Epoch Times and the Falun Gong/Dalai Lama nonsense ziggurat

Anything on the news and elsewhere in the media with evidence of digital manipulation, bogus story-lines and propaganda
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Epoch Times and the Falun Gong/Dalai Lama nonsense ziggurat

Unread post by fubarfuthark » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:48 pm

First things first: the current Dalai Lama is a total scumbag, a CIA asset, a liar, appears in Apple adverts and has done more than even the Chinese government (who he also works for, 'I always pray for the chinese first and foremost', think what this REALLY means; there is NO real opposition, think about HSBC bank, Hong Kong Bank of China's operations in the City of London, its all just staged dialectic for the little people. He also apparently flies regularly to Macau in order to participate in outrageous gambling sessions and crashed the Tibetan government's entire fleet of Rolls Royces by the age of 14, this is before one even mentions the fact that the government in exile in dharamshala is an utter disgrace; bored apostate monks drink heavily, deal crack in the streets and watch porn in internet cafes, occasionally getting their act together enough to rip off confused western spiritual tourists and take donations from American NGOs to demonstrate in the street against rule from Beijing) to destroy Tibetan and Buddhist culture (I have separated these two terms for a reason, Buddhism in Tibet has the same relationship to Tibet's native Bonpa shamanism as Christianity had to European paganism and the middle eastern religions of Zoroaster, Sabeanism and Manichaeism, which also got equally done in by Islam) that is to say one mainly of destruction of folk spiritual traditions.

This is not to say the Tibetans don't have it hard, they most certainly do. The Tibetan root-race was, in its time, the repository of much of the most advanced spiritual knowledge of mankind and this people have consequently endured endless civil wars and persecution. This wisdom seeped into China and ancient India and is a sort of karmic reason for much of what happened with the Khanate, the Xiongnu, the jews of Kaifeng and their eventual involvement with Sassoon, Rothschild and the opium trade. Then there is China's interaction with ancient Khazaria, the building of the 'wall visible from space' and the eventual incarnation of Lucifer-wisdom in the form of the 'yellow emperor'. There are many complex subjects here: the leader of the Khazar conversion was called Kagan, Robert Kagan is married to psychotic neo-con Victoria Nuland, of the euro-maidan Challah offerings, then there is the whole Kagan, Kahn, Khan, Kahane, Kohen, Cohen thing. Genghis Cohen? It is not for nothing that in his cryptic autobiography 'frabato', Frantz Bardon speaks of the Nazis having been in league with 'certain evil Tibetan Lamas'.

Not so long ago the appalling toilet-paper publication 'the epoch times' appeared. It is a puzzling fortnightly publication and there is obviously some money behind it, as it is slick and free. One can see that it is sort of aimed airhead left-liberals; there are endless, go-nowhere non-technical stories about internet security, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning all this utter tosh, there are a lot of fuzzy, liberal feel-good themes but mainly, there is lots of anti-Beijing and pro-Falun Gong, pro-Tibet propaganda. I am looking at a paper copy of it right this second. The front page includes the following items:

'Overhaul of surveillance laws sparks privacy row' (about British privacy law, begs the question 'who is rowing, in what way was it sparked?', typical 'fury as twin towers fall down' emotional response as headline pre-programming)
'London's colourful slang is on the rise' (fluff citing out of date 'urban' slang in multicultural London, uses words like 'bruv' and 'innit'. Possibly contemporary, if you happen to be an 80 year old man living in Dingwall without a TV)
'Exclusive, China is building a blackmail database of Americans' (might even compete with the American government's own one!)
'Bin Laden letter shows concerns over tracking device in tooth' (whatever)
'Iraq's Mosul Dam is teetering on on the brink of collapse' and something about the Zika psyop, standard fare these two.
There is a feature on page six about the book 'Musiskai' written by Efraim Zuroff (a nazi hunter) and Ruta Vanagaite, it is typical fare about Lithuania during the second world war. The headline is 'Holocaust haunts Lithuanians as painful past comes to light'.
Further down page 6 is the obligatory '228901106 people have renounced the Chinese Communist Party' article, which is a serialism of a book called 'nine commentaries' and promotion of a website:

The Epoch Times is clearly a straight-from-the-perps pile of manure aimed at intellectually vain, wannabe liberal-cosmopolitan cretins. It is also pushing an anti-China agenda in the west, drumming up sympathy for myriad intelligence-funded protests about 'Falun Gong organ trafficking' and oppression of the Xinjiang Uighurs (a subject that George Soros has now climbed aboard with.)

Claiming responsibility for the Tiananmen attack was the Turkestan Islamic Party, which is part of a larger Uighur force, the World Uighur Congress. The Congress is led by “Mother of All Uighurs” Rebiya Kadeer, a recipient of Soros and CIA cash. Her husband, Sidiq Rouzi, who, like Kadeer, fled China for the United States, works for Radio Free Asia and the Voice of America. Kadeer and Rouzi, like so many hybrid CIA/Soros operatives, live in northern Virginia, the world capital for clandestine and overt U.S. intervention in countries around the world. - See more at: http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/ ... UWS9m.dpuf


Rebiya Kadeer
http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1736029 ... er-people/

World Uighur Congress

Khaifeng Jews
http://www.sino-judaic.org/index.php?pa ... ws_history

Dalai Lama apple
http://www.nytimes.com/1998/04/17/world ... -kong.html

A thought experiment, if you are a perp and it is your goal to sow discord and chaos by having Falun Gong protestors in the west accuse the Chinese government (which you control anyway) of organ trafficking what would you do?

Do you
a) pay a bunch of actors to protest about nothing and print pictures of them in the western press that you own?
b) instrumentalise the actual ongoing oppression of Tibetan spiritual practices, which you and your CIA-stooge-plastic-Las Vegas-Dalai-Lama are in on anyway, by spreading rumours about organ trafficking?
c) start ACTUALLY trafficking in the organs of Falun Gong practitioners then give them money to protest about it in the west?
d) INVENT a spiritual practice called 'the falun gong' in 1992?
e) possibly all of the above and a whole bunch of other things beside, including distributing an entire free-of-charge publication aimed at making confused western liberals and internet savvy EU soft-leftist expats hate the Chinese government and accusing them constantly of all manner of internet hacking and environmental chicanery (even if it IS actually true, even if it isnt, who gives a fuck? certainly not the readership!), possibly throwing in some equivocating, handwringing stuff about Putin and Ukraine (without pointing fingers too much)?

I will leave this one up to the reader to decide.

totally one-sided information on li hongzhi
http://www.facts.org.cn/Data/03/200708/ ... 780102.htm

the other side

Who knows? I certainly dont.

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