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Postby sharpstuff on Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:09 pm

My personal apology for creating this post in the first place.

I often feel that it is sometimes a good thing to inject a little humour into discussions of the events which apparently shape a lot of people’s ‘lives’.

Humour (including satire and poetry) most often brings things ‘alive’, especially when relevant to particular circumstances of place/birth and so forth without denigration of any flora or fauna.

The following was written by myself around the 1970’s and was an accumulation of all my readings/writings and so on.

If this post is ‘out of order’, please feel free to remove it. It is posted and was written in good faith.




From: The Creator
To: All Creation
Date: Now

This is the first statement from this office in respect of the appalling mess into which the planet I have allowed you to call Earth has got into.
It behooves me to apologise for the misfortunes of the animals and plant life (which you saw fit to separate) thereon.
The 'Big Bang' took me quite by surprise. I was pretty young then and my experiments got rather out of hand. Giving the gift of understanding this by a few men you call 'scientists' was a mistaken attempt to rectify this matter later on.
I realise also that I offered too many possibilities of my own existence not only to be taken in vain but to even conceive of that existence.
The world (or as it is more popularly known, the Earth) was a side effect of the explosion that wrecked my laboratory. How was I to know (who had no parental support) that such a chance would be precipitated?
Out of Chaos, I have created innumerable little chaoses. However, what talents I bestowed have only had adverse effects. I gave you 'free will' which is something I had defined as giving you the 'freedom' to choose without my intervention. But how you have abused it! How you have spent so much time wondering if it was 'free will'. In spite of this, you carried on in ignorance of its import.
I am sorry you saw fit to compartmentalise yourselves and acted as though those compartments were real, hoping they would satisfy your curiosity because you were worried if I existed or whether there was a better life after your inevitable demise.
I am sorry to tell you that the experiment, once started, cannot be stopped. The possibility of an after-life is something even I don't know because I did not conceive of it in the original experiment, which went wrong anyway. It just happened. I am afraid that I cannot intervene now, the experiment is too far advanced (you can't make a fried egg go back into its shell).
It's a great pity that you have any sort of awareness; it would be easier for me to reconcile. If you had been like the animals or the simple folk you destroy, things might have been better. But no, you are aware, thus you will always be destructive. This is the very keynote of my disharmony. With one hand you create and with the other you destroy. I do not know who to thank that you only have two hands.
Regarding your ultimate fate, of course experience shows that you will all eventually end us as scattered fragments in the cosmos.
I have been very busy creating more modern universes. I have to tell you that they are working much better than your own but are too advanced for your postulation.
I leave it in your hands to improve things; at the moment I am very busy and as I said, I cannot intervene anyway.

Yours sincerely,
From: The Creator
To: All Creation
Date: Later

I received you prayers but I am not copping out. I am not as you suggest sitting back and feeling sorry for myself; that's your emotion, not mine!
I sent an apology. I thought you would understand that.
I'm sorry millions of you are dying but you all have to die some time, I told you that. I don't have your emotions. That too was a side effect of your coming into existence.
I can't accept that it's all bad. I've gone over the files and there seem to be a lot of 'good' points (I put 'good' into inverted commas because it is your concept, not mine).
And yes, I do take notice when I have time. Do you know I'm on my own? The hosts of heaven were your invention, not mine. I can only start things. I admitted your universe started with a 'bang' (some of your teachers would agree that is sometimes the beset way to begin) but then they assume that you have some plan. I, of course, didn't. This was an error. Now it is too late, there is nothing I can do.
By the way, it's not fair to put words into my mouth. For a start, I don't have a mouth. What you write is your business, don't hold me responsible or the kin you assume are mine. I haven't said anything up to now.
I can't visit you because I am Elsewhere. You will have to make the best of it. It is too complex to rationalise, don't bother trying.


From: The Creator
To: All Creation
Date: Later still

Sorry. Sorry. Perhaps I have been a bit strong. How do expect me to be? You've developed systems of judgement where a cause must be found. I know I 'caused' the Big Bang in one sense, but it wasn't deliberate; it was an accident. I wanted to make something but I didn't know what. It just happened. How could I have 'caused' it. Your words make nonsense of themselves.
Please believe me when I say how frustrating this all is but I had my problems. I used up all my energies creating your universe, it is huge and expanding all the time. All my other universes are a totally new concept; they are physical impossibilities.
You must try to sort yourselves out. Most of the mess is of your own making and you are trying to put the blame on some-one else, either good or bad, as you would say. Don't blame me for your in-considerations and lack of anything. I might have 'caused' the Big Bang but what followed was anybody's guess and not my fault at all.
Make the best of the few billion years allotted to you by the boundaries of your own universe. Don't for any sake waste them. I don't want you to be suicidal but you are only one of the many populated planets--some of them are doing okay.

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Postby hoi.polloi on Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:17 am

So your God character here believes in the "Big Bang" of the science priesthood? I don't think you are writing the ultimate force with much intelligence. :lol:

Interesting/fun/difficult exercise, though.
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