Sakineh Mohammadi convicted in Iran

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Sakineh Mohammadi convicted in Iran

Postby I@N on October 12th, 2010, 12:39 pm

Hi everyone.
This is my first message so I introduce myself.
I write from Rome, Italy and followed for last 2 months all the info provided by you all and by Simon about the 9-11 debunk.
I am 39 and work in an IT company and I don't think I am a cospirationist but still someone must show me evidences to convince me something happened. Of course nothing happened as they told on 9-11 and I think the same for moon landing.

Returning to the topic: it's about 2 months in Italy (and I think it's the same abroad) news and blogs talk about Sakineh Mohammadi, a woman in charge of having killed her husband and for that about to die...

As from Wikipedia:
[she] is an Iranian Azeri woman convicted of adultery, and in 2007 was sentenced to death based on the crime (under Islamic Shari'a law) of adultery. An international campaign to overturn her sentence was started by her son and daughter, and it brought widespread attention to her case in 2010, when prominent media sources reported that she was sentenced to be executed by stoning. Iranian authorities initially denied that this method of execution would be used, but publicly and temporarily suspended a sentence of death by stoning in September 2010. The international publicity generated by Sakineh Ashtiani's case has led to multiple diplomatic incidents between the Iranian government and other nations.

About her there is only 1 picture Image showed all over the news and internet.

Her son is supposed to be arrested with her lawyer but I found no great evidence that the story is real.

All seems to me as propaganda against the iranian government.

What is your opinion about it?
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Postby hoi.polloi on October 12th, 2010, 5:11 pm

Considering the way the media are targeting things these days, I'd say this is pressure against the Iranian people rather than the Iranian government.

Or rather, it is pressure on the Iranian government, but Amedenijad is a plant who is used to appear friendly to the populace and be with their government. Just as populist presidents in the USA are artificially molded to look good and look like they are fighting for justice.

I imagine that as each fake story is created by this vampire circle, the people are pressured to make decisions against their interests. Problem-reaction-solution.
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