If NASA faked the moon landings, does the agency have any credibility at all? Was the Space Shuttle program also a hoax? Is the International Space Station another one? Do not dismiss these hypotheses offhand. Check out our wider NASA research and make up your own mind about it all.

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The Moonhoax has been exposed a long time ago. Still however, many people still believe that the Apollo missions were real. So, unlike many other researches using dubious source material, let's now look at pictures easily found on the official NASA website (2009):

Here is the (in)famous "Moon Rover" in the middle of a moonscape. How did it get there??

Here's another close-up view of the "Moon Rover":


Well... THIS IS WHAT NASA has on its website: ... sites.html
So, if a footpath can be seen from this distance - why can't we see it on a close-up picture? <_<

Then, we have the old lighting issues that so many researchers have tried for years and years to point out to the general public - yet been derided by the billion-dollar-strong disinformation campaign upheld by NASA (or their handlers):
My two arrows point to:
- The lefthand wheels of the 'Moon Rover' (immersed in dark shadow)
- The frontside of the 'cosmonauts' 'Moon suit'. (immersed in fairly bright light)
Of course, with only one light source, (the Sun) - this image is physically impossible.

This other NASA picture shows an "Astro-naught" with an American flag. All I have done here is a simple, gradual contrast change of this photograph. A strange shape is revealed in the background. Do I know what it is? No - but it simply proves beyond any shadow of doubt that this is a manipulated photograph.

But of course, you will STILL have friends and family members believing that we went to the moon. You may want to show them this official NASA picture of the APOLLO11 "Lunar Module". Do they all think this "THING" has the looks of a serious spaceship?

Some will say: "OK, maybe APOLLO11 was faked to jump ahead of the Russians in the space race. But the successive APOLLO missions were REAL". That's when you will have to show them this comparison of 2 pictures of the "APOLLO15 mission":
When was the picture WITHOUT the Lunar Module taken?
BEFORE or AFTER the Apollo15 visit to the moon? :P

Finally, the skeptics will have to face the "TRANSPARENT ASTRO-NAUGHT" film clip:
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THe moon landings are a hoax. That is clear. But why would they let it be such a poor hoax?

Well this is just one idea: To disguise the fact that their technology is quantum leaps ahead of where we believe, and that they have actually established human colonies on Mars!
This is just the view of Fritz Springmeier, a Christian Preacher (who is now in prison having been framed for bank robbery.)

this is the video in case you're interested, ... re=related

He also believes that a mock alien invasion is being planned by the US gov.

He doesn't really offer much evidence for his Mars view, but I found it food for thought as to why exactly they would bother with a moon hoax.
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timothymurphy 4 Nov 29 2009, 07:57 PM wrote: THe moon landings are a hoax. That is clear. But why would they let it be such a poor hoax?

They created the moon movie hoax to keep us glued to the T.V. and hypnotized in awe by the illusions of the 'superior intelligence' and 'dominant technical capabilities' of the good ol' U.S.A., and during commercial breaks they showed us all the pretty glass beads and sexy shows intended to keep us entertained while they kept order in the universe and "protected us from the commies". All throughout the decades of believing these lies the good citizens have bankrolled the military industries who created the hoax. And all they ever did in space (in earth orbit that is) was perfect weapons, just like all they ever really do on land and sea as well, in order to terrorize the world with their insane greed.

It was a poor hoax because it was a lie. You can only make a lie look real for so long before the truth busts through the cheap production seams.
"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." - Henry Kissinger
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Having read the really interesting article on Kubrick and the Apollo hoax (see earlier in thread), using the front projection technique, I can now see the foreground/background lines in every photograph I look at.

The lighting has long been discredited by anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of photography, but my favourite photo for proving fakery to friends is the famous shot of Buzz Aldrin, showing Armstrong (the photographer) in the visor. Incredibly, considering the camera is mounted on his chest, the horizon of the moon appears at eye level - impossible unless he is standing on step ladders or is 3 feet taller. :lol:
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Stephen King Spills Beans on 'Shining' Sequel ... king-news/
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Get it while it's hot!! From one of the best channels on YT - /user/nigelhalfwittt ... playnext=1

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brianv 4 Dec 4 2009, 05:54 AM wrote:Get it while it's hot!! From one of the best channels on YT - /user/nigelhalfwittt ... playnext=1


:D Got it! Thanks bro!
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Thanks, brianv, for the Dave McGowan link. I love Dave - mostly. I find his writing insightful and hilarious (I laughed most of the way through the recent moon hoax stuff you pointed to).

He has even crushed many of my cherished illusions (the '60's, the serendipitous confluence of rock music, hippies, etc.). I've become more jaded and suspicious, but always amused by his prose.

The most notable exception is his complete failure of insight regarding the ability of an airplane to fly through a building. It's perplexing, to say the least. I often compose mental emails that I will send to him to shake him out of his brainwashed matrix.

Regarding the camera used to transmit pictures of both astronots descending from the lander - let's think about 1960's camera technology. Didn't most TV cameras look like something that could only be lifted by a crane? And the film used in the midst of all that lethal radiation! Amazing. I guess one of the astronots ran out and set up the camera in advance. Or maybe the orbiting capsule lowered it on a string. What do you think?

It's interesting about fake photography of atom bomb tests. Food for study.
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Using fake stories to push a paradigm shift in the trusting population has been going on since the invention of the printing press. If something is presented in the media in a fantastic fashion it should be an automatic cause concern as to the authenticity of the story.

One example came to mind after realizing the truth about the 'planes' on 911. It had become obvious to me that a plane cannot fly into a steel building the way we were shown and told that it had. This insight then made me question another classic disaster from history: can brittle ice actually penetrate the massive steel hull of a ship like the Titanic? What about icebreakers? I have head of ships getting trapped in ice, but how often do we hear of ships getting sunk because their hull was punctured by ice? Have there been any such instances at all since 1912?
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There are several conspiracy theories relating to the Titanic. This is one I ran across a while ago that tied it to the passing of the Federal Reserve. It contends that there were members of the wealthy elite aboard that were opposed to creating the Fed and they had to be eliminated. ... -2006.html

Here's another one I just ran across that ties the Titanic to its sister ship, the Olympic, as part of a huge insurance fraud.

And here's a completely hilarious short video that questions the sinking:

lol :lol:

I now question everything.
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Could this even be possible (assuming any astronauts actually exist)?

Astronauts finally get Internet access in space ... n_internet
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SimonJCP 4 Jan 27 2010, 12:07 AM wrote:Image

The Flag That Waved ... -waved.htm

Is it possible that the thumping of the astronaut's jumping stride caused a vibration that travelled up the skinny flagpole and shook the flag?

From all appearances, the astronaut was jumping fairly close to the flag.
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