Erik Åsard about conspiracy theories

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax

Erik Åsard about conspiracy theories

Postby Tufa on Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:17 am

I was looking through the 9/11 broadcast from 2011, where I found an interview with prof. Erik Åsard from Swedish channel TV4, that I have (approximately) translated to English, where he "explains" the conspiracy theories, and tell us how the Conspiracy theorists think.

The post is on my site here.

around most dramatic historical events
we find many "conspiracy theories"
the terrorist attack in N.Y. of
Sept-11 2001 is clearly no exception
Erik Åsard who is professor of North-America
Studies of the University of Uppsala
and Stefan Borg, who has been with
us this morning, our reporter
which alternative theories was most
clear after the 11th September?

the first ones, that this must be,
that was found on the Internet
directly, this must be an event where
Israel and/or USA is involved
one of the first conspiracy theories
and the thought was, that due to
the perpetrators
the 19 hijackiers was
immediately identified, as
arabic, from a few different countries
so must it be a power behind; a nation state
it cannot be any set of individuals,
behind it
despite that it really was that
and they accused Israel, due to
that they had something to gain
as arabs was smeared by this attack
and USA was supporting this in some way


if we look at these conspiracy
theories, back in time
how many of them are correct?

extremely few he he!
most often, in a conspiracy theory, the
initial point is some established fact
as the start-point, because, if you don't
do that, no one will take it seriously
so the start, or the premise of the theory, can be correct
or more or less correct,
but it is when you leave describing a particular event
and starts explaining it
it it then that some kind of jump is made
-- a logical jump
that often results in completely screwed results
and that mixture of, what should we say,
reasonably convincing facts, as a staring point,
but completely crazy conclusions, that is
very typical for conspiracy theories

then it can be that, if we look at
risks with the conspiracy theories
but can it also, de facto, give birth to new thoughts
and ideas to investigations that lay around ?

no, I don't think that it necessary have to
but another thing that feed these theories
in the reality, historically and in the present
factual conspiracies
if we take a few of the large murders in history, from Julius Caesar
and forward towards Anwar El Sadat,
for example, and Indira Gandhi
there where groups behind these murders;
they have been planning these deeds for some time
and conducted them within a frame of secret
negotiations, and the like, between them
and they actually where; and there we find conspiracies in reality,
and I think that this type of events,
feed the world of ideas of the conspiratorial theorists,
in a way that they would not be able to obtain
fuel from, unless there also where factual conspiracies
Thank You

There is also a translated interview, with witnesses, that conform to the "Official" story moderately. One saw the First plane live on CNN, he say.
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