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Back to Abe, and first, on the Abe family.

Yes, this is based on Wakipedia, but is pretty interesting.
Abe's grandfather (named Kishi), was also a prime minister and was "instrumental in the formation of the powerful Liberal Democratic Party" (the party Abe later led). Kishi's brother was a vice admiral in the imperial navy... and his other brother was also prime minister. Quite the family.
Kishi was known as the 'Monster of Showa' probably because of his humanitarian rule over the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo. Post war, he was "suspected" to be a Class A war criminal. He must have proved his great humanitarian status to the Americans however, because he got their blessing to go on to be P. M.
But seriously, war criminal, prime minister, same difference. Was his three year imprisonment really a period for vetting and training ?

Abe's brother (Nobuo Kishi) is the current defence minister.

On the recent shooting.

Interesting what guivre posted:
At the hospital press conference, one of the doctors described a neck wound and a chest wound in the front. This surprised the reporters who then started to ask very specific questions about the wounds and their locations. NHK then broke away to regular programming. They returned to live coverage after that program was finished.
The major cock-up in the story I can see is the varying placement of wounds and the lack of blood at the scene.

Abe is said to have died due to blood loss, however, there is absolutely no blood visible around Abe's head in any of the photos. There is only a little splatter on the chest area of his crisp white shirt. The first responders spend some time doing chest compressions. They do not seem to notice any life endangering bleeding. If it were me, I would try to stop the bleeding or something.

Later in the day, the earlier reported chest and neck wounds became two neck wounds.
Nara Medical University emergency department chief Hidetada Fukushima said Abe suffered major damage to his heart in addition to two neck wounds that damaged an artery, causing extensive bleeding. He was in a state of cardio and pulmonary arrest when he arrived at the hospital and never regained his vital signs, Fukushima said. ... er-reports

Finally, the next day, they settled on a neck wound and an upper arm wound.
Police carried out an autopsy on Abe's body through early Saturday. They say the bullet went through Abe's upper left arm and damaged a blood vessel under his collarbone.

Seems they finally decided he was hit with a single projectile from that strange, large-barrelled weapon, so they shifted one of the wounds from the neck to the arm.

Further comments:
Abe does not "collapse" from the shot as was reported, but rather, in a controlled way, steps down from his little podium and goes to into a crouch and then prone position.
Japanese "conspiracy" types are active online and discussing "crisis actors" and the possibility of a staged event.

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