Racak massacre hoax

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Racak massacre hoax

Unread postby TruthNow on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:06 pm

Hi, I am studying on my own the trial of Slobodan Milo?evic in den Hague. I am at the beginning of the transcripts of the trial but I already have a wide knowledge about the context of this trial. (trial-transcripts: http://www.icty.org/ )
In my investigation I figured out that after the death of Milosevic the indicments against other accused persons were suddenly changed by the accusation. They were changed in the way that Racak is NOT an issue anymore in ALL trials! (I wonder that nobody cares about that!)

(Racak: The Racak incident, which involved the killing of 45 Albanians by Serbian troops on January 15, 1999, was the culmination of the KLA attacks and Serbian reprisals that had continued throughout the winter of 1998?1999. The incident was immediately (before the investigation) condemned as a massacre by the Western countries and the United Nations Security Council, and later became the basis of one of the charges of war crimes leveled against Milo?evi? and his top officials. The details of what happened at Ra?ak were revealed shortly after Serb paramilitaries left the scene of the massacre. Rolling TV cameras featured United States Ambassador William Walker walking through mutilated bodies of Albanians. Shortly after that he held a press conference where he stated that he had just witnessed Serbian crimes against civilians.[35] The massacre was the turning point of the war. NATO decided that the conflict could only be settled by introducing a military peacekeeping force under the auspices of NATO, to forcibly restrain the two sides. A carefully coordinated set of diplomatic initiatives was announced simultaneously on January 30, 1999:

NATO issued a statement announcing that it was prepared to launch air strikes against Yugoslav targets "to compel compliance with the demands of the international community and [to achieve] a political settlement". While this was most obviously a threat to the Milo?evi? government, it also included a coded threat to the Albanians: any decision would depend on the "position and actions of the Kosovo Albanian leadership and all Kosovo Albanian armed elements in and around Kosovo."
The Contact Group issued a set of "non-negotiable principles" which made up a package known as "Status Quo Plus"--effectively the restoration of Kosovo's pre-1990 autonomy within Serbia, plus the introduction of democracy and supervision by international organizations. It also called for a peace conference to be held in February 1999 at the Ch?teau de Rambouillet, outside Paris.
It is not proved, but several sources have information that the whole Racak incident could be staged to provoke international attention and actions. It was indeed used as a trigger point for NATO to start actions.

It seems to be obvious that they have changed the indicments because they never could prove this offence against Milosevic. With regards to the fact that Racak was the trigger event prior to NATO bombing of Serbia and invasion of Kosovo in which many thousand people died (and will die becus of uranian monitions) and has changed the future of many countries, it should be important to solve the issue of the happenings in Racak!

I have watched this documentary which proves that the Racak massacre was a hoax and how the media started preparing the public doctoring the favorable opinion on the war. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQCmuEy0xRo

The intention of this thread is to find out if here are members interested in this topic and to search new evidences for this hoax-propaganda.

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Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:39 pm

One official story is that Milosevic died due to heart complications after his efforts to meet with his wife were frustrated. The story that Milosevic apparently tried to push while in prison was that his wife was behind everything - the mass slaughters, etc. - he wanted to please her and realize her vision because he loved her so.

I would love to actually try to find out more about this incident, but it might be very difficult for people who are close to this information to talk about it; perhaps because of the types of horrific documents associated with Milosevic's rule, such as video of human rights violations that surpass anything we are allowed to see in television horror movies.

I believe that horrific documents - whatever their origin, true or false - are used as a psychological weapon to convince someone of any given particular case, either through showing the video or censoring it. And it's not always clear whether something is a hoax or not.

I would like to help more but I don't know enough about this. I think that you are on to something when you say that this sort of document could be a significant obstacle or challenge in any of these international cases where discerning the truth is a goal.
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