Stars/no stars - and other space oddities

If NASA faked the moon landings, does the agency have any credibility at all? Was the Space Shuttle program also a hoax? Is the International Space Station another one? Do not dismiss these hypotheses offhand. Check out our wider NASA research and make up your own mind about it all.
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Re: Stars/no stars - and other space oddities

Unread post by roastrunner » Wed May 16, 2018 2:19 pm

The more I think about "Stargazer" the weirder it seems.
* Why is there so little information about the first video of outer space? Yes it looks terrible but in the pre-internet era who would know?
* Why did the Air Force (Lookout Mountain) use pin-pricks in black construction paper for the star effects? Planetariums had been around since the 1920s and the Germans had a beautiful starry sky in 1939 ... tarium.jpg
* Why didn't they launch at night? Wouldn't that make the world's first space video a lot clearer when they got up there?

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Re: Stars/no stars - and other space oddities

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Wed May 16, 2018 7:39 pm

roastrunner wrote:As far as I know, this is the first official video of outer space.
Depending on what you mean by official and outer space, let us not forget the ludicrous 1946 video of the V2 rocket in space:

full link:

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Re: Stars/no stars - and other space oddities

Unread post by patrix » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:30 pm

To mark the occasion that Simon Shack and his Cluesforum has pulled down the pants of NASA for ten years now I’ve authored a little story. I hope you enjoy. /Patrix

The Planet Of The Flying Pigs

A long time ago on a planet in a binary system just like ours there was a species that liked to talk about the flying pigs. The flying pigs were essential to life on this planet. They made sure the that their Sun came up every morning. They made the seasons and the weather so that all things could live and grow on this little planet. But these pigs were no ordinary pigs. They were bred and trained by so called Agencies. the most famous one being the Nationalus Pig Agency and the Europus Pig Agency. NPA and EPA for short. To breed and train these special pigs was by no means cheap but almost all people on this planet gladly contributed to this activity since they understood that without the flying pigs life would of not be possible on this world.

There was a lot of information and stories publicly available on the flying pigs and one of the first things every school child learned on this planet was about the activities of NPA and EPA and how they went about when breeding and training the flying pigs. One of the most common dreams young people had was to become a Porconaut. The Porconauts rode on the back of a flying pig making sure that the other pigs were doing their duties according to their training.

The flying pigs did not only take care of essential tasks like bringing up the Sun. NPA and EPA had been able due to their increasing skill to breed special pigs that could fly far out in this little binary system. One of the most celebrated anniversaries was fifty years ago when a couple of highly trained pigs and Porconauts were able to travel to the Moon of this planet. There has also been numerous missions where flying pigs have explored other planets of the system using remote cameras and sensors. Sadly these pigs are not able to return. Most people think this is an acceptable price to pay since these missions have revealed many secrets about this little binary system and the universe at large. However there is an outspoken group that call themselves Pig Ethical Treatment Association or PETA for short. They demand that NPA and ESA stop this as they see it as a cruel exploitation of the flying pigs. They think that these life giving pigs should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve and they have resorted to violence and sabotage to try to stop these activities by NPA and EPA.

Recently NPA revealed an even more ambitious plan that could only perhaps be matched by the exploration of the Moon 50 years ago. They are working on breeding a new pig type - Porcus Terraformus. These pigs, NPA say, will be able to go to other planets in this little binary system and transform them into worlds habitable for people. Now this epic project is only in its infancy and it will take a lot of time and increased funding to make this happen. There are great many challenges to overcome but both NPA and EPA are very confident it will be possible to do this in the future. And a private entrepreneur - Elon Moschus, believes in this so strongly that he has even started his own private flying pig farm that breeds the same special breed - Porcus Interplaneta that NPA used when they went to the Moon and when they explored other planets. Moschus pigs, he says, will in the future be able to take big carriages of people to the new worlds that will be made habitable by the Porcus Terraformus. This little planet truly has a bright and prosperous future thanks to the NPA, EPA and their heroic Porconauts and fearless entrepreneurs like Elon Moschus. It is their joint skill and devotion that literarily makes this world go round.

Now when I wrote that the flying pigs makes the Sun come up every morning, that was of course only figuratively speaking. Anyone who knows their Pig Latin (as the corpus of the flying pigs is commonly called) know that what the flying pigs actually do is to make this planet rotate steadily around its axis. They achieve this by flying very fast in the upper layers of the atmosphere. A long time ago in the epoch referred to as the “Tenebri porcus age” in the Pig Latin corpus, this was done by wild flying pigs. But they became extinct as the population increased and their natural habitats were destroyed. This in turn caused the planet to slow down ever so slightly which resulted in a collapse of entire ecosystems. But luckily a young woman - Etagray Unbergthay took upon herself to rally the world and create the United Pig Alliance which through quantum bioengineering was able to breed the first ever artificially created flying pigs. But unfortunately this led to the Great Pig Wars. During several decades this world’s nations fought fiercely for control of the flying pigs. Seventy years ago however a lasting peace treaty was finally signed. Fittingly in the back of an old pig transport truck that had been brought forward to mark the occasion. Shortly thereafter NPA and EPA was formed and they have since then tirelessly evolved the breeding and training of the life giving flying pigs.

Now and then, amazingly enough, people step forward on this planet to express doubt about the wondrous achievements of the flying pigs and the heroic Porconauts. Some of them claim that NPA never went to the Moon fifty years ago. A well known doubter - Artbay Ibrelsay once even had the audacity to challenge one of the most well known, respected and heroic Porconauts - Uzzbay Aldrinway. He got a well-deserved piece of pig dung thrown in his face by Mr Aldrinway because of it.

Now Mr Ibrelsay isn’t so crazy that he claims flying pigs does not exist, he only doubts that Porconauts stepped on the Moon. But there is a small group - the Uesforumclay led by the infamous pig conspiracy theorist Imonsay Ackshay that even claims the flying pigs are non-existing! Since they have never seen a pig fly in person they say it is not reasonable to think flying pigs exist! And they claim this even though anyone can look up into the sky on a clear night and more often than not see a shining Porconaut riding on a pig. It is quite ridiculous. I will admit it is hard to distinguish the shape of a pig and its Porconaut as they usually travel very fast across the sky, but several amateur astronomers have taken pretty good pictures of the phenomenon. Now the regular pigs are not possible to see with the naked eye since the pigs don’t wear reflective suits as the Porconauts do. But anyone who’s been high up North will be able to see the rainbow colored pig dust they release high up into the atmosphere to regulate the weather. Quite an astonishing sight I might add.

And of course there are the documentaries available on TV and on top of that all the groundbreaking science that is a result of the efforts by NPA and EPA. The most well-known piece of science is probably the pig equation - A*W/P=D where A is the age of the pig, W its weight. P is the famous Pig constant that has been refined many times by carefully weighing the Pig dust produced by a pig during a set interval. This gives the distance D that the pig will travel during its lifetime which is crucial in the planning activities done by NPA and EPA when breeding and training the flying pigs that essential to all life on this planet.

Now let us all wish that the flying pigs will prevail on this planet and that reason some day will prevail on ours.

Ethay Endway.

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