Supposed eye witness to 9/11 attacks

How the controlled opposition was designed to be part of the 9/11 hoax

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idschmyd 4 Oct 18 2010, 02:01 AM wrote:Just for a moment retuning to Mr. Bare-footin’ Easy-Like-Sunday-Mornin’ Would-I-Lie-In-My-Pyjamas. To be honest, I could only stomach two and half minutes of him. He endorses a patently loony toon pic and pushes ‘multiple witnesses’ to ‘what we all saw’ with a big Infowart alert right at the start of the vid. I didn’t wait for him to produce his big book of engineering for wallies. I sense that if he’s an engineer he’s of the Pop Mechanics variety, but that’s just a feeling.

It came up on the Forum recently this business of whether YT removing videos adds cred to their contents; it depends a great deal on the contents. It would be pretty damning if it turns out the producers are removing their own work and blaming YT, but that remains to be confirmed. I've written him a brief note. We'll see.

“until you actually start doing something”

We are. At least, we’re trying, aren’t we? To say we’re not is like saying the BBCick does nothing broadcasting rubbish about OBL. I meet a lot of apathy regards Terrorism and Responses, and wonder, as the hoaxers must, whether propaganda is worth the effort. But we have to keep getting the real news, and getting it to other people. This is only partially a legal matter, it’s more a social matter. The truth is the hand that pulls back the curtain; once the illusion is revealed it no longer functions, and the truth neither. Learning that ‘9/11’ was a hoax doesn’t give you eternal light, but it orientates you much more usefully for making sense of the world, and this particular hoax remains the most garish and clumsy example to introduce newcomers to this kind of military gamery and how deeply it has infiltrated society. September Clues has done great work on the social side, a social service indeed, and this forum keeps coming up trumps!

Sweet words, Simon. Between Real and Fake; Keeping it Real!

Well, looking at all the new members that are steadily flowing in, I would say that we are having a tremendous effect socially. It lets me know that my personal effort at spreading September Clues is worth it. We just have to keep spreading the info beyond just video sharing websites like YouTube, as sites like YouTube are heavily censored. But for the moment, there’s not much else I can say about effecting change, I would say our participation in the system in general is the main reason why we’re in the mess we’re in, for 'The Matrix is a system and that system is our enemy', as Morpheus put it in The Matrix. Not participating in the scam we call 'elections' would be a start. You can't do the exact same thing over & over again and expect different results. If the system was rotten by its very foundation to start with, then it can only breed rottenness.
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