Dec11 2016 TEWWOW TRIO Egypt-Turkey-Somalia

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Dec11 2016 TEWWOW TRIO Egypt-Turkey-Somalia

Postby simonshack on December 11th, 2016, 11:44 am


What a December 11, 2016 (or "11-9") treat... Three tewwow attacks all at once - in Egypt, Turkey and Somalia. Santa must exist, after all!

Respective "death tolls": 22, 38 and 29 :rolleyes:

Here are the headlines from major Italian noozpaper La Repubblica this morning:

December11_TEWWOW_Egypt_01.jpg ... 153873974/

December11_TEWWOW_Turkey_01.jpg ... ef=HRER1-1

December11_TEWWOW_Somalia_01.jpg ... ef=HREC1-1

It cannot possibly get sillier than this, can it? Let's wait and see.

******Edit to add:
Hmm, yes it can...
"155 wounded" in the alleged Turkey 'tewwow football stadium event'...

by Reuters
11 DECEMBER 2016 • 10:07AM
"Turkey said on Sunday that Kurdish militants may be responsible for the two bombs that killed 38 people and wounded 155 in what looked to be a coordinated attack on police outside a soccer stadium in Istanbul after a match between two top teams." ... -football/

And here is 'incontrovertible audio/video proof' of the 'massive explosion' at the Istanbul stadium... -_- ... ref=HRBV-1

More of the same-old-same...
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Re: Dec11 2016 TEWWOW TRIO Egypt-Turkey-Somalia

Postby ElSushi on December 12th, 2016, 10:35 am

Yes dear Simon, a rather busy December " 11th " in the " middle-east " region. I didn't even dare to look into this from a close perspective, those goddamned masonic numbers prevented me from going any further into this other infamous hoax. Totally circus. :puke:
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