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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby SacredCowSlayer on Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:43 am

Just Released: Issue 29 . . . The Clues Chronicle Examines “The Talk”

SacredCowSlayer (“Ace” on the show) and family Talk About SEX in this Issue. You won’t want to miss it.

It would perhaps be appropriate (at some point) to reference this (Issue 29) in the “Parenting in the Simulation Age” topic. As my dear brother Smokeythebarrister stated, “if children feel free to talk with their parents about sex, they’ll feel comfortable talking about anything.” This of course would include media fakery and other issues of mass deception, for which there is more than plenty concerning the topic of sex.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Hoi and Kham for allowing me to host (and Co-Host) Issue 29 of the Clues Chronicle. It was initially recorded in my home with me, my wife, our daughter Dani, and our son Lane.

I hope you enjoy listening to our family talk about sex. And please don’t shy away. Rest assured it was chill and comfortable. That’s part of why we did this. We had a great time recording it.

We did join up about a week and a half later (at night) on a call with Hoi and Kham to record the Intro and Outro.


Enjoy! Please click here to listen- Issue 29 has just been published!

I look forward to getting feedback from our members.

Lastly, I must give an extra special THANK YOU to Hoi for his incredible efforts with the oh so tedious editing that goes into each Issue. He always does a tremendous job. Also, dear Kham, your voice and insight/perspective is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby simonshack on Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:42 pm

Firstly, I must say that I very much enjoyed this Clues Chronicle episode - since sex should never be a taboo subject. Without sex, none of us would be here.

Secondly, I will have to tip my hat to SCS for his (and his wife and kids) superb openness about this subject. May all modern families be just as relaxed as they are about it. It's quite wonderful, in fact - and I can only wonder how I'd managed all of this if I were a father, like SCS - oh well, probably well enough...

Thirdly, one cannot deny that talking about the 9/11 hoax (or any major psyop) is just as difficult as talking about sex - in a normal, family conversation. This goes a long way to show how the scrutiny of "secretive things" in our lives are discouraged - lest we be liberated one day by realizing that they are just figments of the darkest and silliest expressions of human nature, currently upheld by a bunch of rogue, poorly-educated yet self-anointed noblemen and noblewomen (getting ever stupider - since they interbreed) who pretend to rule this planet.

To be sure, most families avoid talking about sex and the gang-rape of disinformation oozing out of their TV sets - since they are both equally "taboo" subjects.

Thank goodness, some families know better. May they ever grow in numbers! ^_^
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