The invention of AIDS

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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby simonshack on Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:25 am

A most interesting article sent to me by my Norwegian internet penpal "Elbuggo":

"We had to discredit Peter Duesberg"
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby lux on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:55 pm

^ :o
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:03 pm

a lie, to conceal the depopulation agenda that had been underway for a long time in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Wow, that is pretty brutal if it's true, Simon. Intriguing and enlightening find!
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby CTGal1011 on Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:27 pm

The 3 people I know who has been "affected" by this disease, did not die of AIDS.
They died of things associated with the disease, but not AIDS itself.
Is it true AIDS doesn't actually kill? It is just the other diseases, cancers and infections that eventually get you...
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby lux on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:01 pm

AIDS isn't a disease -- it's a syndrome (a pattern of symptoms).

The killers are easy to spot -- they wear long white coats.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby bostonterrierowner on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:43 pm

My American friend's brother died around 10 years ago of AIDS , at least that was an official cause . Guy was a womanizer and led a flamboyant lifestyle . He gave HIV to his wife who is still alive . That was my closest encounter with the disease . What was the real illness he died of if it wasn't AIDS ? Cancer ? Bacteria infection ? Is his wife just being lied to ? Very intriguing ....

I find this thread very interesting because the whole AIDS scare resembles NUKE scare a lot . People were scared of AIDS for decades being told that this thing has a potential of killing whole nations and nobody was safe . Now it looks like it lost its steam . Just like a threat of nuclear annihilation.

In Poland there are 600 cases of deaths caused by AIDS officially recorded and in vast majority the victims were heroin addicts and needle users.

Just my 5 cents
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby fbenario on Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:35 am

hoi.polloi wrote:
a lie, to conceal the depopulation agenda that had been underway for a long time in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Wow, that is pretty brutal if it's true, Simon. Intriguing and enlightening find!

I've long thought TPTB had a 3rd-world depopulation agenda, for a variety of reasons. Millions of deaths of "unnecessary folks" (in the perps' malignant eyes) would mean fewer precious natural resources used - saving more for TPTB. Access to these supposedly limited resources would also be easier for TPTB if there were fewer people in Africa/Asia.

Start looking into the agenda of Bill Gates', and Warren Buffett's, 'help-the-world' global/charitable foundations, along with the global/charitable foundations of Soros, and all the old-timey ones like Ford, Mellon, Carnegie, etc., blahblahblah. All want to spread vaccines (undoubtedly tainted) worldwide, and many want to train abortionists all over the world. Leave aside the question of a woman's natural rights over her own body (which do sound pretty legitimate to me as a natural right), and take a look at U.S. abortion stats. With a black population around 11-13%, abortions here approach 50% black.

Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger - most known back then as a 'eugenicist', a group openly devoted to proving the superiority of whites over blacks, ridding the world of blacks and 'cretins', and so on ad nauseum. Sanger was also involved in the delivery of birth control to poor blacks. All of eugenics was anti-human, and unfortunately directed much of its efforts to ridding the world of blacks. Each year the Margaret Sanger Awards go to lots of perps and shills.

The roots of Planned Parenthood are vile in every particular, even if we might all agree that some of their current services do have a legitimately good purpose. At least read the material under the Eugenics heading at the quoted URL, please, before arguing about nay of this.

Margaret Sanger Awards
Main article: Margaret Sanger Awards

In 1966, PPFA began awarding the Margaret Sanger Award annually to honor, in their words, "individuals of distinction in recognition of excellence and leadership in furthering reproductive health and reproductive rights." In the first year, it was awarded to four men, Carl G. Hartman, William H. Draper, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Martin Luther King.[24][25][26][27] Later recipients have included John D. Rockefeller III, Katharine Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Ted Turner.[28][29][30]
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby MrSinclair on Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:26 am

simonshack wrote:*
A most interesting article sent to me by my Norwegian internet penpal "Elbuggo":

"We had to discredit Peter Duesberg"

An excellent article. Jon Rappoport has been on top of these matters for many years. This reminds me of yet another so called AIDS death, an early one of a cousin to a friend. At the time it was called Kaposi's Sarcoma and nobody had heard of HIV, T-cells or ACT-UP. I remember early on hearing about Duesberg and there was opposition and ridicule from the start. Even in the so-called alternative press there was little or no support for him. I think the ACT-UP gang were given a mandate to attack his work in order to get their own precious funding. The whole AIDS crisis produced some virulent attacks and seemed predicate upon eradicating opposing views rather than allowing them to be heard or debated. Had Duesberg attempted a Sunday stroll through the Castro district I have no doubt that mobs would have physically attacked him.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby resolution on Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:32 am

This includes all nine House of Numbers special feature mini-documentaries on HIV Testing from the Deluxe Edition DVD: HIV Testing 101, False Positives: Causes and Factors, History and Evolution of HIV Testing, Reading the Fine Print: HIV Test Inserts, The Changing Criteria of Western Blot Testing, Deciphering Test Results for False Positives, Examining the "Gold Standard", Rapid Testing in High Risk vs. Low Risk Populations, HIV Testing Campaigns.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby Mickey on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:23 pm

fast67vellen2o wrote:Tom Hanks pushes all of the fakery. Moon walking in "Forrest Gump", "Apollo 13" and the Apollo missions, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" for 9/11, "Charlie Wilson's War" dealing with Afghanistan, He narrated "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D", "From the Earth to the Moon", "Philadelphia" in regards to Aids, and there are probably more that drop propaganda than I have listed above.

Yah there are a few more. Just last year "Boatlift" was unleashed on us.

He is an absolute sh!t of a human being.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby sentientlinergy on Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:54 am

"Over 2,000 scientists, medical professionals, authors and academics are on record that the “Hiv-Aids” theories, routinely reported to the public as if they were facts, are dubious to say the least." ... a-few.html

What we are seeing today in many fields is the application of this ... hapter%201
(Very hard text)
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby fbenario on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:19 am

sentientlinergy wrote:What we are seeing today in many fields is the application of this ... hapter%201
(Very hard text)

You are certainly right about its difficulty level!
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby Farcevalue on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:43 am

It is difficult to slog through the insane ramblings of psychopaths. I find it equally difficult to ingest any ideas regarding irrational superstitions like "the state", "nations", "society", "the people", "the nature of man", etc. They are merely the opinions of someone stringing words together. There are individuals. Some of them do nasty things. I prefer to avoid or ignore them.

This is likely one of the fundamental flaws of western medicine that allows for "diseases" like AIDS. Once someone visits a doctor, he becomes "a patient", an abstraction that can be unceremoniously labeled and assigned the the protocol for that label. When in fact, he is a person with a unique set of circumstances and ailments (probably diet and lifestyle in a large number of cases) and should be regarded as such. Far easier to cut something or write a prescription. Especially if it is forever.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby SlimJim on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:30 am

In the early 90's my uncle Fred from California supposedly died of aids. He had suddenly dropped a lot of weight and was looking like he had slimming disease like they have in Africa. He was shooting cocaine with shared needles so they blamed that as the the cause. He wasn't gay. But he was a heavy user of all sorts of drugs all his life until he died at around 45 years old. He grew his own high potency Pot, Sinsemellia. Got high every day. Drank whiskey, smoked cigs, took uppers,downers, acid, you name it.

This is similiar to the fast track lifestyle of gays in the 80's, but they use amyl nitrate poppers. After 10 years of this living they destroyed their immune systems and started showing all the aids-like symptoms, but from chemical toxicity and massive amounts of antibiotics, which they would take every night out, just to be sure they killed any STD's.
I think they gave Fred some AZT like drugs that finished him off.
This chemical/drug scenario is described very clearly in the book 'Aids Inc', By Jon Rappoport.
Freds girlfriend never came down with aids though.
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Re: The invention of AIDS

Unread postby Gygès on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:11 am

Hi everyone,

First, thanks a lot for this thread because it is surely a subject of great importance to all of us.

To begin with, one thing struck me while reading the previous pages : Dr Gallo is here considered (and in the whole world I guess) as a centrale figure of the aids issue. However, the name of "Gallo" is absolutly unknown in france, where most of the people are convinced that Mr Montagnier is the important one, since he is the one who "discovered" the "VIH virus". I would even say that most of the people believe a story much like this : "At he beginning, a inexplicable desease was dicovered. Later, Dr Montagnier discovered a virus called HIV, that turned out to be the cause of the disease called Aids. He received the Nobel prize for it. Since then, we haven't found any vaccin, so people can't be cured." I would say that it is the opinion of at least 95% of the french. Nothing more.

However, Mr Montagnier himself, in 2009, made some astonishing statements in the "House of Numbers" documentary, that had, however, almost no audience in the main medias, but which circulated on alternative sites.

Here is an extract from the interview (in english) :
Here is the whole interview (english) :

Here are very interesting extracts from Dr Montagnier's interview :

Brent Leung: “You talked about oxidative stress earlier…Is treating oxidative stress one of the best ways to deal with the African AIDS Epidemic?”

Dr. Luc Montagnier: “I think this is one way to approach…to decrease the rate of transmission because I believe HIV…we can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system; and this is the problem of African people. Their Nutrition is not very equilibrated; they are in oxidative stress, even if they are not infected with HIV; so their immune system does not work well already. So its prone, it can, you know,…allow HIV to get in and persist. So there are many ways which are not the vaccine, the magic name, the vaccine,…many ways to decrease the transmission just by simple measures of nutrition, giving antioxidants – proper antioxidants – hygiene measures, fighting the other infections,…so they are not spectacular, but they could, you know, decrease very well the epidemic, to the level they are in occidental countries, western countries.”

Brent Leung: “So, If you have a good immune system, then your body can naturally get rid of HIV?” Dr. Luc Montagnier: “Yes!”

Brent Leung: “Oh Interesting!…Do you think we should have more of a push for antioxidants and things of that nature in Africa than antiretrovirals (AIDS Drugs)?”

Dr. Luc Montagnier: “We should push for more, you know, a combinations of measures; antioxidants, nutrition advice, nutritions, fighting other infections –malaria, tuberculosis, parasitosis, worms – education of course, genital hygiene for women and men also. Very simple measures which not, not very expensive but which could do a lot. And this is my, actually my worry about the many spectacular action for the global funds to buy drugs and so on, and Bill Gates and so on, for the vaccine. But you know those kind of measures are not very well funded, they’re not funded at all, or they are, you know, it really depends on the local government to take choice of this; but local government they take advice of the scientific advisors from the intelligent institutions and they don’t get this kind of advice very often.”

Brent Leung: “There’s no money in nutrition, right?…There’s no profit” Dr. Luc Montagnier: “There’s no profit, yes. Water is important. Water is key.”

Brent Leung: “Now one thing you said, you were talking about the fact that if you have a built immune system, it is possible to get rid of HIV naturally. If you take a poor African who’s been infected and you build up their immune system, is it possible for them to also naturally get rid of it?” Dr. Luc Montagnier: “I would think so.”

Brent Leung: “That’s an important, that’s an important point.”
Dr. Luc Montagnier: “It’s important knowledge which is completely neglected, people always think of drugs and vaccine.”
“…so this is a message which may be different from what you heard before, no?”

Brent Leung: “The closing?”
Dr. Luc Montagnier: “No, no, yes, my message, it’s different from what you heard from (Anthony) Fauci or –”
Brent Leung: “Yes, it’s a little different”.
Dr. Luc Montagnier: “…Little different”. (End)

Remember Dr Montagnier received the Nobel Prize for his "so-called" discovery of the so-called HIV virus. This might explain why he remains very prudent and never states that, in fact, he never isolated or discovered or identified any real VIH virus. He just explains us that it "is possible to get rid of HIV naturally". So no vaccin is needed, just a good immune system !
Of course, most of the people who heard of these few statements found them totally incomprehensible. How could people get rid of such a dangerous virus with good food, clean water, and good hygiene ?? It just did not make sense, and it was said that Dr Montagnier might have been a little insane... anyway, almost nobody here heard about this interview...

So, how can we understand these statements ? I think Dr Etienne de Harven can give us a good explanation ("Haze" provided a link to an interview he made in french in the previous page). He is a french scientist who wrote a book called "10 lies about Aids" (see some quotes here : ... 1425154263). I think he can be considered as a very serious and competent scientist (see his work and qualifications here : Moreover, he is a retired person and seems to be a very independent man. (I also note that at the beginning of the first "french" interview, he declares he belonged to the "Rethinking Aids" movement for a few years, but that he has no links with it anymore. He didn't say why (and I personnaly don't know too), but it appeared anyway that he wanted this to be clear.

I've found a short lecture Dr E. De Harven made in english (his accent is terribly... french ! :lol:) here is the link :

In Vienna 2010 (in english):

(One interview in french here :
Another one in french (with more details about Dr Gallo) : ... 06cd80544e )

Here is a short summary of his conclusions : KEY QUESTIONS ABOUT HIV By Etienne de Harven (Translation of a lecture given by Prof. Etienne de Harven, in French, on September 14, 2001, in Grasse (France) during the 5th International Colloquium on "Drug addiction, Hepatitis and AIDS" (THS 5) the original text of the lecture being currently "in press" in the Proceedings of the conference.)

Quotes :

- "Nobody has ever succeeded in purifying HIV"

- "All "markers" being non-specific, it was no big surprise to learn that tests for the so-called "seropositivity " (Elisa and Western Blot), being based on the very same markers were not specific either"

- "The Elisa test being non-specific, it was no surprise to learn that many medical conditions, without any connection with HIV/AIDS, often give - "HIV +" responses"

- "For patients with a positive reaction to the Elisa test, a Western Blot (WB) test is usually requested for "confirmation". However, the WB test using the same antigens as Elisa, a better specificity was hardly to be expected (15)." "Incidentally, the WB test is not accepted in England for reasons of inadequate specificity… but accepted in Scotland and throughout Europe!"

- "Many HIV pictures, taken with the electron microscope, are found in magazines, newspapers, and scientific literature. All these pictures originated from complex, laboratory cell cultures. They never originated directly from one single AIDS patient."

- "Moreover, the hypothetical heterosexual transmission of AIDS had been predicted as the likely cause of a dramatic AIDS epidemic in North America as well as in Europe. All these catastrophic predictions have, with the passage of time, been proven wrong. Gordon Stewart, from the University of Glasgow, initially analyzed epidemiological data and demonstrated that an actual AIDS epidemic has never been observed (21, 22). Virtual epidemics have, however, been reported."

(Here are more precise and more scientifical articles about retroviruses :
"No Retroviruses Can Cause AIDS, Virus Isolation" Expert Etienne de Harven Concludes ; By Paul Phillpot (Reappraising AIDS Nov./Dec. 1998)
"Human Endogenous Retroviruses and AIDS Research: Confusion, Consensus, or Science?"

So, to my mind, there is no more doubt that HIV as the cause of aids is a pure hypothesis, and that HIV may be a complete myth in itself. Of course, it appears clearly that aids was, for a large part, a question of money and cynical greed. However, I think it has much more implications, and in particular that it is as well (and maybe more) an issue of population control through fear, a hidden struggle against the so-called "christian values", and a weapon against african people (for racist and economical reasons), but I 'll develop this points and provide other links and quotes in a next post.

Kind Regards
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