering the invasion of Cuba (see for example, AM/TRUNK and Joint Chiefs/Califano). Strategies included attempts to start a war between Cuba and another Latin American country so the U.S. could intervene; paying someone in Castro’s government to attack American forces at the Guantanamo naval base, and flying low level U-2 flights over Cuba with the intention of having one shot down as a pretext for war." ... wtopic=824
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Postby brianv on Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:42 pm

It could never happen in the US! S'yeah!

This is what interested me!


"The plot itself, called ECOMCON (for "Emergency Communications Control"), entails the seizure of the nation's telephone, radio and television network infrastructure by a secret United States Army combat unit created and controlled by Scott's conspiracy and based in Texas near Fort Bliss. Once this is done, General Scott and his conspirators will control the nation's communications assets; then, from their headquarters within a vast underground nuclear shelter called "Mount Thunder" (based on the actual continuity of government facility maintained by the U.S. at Mount Weather in Berryville, Virginia), they will use the power of the media and the military to prevent the implementation of the treaty."

Did you catch the scene with Burt Lancaster sitting in front of the controls of all the TV stations?

D. I dont know too much about the JFK thing, never interested me! Just another US Gangster/pResident getting whacked! It happens every other year in history!
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Simon, did you ever get your stuff off of that site that was getting "corruption" warnings?
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Postby simonshack on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:09 am

hoi.polloi 4 Apr 12 2010, 09:24 AM wrote: Simon, did you ever get your stuff off of that site that was getting "corruption" warnings?

If you mean I did find some spooky files not uploaded by me and deleted them. Does it still give "corruption" warnings ? However - will copy everything to soon.
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simonshack 4 Apr 12 2010, 12:09 PM wrote: I did find some spooky files not uploaded by me and deleted them. Does it still give "corruption" warnings ? However - will copy everything to soon.

Change password to the website.

If already files in there then doesn't help just to delete the files.

Your password should be minimum 8 characters long......better 12....
Have both capital and small letter and numbers also.

Like this one : DiM8URAN4breakFAST

Password like that will take forever to break.....unless you of course have a little spy thingy on your computer.

So spend a couple of hours checking your computer for spies and the like, before changing if you have a keylogger it wouldn't help anything.

I got my website hacked 4 weeks ago. Checked everything.......removed few things...........changed password and now all seem ok again.
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kimlodrodawa 4 Apr 12 2010, 02:05 PM wrote:
simonshack 4 Apr 12 2010, 12:09 PM wrote:
Your password should be minimum 8 characters long......better 12....
Have both capital and small letter and numbers also.

Like this one : DiM8URAN4breakFAST

You might try unexpected characters accepted too, such as - + = % @ ! ~ ? < >

It will probably let you know if you use a character that is not allowed.

{}4breakFAST is just that much more confusing to a hacking program, because most cycle through alphabets and numbers first.
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Postby SmokingGunII on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:53 pm

Kerik - convicted criminal with ties to organised crime, inside trading etc. All the things that make you invaluable to the 9/11 operational team.

Bernard Kerik was also sent to Iraq in 2003, working under Paul Bremer. For those not aware, Bremer left Iraq having overseen the disappearance of 9 billion dollars. On one salary register only 602 of 8206 names could be verified (sound familiar?)

He was also appointed anti-terrorist Tsar by Reagan in 1983, which made him well qualified to pin the blame on OBL on MM within 3 hours of the "attacks". He also worked with Henry Kissinger in the 70's and became MD for Kissinger's consulting firm in 1989.

Bremer was also CEO of Marsh McClennan, one of the companies so badly affected by the plane impact ;)

It would be good if we could initiate a pinned thread which illustrates how 9/11 players are connected, whether in the political sphere or the media/acting industries.

All new members could be directed to this to enable them to gain an understanding of the forces that control the 9/11 hoax.
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Postby hoi.polloi on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:00 pm

It's a good idea, but the trail we are on is being redrawn/split/erased as we chase it. We will inevitably have to backtrack or modify a "9/11 core network of players" as we draw it.

However, I will pin this topic and see if we can draw more findings like yours into this thread. I will rename it "the Men and Women behind 9/11" ... and skeptically wait for concrete results.

I will keep in mind - of course - that all the propagandists we have nailed so far must get checks from somewhere and if their boss isn't the Fed who can invent money out of thin air, then their payroll contact might just show up in this network research. I suspect it's private corporations and overly protected NGOs whose chief officers we could hold accountable, but I could be wrong.

Independent wealth is a powerful influence as well.
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Postby fred on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:41 pm

I think a lot of the active players just have mundane cover jobs with organizations that don't really have much to do with 9/11. The CEO agrees to let some guys work undercover in the back room on the 26th floor, and to everybody else they're just regular accountants or marketing assistants or IT guys or whatever. Maybe they get a regular paycheck from Pepsi or Walmart or Oracle or some other normal company. The CEO doesn't know if they're FBI or spooks or what they're working on exactly, but he's happy to help the USG and eager to get any favors they can throw his way.

Clearly Kerik is a player, but why do they have him sitting in jail (if he is in jail?)

[Kroll Associates is supposedly a complete disaster these days.]

There's probably a lot of politics within Perpland among the various factions jockeying for position. I suspect as we push things further we will begin to see some internecine warfare and fratricide within the perp camp.

If the guys who have been working with the clowns we ID on this forum have any common sense, they're getting very nervous right now.
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Re: The Men and Women Behind 9/11

Postby Heiwa on Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:07 pm

Zelikow Appointed to Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board

September 7, 2011 ... p?id=15988

One of his areas of expertise is PUBLIC MYTHOLOGY
by StingRay 09/16/2011

Most people have never heard of Philip D. Zelikow, but he is best known as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. He basically wrote the 9/11 Commission Report. Immediately prior to Bush appointing him to head the 9/11 Commission, Zelikow was the executive director of the little known Aspen Strategy Group whose members include Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rica, and Paul Wolfowitz. Although most people don't know anything about Zelikow, they recognize Cheney, Rice and Wolfowitz as the Neoconservatives most responsible for stampeding America into the current unfortunate conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. ... up_Members

Zelikow's record gets really interesting when we consider that he went on to write the 9/11 Commission Report. He earned a law degree from the University of Houston Law School and a Ph. D. from Tufts University. He wrote books too. He wrote a book on The Kennedy Tapes, and another on Why People Don't Trust Government. One of his areas of expertise is PUBLIC MYTHOLOGY.

While at Harvard he actually wrote about the use, and misuse, of history in policymaking. As he noted in his own words, "contemporary" history is "defined functionally by those critical people and events that go into forming the public's presumptions about its immediate past. The idea of 'public presumption'," he explained, "is akin to [the] notion of 'public myth' but without the negative implication sometimes invoked by the word 'myth.' Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community." So Zelikow, the guy who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report, was an expert in how to misuse public trust and create PUBLIC MYTHS.
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Re: The Men and Women Behind 9/11

Postby MrX on Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:16 pm

I think the big take-away from 7 Days in May is that Lancaster ( with the great name of James Mattoon Scot ) had to secure the confidence of the network presidents, or else they wouldn't allow him on TV to finalize control; i.e. the Mass Media would have final say.
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