Stefan Molyneux - yet another 'truther' clown

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax

Stefan Molyneux - yet another 'truther' clown

Postby simonshack on February 16th, 2016, 2:15 am



Stefan Molyneux (here's his Wickedpedia page) is what you would call an 'influential opinion-maker' who appears to have a pretty large following in the 'alternative media truth-seeking sector'. I must say that clowns of his ilk are a far graver concern to me than any of the occasional, small-town infiltrators of this valiant research / discussion forum of ours. Here's a recent, quite boring (yet very telling) Youtube video of his published only 4 days ago - with already close to 55,000 views - featuring a frowning Molyneux - mostly just listening and grimacing at callers opining that 9/11 was a complete hoax :

full link:

If you can muster watching at least a few minutes of this latest Molyneux-production, I trust you will easily realize for yourself what sort of techniques are still being used (by the so-called "alternative media") to ridicule any notion of 9/11 being nothing but a mainstream media hoax - as comprehensively exposed by the wider September Clues / Cluesforum research.

At 9:21, Molyneux scoffingly says: "Wait, so there were no planes in the Pennsylvania field, no planes in the Pentagon and no planes that flew into the World Trade Center???"... Followed by a snigger and a wide grin on his face.
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Re: Stefan Molyneux - yet another 'truther' clown

Postby Farcevalue on February 16th, 2016, 4:07 pm

I have been posting on the FDR site for a while (winding up the eggheads on NASA, nukes and 9/11 :rolleyes:). The great Stefan himself no longer participates in the forum to my knowledge, and there is a particular range of group think that is enforced horizontally, but there are a few dissenters such as myself (handle:pretzelogik if you are interested. The thread that video is excerpted from is Fetish for Conspiracy - ... ntry426148 ) that present the evidence and weather the backlash. It's not nearly as ham handed and reliant on ad hominems as JREF, GLP or ATS and it is very likely many lurkers are exposed to the arguments and are using their own senses to draw conclusions.

Stefan could be a shill on a payroll, but he makes some powerful arguments against the state that I can't imagine being endorsed by the PTB. There is no good explanation for why someone who claims to be a critical thinker would make the comments he does that show either an obvious disregard for research or intentional misdirection. Unwillingness to compromise his subscriber base could be one explanation, or something more sinister. His shows (that started as podcasts he did in his car on his commutes to his former job) used to be based more on philosophy in general and applying logic and universality to social issues. Now he seems to be refection of the media echo chamber with mainline political opinions. I know a lot of people that have abandoned his shows for that reason, including myself, as the content is no longer listenable.

Simon, do you have ball park price for becoming a New World Order turncoat, reversing yourself on everything that is good and decent and joining the dark side? A lifestyle that would make Vince's Entourage lifestyle look like that of a Mumbai street urchin? The power to have Henry Kissinger shining your shoes and fetching random items of whimsy at all hours?

Edit: p.s. that photo of the towers with that DC Comic fireball paste in is too silly for words.
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Re: Stefan Molyneux - yet another 'truther' clown

Postby Critical Mass on February 17th, 2016, 11:43 am

simonshack wrote:If you can muster watching at least a few minutes of this latest Molyneux-production,

I "broke" at 4 minutes & 14 seconds (perhaps we can all play a game to see "how far you can go"... kinda like a Cluesforum version of those Japanese game shows).


How the hell you got to 9:21 is beyond me Simon but I fast forwarded & watched that bit.

He appears extremely interested in "historical revisionism*" in his videos yet pretends he knows nothing of the "controversies" surrounding "9/11"... which, let us not forget, is meant to be the pre-eminent "historical event" of the 21st century (so far).


Presumably the impression one is meant to come away with is... studying Gandhi is far more important than studying such "silly little things" as "9/11".

* Although like most "alternative thinkers" he never gives any sources for his claims.
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Re: Stefan Molyneux - yet another 'truther' clown

Postby Painterman on February 27th, 2016, 9:39 pm

Cast member Molyneux uses the histrionic techniques of "agitprop theater" to hard sell some of the NWO's other hot potatoes as well, not just 9/11.
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