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Unread postby Maat on Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:25 am

Utah wrote:
simonshack wrote:*

So - ehrm... are we looking at a severe case of schizophrenia, here ?

But the 'best' part of Phil's latest rant (dated yesterday, June 28 2012) is:

Phil Jayhan wrote:Then the last time you were here a few days ago, in chat, you accused me of being a CIA shill and a DOD operative.

Well folks - I've been on LRF's chatline perhaps two or three times - in all - over the years, and the last time goes back several months ago. So there can be only two possible explanations here - both of which are equally disturbing :

1: Some hacker/impostor is logging in on LRF with my 'simonshack' account.
2. Phil Jayhan suffers from hallucinations.

3: Phil's apparent 'schizophrenia' is actually a three-pronged attack on genuine 911 research:

1) Direct attack- Phil's following will distrust September Clues research based on his accusations

2) Guilt by association- Simon and Clues appears less trustworthy simply by virtue of any association with Phil/letstroll, especially to everyone who already thinks Phil is a kook or a spook

3) Disruption- any excuse to fuel more infighting amongst the 911 researchers who penetrated the layers of disinfo and are investigating deeper levels of the hoax (media fakery/victim fraud)

IMO, this is why Phil wants it both ways, both promoting and attacking legitimate research as he does.

Yes, well summarized Utah! Which is why everything coming from there in recent months must be scrutinized accordingly. <_<

And of course it plays right into the paranoid fantasies (whether pathological or feigned) of Kentrailer/NorwayResearch :
Utah wrote:Simon and Phil are working together says former forum contributor and youtube douche 'NorwayResearch':

Of course, he presents no real evidence, just claims Simon isn't who he says he is, isn't Norwegian but British, surname isn't Hytten, and says Simon is also playing all of the online parts of Mitch Matrix, nonhocapito, lux, whatsgoingon, etc.

More of the same old 'infiltrate and disrupt' COINTELPRO.

I just discovered he's apparently blocked comments from Clues members' YT accounts he knows, so I posted this reply on my Trinity alter:


Be interesting to see how long it stays :rolleyes:
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