Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

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Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

Postby Starbucked on Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:41 am

This documentary is about Wall Street whistle-blower Richard Grove, who sold software (which is owned by EMC Corp) used by financial firms and regulators to help police financial fraud by preventing computer data and emails from being deleted. It was used to help enforce, ironically, the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, which is an act to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to the securities laws, and for other purposes.

Richard 'blew the whistle' after he discovered the software had/has a "back door" written into it that secretly allowed/s the firms, including the SEC, to delete incriminating data anyway. He was rejected by all mainstream media, including PBS Frontline in an attempt to tell this story.

More generally he offers an explanation of how the media is held responsible, directly and indirectly, for global financial shenanigans and market manipulation by what they do and don't report.

Of note, the founder of EMC, Richard Egan, was a political fundraiser for George W Bush and US Ambassador to Ireland. He also was "on the team that helped develop Project Apollo memory systems for NASA." :lol: ... nessman%29

full link:

Link to the 9 part playlist ... 6OFCAzP9Un
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Re: Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

Postby VexMan on Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:15 pm

Thanks many times for your post, Starbucked. I've never heard of Richard Grove before and his story.... it's another shocking surprise for me. Not in the way that yet another trick was performed by the magicians, but that EMC is involved in such a conspiracy .

As my professional background is in IT branch, I'm closely following market trends for years now and it was since the beginning of internet that data volume exploded. Data needs storage to save it, and it is a single most profitable branch within IT hardware sales. I.e. EMC's (storage market leader) revenues for 2014 were 24.4 billion USD ( ... rnings.htm) , of which 67 % can be attributed to just storage products/solutions within EMC's portfolio ( ... bution.png ). So obviously, huge profits are involved since storage is essential part of an IT infrastructure design and every single organisation with 10+ people has at least one storage unit in use.

What could be more perfect than a publicly demanded solution, based on formal and legal Act (as i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley Acts, a.k.a. SOX), to have a better audit control over company's financial data, since Enron has been such a fail? But it was obviously not enough to just boost the software/hardware sales by offering a tailored solution , a more sinister plan was executed - EMC as a "friendly company" developed a really specially tailored solution (Grove is referring to it as a software with backdoor - in my opinion, it is either the firmware running the storage unit itself or managing software used for maintenance and management of the box itself) , that would allegedly make audits efficient and prevent abuse of data, yet they made a backdoor access opened to exploits. If you didn't want to buy it, they'd send FBI and IRS in to dissect your firm out of business, but once you bought and installed it, you got even more exposed to data manipulation. How more absurd can it be? Further, look at this chart :

Is it just the coincidence EMC's revenues are steadily rising since mid of 2002, with a bit of decline as the 2008 crisis emerged? It may be coincidence, but I doubt it. It's just obvious, considering what Grove said. (Note that the chart finishes at 2010, yearly revenues are currently at approx. 25 billion USD)

EMC should be avoided at all costs , if any of you reading this thread owns a company, make sure you are not using EMC's storage. It is yet a good question: do you think that IBM, HP, HITACHI and NetApp as significant market players in storage solutions have their backdoors installed as well ? In case they really do, any saving of data should be avoided. :blink:

Of course, media is the key player in this whole trickery hocus-pocus , without them pushing fear and panic, omitting the truth at the same time, nothing would be as it is. Since the same Jews own both media and vast majority of major corporations, directly or indirectly, it is of no surprise that Richard Grove wasn't getting any attention. It 's just opposite of what he expected would happen, everybody turning their backs on him as if he was infected with leper .
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Re: Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

Postby simonshack on Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:11 pm


This Richard Grove character sure becomes more and more interesting - as time goes by.
As I see it, he might possibly be the most 'astute' element of the vast / tentacular 9/11 gatekeeping crew.


Some may recall that I once engaged (or tried to engage) in conversation with him - only to run into all sorts of petty / peculiar 'obstacles'.

Allow me now to just post some relevant links to a few posts relating my past insights into the Richard Grove personage:

RICHARD GROVE - "the corporate 9/11 whistleblower": viewtopic.php?p=2377337#p2377337

RICHARD GROVE - the 'intellectual' Alex Jones: viewtopic.php?p=2378512#p2378512

RICHARD GROVE: a "vicsim-gatekeeping whistleblower"?
: viewtopic.php?p=2378574#p2378574

...and here's some info about his gf, Lisa Arbercheski - who apparently worked for the Oracle company (of all places...) between 1998 and 2003 - a company strongly suspected to have had a strong hand in the creation of the 9/11 vicsim monster - i.e. the 3000 fictitious victim identities:

LISA ARBERCHESKI - Rich Grove's girlfriend : viewtopic.php?p=2378502#p2378502

It is therefore truly interesting - yet of hardly groundshaking surprise - to learn about EMC, and all the other juicy info posted above by our new forum member VexMan.

Btw, here's our Rich Grove being interviewed on RT by none other than phony-alternative-media-truther-clown Abby Martin (of whom you can read about HERE)...

full link:

It all neatly 'fits together' - as in "comes into place" ... it's just an umpteenth dog & pony show. -_-
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Re: Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

Postby VexMan on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:14 am

I went thoroughly through all your posted links, Simon. All I can honestly say - OMG, I wish I've searched CF for his name before going into debate . Another false Guru, Richard Grove , that's what can be said without a doubt about his extremely slick character.

However, as it always turns out with such people (?) , the process of discovering and self-education on many of them usually leads into interesting insights, which then lead to interesting discoveries. As I was going through Simon's links and threads about this Grove character, realizing whom I'm dealing with, it got me motivated enough to dissect his 2009 interview from original post in this thread. I wanted to do this without having his 911 deliberate misdirection narrowing my perspective, expecting a really interesting finds...

As always, it may be that Grove revealed few bits of truth in all his eloquent talk and this part is what I wanted to check&verify (if possible). It turns out that the software with a backdoor he refers to in the videos, is Legato EmailXtender Software (can be found here ... ilxtender/ ), some other documents he refers can be found & read to as well ( ... legato.pdf , ... -OBfZ6lzWI ). So, when you think about the motives that would drive such a conspiracy by EMC, it seems very plausible, that way back in 2003 Grove may have been really employed at Legato (later acquired by EMC) and discovered the existence of a backdoor within the software, consequently getting fired early in 2004. Driven by anger he may have actually done what he claims - filing a lawsuit against EMC Corporation in October 2006 , first page of it can be seen at 1:35 in the video here In the same video, at 3:36 he shows one book of exhibits , touching another one with his hand as the camera doesn't show it and he adds " is another book...there is plenty." Anyway, it seems as he was actually pushing and fighting EMC in court only to get the to the point of verdict described as - "slightly outside of statue of limitations" , can be heard at 5:04 in the same video as above. Can it be verified and confirmed that a court process was really going on inside any actual court in USA ? Can we learn about the judge's name in this case?

Anyway, what can be questioned on top of all above, one more thing that crosses my mind : Simon, do you possibly remember when was the first time you noticed Grove on 911 subject ? Was it before 2006 and his "PROject CONstellation ? It could be very possible that he got broke in the process of dealing with EMC around that time , and as he was offered "a full cooperation" , he began his new employment - as being the "most astute element of the vast / tentacular 9/11 gatekeeping crew", as you've said yourself. He seems to be bought of to permanently shut up about the EMC backdoor discovery and save his financial life by taking gatekeeping job with the perpetrators . Which is, as it looks like, the way it happened.

Thanks for exposing Grove, one more false truther added to the list.
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Re: Media Complicit in Global Financial Deception

Postby VexMan on Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:02 am

Ha! I went on with researching on court process that seems to have made Grove a famous whistleblower.... and somebody named Clint has already done exactly this .

It can be read about here : ... rew-grove/ , the court proceedings can be accessed here : ... DEC_SD.PDF
Quote from page #25 from the above document:
e. Legato Product Functionality
Grove testified that he and Giametta attended meetings with two Legato clients who reportedly disclosed that they had discovered a flaw in Legato’s email archive product which
would enable a corporate malefactor to circumvent the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements for which the product had been designed and marketed. TR 84-94. There is, however, no evidence that Grove ever raised concerns with Legato or EMC management about the potential abuse of the product. That is, he never blew the whistle on this situation. Therefore, he did not engage in any protected activity in connection with this issue.

There he goes, little Richy, permanently marked , caught in a big lie .

I still can't figure this alleged (?) backdoor insinuation in the text. Does it exist?
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