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Unread postby timothymurphy on Mon May 03, 2010 11:24 pm

brianv 4 May 3 2010, 10:38 PM wrote:
Volcano Monserrat -January 2010 :blink: :blink: :blink:

Yeah, it's funny how the Montserrat volcano has been chucking up ash since 1995 but has never affected Carribean / South American airspace in a newsworthy way...


If I may speculate:
The effect of the volcano thing in the UK was a bolstering of British identity, as an distinct island people.
- News reports of poor brits in 'orrible foreign countries desparately travelling back to "blighty" on boats and trains. Going home.

Ireland has a massive diaspora all over the world and has only relatively recently been affected by immigration. I guess the flight ban might tap into Irish feelings about being a distinct island race too.

I don't think flights bans would resonate the same way in New World countries which may be why Mt St Helens and Montserrat have not been used like that.

In relation to these issues of identity, being affirmed as disctint island races:
Icelandic band Sigur R?s' 2007 film "Heima"
Heima Trailer

The theme of the film is going home.

OK - maybe Sigur Ros is just a band and has nothing to do with this.
But IMO the volcano flight bans are being used to stir up racial pride in island nations, and perhaps a yearning to be more like Iceland - racially homogenous and isolated.
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Unread postby Terence.drew on Tue May 04, 2010 3:34 pm

The Irish flight ban(Tues 4th May) is interesting also because the 'trilaterialists' are having their 'covert' meeting in Dublin starting on thursday (although everyone seems to know about them coming).
Someone/a group flying in today they don't like?lol

Will the ash be raining down for their arrrival?

I don't really buy into the hype surrounding these merry fellows and their bilderburg ilk, except, that when either group meets, there is probably the highest concentration of W@?Ker per square inch on the planet.
The four seasons hotel, where they are all alleged to be plotting our further downfalls, has coincidentally been in the news over the last few days because of the death of Gerry Ryan, a national radio broadcaster who seemed to spend most of his time there enjoying the finest they could offer.

I wonder about the Ash cloud and the ease with which people in Europe have been able to travel from country to country in the last decade, with 2 hour flights sometimes costing less than a cheap bottle of wine. There are whisperings of travel chaos over the summer...
All that sense of freedom and adventure when there is so much fear and cowering at home to be had...
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