69th Regiment Armory

The most common objection people have to our research: "Too many people would have been involved to pull off such a massive hoax." Well, with trillions of taxpayers' dollars at hand, this operation could certainly afford contracting many individuals (under a gag order and on a need-to-know basis). Meet the real - and unreal - persons, companies & entities assigned to carry out this gigantic, media & military-assisted psyop.
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69th Regiment Armory

Unread post by Critical Mass » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:22 pm

Apparently during 9/11 the 69th Regiments armory was used "as an information and counseling center for the families of the victims of the attacks".

The scenes filmed at that location can be seen in the below video*.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXQt8vpDx9U

The 69th was also, according to Wikipedia, "one of the first military units to respond to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, where it helped to secure Ground Zero"

Again according to Wikipedia, the 69th regiment lost two members during 9/11... Gerard Baptiste & Thomas Jurgens.

These entities feature the usual lack of photos & bizarre tributes... be it rusty bikes or 'moving words'
It may seem odd to some addressing you in the first person** but I am of the deepest belief that the spirit - the almighty spirit - lives on forever and when ones name is spoken, they never die.
Thomas's story is particularly silly. He & another court officer called Wallace ran into the Towers to help & decided to go to the basement(?). When his fiancee rang to tell Wallace to get out of the towers because of 'the terrorists' he told her...

'I can't! I can't! There's bodies everywhere! I gotta help!'"

Either way that's who the fighting 69th are meant to have lost during 9/11 whilst they & their armory just happen to be intimately connected with both the vicsim family members AND 'securing ground zero'.

Strangely enough several years later the Superintendent of the armory, a 'Mr James Jackson', who had worked for 32 years with the 'State Division of Military and Naval Affairs' was involved in some kind of corruption & bribery case.
Mr. Cuomo’s office filed charges against Mr. Jackson in February, accusing him of taking bribes from Marc Jacobs, and in some cases other companies, to hold certain dates for events, to ease the paperwork and sometimes allow early access to the building for setup. The building, also known as the 69th Regiment Armory, typically rents for $6,000 a day. The charges accused Mr. Jackson of soliciting more than $40,000 in bribes since 2000, some of it in the form of gifts including computers and a Bowflex exercise machine.
Nowadays the armory holds 9/11 tribute events promoted by Rubenstein PR a company owned by the Son of a certain Howard Rubenstein.

The military, the 'money men', the courts & vicsims... all strangely interlinked. It must be quite the small city this New York.

* Does anyone know who the rubbish actress at 1:27 or her cowboy hat wearing cousin are meant to be?
** Odd? It's a key recurring trope of virtually all 9/11 'tributes'

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