The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

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The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Unread postby lux on Tue May 21, 2013 4:02 am

The 1929 “St. Valentine's Day Massacre” was a major media event of its day. Not only was it major news in its own time but it sparked an era of Hollywood gangster movie propaganda throughout the 1930s and beyond and was used as justification for important legislation (details to be given in a later post) and even had a great deal to do with the formation and christening of the “FBI” as an independent agency in 1935.

In a nutshell the official story states that the Chicago shooting was done by 4 men, two of them dressed as policemen and the seven victims were members of the “Bugs” Moran mob. The shooters were allegedly members of Al Capone's rival gang though there was never a trial and no one was convicted of the “crime.” The murder weapons were 2 Thompson sub-machine guns and 2 shotguns.

Here are some photos of the alleged crime scene (from Google images) ...




... and here's another of the alleged victims:

(from Getty Images)

Some blood on their faces now but still don't look "ripped apart" to me and I still see no real wounds or holes in clothing.

Other, different views can be easily found via Google searches, etc.

According to the wiki ...
Four men, two dressed in police uniform, emerged and walked inside. The two fake police officers, carrying shotguns, entered the rear portion of the garage and found members of Moran's gang and two gang collaborators, Reinhart Schwimmer and John May, who was fixing one of the trucks. The "police officers" then ordered the men to line up against the wall.
The two "police officers" then signaled to the pair in civilian clothes who had accompanied them. Two of the killers opened fire with Thompson sub-machine guns, one containing a 20-round box magazine and the other a 50-round drum. They were thorough, spraying their victims left and right, even continuing to fire after all seven had hit the floor. The seven men were ripped apart in the volley, and two shotgun blasts afterward all but obliterated the faces of John May and James Clark, according to the coroner's report.

In looking at these photos I don't see that “seven men were ripped apart.” In fact all but one man seems to have no visible evidence of gunshot wounds at all except for what looks like some blood on the floor. Their clothing appears fully intact and doesn't even appear to be bloodstained. The brick wall behind them has some spots but I see little in the way of blood spatters and no holes at all. The chairs and other objects show no bullet holes either. A Thompson sub-machine gun fires heavy .45 acp (auto Colt pistol) caliber slugs at a rate of hundreds of rounds per minute.

Here is an example for .45 acp rounds meeting bricks:

full link:

Furthermore, the one man with a possible head wound looks a bit odd to me:

We can see him a little better in this photo:

Notice the odd dark border along the hairline and the mask-like appearance of the face. The head is also conveniently framed by the man next to him on one side and his hat on the other which hides the edges of the face. Is it simply a mask? It appears so to me. It doesn't look as real as the other faces.

Evidently this is one of the two men whose faces were “all but obliterated.” Where is the other? I don't see him.

So, did this shooting really occur or was it simply another media hoax? A great deal of social engineering mileage was gotten from this event and the photos certainly don't match the story line to my eye so I would call it a fake.

Anyway, that's all for now on this topic. Member comments are welcome.
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Re: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Unread postby beyondafringe on Tue May 21, 2013 5:43 am

Very strange, multiple problems of various kinds if the image is to be attached to the account of events.

Sex, or love if you prefer, and violence, or death are linked in so many ways.

Speaking of which, there is no blood at all, no sign of the figure kneeling and elbows on chair, face to the wall, of being shot.

Looks like his jacket has gathered at the shoulders, and some possible trouser trauma.

His (Capone) grandson is gay, and pretty much promotes the 'idea' that Al was, maybe not his grandson at all, part of a smear campaign spanning generations. . . . . or the first openly gay mobster, beating whichever Kray twin was supposedly so by decades.

That is a guess, sorry for pointless interjection.
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