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Postby SacredCowSlayer on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:22 pm

patrix » October 11th, 2018, 1:55 pm wrote:Seriously!? "The “Health and Nutrition” Derailing Room"? WTF is going on here? What's that even supposed to mean? That any talk about "Health and Nutrition" (quotes sic!) needs to be soo derailed that the ordinary derailing thread is not enough? And have you went meticulously down every thread and removed talk about nutrition and put it there ScS? Why? What's the point? Please restore for chronological reasons and outside references. Moderation is supposed to be real time, not retroactive.

Is there some kind of divide and conquer gatekeeping thing going on? Are the ones aware of the media hoax not supposed to get aware about the medicine hoax and vice versa? Have you received concerned email from angry vegetarians? I know I haven't sent any.

It's interesting because when I contacted this guy who's onto the medicine hoax (some wacky stuff in there too) he was all friendly. I even donated to him. But when I mailed about the media and space hoax, he immediately entered radio silence.

Well, whatever. Bye then.

Dear Patrix,

I sent you an email. Please take a look. Also, I understand your reaction above, and I’m sincerely trying to address this in a fair and orderly manner.

Also, because of the chronological order that posts are ordinarily in, I’m afraid that a lot of readers will not immediately see exactly why I created this topic.

If you haven’t read it already then I most DEFINITELY understand your reaction

Please bear with me. I’m working as hard as I can. And I’m trying to get my initial post (previous page) explaining the reason for this topic moved to the beginning.

Thank you my friend,

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Postby TripleSpeak on Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:26 pm

[Note by SmokeytheBarrister (“Smokey”): Dear TripleSpeak, SCS specifically asked for “brief, but specific responses” to the questions posed by Flabbergasted. Your non-response was painfully verbose and unspecific - that double whammy landed it in the Derailing Room.

Dear SCS, I view your reply to Triplespeak as necessary, given it was to a post only worthy of the Derailing Room from the outset. In that sense, it follows that your reply should also be moved accordingly. I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy some rest this weekend. :) Regards, Smokey ]

SacredCowSlayer » September 29th, 2018, 11:22 pm wrote:I still encourage our new member TripleSpeak to specifically answer the questions posed by Flabbergasted. It seems like weeks since then (by this point), but such is the nature of time.

To be clear about exactly what I’m referring to, here is the post by our esteemed member:

Flabbergasted » September 27th, 2018, 11:03 pm wrote:
TripleSpeak » September 27th, 2018, 5:02 pm wrote:... I have lived in over two dozen countries around the world ... I've worked in several areas of biology and computer science / engineering...

Hi TripleSpeak,
If it´s not outside the bounds of privacy, I would like to know:
- In what capacity did you reside in those 24+ countries?
- What sort of work have you done as a biologist and computer scientist/engineer?

I look forward to reading brief, but specific responses to these highly relevant and pertinent questions.


Sorry I missed those!

"In what capacity did you reside in those 24+ countries?"
I got to take one trip when I was a teenager and was totally sold. Then after earning enough money as a software engineer ~5 years later, I started saving up travel time again. Then after about 5 years of working as various types of (on-site) engineering jobs, I decided to start another business where my consulting could unabashedly be remote. I did develop some home bases here and there for a few months - and up to a year - but I mostly rented via AirBnB and kept moving. So I guess my "capacity" would be as a "tourist" who behaved like a local - I was more interested in seeing if the country could be a potential home in the future, and to replicate my experience of feeling & behaving as if I were actually home wherever I was. One thing that drove me to travel about half of the time was to train under various teachers of meditation (and related topics). I find this to be the most powerful method for battling delusion. I am not one of these atheistic meditators either; I find it to be true that before the various religions were so corrupted they had working and popular methods for cultivating (hence Jesus, Buddha, Xuanwu, etc).

- What sort of work have you done as a biologist and computer scientist/engineer?

As a software & systems engineer I helped build several software service startups, one of which was an embedded hardware product. Biology was my first passion as I got to work in a lab starting fairly young due to several relatives that were professors and researchers. Like I said in my intro post, I don't find any (modern) science to be that much more fraudulent than the rest really. In terms of this forum, I would say most science that has been called out has been in the domain of physics. So, being more educated in biology than physics, I see the most fraud and confusion in biology. I'm not trying to say any modern science is better than the rest; clearly, wrong is wrong. An example would be the cellular receptor... I hate to bring up something so significant in passing, but it does not exist - and there are no real pictures of one. The idea that there is a unique lock/key mechanism for so many things in the cell environment is ludicrous - and few have done calculations like: (how many receptors have been identified + how many must each cell have) - the surface area of the cell. And that's just on a surface (no pun intended) level.
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Re: Alex Jones is Bill Hicks Disinformation

Postby TripleSpeak on Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:30 pm

[Admin Warning by SCS: Please use caution when attempting to read any post by this now banned member who appears to have an incurable case of blathering and confounding multi-speak. Any attempt to read or understand said posts may cause blindness or migraines.]

SmokingGunII » August 25th, 2011, 1:48 pm wrote:Alex Jones is Bill Hicks Disinformation

I don't know much about this, but I'd like to ask a question: What makes this disinformation? It is quite obvious what makes "flat earth" a disinformation campaign, for example. But say, what is the "Alex Jones is Bill Hicks disinfo campaign" is doing what? Trying to discredit Alex Jones' clarity and influence? How does the "Alex Jones is a shill vs truth seeker" compare with "Alex Jones is himself vs Bill Hicks"?

People have questioned why this is important to figure out at all - and I can see why... But I think the general trend is important. Meaning, is it standard practice to have influencers be paid actors - and to fake life/death. There are several versions of this - and without getting into their truth, I'll just list them here as having been claims:

Bill Hicks -- example of faked death, employed as actor
Stephen Hawking -- example of real death, replaced for influence
Michelle Obama -- example of faked sex, ?
Justin Bieber -- example of faked sex, ?
Serena Williams -- example of fake sex, ?
Barbara Bush -- example of faked sex, ?
George Bush (Jr&Sr) -- example of CIA puppet, ?
Barack Obama -- example of puppet, employed for political control
Anderson Cooper -- example of CIA employee, employed for media influence
Kim Jong-un / Kim Jong-il -- example of CIA-installed dictator, employed as fake enemy
Elon Must -- example of fake entrepreneur, employed to "privatize space"
Putin -- example of replaced leader, ?

I'm sure you could come up with much longer list of claimed famously influential "shills."
So we have: 1) deaths being faked and getting hired (Hicks) 2) deaths being faked and not getting hired (Joan Rivers) 3) deaths being covered up / people being replaced (Hawking, Putin), and 4) basically people who aren't exactly who they say they are (Obamas, Kim, Elon). Any other patterns? Do you think some are more likely or common?

The second question I would ask is: Was Bill Hick's date of birth faked too? If not, then Jones would have to be 56 and not 44 (according to Wikipedia). And Jones does look closer to 44 than 56, to me. Alex Jones does seem way too sharp to also be that emotionally unstable... As I've heard Rogan say, he's a great performer.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Postby SacredCowSlayer on Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:06 pm

Dear TripleSpeak,

This has been a long week. Your post here, and the subsequent one in the “Bill Hicks” thread reminds me of just how important it is for a moderator to keep watch over this forum.

Take a break from posting for the next few days, and allow me to regain my eyesight. :wacko:

I will consider reactivating your Member status in the time being.


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Re: Arizona Mass Shooting PSYOP

Postby SacredCowSlayer on Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:47 pm

simonshack » October 21st, 2018, 3:27 am wrote:(In answer to a post by SCS over at this other thread: viewtopic.php?p=2406634#p2406634 )
SacredCowSlayer wrote:I recommend skipping straight to the 11:21 mark for the absurd reference to “the real skull,” which is of course stored in the freezer. . . naturally. :rolleyes: ]

I can't help but cringe at the sick & crude "sense of humor" pervading the ongoing storyboard for this particular 'couple of crisis actors'. Very unfunny, if you ask me.

Yet, you can hear the TED audience laughing heartily at 13:45 of this clip when "Gabby" replies to the Navy seal holding her from behind. The Navy seal goes: "Everything good"? Gabby replies : "Good! Good stuff!" Or wait...does she say "stuff"? Or am I hearing something else? :mellow:


I went to the 13:45 mark, and don’t see or hear what you have described above. At that point they are evidently reminiscing about the sweet times together during her “recovery.” :puke:

Am I missing something, or did you perhaps mean to link to a different video? Or maybe I don’t have my audio up loud enough. . . Curiosity has the better of me here.

SCS :)
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Re: Arizona Mass Shooting PSYOP

Postby HonestlyNow on Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:35 pm

SacredCowSlayer » October 21st, 2018, 10:47 am wrote:I went to the 13:45 mark, and don’t see or hear what you have described above.

I did the same thing. But he marked the link at t=1003, which is at 16:43. So, go to there.
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Re: Arizona Mass Shooting PSYOP

Postby SacredCowSlayer on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:13 pm

HonestlyNow » October 21st, 2018, 10:35 am wrote:
SacredCowSlayer » October 21st, 2018, 10:47 am wrote:I went to the 13:45 mark, and don’t see or hear what you have described above.

I did the same thing. But he marked the link at t=1003, which is at 16:43. So, go to there.

Thanks HonestlyNow. Much appreciated.

SCS :)
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Postby Observer on Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:10 pm

patrix wrote:I think unprocessed milk and cream are very healthy even for adults, and my adult cat seems to agree.

Pets/zoo-animals eat whatever yummy thing is given, but do any adult mammals drink milk in nature?
Nope, as soon as they can eat the food for non-babies they do that. They don't go return to the teat.

And seriously, most people who love their parents and their childhood: love the food from that time.
Eating such food carries fond memories of parents' unconditional love, and no work during childhood.
If mother often gave spaghetti, chances are high one becomes a lifelong spaghetti lover, seriously. :)

For example, I love pasta & keep guiltily eating it, although I know wheat is unnatural and unhealthy.
Wheat is mutated, causes inflammation and sleepiness, is addictive, requires fire, and is carbs=sugar.
Tomatoes are a vegetable/fruit I admit contains poison, & cooked acidic tomato-sauce is even worse.
The unnatural-for-adults dairy-half-eaten-by-tiny-bugs which we call "cheese" is filled with opium. :blink:
Mammal mothers' breasts add opium so babies will drink the milk, and sleep, and stay close for safety.
All dairy contains opium: the addictive narcotic which causes sleepiness and cheese concentrates that.
Unarguably - the half-eaten-by-tiny-bugs which we call "cheese" has an even higher opium % than milk.
And yet, due to the addictive drug molecules in wheat & cheese, plus the fact my mom gave it to me,
I still eat totally unnatural, unhealthy, heated, addictive, narcotic, delicious, pasta with Parmesan. :wub:

I don't try to convince people pasta is good, to rationalize my weekly pasta eating. I admit: it's awful.
That's just one example, of many foods which I'm trying to quit, but which I still guiltily illogically eat.

I could build a big theory that the elite are doing a big psyop to prevent us from eating healthy pasta.
But c'mon: the elite WANT us to eat bread=pasta=wheat=carbs=sugar and dairy=disaccharides=opium.
And in my opinion the elite WANT us to eat animals too, since obviously the mainstream 80% do THAT.
Here's a conspiracy: my firefox spell-check says frugivore, fruitarian, and fruitarianism, don't exist! :ph34r:

That video said HEATED squished processed oils are bad, but: all raw food folks KNOW that already.
I think Patrix your campaign against vegetable oils is really against heated, squished, processed oils.
The extremely-strong PRESSING-machines which unnaturally squish seeds would make ANYTHING bad.

RAW seeds are not bad. Probably that lovely honest intelligent lady admits the benefits of RAW seeds.
Probably she knows eating seeds like apple seeds, apricot seeds, and cannabis seeds, are very healthy.
She is rightly against processed stuff, and she likes raw olive oil, coconut oil, and raw palm oil, right?
Actually, surprisingly her "OK" list had palm kernel oil: doesn't palm kernel oil require heating&pressing?

I'm still surprised by the "sat-fat better than unsat-fat due to sat-fat's compact-stacking flatter-shape."
How does sat-fat's "more molecules can be more densely packed together" shape create better health?
Non-processed unsat-fat molecules from RAW seeds and RAW plants have a less densely packed shape.
So, flat sat-fat molecules get more densely paked, while jagged unsat-fat molecules get more spaces.
Well, this whole molecule shape thing is silly, but isn't oxygen-filled fluffy food better than dense food?
Again, her 1st point was: flatter more-densely-packed molecules = better. Really? How does she know?
Leaving aside for a moment Sharpstuff's disbelief of molecules, wouldn't more oxygen spaces be better?

Simon wisely says we should use our intuition about PEOPLE: yes, we can SEE and hear folks' honesty.
But I think we can't "use our intuition" about food, because that actually means "let dopamine decide."
Meaning, cheese tastes yummy, I get a dopamine rush of happiness from cheese, all thanks to OPIUM.
My body intuits pasta with Parmesan (just like my mom used to make) is good, but no, it's a bad drug.
Just as your body intuits sat-fat like duck fat (just like mom used to give) is good, but it's heated=bad.
By the way, how does one separate good-animal-fat from bad-protein without processing=press=heat?

Patrix, you write "The science and support is there" but I'm still not sure, where IS the science proof?
Science is supposed to mean, "Don't trust the folks with authoritative hats: do your own experiment."
The mainstream university study "science and support" is there for whatever the elite push this year.
That 100% honest lady made Simon and all of us intuitively trust her, but what proof did she show us?
I think HonestlyNow wisely pointed out the lack of evidence, plus, Big-Meat Big-Dairy Harvard-Health.
Perhaps a case of lying-scientists were paid to falsify studies which this 100% honest-lady summarized?

So instead of doing our own experiments, we're finding honest folks who summarize "studies" we like.
But we have to leave aside the good intentions of the summarizer since the "studies" can be falsified.

So we're again forced to do the experiments ourselves. But here's a problem: who here will do that?
You're not going to try 40 years of no-meat like I have. And I'm not going to start 40 years of meat.
I guess we could just look at each other and see who looks healthier, but we both ate lots of carbs.
I keep bragging about my kg - because I think folks don't realize how slim 60kg on a 183cm frame is.
I admitted my thyroid area got bigger due to an accident, & my chest and belly is soft, but I'm 60kg.
I feel and look totally healthy, I haven't eaten meat for 40 years. And Kham looks slim & healthy too.
I see your twitter photo Patrix. I guess these kinds of "check my results" photos don't prove anything.
You could simply say, "Yes Observer, you & Kham are skinny, but just malnourished since low-sat-fat."
You could probably rightly say, "Although you are skinny, your slight 'breasts' are from... eating fruit."
To which I would honestly reply, "Yeah, I recently learned mass fruit (plant p*ssy) actually feminizes."
I specialized in fruit (plants' female reproductive organs) thus got mass estrogen-increasing chemicals.
Yep, fruit-specialization (plus no exercise, low sleep, high-carbs) are to blame for my perky pyramids.
Actually you could probably rightly add "And your lack of muscle is what makes you light. Not health."
I could say, "Your high-sat-fat has you and that nice lady slightly fat" but still, maybe you're healthier.

Please know that while I type all these cutting sentences I still like you and Simon and everyone here.
Even though I think ALL of us are emotionally holding on to habits from childhood, I still respect us all.
I still don't KNOW what the best thing to eat is, just as nobody here KNOWS, we are all just believing.
And I truly admire Simon's ability to eat pasta (and EVERYTHING else) without worrying at all about it.
I worry when I eat cooked/grains/dairy/heat-pressed/cold-pressed/even fruit, and now, low-sat-fat. :(
I know worry is majorly unhealthy. I wish I could blissfully eat anything, but I can't, I "know" too much!

By the way brother Patrix, when I mentioned more precise language, I meant you & me & ALL of us.
We ALL everyday create accidental misunderstandings/arguments through differing word definitions.
Your English is excellent. I know you (and Simon and many folks here) speak many languages fluently.
I speak Japanese fluently (as I should, having lived here 21 years) but my J-writing is far from perfect.
I even make many mistakes in English, I recently wrote breath instead of breathe, on this very thread. ;)

And one more point, about that nice joke you posted here in a goodhearted way to help us all laugh:


As it happens, I think eating GRASS (yep, plain ol' grass) is actually the most direct sun energy source.
So as it turns out, that stupid "dirt conclusion" seems like a "psyop" to me, haha, hiding GRASS TRUTH!
It seems we are all malnourished in the area of: Magnesium - which is found in green stuff like leaves.
Boring grass wouldn't provide the dopamine-kick of meat/dairy/wheat/sweets, but maybe it's healthy.
Perhaps healthy frugivore primates who are addicted to sweet fruit would be even healthier on grass?
I was considering grass to be the healthiest, but now my mind is cursed with your sat-fat-vital theory.
"Facts" from some honest folks, conflicting with "Facts" from other honest folks. I just DON'T KNOW. :wacko:

Anyway, I'll stop adding my health opinions, I look forward to more media-fakery and TYCHOS posts. :)
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Engineering Social Discord: “Diversity”

Postby sharpstuff on Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:39 pm

Engineering 'diversity'


The apparent move by those we may not accept as any 'authority' that is constantly bombarding us that we should accept: 'diversity'.

It is my belief (as least, I imagine) that 'Diversity' is another (ploy) form of engineering. Social behavours.

It is a deception par excellence of engineering human behavious, much in the same way as engineering other human behaviours such as nutrition, disease, perceived racism or anything else that contradicts what controllers wish to denounce as part of 'ordinary' human behaviours, such as trying to survive in whatever is to us a 'natural' environment and working with each other to establish a mutual survival in particular environments that can establish such survival without conflicts with others and that might lead to a non-survival mechanism.


Note: All definitions are from the Oxford English dictionaries.

diverse (adjective)

Showing a great deal of variety; very different.
‘a culturally diverse population’
‘subjects as diverse as architecture, language teaching, and the physical sciences’


Middle English: variant of divers.

divers (adjective)
literary, archaic

Of varying types; several.
‘in divers places’


Middle English: via Old French from Latin diversus ‘diverse’, from divertere ‘turn in separate ways’ (see divert).

To paraphrase the above, we are all different. We therefore have different proclivities as to our (let's say), 'behaviours'.

We may (?) agree that we all have different ways of doing things (behaviours).

The interesting notion (based on the definition below) follows:

DIVERT (capitals mine)
[with object]

1 Cause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another.


The significant word is 'cause' and reflects the nature of this thread.

I submit, without prejudice, that the apparent present notion requiring the use of the word 'diversity' is yet another means of deceiving the populace into believing that diversity is a matter for human contemplation and acceptance that requires the beliefs that all diverse human behaviours are valid and should be acceptable.

Question: Should we accept any and every 'human' behaviour as acceptable?

What offends humanists is the fact that we are now supposed to accept what we consider (as caring people) is what we consider offensive behaviours such as the genital mutilation (e.g. circumcision, male and female) or stabbing (a surgical procedure requiring consent in loco parentis or otherwise of infant humans without their consent) with 'vaccines' or 'anti-biotics' as a 'normal' practice.

If certain people wish to become a trans-generised person, then so be it. Why should I or you have to accept that except for our caring about their well-being?

If certain individuals wish to be 'homosexual', why should I care but have to accept that it is some sort of 'norm' and may be ostracised because I do not accept that way of life. If that is their proclivity, why should I care or care less? Why do I need or want to know?

Conversely, if I wish to be 'heterosexual' why should I be ostracised because I cannot accept another way of life?

Diversity of human behaviours may or may not be accepted by others, expected and legislated, is control of behaviours that are not always acceptable to humans who disagree.

'Celebrate' diversity? Yes, but let those who are diverse (including myself, perhaps...oooo! the thought of chewing the end of that lit candle really turn me on...) just keep it to themselves, I do not have to know about it, or accept it. I don't make posters to claim my heterosexuality, why do others bother to proclaim their own proclivities? and why should I care? Do they care about me? When was my heterosexuality confirmed in some parade in the street?

Be well,
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Re: Engineering Social Discord: “Diversity”

Postby simonshack on Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:10 pm

Sorry folks, but I'll just lock this thread for now - since I think it will inevitably lead to discussions about transgender topics - which quite frankly are not my cup of tea (and outside of the scope of this forum). If you're interested in such topics, please go to
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Re: Engineering Social Discord: “Diversity”

Postby SacredCowSlayer on Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:23 pm

Dear Cluesforum Members,

I spoke with Simon today, and we are both in agreement that there are substantive issues with how this topic has been presented. As such, it does not properly belong on this forum.

If the concept of how “diversity” is used to cause division and deception can be made into a useful topic somehow in the future, then we shall see what form that takes.

Otherwise, this topic is Locked.


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Re: SUGGESTION BOX (for Admin action)

Postby Mansur on Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:07 am

[Admin Notice by SCS: I’m trying to make this process more efficient. Not the other way around. Thanks though.]

SacredCowSlayer » October 30th, 2018, 3:11 am wrote: I encourage anyone who wishes to assist me in the effort of compiling posts that discuss, specifically, “The Holocaust,” to post links on the Admin Suggestion topic.

I do not want to advertise “Mathis” here, but, for want of better, I would draw attention to his Irwing article, – not so much because of its content but rather because it points to an area that is fairly wide and unexplored.
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Re: Engineering Racism

Postby SacredCowSlayer on Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:20 pm

Dear ElSushi,

Thank you for your contributions to this forum.

I will kindly ask you to post your replies outside the quotation box, as opposed to using that (very) difficult to read light blue as an attempt to distinguish your reply from that which is being quoted.

I understand it’s another step, and can be somewhat tedious. But better to correct it now than later.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions about this.

Thanks again,


Admin Notice(simon) : Done! (as a courtesy to my fellow "expat" friend). You owe me some Japanese cookies, ElSushi !

[Admin Notice by SCS: Thanks Simon! As soon as you get your cookies please feel free to place this post in the Derailing Room. :) ]
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Re: California Bar “Shooting” 11/08/18

Postby Observer on Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:38 pm

[Admin Note (SCS): I moved this post here since I didn’t want the “California” bar shooting topic to get derailed.]

Kham wrote:Having been in a bar shooting where 2 people died and 3 people were injured from gunfire...

There where exactly 3 people who needed emergency medical assistance so only 3 people stayed behind.

Since I was in a pile of people with my daughter up by the stage who hadn’t been able to escape, I was able to witness the entire event.

Wow Kham.

You witnessed a stranger shoot 2 people dead, and shoot 3 other people too?

Was your daughter one of the three people injured from gunfire?

I notice you mentioned, "Even though the first shooter stopped after he emptied his clip..." and "at the time of the shooting, as I recall, no one knew how many shooters were in the vicinity." So, does that mean you only witnessed one shooter?

Does this mean you witnessed one guy walk into a bar and empty a clip (16 rounds?) into a bunch of strangers?

Who was he trying to kill?

Was this a crime of passion, like a husband trying to kill a specific person who had slept with his wife or something, or was this a crazy person just trying kill a bunch of strangers?

Have you ever mentioned this to Simon or Hoi face to face?

Have you ever mentioned this here at CluesForum before?

Have you ever mentioned this on the CluesForum podcast?

Have you ever posted about this anywhere online before?

See, I was already in disbelief about your previous surprising report back in February of this year, when you wrote:

Kham wrote:A good friend, Nancy, says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting.

Teenage diseased victim: Luke Hoyer
Father of victim: Tom Hoyer
Facebook post from my friend Nancy who knows father of victim

I didn't want to grill you publicly, since you have a met-face-to-face relationship with Simon, so I sent Simon the following letter, in which I basically tell Simon that you (Kham) should tell us if your "good friend" who "says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting" was a met-face-to-face-and-physically-hung-out-together-many-times-over-many-years ACTUAL-good-friend, or just an online VIRTUAL-online-penpal.

(And in this letter I philosophically attempted to remind Simon that online "friend" claims prove nothing, and actually even met-face-to-face "friend" claims prove nothing either. People, especially online, and even face to face, have the ability to lie. And if one pridefully assumes "I can tell for sure, always, every time, just based on words typed, or even body/facial/voice clues, that someone is definitely telling the truth, no friend can slip a lie past me" then one is lying to oneself.)

(Words are mere words, whether typed or spoken right to one's face, and people can look you right in the eye and lie, and nobody's "lie sensor" can always catch every lie. Add to that fact the extra fact that we generously give our friends the benefit of the doubt and assume good faith and assume the friend looking us in the eye is telling the truth, because they are our friend, and the result of all this "trust" - trust being actually "the illogical suspension of critical thinking" - is: all of us at multiple times in our lives have been lied to by people we consider friends, and only some of those lies we have caught, meaning some past lies from our friends have gone uncaught even to this day, whether we want to admit that painful reality to ourselves or not.)

Anyway, here is the letter I e-mailed to Simon:

E-mail Title: Kham's "friend"
Date: 2018 February 24 at 02:19
Letter Start
"If someone had the balls to ask the female Kham,
"How many hours have you actually spent physically sitting with that character which you label 'your friend'?"
the honest answer would probably be:
"Well, zero hours physically actually, but I've exchanged typed sentences with this person for YEARS!"
So this is actually merely a virtual online-typist-character,
whom Kham incorrectly tells herself,
"This is my friend, I know her well, through the sentences she has typed, and the images she has shown me."
Women nowadays often incorrectly label such never-physically-met virtual online-typist-characters "my friend."
Meanwhile, men are too scared to even ask Kham for clarification, since we want to be nice to women.
Plus, men make the mistake of thinking, "Hanging out physically for a few weeks (e.g. Kopi) somehow magically proves that person is not on the military payroll."
The fact is, even a physical-friend-roommate could easily be a military-payroll well-trained actor/spy/mole/liar.
Typed words prove nothing.
Images and videos prove nothing.
Even meeting a person proves nothing.
Even living together for decades proves nothing.
Even a lifetime family member can not be uncritically "trusted".
What matters is: regardless of source, every sentence must be critically checked for logic.
We humans want to run away from this troublesome task of critically thinking about each claim.
Thus, we humans continually make the mistake of labeling certain sources/people "trustable from now on."
"This person has stated enough logical sentences in the past, so now I no longer need to critically check him/her."
Wrong. The troublesome task of critically thinking about and requiring proof for every claim, must continue daily.
Letter End

Now Kham, I am right now shocked to learn, that it turns out even back in February, when you casually dropped that bombshell about your "good friend" who "says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting" that you were still sitting on an even BIGGER story about the fact that YOU personally witnessed some person walk into a bar and shoot 2 people dead and shoot 3 others as well with you right there in the bar witnessing the guy empty his entire clip into a group of strangers?

Shouldn't you have mentioned that when you first introduced yourself to CluesForum viewtopic.php?p=2395889#p2395889 ?

You do realize, dear Kham, that CluesForum members would currently be "calling shenanigans on" (i.e. not believing) this random-shooting witness-story, which you are suddenly casually mentioning now: if it weren't for your close friendship with Simon & Hoi, right?

This is very shocking, because in general I don't believe people attempt to kill people without a reason. I don't believe in random murders. But you witnessed a random reason-less murder of multiple people?

I think THIS deserves its own thread. The FIRST actual shooting-witness report ever to be taken seriously at CluesForum. You are the first person ever whose account of witnessing a shooting we CluesForum members are going to feel pressure to suspend our disbelief about, since you have a close face-to-face relationship with Simon.

Please Kham, start a thread and tell us all the details so that we can as politely as possible (politely please, everyone, seriously) do our due-diligence of investigating the time and place and details about this no-doubt publicly-known publicly-reported-about shooting incident, right?
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Re: California Bar “Shooting” 11/08/18

Postby fbenario on Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:32 am

Observer » November 12th, 2018, 5:38 pm wrote:Please Kham, start a thread and tell us all the details so that we can as politely as possible (politely please, everyone, seriously) do our due-diligence of investigating the time and place and details about this no-doubt publicly-known publicly-reported-about shooting incident, right?

I agree wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Kham's very first post 3 years ago struck me as questionable, and should have made the moderators suspicious. Hoi responded so enthusiastically to it, however, that I refrained from comment since she was seemingly pre-approved, and deemed trustworthy, even before making any contributions to the forum. It did not sit well with me.

Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself
Post by Kham on June 25th, 2015, 3:07 pm

Greetings Esteemed Clues Forum Members,

In order to be a valuable member of Clues Forum I will bring with me a lifetime of enjoying, observing and studying the natural world. Because of my degree in math I understand the language of science as it pertains to that natural world (without attending a university I probably would not have studied math on my own). I am a full time math teacher, married to an Arab, have 4 half-Arab children and take 911 personally. I currently do a weekly podcast called K Ham Radio at, where also there exists a collection of my writings. Considering the aforementioned reasons and spellcheck, please accept this as my request to join Clues Forum with all the rights and responsibilities because I have a responsibility.

We are being lied to and misled to believe, quite expertly, that a wholly different world exists, call it the Big Lie. Those who understand the Big Lie should tell others or at least document what they know so that others may benefit. People do not benefit from lies that scare them and turn them powerless. Instead people benefit from truth that empowers them and makes them brave. At Clues Forum, there exists one of the most truthful collections of ideas in science, history, current events, and more. It would be an honor to participate in the Clues Forum community.



Post by hoi.polloi on June 25th, 2015, 10:05 pm

Hi, Kham! Wow, so you're actually finally joining the forum! Great! It will be nice to have your research and insights documented for the world to access here. Welcome!

Too much bragging, too much effusive praise for our forum, too much gilding our lily. Seemed to be trying to convince us of something, such as her bona fides and trustworthiness.
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